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Choosing the right class is crucial for your enjoyment in Lineage 2. But which one is it? Find your best class right here!
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Reach endgame faster than ever with leveling guide for 85-99 gap in Lineage 2. Learn what to do and where to go after getting to 85!
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With this guide to Skill Enchanting in Lineage 2 you will learn what you need to upgrade your abilities and to get stronger than ever before.
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Raid Bosses are the most challenging enemies that you can face in Lineage 2 PvE. Killing them might require a lot of people, but the potential rewards make it more than worth it!
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In Lineage 2, you can choose from over 30 playable classes! It's a lot of options and picking the right one can be a little tricky. Read our guide to make the perfect choice.
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Lineage 2 Tattoos allow the players to adjust the base stats of their characters. Learn about all the best dyes that you can use to get tattoos!
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A brand new character class called Death Knight has been introduced to a Korean Lineage 2 server. Check out all the available info about this class and the Death Knight release trailer!
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More major changes are coming to Lineage 2 after the Fafurion update!
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New bosses, items and locations arrived in Lineage 2! Read this article to learn about all the systemic changes and the content added to the game alongside the powerful water dragon - Fafurion!