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Read all the guides and articles about WoW Classic on our blog! World of Warcraft Classic was reborn as a comeback of the golden era of WoW and it has been coming for long weeks, months and years. People who wanted the return of the original World of Warcraft asked developers relieve the experience from the release that happened 15 years ago.

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It is why the WoW Classic version of the game is brought with patch 1.12 and almost entirely unchanged mechanics, graphics, and all the other aspects of the game. The giant nostalgia factor made the launch of classic WoW the biggest premiere in the history of MMORPG. Even though the list of content is much shorter than in the current BoA version, but the new phases will add some with every update.

Unlike the current Battle for Azeroth version of World of Warcraft, phase 1 of Classic includes only two raids! There will be more added in each phase to come, but in the beginning a player can only test their guild's teamwork in a dungeon or raid like Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair - facing some of the most iconic bosses. The time and patience required to level your character to 60 is a big hurdle (it's a bit easier with Hunter or Mage, but it still takes multiple days). Then you'll have to worry about getting the best gear, hitting the level cap doesn't make you raid-ready.

Get a WoW Classic subscription, choose a PvP or PvE realm (server), and join the community of old-school MMORPG players. It's best to play with some friends - so your characters can team up as they travel through Azeroth. Make sure to follow our blog too!

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You've hit level 60 and it's time to finally work for some Reputation. Check out our guide, so you know how to level up your reps efficiently!
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Would you like to know how PvP in WoW Classic works? Check out our WoW Classic PvP Guide to see how you can get the best out of your class and honor farming!
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Do you want to know how to get to rank 14 in Classic WoW? How to grasp the best gear in the game? How to reach the eternal glory and honor? Step in, find out, how to do it, and if it's worth it.
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There are couple of extraordinary items in Vanilla WoW. They're strong, coveted, and really hard to get. Some of you probably know them already, some not. We're breaking the legendary items down in this guide.
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Want to make your WoW Classic Screen more user-friendly and reliable? Check out the best addons that will enhance your World of Warcraft Classic experience!
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Besides the challenging character progression, Classic WoW also offers some fascinating endgame activities. Read this guide if you want to know what to expect after you hit level 60!
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Most of the World of Warcraft Classic raids and dungeons will require attunement. In this guide, you will find out, how to get them, and how to enter the best places to be in Vanilla WoW.
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Want to dominate Arathi Basin in WoW Classic? Learn our strategies and win most of your games!
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Tanking in Classic World of Warcraft is not only about taking damage, but also keeping aggro on you. Here we break down the best aggro-keepers in Vanilla WoW.
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If you ever wondered what to do in WoW Classic, we may have the answer for you. There are plenty of instances, where you can spend your time and amass wealth, gather exp or just socialize with your guild. We break them down for you.