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Escape from tarkov market

Search through the offers and find everything that you may need while playing EFT. You can buy, sell and trade Escape from Tarkov keys, Roubles (and other currencies), items, hacks as well as many other products and services. Don't wait! Start looking for the best auctions and purchase additional power right now! Buy Escape from Tarkov products and services today!

Escape from Tarkov trading

There are plenty of ways to get some extra strength in Escape from Tarkov. The game features multiple currencies that can be spent on various goods. Roubles are by far the most important and widespread one. You can use them to buy weapons, ammo, medical supplies, and other gear. You can also spend them on different upgrades, modifications, and all kinds of valuable goods. Moreover, the Escape of Tarkov includes Euros, Dollars, and Bitcoin. They can all be used to get some unique stuff, but for the most part – you're going to exchange them for Roubles.

There are multiple NPC traders – you might have to visit a lot of them to find everything that you'll need. Most of them (Prapor, Fence, Therapist, Mechanic, and Ragman) accept Roubles as currency, but you will need Euros to buy from Skier and Dollars to trade with Peacekeeper. These last two NPCs are also the only way of trading Euro and Dollar per Roubles (there's a war going on, the currency exchange is much more difficult). Don't wait and get yourself a case full of Roubles for all the necessary expenses! The Escape from Tarkov trading is heavily driven by players, as the prices of various items can change, based on demand.

Items in Escape from Tarkov

The player-to-player trading in Escape from Tarkov takes place through the Flea Market. It's also the tool used by Real Money Traders to transfer Roubles or valuable items between accounts. If you decide to buy EFT currency at MMOAuctions, it will probably work like this. You set up the payment with your provider, and then you create an offer to sell a worthless item for a really high price. The currency seller then buys this overpriced item, transferring the funds to your account.

Besides the Roubles (as well as other currencies) and various holders that contain them (bags, backpacks, cases, wallets, et cetera), you can also buy some other types of items. They include tools, keys and keycards that give you access to various locations on the map, like rooms, storages, labs, and much more. Besides, you can also get various cases that contain weapons and other items. One way or another, all that stuff can help you get more success in Escape from Tarkov. Weapons and items are pretty self-explanatory. The currency is used to buy anything you need, and the access provided by keys and keycards can help you with finding better loot during the match and staying safe while doing so. You can also get your hands on various chests and boxes that you can later open for valuable finds. 

While trading through the Flea Market, you have to remember that your transaction will be commissioned with a tax. You also need to be at least level 5 to trade with others. Moreover, you'll need a higher reputation level to post more offers. Luckily, you can gain it relatively quickly for trading on the market and completing transactions.

Other Escape from Tarkov products and services

That's not all the Escape from Tarkov content that you can buy. Plenty of proficient players offer power-leveling services. They can use their skill to get your account through early levels incredibly fast! EFT features some RPG elements, so having a developed account can prove to be quite useful.

What's more, you will need a few levels under your belt to gain access to all the game's features. However, it will most likely require you to let the provider play on your account – make sure to change your login credentials (or just the password) to something that you don't mind sharing with a stranger on the Internet. You're not going to lose much by using a service like that – there's plenty of skill expression in Escape from Tarkov, and most of the fun happens when you're fighting other players and NPCs to find the best loot, get powerful gear and hold onto it for a long time.

There also might be some offers of third party software. Most games that involve shooting other players can be cheated with some hacks, bots, or scripts. If you choose to use this type of assistance, just make sure to get it from the best and most reliable providers. The good stuff is usually subscription-based and constantly updated. It is the only way to make sure that the software stays ahead of the anti-cheat detection implemented into the game by the developers.

Finally, Escape from Tarkov is still in beta, and access might be more difficult that with titles that have already been officially released. You may find plenty of offers selling accounts (both new and already developed) as well as official keys necessary to play the game.

Trading at MMOAuctions 

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Escape from Tarkov

If you're looking for an exceptionally realistic shooter that features an advanced in-game economy system based on looting and scavenging – you should try out Escape from Tarkov. Moreover, the game also has some RPG elements that allow you to develop your character skills. The items that you find or buy can be lost at all times – you drop everything that you have whenever you die. The character experience and skills are the only things that stay with you, no matter what happens. The game is really difficult, so you'll have to learn everything day by day. Take this chance and see for yourself! EFT provides fascinating gaming experience for thousands of hours! 

Of course, you don't have to everything that you acquired – you can hide some of your items in a personal safe. That being said, you will use it mostly for storing Roubles and other game currencies. Besides, if you place a weapon there, you won't be able to use it during combat. If you want to shoot some players with your best gun, you have to be ready to lose it if you die.

The game has been developed and published by a Russian studio called Battlestate Games. The creators described with a term: Hostile Environment Combat Simulator. It's supposed to underline the fact that EFT is much more than just shooting and looting. The survival aspect plays a huge role in the gameplay and introduces extra complexity. The matches have an interesting structure. In order to complete a raid, every player has to reach one of the extraction points, acquire the objective and get out alive.

Escape from Tarkov setting

Escape from Tarkov takes place in the fictional city wth the name of Tarkov that's located in the Norvinsk region (also non-existent) of western Russia. The city used to be a part of a special economic zone that served as an important center of trade between Russia and Europe. However, there was a huge corruption-based political scandal that resulted in armed interventions.

The main characters, piloted and developed by the players, are Private Military Contractors (PMC). Two major PMC organizations serve as factions in the game's world: USEC that's employed by the international corporation, and BEAR that works for the local authorities. Players can choose with whom they want to cooperate.

However, the situation got out of control fast, and the game setting sometimes feels like a post-apocalyptic dystopia than a modern armed conflict. It's caused by the extremely hostile environment and dangerous Scavengers lurking around everywhere (players can also choose to play as Scavs, but it won't help them progress their main characters).

The game features multiple quests and scenarios that let you find out more about this fascinating story. You can explore the city and all its different locations – later getting access to the more secure, locked facilities (that's why the game features so many different keys and access cards).

Combat Realism in EFT

Escape from Tarkov prides itself on a very realistic approach to health, combat, and some other aspects of the game. The damage that you receive during a match will influence the capabilities of your character. The character's body is divided into five sections that can be hit during a fight: head/thorax, right arm, left arm, stomach, and legs.

The shots on head and thorax are the most deadly as they inflict the most damage. Suffering from arm injuries (often caused by bullets) is less likely to kill you, but it will decrease speed with which you can reload, aim, and draw weapons. It will also slow down searching containers and using non-weapon items. Shooting someone in the stomach deals a lot of damage and inflicts other negative effects like Blood Loss and Dehydration. Hurting your legs, besides damage, will also negatively affect your movement speed.

There are also multiple status effects that you can suffer from. The aforementioned Blood Loss and Dehydration will inflict damage over time. Another effect can ruin your vision or audio, stun you, slow your actions down, and more! As we said, this system is incredibly complex, and it aims to recreate various injuries that you could suffer from during armed combat.

Moreover, the body part that got hit matters more than just a damage multiplier, which is a great feature. During a raid, you can heal most of the damage with various medical supplies and provisions. You can also passively regenerate health between matches. The developers suggested that they will implement more factors that affect the character status, like body temperature, blood pressure, and dangerous items or locations associated with biohazard and radiation.

EFT Power Progression

As we already mentioned, there are two main ways of becoming more powerful in Escape from Tarkov. Acquiring stronger items will provide you the most instant boost, but you can lose it at any point if you die. The primary weapons are divided into assault rifles, assault carbines, light machine guns, submachine guns, shotguns, marksman rifles, and sniper rifles. There are also stationary weapons – heavy machine guns and grenade launchers. Some more categories will be added to the game soon!

Each category features multiple guns. Moreover – you can use various weapon mods to make your weapon even more adjusted to your needs. You can also swap the type of ammo that you're using. That being said, Escape from Tarkov is based on scavenging and all the equipped items are lost on death. It makes collecting the perfect gear setup quite a challenging task. You will often simply have to manage what you're able to find.

On the other hand, experience and leveling up will let you unlock some character skills – they are long-lasting, you will keep them even if you get killed in a raid (but you will start forgetting them after some time). The list of skills is quite long, and they are separated into several categories: physical, mental, combat, practical, and special (the last one depends on your faction).

These skills act as passive bonuses to certain statistics. Physical stats provide extra resistances to damage and negative effects as well as increase your regeneration, stamina, et cetera. Mental skills can help you with various non-combat aspects of the game, like looting, fixing gear, getting better rates from merchants, keeping learned skills for longer, and more.

Combat attributes are mostly improving your performance with specific weapon types or in melee fights. There's one that applies to all guns – recoil control. The practical skills apply to multiple different parts of the game – including Tarkov trading (with NPCs or on the Flea Market), lockpicking, first aid, using bulletproof vests, moving in stealth, and much more. 

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