Blade and Soul: Rise of The Gunslinger - early patch notes!

Rise of The Gunslinger
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Blade and Souls fans hyped the release of the new content patch to the game. The anticipation must be through the roof now that patch notes were released! Rise of the Gunslinger is a free content patch coming out Sept. 13 across all platforms.

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That's right, NCSoft decided to tease their player-base a little by releasing patch notes to famous action-combat MMO Blade and Soul. Revealing some of the upcoming changes! So let's take a peek, shall we?


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New player experience

Changes are being made for new and returning players, to make the entire leveling process less of a chore for those that decide to return to the game, and make re-rolling to Gunslinger less painful.

Additional random rewards  will now be provided the first 10 times you complete the following dungeons on Normal and Hard:

  • Desolate Tomb

  • Ebondrake Citadel

  • Naryu Foundry

  • Naryu Sanctum

  • Irontech Forge

  • Ebondrake Lair.


Additionally, if you complete (or if you already have done that) Act VII Chapter 1: The Mysterious Stranger players will be given their first set of Legendary weapons! 


What are the upgrades?

Long awaited balance changes in weapon upgrade department! Serap/Baleful Weapon 1-11 upgrade costs have been decreased all across the board. When upgrading Seraph/Baleful Weapon to Stage 2 you will be able now to use Asura Weapon or Accursed Weapon while Stage 9 will use Gunwon Weapon.

Sacred Oil use will also be reduced significantly!

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NCSoft claims that they wanted to make Legendary Soul Shields more available. To achieve that they have reduced the cost of Locked Sacred Longgui Soul Shield Chest as well as Sacred Longgui Keys from Midnight Skypetal Plains Excharger Lee Shingum by not requiring them any achievements or Moonlight Crystals to be purchased, and the amount of Lunar Twilight Flowers required has been greatly reduced.


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The price nerfs made 'price reduction' perk from Premium Membership tab in Dragon Express obsolete so it has been removed.

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Achievements have been removed from Locked Sacred Lnggui Soul Shield chests 6-8 and reduced for Raven Soul shield Chest 3-8. But price reduction was not the only way of increasing accessibility of those shields, Raven Feathers from Skybreak Spire and Hive Queen's Wings from Temple of Eluvium and Scion's Keep drop rate has also been greatly improved. 

A more detailed list of changes here.

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