Conflict of Nations tips - 5 things you must know to become the greatest general

Conflict of Nations tips
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There's no doubt that strategy games are amazing. The feeling that a well-earned battle provides makes players feel like they are the masters of war. Conflict of nations is more than just an average modern war game, we are talking about one of the greatest war games you can play. You may be used to try first-person shooters games and get into big multiplayer fights against thousands of players. This won't be the case in Conflict of Nations - the war is more focused on making the player fear for the safeness of his nation.

Conflicts of Nations game is oriented to make the users take a different approach to war. There are so many factors that influence the outcome of the battle that you need to have an eye in every single one of them if you don't want to see your country or your cities fall. Luckily, there are many ways to make progress in this game in order to achieve a solution for a nation conflict. It doesn't matter which country you chose, you are still going to be part of a conflict. Nations are trying to prevail and they will do whatever it takes to watch their enemies fall.

If you are decided to start a modern war and want to take place in the search for nations' supremacy, let us show you your next step to becoming one of the best Conflict of Nations strategists of all time. This game will not let you just play it, you need to be a real master of war to have a chance in Conflict of Nations. Modern war was never this ruthless, so buckle up and let MMOAuctions guide you to find the most efficient way to play this masterpiece.


A large conflict that won't be solved by peace

Although it might seem like a full war game, it takes more tactical matters that you may think. Military units are the pillar of the nations' modern war but the real conflict of nations starts when the end of the diplomatic measures is inevitable and you need to try using warlike forces to cancel the enemy's attack. It is undeniable that each player should have their own strategy to take over cities and use military units as wise as they can, but this can only be achieved by having a full understanding of the game mechanics and processes.

This can be achieved by just playing it and enjoying all that this game has to offer, but if you want to be in advantage right before starting to play Conflict of Nations, then focus on the CON tips we are bringing to you today. We will share all of the secrets that Conflict of Nations, modern war, and ruthless diplomatic issues can unravel. MMOAuctions is one of the best gaming platforms on all the internet. Search thought the news we've already posted and forget about grinding for hours to solve out a difficult part in a game. Try using our guide before proceeding to play this game and discover many things that you may have overlooked! Let's check out our 5 Conflict of Nations tips:

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Tip number 1 - Get to know your nation

When you first start playing, you'll need to choose between the available nations in the game. Sometimes, the country you really want to play with would be already used by another player. In this case, you need to play with what you have. In Conflict of Nations, you select countries that you already know in real life. United States of America, Cuba, Spain, Russia, and all of the countries you can imagine are found in the Conflict of Nations. The thing is that some of the countries you are able to choose are unknown to you.

This is exactly why you should invest time in getting to know it better. You need to analyze the borders of your country to see who are your neighbors and try to make diplomatic arrangements with them. This will assure you that your borders are safe, but this is something that doesn't happen a lot. Let's face it - most people that play this game will search for ways to destroy you.

Also, this is a global Conflict of Nations, meaning that countries that are miles away will try to take your cities no matter what. It's not like you may make some friends, but later in the game, you'll realize that nations' modern war is far more complex than you imagined.


Tip number 2 - Try diplomacy first

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Conflict of Nations always tries to encourage players to take the diplomatic way before using their infantry units... but this never ends up as we would like to. It's not like all players will skip the diplomatic choice, but at first, it will be very difficult to implement it.

The diplomacy feature is there to create mutually beneficial relationships with other users. It should be applied mostly to neighboring countries, but there are no physical limits to apply a diplomatic treaty. Some cities are more important than others, this is why you may want to get the way further away from your capital or other important cities. Be careful - sometimes, you may be betrayed. It might sound incredibly bad but deception is one of the most essential and common tactics. Your diplomatic status will show you if you have a peace treaty or you’re in a ruthless war.


  • Shared intelligence: it allows you to share gathered intelligence via the intel panel. It is like supporting each other in a technological way.
  • Peace: you can show off this symbol to express that you have a deeper diplomatic relationship with another nation. Just be careful - this is a purely symbolic gesture, nothing else.
  • Right of Way: it allows players to move their units through each other territories without being attacked. Aerial units and ground units can both travel without any later problems.
  • War: there's no diplomacy that counts and peace is no further an option. It's time to take the military units out.


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Tip number 3 - Always keep an eye on your research and production

It is clear that the military power you impose will come directly from the quality of your units. The setting of the Conflict of Nations is modern days, meaning that we will see weapons and contemporary battlefield technology. There are many ways to engage in battle and you need to search for the strategy you like the most. At first, it won't be easy, it will take you some time, but it is totally worth it.

Your only goal here is not to only produce units, but to mobilize them. First, you need to unlock them in the research tree according to the military doctrine you chose. There are three basic military doctrines, the ones that we say in our real world: Western doctrine, European doctrine, and Eastern doctrine. Each of these doctrines has its own research system to be unlocked. The Western Doctrine is more focused on power while the Easter doctrine prioritizes the air infantry. On the other hand, the European doctrine focus on diplomatic power, so you better choose carefully before proceeding.

Your units will depend on your doctrines. Each unit needs certain buildings to be mobilized and some of them need resources for mobilization. The resources are generated by provinces of important cities in your country and it highly depends on the population's happiness, just like in real life. Morale and Population affect the production rate of each province. It will also increase with homeland cities or annexed cities that you've gained in war. The economy also plays an important role in the Conflict of Nations, meaning that supplies, components, fuel, electronics and more, will mark the difference between a losing nation or a winning one.


Tip number 4 - Keep the morale as high as you can

War is one of the most horrible things that the human race can go through. Is ruthless, bloody, and brutal. The first great war that humanity experienced, now named World War One, was something that will forever be reminded as one of the ugliest events in history. This is a game, that's clear for now, but the units that fight for you are humans. If you want to turn the tables and maintain the Conflict of Nations in your favor be sure to increase the morale of your people.

National morale is the way that your population expresses their health. It will directly impact on your troop mobilization, production, military units, and more. Morale is influenced by several factors that players need to have in mind. The availability of resources such as supplies and money are necessary to ensure your citizens feel like efficient members of society. War is the main focus of Conflict of Nations, but nobody likes war. War will negatively impact your population morale.

It also happens if enemy units are fighting right in your territory, but the thing that lowers morale more than anything is having their country killing civilians. This is considered a crime against humanity even though sometimes it can't be prevented in certain conflict zones. It is devastating for your morale and will represent a huge problem to ensure your victory in this game. Always search for ways that your population will approve.


Tip number 5 - Be the master of your units

This is a war game, so it's not a surprise that units are one of the most important things you'll encounter in the Conflict of Nations. You can't carry a military campaign if your units are not powerful enough. You need to treat them like they deserve and worry about everything they need. There are different military units, just like we see in real wars, such as air, sea, and land infantry. The main way to find your style of combat in this game is through trial and error. Conflict of Nations does not present linear combat. It means that the factors to have in mind will have a high grade of responsibility for the outcome of the battle. The stats of your units can be divided into Estimated Strength, Unit Speed, and Efficiency. The combination of these three stats will determine how good or bad your unit is against your opponent's.

The military units need to travel from point A to point B. You can see their traveling movement in the Army Bar that will display the Travel Time, the Arrival Time and the Current Position in case they are steady. Some units will get a terrain bonus depending on the kind of country and lands you are battling in. The terrain type is one of the most important parts in the Conflict of Nations, so be sure to check it out.



Units types

If you already decided how you are going to face the war you started in this game, then you should be able to recognize every unit and use it to your advantage. It will all depend on each player - maybe you like to perform airstrikes, or maybe you focus more on mechanized infantry. Either way, let's discover which are the troops you can deploy.

  • Support: These units will assist you in your defense strategy. Don't worry about losing them - these troops are perfect for helping you in land, sea, or air.
  • Armored: if you are looking for a solid choice to make your enemy tremble with fear, an armored unit will do the job for you. Trust them to achieve victory.
  • Infantry: loyal troops that will serve as your boots on the battlefield. These soldiers have all their trust invested in you.
  • Helicopters: one of the most feared machines in all wars. Use helicopters to avoid radar detections and increase your damage potential.
  • Fighters: aircrafts ready to produce a significant impact on the enemy forces. They are agile and deadly - nobody will see them coming.
  • Heavies: slow movement and difficult to mobilize, but they hit as hard as a train. If you prioritize power over agility, these are your better choice.
  • Submarines: if the war already stepped to another level, then you'll be using submarines sooner than you think. These are great for launching missiles.
  • Naval: the sea won't be a worthy rival for you. In this game, war is taken to every possible terrain. Naval dominance is a thing you must achieve.
  • Officers: the officers provide bonuses and benefits for other units, meaning that you can find an officer for each unit type.
  • Missiles: you can choose from three different warheads (nuke, chemical, or conventional) and also choose from your favorite type of missile (IBM, Ballistic and Cruise). Your opponent won't be happy.



It's not easy to have a chance in Conflict of Nations. It is a ruthless game with a merciless community that won't be looking to solve the problems they have in peaceful ways. This lets you two options: one, get defeated and surrender your entire nation to the occupying army or two, fight to prevail and conquer all the nations that come across your way. If the option you chose is option two, then this guide will perfectly fit to complete your ambitions.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be the very best. Maybe some tactics and strategies are no full of moral decisions, but in Conflict of Nations, everything that can help you win will be well received. Unleash your inner war general and prove the world what you are capable of!



How can I play a Conflict of Nations?

This is a free-to-play browser-based game, meaning that you can play it on a PC with only a few graphics requirements.

How does Conflict of Nations increase morale?

If you want to avoid an insurgent movement, be sure to build structures that increase morale, avoid losing territory, and more importantly, don't ever commit crimes against humanity.

Is there a mobile app to play Conflict of Nations?

To this date, the Conflict of Nations mobile app is still under development. It can be found in an open-beta format in the Google Play Store, but it's not fully functional yet.

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