Blade And Soul: Rage of The Hive Queen

Blade And Soul Rage of The Hive Queen
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

Blade and Soul went dark in recent months, with no news from the development team many announced the game to be dead, well this can't be further from the truth as a new content patch kicks off soon. 

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Not so long ago we have covered some balance changes and a new class from BnS and that was literally the last time we've heard from Team Bloodlust. Today developers have announced that in addition to traditional Halloween Events, on 18th October players will also be able to brave halls of Temple of Eluvium and face Zulia, the Hive Queen, herself in this new raid. New quest hub also arrives as the saga of Aransu School continues, gather your friends and defeat the corrupted Great Thrall. 


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October, in always every MMO out there, brings a myriad of Halloween events and Blade and Soul is no different. Complete the daily challenge and receive a Ghoulish Gift Box. Gather creepy candies that grant players powerful 10-minute buffs while in Skybreak Spire, Temple of Eluvium, and Scion’s Keep. In addition, completing weekly raid quest will grant players better rewards during the event, as well as a chance of obtaining ghoulish cosmetic items. 

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Merchant of Wonders returns!

Finally! After completing certain dungeons a Merchant of Wonders might appear. Shin Baeyun (Halloween replacement for Shin Bahye) will offer each of the players in party a random selection of unique items, including seasonal costumes etc.

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