Discover our guides and articles to lead you to the path of victory in Conflict of Nations

War is one of the most horrible things that humanity has experienced. In Conflict of Nations, you’ll soon realize that there are no easy ways of achieving a positive outcome for everyone. This browser-based game is not your traditional shooting title - here, your skills will be tested to the limit. Real-time strategy games are meant to push players’ brains to the limit and forcing them to find out what they are capable of.

MMOAuctions is here to show you new ways of advancing through the ruthless path that war has for you. We will help you discover if this strategy game is really as good as it seems by reviewing every aspect that revolves around Conflict of Nations.

If you feel stuck and you don’t know how to make a real progress in this game, then brace yourself and read the tips we have to defeat every nation that dares to come across your way. Remember that war can be fought by different approaches, so don’t get frustrated if at first you don’t find your game style. The best way of becoming the greatest general is by analyzing every step you take!

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Are you ready to discover everything that Conflict of Nations has for you? In this review we will analyze why you should give it a try to this amazing war game!
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When you are at war with 12 nations at the same time, every strategy counts to prevail. Today, we'll show you how to defeat them all in Conflict of Nations.