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Escape from Tarkov Boosting

Leveling up in a game as harsh as Escape from Tarkov can be quite rage-inducing. In-game mechanics are complex, the game is hard by itself, and it will take a lot of time to get accommodated to the standards of EFT. It will take about 40-50 hours for you to even grasp the basics of your character progression, mechanics, looting system, weapon upgrading system, and combat. First hours will be frustrating, and if you don't enjoy them, then you should file for a refund.

Escape from Tarkov is tilting right from the start, and only a few players will find thrills and fun in it. Just like in DayZ. It's a Hardcore experience for players that love that sudden rush of adrenaline. Fear of losing the stuff that you've acquired is something special, and it's fun only for the chosen, hardcore, and epic gamers. If you manage to sink into this game, you will see the skills system.

The skills system is similar to games like Skyrim. If you use a particular skill - your proficiency in it will increase with time. It is why it will take a very long time to master your skills. There are over fifty seven skills in the game, and leveling them up will take a vast amount of time. These skills can vary from basic First Aid, Charisma, and Intellect, to Covert Movement, Underbarrel Launchers, and even Magazine and Clip Handling. If you want to be the most effective and efficient player, gaining an easy advantage in fights to come, you will want to level up every skill that you need to the Elite level 51.

It is where boosting shows up. Leveling up your skills will take time, and it will be risky, as you have to use your skills to level them up. Using guns in the area that is heavily contested, with players that can easily get alerted about your presence, so that you can level up your weapon proficiency is risky. To level up First Aid, for example, you will have to get wounded without getting killed so that you can fix yourself up. 

Escape from Tarkov Boosting services will do that for you, leveling up everything quickly and efficiently, so you can get on a character capable of doing some amazing things during raids to both enemy players, as well as hostile AI. 

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These days we are becoming more and more busy. People that are stuck in a nine to five job work hard, but they rarely have time to play harder. And while quick and comfortable games without complicated progression are perfect for a few quick sessions, picking up an MMORPG or RPG game will not allow you to sink in fully. Escape from Tarkov is a game that grasps you fully if you give it time. It's like an MMORPG. There's character progression. You have to extract items, ammo, weapons, and pieces of gear from multiple raids (and you can lose those items if you die).

The real gameplay starts when you manage to level up your most important skills. As you will be more efficient, you will be able to reload your weapons considerably faster, you will take a little bit more hits, it will be harder for enemies to blast you down, and your shooting will be way more stable. Not only that, you will see and hear better if you've got proper skills. It will be crucial during night-time hostile encounters. 

Hiring a booster will be crucial if you don't have much time to play just because those starting hours can be quite off-putting. And while players that have more time everyday to play games - they can get out of that rut in a three of four days. For more busy people with work, children, and other responsibilities it might take weeks if not months to get to a considerable level, where the game will get much more fun. Of course, some people like the struggle, being an underdog, and slowly rising to the top. It's a wonderful feeling to get a jump on a much stronger enemy, looting some useful items and extracting it, to hoard it for some more serious gameplay sessions. But if you don't have much time, it might push you away from this great game. And it's not a great thing to spend money on a game, which you will spend a few hours in, to stop because it's too frustrating to rise through the ranks with a starting gear. 

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Game Description

Escape from Tarkov is still one of the most awaited Survival FPS Open World Online games to date when it comes to its full release. The game was announced as a very advanced Warzone simulator, where players would spend time looting, modifying their guns through a complex system, surviving, and shooting each other, or A.I controlled bandits. To make this game available for all the players during the big boom of Open World Survival Online Shooters, developers decided to release it as an Early Access title, with community finding bugs and reporting them to developers.

Early Access released without promised content, and it constantly grows into something more. Dev team is tiny, and it will be tough for them to create an open world, but it will happen when the time comes. Currently, there are maps on which players can spawn, joining a Raid. Raiding is the main part of the game, where players will spend most of their time. 

Each player has an outside container, from which they can take their gear. This container is tied to the account, and only the possessor can access it. Players will spawn on the map with equipment chosen from the container, to fight against A.I controlled enemies and other players. Upon death - everything you bring with yourself is lost; however, if you manage to loot bodies and escape to the extraction point, gear will follow you into your container. It is how players will get their gear for the next raids. There's also an offline mode, in which you will not lose nor gain any items when you die.

The game is continuously growing. Developers are preparing more and more maps that players will use as raids, and when every map is done, they will work on opening them up, to create a real open world with no loading screens, where players will be able to roam, similarly to STALKER, or DayZ.