Learn the latest news and tips related to Blade & Soul (2012). An MMORPG set in the fantasy realities, emphasizing on the extended skirmish model, which is based on Far Eastern martial arts and fast-paced clash with opponents. The game world is located in an ancient, stylized Asia, and the story is built around the heroes of Korean mythology. The gameplay will throw you in exploration of monstrous areas including mountains, forests, caves, castles and dungeons.

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The environment you travel through is changing during play, and our task is to confront giants, death angels, overgrown insects and characters controlled by other players. You can deal damage to your adversaries by using steel weapons, ranged weapons, as well as as a bit of magic. While doing that, you are able to move very quickly both on land and in the air, including various evolutions of flips and running on the walls.


With Unreal Engine 3.0, developers focused on creating diverse locations, characters featuring spectacular details, as well as implement advanced physics into the game e.g. waving in the wind. In that, there are a lot of animated interludes that splendidly reflects dynamic and changing accordingly to the pace of the music atmosphere. Blade & Soul was developed by NCSoft and is available exclusively on PCs.

18.06.2019 0
Blade and Soul: Empyrean Shadows update is going to arrive tomorrow - on June 19th. Alongside the new specializations for Kung fu Master and Bladedancer, two BnS events will be introduced. Fortune’s Bounty Event and Tropical Treasure Trove will arrive in the Earthen Realm. Read about the amazing rewards and tasks necessary to earn them!
11.04.2019 0
Rise of the Gunslinger not only introduces a new class but comes with a lot of changes out of which some were teased in form of 'early patch notes'
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Blade and Soul kicks off Halloween with new dungeons and raids!
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Blade and Soul is kind of a mixed bag, mostly popular due to its well-designed dungeons and PvE content, not so much for PvP. Recently its population was rather in the decline so NCSoft made a decision to finally move this gorgeous game from Unreal Engine 3 to UE 4 and play to its strengths - community and PvE. 
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Transfering Blade and Soul from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4 turned few heads but NCSoft doesn't stop there!