Blade and Soul: Empyrean Shadows Brings Two New Events!

Blade and Soul Empyrean Shadows
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Blade and Soul: Empyrean Shadows

The Empyrean Shadows update is going to arrive tomorrow - June 19th. Alongside the new specializations for Kung fu Master and Bladedancer, two BnS events will be introduced. Fortune’s Bounty Event and Tropical Treasure Trove will arrive in the Earthen Realm. Players will get an opportunity to earn some really valuable rewards if they’re willing to put in the work! 

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Fortune’s Bounty

This fishing-themed event will require players to complete Daily Quests, clear the Fortune Falls event dungeon, finish certain raids and of course catch some fish. Some of the main prizes in this event will be fish oils that can be used to upgrade weapons with a discount.


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To get them, you will need to catch Fortune Fish and collect Angler’s Pearls and exchange them at General Merchant for rewards. Fortune Fishbone is another event item, it can be used as a bait that increases your chance to catch Fortune Fish.


There will be three types of these oils: Angler’s Fish Oil, Prime Fish Oil, and Golden Fish Oil. They can be used to upgrade Raven, Riftwalk, and Dawnforged weapons on stages 4-9, Aransu, Exalted, and Storm Dragon 1-9 as well as Grand Celestial, Skyforge, and Shadowforge 1-3.

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For completing multiple Daily Challenges you will be able to get a Fortune Fish Treasure Chest that can contain various rare, heroic and legendary items. You can get more lootboxes for doing the four specific Raids: Skybreak Spires, Scion’s Keep, Temple of Eluvium and Nightfall Sanctuary. Complete the dynamic quest while you’re there for even more prizes! The Fortune’s Bounty Event will last until July 24th, but players will be able to redeem rewards at General Merchant until August 21st.


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Tropical Treasure Trove

The Empyrean Shadows update also marks the return of Treasure Trove that gives players access to an event game shop, where they can buy one special item per day with just gold. The rewards are divided into three categories: cosmetics, materials and upgrades. The outfits include Kimono, Dragon Knight and Pop Art, along with some more. There will also be two new pets: Piglet and Owl Spirit.


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Of course players can once again buy Treasure Trove Expansions with real money or Hongmoon Coins that can be acquired in game. They allow for exceeding the limit of one purchase per day. Players will also be able to buy extra Treasure Trove Keys with Hongmoon Coins or NCoins.


Tropical Treasure Trove will be available in game until July 10th. If you need some extra gold to gear up before the tomorrow’s update or to make sure that you’ll be able to afford the most amazing items in the Treasure Trove, make sure to look for BnS Gold at MMOAuctions!

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