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Lineage 2 Skill Enchanting
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Skill Enchanting in Lineage II

If you have completed your third class transfer, then you have also gained access to Skill Enchanting. It is a special type of skill upgrade that costs both SP and Adena. Before you can Enchant your skill, you have to find Giant's Codex. Skill Enchanting is a risky process that might fail, and when that happens, you will lose Adena you have paid for an upgrade chance. Your skill will be rolled back to the previous state as well. It can be avoided by using certain items that we have described in this article. Continue reading below to learn how Skill Enchanting skill works and check out which items you should use for your upgrades.

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Enchanting Skill step-by-step

To enchant a skill you have to:

  1. Select the Skills and Magic button in the info menu (The one that looks like an open book).

  2. At the very bottom of the Skills and Magic window, you should see the Enchant Skills button.

  3. In the next window, you should be able to see skills. Those marked by the grey color cannot be enchanted.

  4. To enchant skill, you have to drag it from the list to the left window.

  5. Choose how you wish to enchant your skill and push +1 button.


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Blessed Enchantment

Safe Enchantment, also known as Blessed Enchantment, was added to the game in Kamael update.

With Blessed Enchantment, failed upgrades aren't resetting items back to their normal state. However, you will have to pay three times the price for the next upgrade. To start Blessed Enchantment, you have to check the box with its name in Skill Enchanting interface. Make sure to pick up Lesser Giant's Codex - Mastery, or you won't be able to use this option.

Changing Enchantments way

To change the way of enchantment, choose other ways of enchanting in the menu. For this, you will need one Lesser Giant's Codex - Discipline and an additional one for each change. Besides that, you also have to bring SP and Adena. By changing the way of enchantment, its level might decrease by 1,2, or even 3, so do that only if necessary.

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Canceling Enchantment

If you want to remove Enchantment from the skill, you can regain some of the SP that you have lost during the improvement process. For this one, you will need Lesser Giant's Codex - Oblivion, and each of the books will remove only 1 skill level. To start degrading, select lowering enchantment level from the menu.

Required items

If you haven't awakened in your class already, you will have to bring either Giant's Codes or Superior Giant's Codex for upgrading. The first one can be purchased from Olympiad Manager for tokens earned during that event, from Suspicious Merchant, and they can be received as a monster drop as well.

Lesser Giant's Codex - Used for 0 to +1 upgrades.

Lesser Giant's Codex: Mastery - More costly version which doesn't degrade upgrades upon failure.

Lesser Giant's Codex: Discipline - Changes type of enchantment at the cost of SP and Adena. It also decreases the level of enchantment by 1-3.

Lesser Giant's Codex: Oblivion - Used to remove Skill Enchantment or decrease its level. One book equals -1 to skill and returns some of SP and Aden used for upgrading.

On the other hand, Superior Giant's Codex is used for altering the skills of the fourth class. You can get it as well from the Olympiad Manager and monster drops but not from Suspicious Merchant. On this tier, you also get one additional tool that you can use for upgrading. Immortal Scroll can be used to guarantee the successful enchantment of an item without additional payment in the form of SP or Adena.

When your character awakens, you will receive a bonus in the form of the Essence of the lesser Giants. It depends on how much you have spent on enchantments of second and third class skills - since these are reset to 0. Said essences can be used to purchase Giant's Codex of every type and Giant's Fortune Box.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Lesser Giant's Codex reset the skill to 0 or remove one point from the upgrade?

One Codex equals -1 to a level of enchantment.

What do I need for Skill Enchantment?

A codex of your choice, Adena and SP.

Is it worth enchanting skills before the fourth class?

Yes, it is since after Awakening, you will get compensation for them in the form of Essence of the Lesser Giants.


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