Lineage 2 Leveling guide - get to the endgame in Lineage 2

Lineage 2 Leveling guide
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Lineage 2 Leveling Guide

Endgame is the most interesting part for most of the players in numerous MMORPGs. Lineage 2 offers some extremely interesting features such as slaying tremendous Raid Bosses or fighting in epic Fortress Sieges.


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If you haven’t decided to move to Classic, you’re probably one of the people that are mostly interested in the endgame. If that’s true, this Lineage 2 leveling guide can help you get there as fast as possible without too much work.


Unlike L2 Classic, the leveling in Live version of the game is strongly focused around quests. They’re extremely important if you want to gather experience in the quickest possible way. Read this general guide to learn how to level up faster while playing Lineage 2 and it will help you get there quickly.

The beginning


Lineage 2 offers special help to the new players, in form of free teleports at the Gatekeepers and free 60 minute buffs from Adventurer’s Guides. They can be found in major townships and cities: Gludio, Dion, Giran, Heine, Oren, Aden, Goddard, Schuttgart, Rune as well as in Hunters Village and in Ancient City Arcan. Make sure, that you make use of those buffs at all times.


From the beginning of the game at level 1 you should focus on following the quest line in Talking Island Village and its surroundings. At level 18 you will get access to a quest called Start the Fate given by Sebion in the Ruins of Ye Sagira. It’s crucial to complete this quest, because it grants you a full D-Grade equipment set along some Adena, exp, SP and consumables.


The quest itself sends you to a quick dungeon called Labyrinth of Belis. You have to kill some enemies that’ll drop an item called Belis’ Mark – three of them will be needed to open a door. Then you will have to protect the NPC Combat Assistant against incoming monsters. Finally, you have to defeat Royal Guard Nemertess and pick up Saril’s Necklace.


After that you will be teleported back to Ruins of Ye Sagira, where you have to collect your reward from Sebion. This is also the first class transfer quest and after finishing it you get to choose your development path. You will get a Paulina’s Equipment Set (D-Grade) that you will be able to turn into full set of D-Grade gear.  


The only exceptions are the Ertheia characters who will complete quests around Faeron. Moreover, instead of the Start of Fate, they will complete the See the World quest for their D-Grade gear and consumables.

After level 20


When you have your new class and D-Grade equipment it’s time to teleport to Gludio. You should also sell the No-Grade items and Soulshots because you won’t need them anymore. The starting items can’t be sold, so you have to destroy them, to free up some space in your inventory.


You should keep following the quest line (new quests should keep automatically appearing in the proper tab). If you don’t have any new quests there, then you probably just have to grind for a few levels. You can just go to any location surrounding Gludio. Ruins of Despair might be a good idea with the bonus nostalgia points if you remember farming there in some earlier versions of the game.


In Gludio, you will be able to enter Kamaloka once a day. This is a daily challenge for parties of 2-6 or 2-9 players (depending on whether you choose Hall of the Abyss or Labyrinth of the Abyss). It can grant you a nice amount of exp and some valuable loot.


By the way, in Gludio you should start actively looking for a clan (that is if you’re not a member of one already). You should aim to always farm in the party, because parties get bonus experience. Being a member of a clan, especially a fine, developing one, usually means a lot of players with new characters. You can group up with some of them, create parties and farm when you’re at similar levels – make sure that the level difference isn’t larger than 5, because it impairs the exp gain of the lower level party members.


The quest line will carry you to Windmill Hill when you’re going to have to grind some spiders, Lizardmen, and Orcs. After that, you will return to Gludio and set off to Ruins of Agony to slay the undead there. After that, you’re going to kill Kanilov, a very weak boss.


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Next location they’ll send you is Ruins of Despair, where you’ll have to hunt skeletons, imps and bats. After that, you’re going to fight another, this time slightly stronger boss – Poslof.


Another part of the quest line brings you to Wastelands and ends with defeating the last boss in this chain – Sakum. This is also the second class transfer quest. After killing the boss you have to return to the correct guildmaster in Gludio to get your reward and choose the second class. Similarly to the level 20 quest, it will provide you with a full gear of a higher tier, this time it’s C-Grade. Remember to choose the right armor and weapon for your second class. Ertheias have their separate line and their class quest is called Winds of Fate: Encounters.  

After level 40


Level 40 is an important mark in developing your character in Lineage 2. This is the last decision you can make in your main class path. After that, you will only be able to progress it linearly and later on create subclasses. Some of the content (mainly the Olympiad) is only available on your main class, so make sure that you make the right choice.

Kekropus’ Letter quests

After the second class transfer, talk to the NPC guild master again and take the quest from them. It will begin a chain of quests that are supposed to help you reach level 84. These are the Kekropus’ Letter quests. It’s important to note that every one of them has a level limit and you can’t do it if your character’s level is too high. These quests will force you to travel aroudn the map a lot and visit different areas.


Following this quest line is by far the fastest way to maximize gains and get to a high level. It's also really easy to do solo, so we're going to focus on that. If you want to level up fast, better alternative simply doesn't exist. With this strategy you can get to endgame wit the least amount of time and resources spent. 


Ertheias have a separate quest line based on Queen Navari’s Letters. We won’t describe all those quests here, but for the most part, they are pretty similar to the Kekropus’ ones and they will let you easily get to a high level without difficulty.

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Level 40-46

For levels 40-46 you should do 4 of those quests. First is simply called Kekropus’ Letter, the subsequent ones are: A Suspicious Helper, Failure and Its Consequence and the fourth one is called Return of the Alligator Hunter. All of those tasks take place on Alligator Island. First, two of them are limited to just talking with certain NPCs.


Failure and Its Consequences requires hunting Swamp Tribe, Swamp Alligators, and Swamp Warriors. Return of Alligator Hunter is a similar quest, but its objectives are Alligators, Crokian Lads, Dailaon Lads, Crokian Lad Warriors, Farhite Lads, and Nos Lads.

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Level 46-56

At this point, you will receive another part of this quest line. It starts with Kekropus’ Letter: A Clue Completed. The chain begins with talking to Head Blacksmith Flutter in Town of Oren. Then it will lead you to Outlaw Forest.


Guard Kelios is waiting for you there and he will give you a hunting quest. It is called Mutual Benefit and its objective is to slay Hunter Gargoyles, Tarlk Basilisks and Elder Tarlk Basilisks. The next quest is called Not a Traitor and starts at Leo the Refugee who asks you to hunt Oel Mahums, Oel Mahum Warriors and Ol Mahum Transcenders. The last one in this chain is called Flames of Sorrow and requires defeating Mahum Vengeful Spirit.


At level 52 you unlock new item tier – B-Grade. Unfortunately, there’s no quest to do, to obtain a full B-Grade equipment set. Your options are to either try and buy the right B-Grade armor and weapon or simply skip it and keep you C-Grade for those 9 levels until you’ll be able to wear A-Grade. Honestly, we recommend the latter, since you’re not going to need to be at full power at this point of the game, and buying whole B-Grade gear is a waste of Adena.

Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire

In the meantime, after hitting level 49 you can take a break from the Kekropus’ Letter line and do something else – an instance called Pailaka – Song of Ice and Fire. It will reward you with some decent Adena, some experience and Skill Points as well as a C-Grade weapon of choice.


To begin, you have to go to Oren and talk with Inspector Adler, he will teleport you to the instance. There you’ll get a pair of dual swords (you don’t have to use them) and a book with some hints regarding what spirits you’re supposed to defeat. They are: Spirit of Water Hillas, Spirit of Water Papion, Spirit of Fire Kinsus and Spirit of Fire Gargos. Finally, you have to face the final boss – Adiantum.

Level 56-61

The next chain is unlocked at level 56. It’s called Kerkopus’ Letter: Decoding the Badge. It’s important to start doing this as soon as possible. The quest requires going to Town of Aden and talking with Paterson. He’ll send you to Giant’s Minion Eblune in the Forsaken Plains.


She will give you the second quest – Nowhere to Turn. It requires hunting mobs in the area, the ones you will have to kill are: Marsh Drake, Marsh Stalker, Ancient Gargoyle, Fallen Orc, Fallen Orc Archer, Fallen Orc Captain, Fallen Orc Shaman and Sharp Talon Tiger.


The next task is called The Guardian Giant and is given by Geographer Novain. Its objective is to collect mission items by killing certain monsters: Humrut, Kranrot, Paliote, and Yintzu. At the end the Guardian Giant Akum will materialize and you’ll have to defeat him.


The last part of this chain is The Stolen Seed. Again, you start it with talking to Geographer Novain. Then you have to use the Magic Circle Control Device and spawn the Cursed Giant Akum whom you have to kill.


It’s crucial to complete this quest before the level 61 mark, because along other valuable rewards, it grants you Paulina’s Equipment Set (A-Grade). New item set will make you significantly stronger, even more so if you hadn’t transitioned into B-Grade. Jump from C to A-Grade is a great boost of power.

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Level 61-65

First of all, at level 61 you get access to Pailaka – Devil’s Legacy. It’s another instance that you can do for cool and interesting rewards. To begin, you have to talk to Devil’s Isle Survivor in Town of Giran. The whole thing is pretty straightforward. You get powerful special weapons to kill the subsequent bosses, meanwhile upgrading these weapons even further.


The only slightly difficult part is fighting the last boss Lematan. After you take half of his health bar he will teleport to his ship and summon zombie healers, making him more difficult to finish off. To avoid this situation, you have to aggro him and lure him to the ship before that. If he’s already there when he drops under 50% HP, he won’t summon the healers.


The reward for finishing this instance is Pailaka Bracelet that unlocks two talisman slots. Of course, you will also get some Adena, experience and Skill Points.


Now let’s come back to the most important quest line. Level 61 unlocks Kekropus’ Letter: A Hidden Meaning. It again starts in Town of Aden, with talking to Paterson. He will send you to Shuvann in Fields of Massacre.


He will give you three quests, each after the other. First one is called Kartia’s Seed that consists of killing the undead in the surrounding area until you get 50x Kartia’s Mutated Seed. The second one – Before Darkness Bears Fruit, requires you to kill 10 Kartia’s Flowers. The last one’s name is Life Energy Repository and its objective is killing Embryo near the Devastated Castle.

Level 65-70

There’s nothing new or special in this tier. We’re still following the letters’ quest line. Remember, if at any point you’re missing a level or two to get the next portion of these quests you still have some options. There are Kamaloka instances up to level 73 (Hall of the Abyss) and even 83 (Labyrinth of the Abyss). Besides, you can always try to find a party to go and kill some Raid Bosses, or simply grind it out for a couple of levels.


At this point, mage classes and fighter classes have their own separate Kerkopus’ Letter quests.


For fighters it’s Kekropus’ Letter: The Swamp of Screams will lead you to Captain Mathias in Rune Township and then to, well - surprisingly, Swamp of Screams. You’re going to talk with Tracker Dokara there. He will give you two quests, first one is called Suspicious Vagabond in the Swamp and it’s just talking to NPCs. The second one is called Embryo in the Swamp of Screams and requires you to kill 300 Swamp of Screams Scouts.


They have a similar task ahead of them, just in another location. The first quest is called Kekropus’ Letter: The Forest of the Dead. You’re going to have to go there and talk with Tracker Hatuba. He will give you two next quests. Suspicious Vagabond in the Forest and Embryo in the Forest of the Dead. They’re almost identical to the fighters’ quests, but the second one asks you to kill Forest of the Dead Scouts instead.

Level 70-75

The separate quest lines for warriors and wizards somewhat persist, but in reality they’re basically the same.


The next chain starts with Kekropus’ Letter: With Courage. It starts with talking to Captain Andrei in Goddard and going to Giant’s Minion Janitt in the Wall of Argos. Next quest is called In Search of the Eye of Argos and requires you to kill 200 beasts in the area. The last one is called Daimon the White-Eyed and at first is hunting another 100 beasts, but later you’re going to face Daimon the White-Eyed himself.


The only difference is that the first quest is called Kekropus’ Letter: With Wisdom. Gameplay-wise the rest is completely the same as with the warrior quests.

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Level 76-80

At level 76 two very important things happen. You get the ability to advance your character into third class and you get access to a new tier of equipment, the S-Grade. As the current version of Lineage 2 is very convenient, especially for players who are trying to catch up, you can get both of those upgrades with one quest.


The third class transfer quests are race-specific, but it only affects the starting Grand Master NPC. All of those quests names start with “Day of Destiny”. Completing them requires going to Cemetery and collecting 4x Vanguard Soldier’s Dog Tag. After that you’re going to talk to some NPCs and teleport to an instance called Incubator of Evil. Then you will choose two NPC companions and go into battle. After that, you’ll go back to your Grand Master and collect the rewards: a class transfer, Paulina’s Equipment Set (S-Grade), some consumables, Adena, exp and SP.


Instead of third class transfer, Ertheia characters get their second liberation quest that’s called Winds of Fate: A Promise.

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Kekropus’ Letter quests – fighters

In this tier they start with Kekropus’ Letter: Kampf’s Whereabouts. You have to talk to Captain Andrei in Goddard and ten with Giant’s Minion Hanses in Varka Silenos Barracks. He will give the three next guests. First, one’s called Varka Silenos Supporters and requires killing Varka Backup Shooters and Varka Backup Wizards. They will show up, after you kill any Varka Silenos monster. Next two quests ask you to kill Varka’s Commander Mos and Varka’s Chief Horus.

Kekropus’ Letter quests – mages

Again the wizards’ quest is very similar, but it takes place in another location. Kekropus’ Letter: Belos’ Whereabouts sends you to Gaint’s Minion Lugonnes in Ketra Orc Outpost. The subsequent quests require you to kill 100 of Ketra Backup Shooters and a 100 of Ketra Backup Wizards, then Ketra’s Commander Tayr and finally Ketra’s Chief Brakki.

Level 81-84

This time all classes share the same quest chain. It starts with Kekropus’ Letter: The Dragon’s Transition that sends you to Captain Jeronin in Giran and then to Namo in Dragon Valley. He’ll give you the next two quests. The first one is Odd Happenings at Dragon Valley, that requires you to hunt dragons, dragonbloods and cave servants. The second one – Uncovering the Conspiracy needs killing drakes, Bloody Grave Warriors, Dark Grave Warriors, Dark Grave Wizards, and Dark Grave Knights. This is the last one of Kekropus’ Letter quests.

Later parts of the game

l2 endgame

If you already reached lvl 85, you should complete the quest called Seize the Destiny. It will let you advance your class once more through Awakening. After that it’s mostly exploring the endgame content. There's still plenty of progression ahead of you. Kill strongest Raid Bosses, get the most powerful gear you can (after S-Grade there are plenty of higher tiers: S80, R, R95, R99 and R110).


If you don't want to follow the recommended Kekropus' Letter route, you can still level by grinding, but it will be much slower. It's more of a nostalgia trip for a veteran player, than an effective and fast leveling method, but it's still an option. You can visit zones like Cruma Tower, Breka Orc Stronghold, Tower of Insolence (you can slowly clear up and max out and make your way to reach the top floor on higher levels). 


Unfortunately the amounts of exp that you can get this way are really low compared to questing and usually speed is improtant in this process. While you may spend too much time doing that, at least you will get some valuable materials. In general this method is currently both hard and slow. 


You can start thinking about choosing and leveling your subclasses, achieving the Noblesse status and taking part in the Olympiad. Following this guide, you should be able to achieve Awakening extra fast. Increase the pace of getting those levels and enjoy Lineage 2 endgame in no time!

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Lineage 2

Lineage 2 is one of the hit games that shaped the term Korean MMORPG. It has been released in 2003 and it's still relevant as it continues the succesful run and gets regular updates. L2 formed a community of loyal players that enjoy both the PvE and open world PvP aspects of the game. Most fans agree that the endgame is the msot interesting, essential part of the game. Players can form clans to take part in a Fortress Siege or to kill giant Raid Bosses who can tank absurd amounts of damage.


Players can choose from seven playable races: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Kamael and Ertheia. They can later develop their stats and characters to get 1st class at level 20, then 2nd class transfer at 40, 3rd at 76 and later the awakening. For example: Elven Fighter advances into Elven Knight, then Temple Knight, later Eva's Templar and finally awakens into Sigel Eva's Templar. 


To get more guides, tips and other online gaming content for Lineage 2 and other hot MMORPGs make sure to visit our webiste daily or weekly, or however often you want and check the latest articles on our blog. To get an extra advantage without spending hours on farming, you can also check out the Lineage 2 offers posted at our site with a single click.

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