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Escape from Tarkov Skills
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Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter created by a small Russian studio that goes by the name of Battlestate Games. The Closed Alpha state of this game was released back in 2016, but since then, many aspects of the game have changed. In this article, we want to bring you a closer look at the skills available in this game. Many abilities in Escape from Tarkov can be improved by gaining experience in specific skills. From the text below, you will obtain information on everything skill-related in the game. If this is a topic that you are interested in - search no further, as we have explained it all.


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List of abilities:

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Combat

  • Practical

  • Special

  •  Special BEAR

  •  Special USEC

Skills are the vital part of the game. Those who think that they are less important than weapons and have no influence on the gameplay are wrong. In EfT skills are much needed tools used for improving quality of your raid. They can be great to lower down depletion of your resources (like hydration) but they also include special perks and other thing that might be helpful during scavanging.


physical skills tarkov

The Physical skills group focuses on improving all aspects of the physicality of our character. Making him stronger in these fields will make it easier to survive higher amounts of damage, run faster, survive in tough conditions, and resist any difficulties that might try to cross your way.

Endurance - Skill raised by sprinting.

Increases: Stamina and Breath Holding

Decreases: Jump Stamina Drain and Breath Recovery Time

Required for: Level 2 for Level 2 of heating and Level 2 of Security

Health - Skill raised by getting exp in Strength, Endurance, and Vitality or by completing "An apple a day" quest.

Increases: Offline Regeneration, Damage Absorption (Elite), Poison Immunity Level (Elite)

Decreases: Chance of Fractures, Energy Consumption, Dehydration Rate

Required for: Level 2 for Medstation Level 2 / Level 4 for Health Care Privacy - Part 4 / Level 10 - Athlete quest

Immunity - Skill not yet implemented in the game

Increases: Illness resistance, treatment effectiveness

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Metabolism - Raised by drinking and replenishing energy.

Increases: Eating and Drinking effects,

Decreases: Energy consumption, Dehydration (up to a 0 on Elite level), Makes physical Skills unforgettable

Required for: Level 3 for Nutrition Unit Level 3.

Strength - Raised by using throwables and melee weapons as well as walking with over 90% carry weight.

Increases: Carry weight, Sprint speed, Jump height, Throw distance, Melee Damage; On Elite level, only backpack weight is counted.

Required for: Level 3 for vents Level 3.

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Vitality - Raised by losing health and bleeding.

Increases: Health Regeneration during the fight

Decreases: Chance of bleeding (stopping it at once on Elite level), Chance of losing a limb

Required for: Level 3 for Medstation Level 3.

Stress Resistance - Raised by surviving on low health and by receiving "pain" debuff.

Increases: On Elite level gives you Berserk Mode.

Decreases: Chance of pain shock, tremor oscillation

Required for: Level 8 for Flint quest.


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mental skills tarkov

Mental abilities revolve around improving skills related to the brain of our character.

Attention - Raised by uncovering loot that lies in loot containers.

Increases: Looting speed, Chance for better loot, Gives a chance for instant find and doubles looting exp.

Required for: Level 3 for Intelligence Center Level 2 and Water Collector Level 2.

Charisma - Raised by leveling Attention, Perception, and Intellect

Increases: Loyalty of merchants, On Elite level increases profits from transactions and gives you the latest trading news.

Decreases: Prices at merchants.

Required for: Level 10 for Charisma brings success.

Intellect - Raised by Examining, Lockpicking, and Repairing

Increases: Speed of Examination, Quality of repaired weapons, On Elite level removes a need to use manuals, ammunition counter and lets you see container content with no searching.

Memory - Raised by gaining experience in skills other than physical.

Decreases: Rate of forgetting, a rollback of skill levels, On Elite level, you won't forget any skills.

Required for: Level 8 for Library.

Perception - Raised by collecting loot.

Increases: Distance of hearing, loot detection radius, aiming concentration, on Elite level gives you a notification on nearby loot.


combat skills tarkov

It’s a group of skills connected to various types of weapons. Every group lets you improve the skills of handling weapons of the kind that you are currently using. To put it as simple as possible, you will improve in specific weapon type mastery by using it. All skills in this category besides Throwables and Recoil Control have similar effects but work only on different kinds of weapons. Their experience is raised by hitting enemies and reloading guns of specific types. Those skills are: Assault Rifles, Designated Marksman Rifles, Heavy Machine Guns, Launchers, Light Machine Guns, Melee, Pistols, Revolvers, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Underbarrel Launchers. Their effects are:

Increases: Reload Speed and on Elite Level doubles gun mastery gains

Decreases: Weapon Recoil

Throwables - Raised by Throwing grenades.

Increases: Strength of a throw. On the Elite level, throws can be made without the use of energy, and fatigue does not affect accuracy.

Decreases: Energy required for a throw.

Recoil Control - Raised by shooting in general.

Increases: Weapon recoil control.

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practical skills tarkov

The Practical skills category consists of 4 skills available in the game. This group will be expanded by Advanced Modding, Auctions, Barter, First Aid, Weapon Modding, Clean Operations, Field Medicine, Free Trading, Heavy Vests, Light Vests, Lockpicking, Night Operations, Shadow Connections, Silent Operations, Sniping, Task Performance, and Weapon Maintenance. All of the skills listed above are planned for future updates, but we don't have enough details to write about them in this guide.

Covert Movement - Raised by walking with less than 25% speed.

Increases: Speed of Covert Movement.

Decreases: Noise on common surfaces, radius, and sounds made by weapons and equipment in general. On Elite Level, it becomes equally effective on all surfaces.

Prone Movement - Raised by crawling.

Increases: Prone movement speed.

Decreases: Prone movement noise.

Searching - Raised by checking loot containers and corpses.

Increases: On the Elite level, lets you double the searching speed and check multiple containers at the same time.

Required for: Level 9 is needed for the Scavenger quest.

Mag Drills - Raised by checking magazines, loading, and unloading ammunition.

Increases: ammo unloading speed, ammo loading speed, ammo loading speed with every round, speed of magazine check, the accuracy of magazine check. On Elite level, lets you instantly check magazine when it's moved to inventory.


special skills tarkov

Abilities learned only by members of specific groups. It cannot be acquired by different factions than those predefined. Skills in this category have not yet been released, and because of that, we don't have any details on them.

Special BEAR

Bear AK Systems, Bear Assault Operations, Bear Authority, Bear Heavy Caliber, Bear Raw Power.

Special USEC

USER AR Systems, USEC Deep Weapon Modding, USEC Long Range Optics, USEC Negotiations, USEC Tactics.


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How to level up quickly 

During your live leveling, the easiest way to gain experience points goes through finishing quests. Regular ways like killing other players and scavengers might seem faster, but in order to succeed in them, you will need items, skill levels, and experience on the field of battle. You can level exceptionally quickly if you are strong enough to take down multiple players during every encounter, but you have to take into consideration that most of them will be better equipped and more skilled than you during the early stages of your journey. 

To get easier kills, you will have to play with what you have in a smart way. If you see a target that you are willing to take down, wait for an optimal moment to attack. Don't engage in combat right away. If you can succeed, don't be greedy afterward. Check the environment for additional enemies before rushing for loot and leave the battlefield safely to receive the full experience. If you are taken down during your escape, you will lose half of the experience gains. It is why not dying is more impactful than killing everything that moves.

We are sorry if you haven't found your favorite Assault Carbine like AKM, Vepr, AKS-74u, Bolt-action VSS Vintorez or pistols like TT-33 but there were too many positions to cover. If you want to furthermore improve your weapons knowledge make sure to view on youtube video about that topic. Your gaming experience for FPS titles and other genres that you play will rise quicker if you expand your knowledge with other sources that gameplay itself. Every detail can be important to get better - sounds, animations, hit box, weapon part like scope or anything else so the more you know about every topic - the better you will be in the game. Because of that with more views on autoplay videos and articles you will get better in the game.

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We are hoping that with the help of our guide, you became familiar with the skills available in the game, groups that they belong to, and the topic of leveling them. Any further questions on that matter can be asked directly to us in the comment section below. We will be happy to address them as soon as possible. If you are hungry for more articles from Escape from Tarkov game or if you just want to see what we have prepared for you in subjects of other MMO titles - we’ve got you covered. All our texts are available on the blog page, where everyone can find valuable guides for various topics, as well as news from the gaming world. To get there right-away, click the link below.


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