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18.02.2020 0
Escape from Tarkov is a great and realistic combat simulator. It's a challenging game that can be quite difficult for new players. Read this guide to learn about all the most important basics!
03.02.2020 0
A complete overview of ammuniton available in Escape from Tarkov game. Find out how to penetrate enemy armour and deal most damage with every shot.
31.01.2020 0
A complete guide to weapons in Escape from Tarkov game. Learn which ones you should use and which ones to avoid at all cost to be the best!
30.01.2020 0
Guide to skills in Escape from Tarkov online. Learn which abilities are available in the game and how to quickly raise their level.
28.01.2020 0
Escape From Tarkov is a game for true FPS veterans. Do you have what it takes to compete with the most hardcore players? And is it worth it in the end? Check out our review!