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WoW Classic Addons
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With the august launch of Blizzard's Classic WoW non-beta client server, and people racing to max level, and sluring on the chat, it will be important to make your experience more convenient. With so many things lacking in WoW Classic - it's possible to grasp them. For every thing that is non-existent in Classic WoW, there is an addon or some kind of mor or patch. With them you will get much useful information that will help you in efficient leveling, grinding, looting items, fighting in PvE and PvP, enhancing social aspects of the game and making everything a little bit more accessible.


After reading this short list guide, you will be able to apply addons to your WoW Classic, enhancing your overall experience without breaking that Classic WoW feeling at all.

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How to Install Vanilla WoW Addons?

There are many sites where you can check how to download and install addons or mods, but it's really simple and quick. Just copy your Addon folder into this path in the main World of Warcraft folder:


After that you should be able to utilize your addons, granted you have the right version of your addon, and it doesn't collide with other addons. But even if something clash with something else, you will easily be able to disable them in the game. 


Leveling and Questing Adds

In this section, we will have two addons. We picked the best addons that will make your leveling efforts more efficient, without turning this game into a grind-fest on content rails. Absolute must-have addons if you want to focus entirely on leveling


Name: Questie

Description: A quest helper for Classic WoW. It's mandatory for those who can easily get lost in the world of WoW Classic without knowing what to do. There are no map markers in the original release of the game. This addon fixes that, showing you the location of quests that you can take or those you already completed. It also shows the location of quest-related items and mobs. Live. Take it. Use it. It's very important


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Name: Quest XP Tracker

Description: This addon allows you to see how much XP you will get for doing a quest. It's a decent way to weed up useless quests that don't give enough XP to call questing time-efficient. Keep in mind that some quests will have great rewards, like pieces of gear or some silver, but with this addon - you will know how many quests you have to do to level up.



Quality of Life Addons

These addons will make your life more convenient, as you will gain access to some additional intel that should be in any game.


Name: Auctionator

Description: Mandatory addon for anyone who wants to get serious with the Auction House and make some money that way in a trading community. Original WoW Classic AH is very unreliable as it will be a pain in the eye to navigate through. Auctionator fixes it by granting you a better AH layout that will make everything a little more accessible. You will be able to differentiate items from others easily, and you'll always find the best offers faster than anyone due to its many features. Just sort easily through items from the lowest price reliably without the Classic WoW stiffness.


Name: Real Mob Health

Description: Mobs that you attack will not only show the maximum percentage but the amount of HP that they have left as well. It's an excellent way to calculate if you can beat that mob in a 1v1, or how many average hits will it take.

Name: Vendor Price

Description: To check the item's price in WoW Classic - you had to visit a vendor. Not anymore. With this addon, you will be able to check the price of an item in your inventory, or in a drop pick-up window. Seems basic, and it is, but back in the days - we didn't have such convenient tools.


Name: Coordinates by TomCat's Tours

Description: You will see coordinates of your location on the minimap. Additionally, when you access the map, you will be able to check the location your cursor hovers over. If your friends are looking for a specific enemy, you don't have to describe the place on the map anymore. All you will have to do is to give them simple coords. It should be instrumental, when looking for someone who's patrolling around, like Rexxar. Good thing for gathering professions. 


Name: AtlasLoot Classic

Description: This is a simple Item drop compendium. At any point in the game, you can access it by clicking on the icon placed near the minimap. Right there, you will be able to check what items will drop from specific enemies. Very useful for running dungeons and raids, so that you know when you have gotten everything for you to progress further. Provided that the gear is the only thing holding you back in your journey.


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UI Enhancing Addons

While almost every addon available out there can be called a UI Enhancer, addons listed here are here purely for putting more information on your screen, cleaning out or clustering your space depending on your needs. Whether it will free more space on your screen, or grant you some additional intel - these addons are a great addition to your WoW Classic experience.


Name: Titan Panel

Description: TITAN is a great layout that will provide you with lots of information that you will be able to switch on and off in real-time. This piece of UI will inform you about multiple things. Your overall playtime, current playtime, RL time, how much XP will you get from targeted mobs, and how many mobs you will have to kill to level up. It's an excellent addition for someone who values time and efficiency above all.


Name: Dominos Classic

Description: A simple action bar that will allow you to see the cast time, and the remaining cast capacity. Good addition for casters.


Name: Details! Damage Meter

Description: This piece of UI will allow you to track and store data related to combat. If you are in the large group - it will be mandatory to track every heal, damage, and Threat, to then use it to make combat most efficient. You will be able to compare the damage dealt by you and your teammates during a combat scenario. Tracking Threat generation is crucial during raids to control DPS and main tanks, avoiding a potential wipe. It's also useful for evaluating people, seeing how they're doing, and if they need to work on their gear or gameplay to play on the group's level. Very important for pvp and raids in organized guilds. Track your Hunter, Mage, Paladin and Rogue, and see if they really dish ou as much dps as they say.



Name: Classic Castbars

Description: This one will allow you to track enemy casts. Target your enemy and see what ability are they casting, and how much time is left until the cast is completed. It's a great addon that will allow you to react to incoming spells. Keep in mind that this addon might not be accurate sometimes, due to some bugs and lack of cast delays when the caster is taking hits, but it's still one of the most useful addons to use.


Name: Weapon Swing Timer

Description: Arguably the most crucial addon for a Hunter, Shaman, Rogue, Paladin, or a Warrior. It allows them to calculate their movements and attack speed to avoid getting hit too frequently. Crucial for scenarios in which players want to re-position themselves in their downtime, without losing much DPS due to increased Attack Downtime. It also tracks the Swing time of any enemy you are fighting with, meaning that Warriors will be easily able to utilize the Hamstring grinding technique.


Name: OneBag3 or Bagnon

Description: These addons will change your Equipment Bag layout, turning five separate windows into a single window, making searching for items in your bag a little bit more convenient. OneBag3 is a little bit more generic, while Bagnon retains the aesthetics of Classic WoW, making it more natural and tied to the game.


Name: OmniCC

Description: Shows DoTs and effects that are affecting the enemy at the moment. Crucial for Warlocks, as they tend to deal damage with Damage over Time skills. After installing this one - you will be able to tell which spell should you re-apply, and at what time to get the best effect without wasting additional resources. Espeically useful against bosses. 


Name: Weak Aura

Description: Weak Aura is a fantastic addon that will allow you to track your Aura timers easily. You will be able to set up your indicators that can float around your character. Thanks to their style, you will see the exact moment that aura will expire. And you will see that not by looking at a specific small spot near your minimap, you will see them surrounding your character without covering half of your screen.


Name: Z-Perl

Description: Z-Perl will change the look of the character and party members' bars in such a way that will be much clearer than a vanilla WoW Classic version. As seen in the picture above, you will be able to see their levels, class, health points, and mana/energy/rage very clearly. You will also see the target that a particular character is attacking at the moment. It's a decent addon for those who party a lot, and since it's WoW Classic - you will party up a lot.


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Name: Zygor WoW Classic Leveling Addon

Description: Absolute King of WoW Classic Addons released  by the greatest addon maker of Azeroth.. It works as a tooltip window. Zygor offers a masterfully crafted addon that will completely change your leveling experience. This piece of UI will analyze your current circumstances at all times and direct you through the most efficient pathway towards the next level. It's hands down the best and simplest way of reaching level 60 as fast as possible unless you are a Mage that abuses large packs of CC'd enemies and layering system. Now you don't have to see a video of where to go and what to do. Register on this site now and purchase. It's absolutely amazing. It will even tell you when using a hearthstone will be the most efficient idea. It's basically leveling on auto-rails by default. 

For any other scenario - it's the fastest way of reaching that max level in the most comfortable way possible.




Addons listed above are not mandatory to create a good, quality gameplay in World of Warcraft Classic. However, they will surely enhance the experience by making it more comfortable without changing the game and its original layout. There are many other things to talk about and guides to read so that you can learn more about the game. For that, you should head to *poradnik 1*, or *poradnik 2* to better your gaming experience in this wonderful title. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, that work for our website like handy and reliable forums where you can talk with people just like on reddit, view the latest additions to our guides, and give us some feedback so we can perfect our content that is curently in development awaiting its turn. Right there you will also find links to our best posted guides. You can report us too if you are an absolute madlad. Facebook menu allows that as well. So there are lots of options.


Share this guide with your guildmembers when they are bugging you for best addons. Check our class guides, or the leveling guide, that we've established before classic beta. 

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What is WoW Classic Addon?


Addons for WoW Classic are basically user-made patches that will add useful things to your User Interface, or completely change it. Depending on your needs, you will be able to clean out your UI or to get as much information about everything covering your entire screen.


Which Vanilla WoW addons should I have?


The addons that will be valuable for you will depend on your class, and what type of gameplay you enjoy, what player you are. You should definitely install evert Leveling and Quality of Life addons listed in this guide, and the rest is optional. Doesn't matter which class you play. Druid, Priest, Warlock, or Warrior, having ads will greatly improve the experience and convenience. There's one guide that we've ommited as it's not fully released - Deadly Boss Mods, which helps during dungeon runs. 


Should I go for more information or a cleaner screen?


Having a lot of intel placed in your UI right in front of your face can be truly invaluable, especially if you are a part of a serious guild. It helps you in some ways, directs you into the most efficient direction, and lets you evaluate the presence of other guild members. However - it's easy for WoW Classic to become just a game of numbers and dials on the screen, which can take you away from the fantastic experience. Feel free to add some new pieces to your UI to make your time more efficient. But don't cover 80% of your screen so you can actually enjoy the visuals and the game itself.


The clear screen will be great for casual WoW Classic Twitch streams. Some add-ons covering the screen will be great for a dungeon run, healing, applying buffs, debuffs, professions, and farming, checking your players' activity in battle encounters (info gets updated immediately). The amount of ads and frames is limited so be careful, even with your bags and quto-questing directors. 


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Can I play without Addons?


Of course, you can continue playing without ads. Addons are only minor conveniences that will make some things easier to notice and more straightforward to apply to the game after you sign or log in. Having them is purely personal, some people love the feel of Classic WoW - some want to enhance it. It's entirely up to you, and you can easily be competitive without any addons, even without additional action bars. But you will have to work slightly harder.

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