Conflict of Nations review - let's dig into a never-ending and ruthless war

Conflict of Nations review
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No conflict will be bigger than your will to end them. In Conflict of Nations, you'll be the general of a powerful army looking to take control of the world. The approach that can be taken in this game will highly depend on the players' strategy, but the final result will always be a world of conflict. Nations are prepared for everything, would you be prepared as well?

In this Conflict of Nations review, we will review all of the parts that this amazing real-time strategy game has for you. Conflicts of Nations is more than just putting your units to fight against the other, this game requires a lot of focus and concentration if the players really want to have a chance in this war. The armed forces are ready to combat for the nations. World War is now more modern than ever, resources are limited and the strategic approach needs to achieve a higher level of think process. The enemy has a more powerful system than before and he will learn new technologies to defeat you in air, ground, and sea. The best way to unravel the secrets that Conflict of Nations has for us is to analyze part by part all of the pros and cons that this nation conflict game has for us.

The pursuit of war excellence can only be achieved if you take a closer look at this real-time military game. You don't just have to play this game, you must also understand it to the core in order to become the greatest war strategist of all time. Let us help you get in your hands the knowledge you need to take control.


War can be solved by different approaches

In Conflict of Nations, you will be battling against players all over the world in real-time. In fact, one of the things that this game does differently than the rest is that the world war will continue even if you are not online. It forces players to create a good defense strategy for when they are not around to play it. It is not highly unusual in recent strategy games but in Conflict of Nations, some players may feel that it is not fair to lose part of their national territory when they are not around to play the game.

However, here comes the unbalance of Conflict of Nations - most of the actions that can take place in this game take hours. Hours. It is one of the most negative points about this game, mostly because it is clear that this is not a game that can be played casually. It will be your duty, as a user, to develop an early strategy that can work against a high number of enemy units in every map. You know the weapons available in this century are different from the ones that were used in the first war, so it’s up to you to win this war. If you are not planning to invest enough time on Conflict of Nations, you'll get crushed in this merciless world war.

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Graphics and sound

The sound department of this game is amazing. Few browser-based games have this dedication in the sounds effect. Everything from the voices of the allies to the impact of a rocket over a tank sounds amazing. We can say the same thing about the graphics.

They don't look bad at all and back in the day they were considered one of the most beautiful graphics among the browser-based games. The specs needed to play Conflict of Nations can be matched by almost every PC out there. Don't worry too much about having the most powerful PC, it will be the last thing you will use when you are fighting in this strategy game.

Gameplay and balance

It is the aspect of the game that has more cons and pros. After you enter the game’s interface, you’ll see that economy plays an important role in your cities. Is not as important as your forces, but you get the idea. It might take weeks to get the economic revenue you are expecting, but if you invest enough time you can get a good amount of resources per day. 

Of course, it is amazing to see how you use your army and, with the help of your military unit, you take control of every country that comes across your way, but it is not always like this. The game has some unique features that are not common in strategy games but, sometimes they are not implemented well enough. For example, Morale is one of the game changers that can be found in Conflict of Nations. It's about keeping your population loyal and happy. The way to keep the Morale high is by winning wars, defeating invading armies, and helping citizens that may be in a hurry.

Sadly, it all comes down if your nation is too weak. When the match starts, players can choose between 26 different nations to start the war. The bad thing is that sometimes all of the "big" and "powerful" nations are already taken by other players, forcing you to start the game with a "weak" nation. It is not controlled by anybody, it's all a random process, but the fact that some nations are bigger, more powerful, or have better diplomacy bonds than others, it's really a bummer.

It is true that almost every nation can grow and become one of the hardest adversaries in the world, but there's no secret that some big countries such as Russia, the United States, or China have more chances to dominate the big picture. Either way, it shouldn't stop you from playing this game title at all. You may get lucky and control one of these big countries.

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Game features

Above all the things that can be said about Conflict of Nations, there are some matters that nobody can discuss about this game. The fact that you can approach a conflict by using Diplomacy is one of those unique things that differ CoN from other games. It is obvious that no every battle will be solved by using diplomacy, but it is nice to have this option. Furthermore, if you finally manage to create an intimate alliance with other countries then you'll increase your military power in an excellent way.

Is not weird to find a research tree in MMORPGs or other browser-based games, but in CON the Research Tree works perfectly. You can unlock military units, discover new ways of fighting, and create new strategies if you research them as you should. The thing is, as we mentioned before, it will take a lot of time to unlock the units you need to become unstoppable. Some players report that starting an invasion to another country could take two full real-life days, an insane amount of time. Of course, you can buy the premium currency of the game and forget about wasting your precious time... but this will mean that this game is not free-to-play, isn't it?

But the lowest point of this game is availability. At this point, you already know that if you have a PC you can play Conflict of Nations just by using a web browser. But what about mobile phone gamers? Almost every gamer in the entire world has a phone device just in the palm of his or her hand. It makes no sense that Dorado Games, the developers, still haven't made this game playable on Android or iOS. However, years after its PC launch, gamers can use Google Play Store to download the open beta and experience how the game is going to be on mobile phones. Let's hope for the best!


Conflict of Nations is more than just a regular real-time strategy game. The graphics and sound are more than average, the gameplay is fun and the mechanics are highly enjoyable. Becoming the greatest general is a task that can be achieved with the right strategy and a little luck. CoN may feel unbalanced sometimes, but, at the end of the day, the skills of each player are what will make the difference between winners and losers.


These are the good things that MMOAuctions can say about Conflict of Nations

  • Enjoyable gameplay. You are not playing a straightforward wargame, you are experiencing something that may have different outcomes.
  • Good graphics and sound. You'll get immersed in a world full of conflicts.
  • You are the general. Nobody decides your moves. Whether if you win or lose, the outcome will always depend on you.

On the negative side, we can point out three things:

  • Sometimes, not always, the progress is too slow. Two full real-life days to attack another country?! That's insane.
  • It may feel like a pay-to-win instead of a free-to-play... it all depends on the point of view of each player, but it's suspicious that buying the premium currency highly speeds up all of the activities.
  • No functional mobile app... yet.


Can Conflict of Nations be played on a mobile?

There's a mobile app under development since 4 years ago and still hasn't arrived. There's an open beta that needs to be corrected, so we still have to wait for a fully functional mobile app.

How do you get Victory Points in Conflict of Nations?

Victory Points are earned when you conquer provinces and cities. These points are crucial for your progress in CON.

How do you annex a city in Conflict of Nations?

To annex a city you must mobilize your troops to occupy it. When your army is there, the resource production will significantly increase.

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