Classic WoW Classes Guide - Which Class is worth picking

Classic WoW Classes
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How to pick a class in Vanilla World of Warcraft

Back in the day during the early days, WoW was a very different game than it is today. Classes these days aren’t as unique as they were before. Pretty much all of them have mobility, AoE, stuns, interrupts and everything they need. We can even say that all of them have been streamlined over the years and because of that they don’t feel as special as they were before. In World of Warcraft Classic, we will have a chance to relieve classes as they were before. In the retail version of WoW, there are many choices for your style of playing.

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For example, druids can be tanks, healers and DPS which was not entirely true in Vanilla. Although you had your healing spells, bear form, and cat form - Druid was not that great in tanking and damage dealing. Same thing with paladins. They always looked like big holy war machines but in Classic, they were pretty much only healers. Because classes varied so much it was a very important choice to pick carefully the one that would stick with us on the journey to 60. In this Classic WoW Classes guide, we will try to give you insight on how to pick your class.


Class choices



One of the most iconic classes which were often chosen by players was a warrior. These heavy armored juggernauts were one of the few classes that did not rely on mana. Instead, warriors used their brute force to build up rage which consumed let them perform various abilities. They used plate armor to block incoming damage along with shields and melee weapons. Warriors were special because all of their specs were viable and used in different occasions unlike with other classes. Arms specialization was chosen mainly for PvP to counter healers by using Mortal Strike. Fury sacrificed some of his survivability in order to gain even more damage and protection was just all around tanks.


Warriors are popular among Classic WoW players because they are real PvP killing machines when geared and paired along with good healer. They are also hands down best tanks in Vanilla so in every raid scenario you will see warriors as main tanks. They scale extremely well, they are very rewarding to play, they look good and therefore they are always a solid choice. The downside to that is that they aren’t too good without a healer presence. They are very vulnerable to crow control spells, they lack healing abilities and they are one of the slowest classes to level up. But if you have a premade group or a healer friend to play with they are indeed a great choice.


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-Looks better than most classes

-Have 3 viable trees in talents (can fulfill dps and tank roles)

-Unstoppable in PvP when paired with a healer

-Uses plate items which are easier to get than cloths/leathers

-Can be played by every race

-Almost necessary in every party




-Tough to level with

-Low mobility

-Requires a lot of patience before 60




One of the few cloth users among classic classes were warlocks. This is a very niche class as not many people played those necromantic casters back in the day. Don’t be fooled by that. Warlocks are very strong in both PvP and PvE encounters. Because just like hunters they can use their pets to soak the damage they are excellent during leveling. They do not require gear in order to deal a lot of damage and they can heal their hp back by casting spells which not many classes are capable of. Although they are really great in killing monsters even in groups they aren’t the best at leveling because they lack mobility. This does not stop them to be great at PvP. They are very strong in battlegrounds and arenas but they shine the most in 1v1 situations where they are pretty much unkillable.



-Can use pets to block incoming damage

-Not gear dependent

-Can sustain for a long time

-They are very good at leveling, PvP, and raiding

-Affliction Dots are extremely annoying for enemies.


-Worst mobility in the game

-Cloth users have to compete with mages and priests for loot




Another very recognizable class in Vanilla was a mage. Those spell users were known for various abilities like Polymorph, Ice Block or Pyroblast. Although they were not as easy to play they were certainly a very rewarding choice. They offered various playstyles through three different specializations. They scaled very well with gear and shined in every aspect of the game - from leveling through PvE late game content to PvP situations. They were always welcome in parties because they could conjure food and they always brought much-needed cc to encounters.In PvP, they were a nightmare to kill for melee users as they could blink away from their range and root them in place. By using Pyroblast they often one shot their enemies making them extremely dangerous in combat.


Pros :

-Big cooldowns like Polymorph, Ice Block or Pyroblast

-Fun and rewarding playstyle

-At least good if not better in every aspect of the game from PvP to PvE

-All specs viable (although frost usually better)

-Very useful utility much needed for parties and raids

-Super fast leveling through huge AOE with Blizzard ability



-Squishy (low health)

-Mana and cooldown dependant




Probably most unique class in World of Warcraft Vanilla was a rogue. They were excellent in open world PvP. They offered fun play style which revolved around using various crowd control abilities to stun your opponents leaving them defenseless. They could disappear in shadows and attack their enemies by surprise. They were agile, they were mobile, they were everywhere. It was definitely most played class in Vanilla and because of that, they were also not that needed in parties. Although they offered some great utility in the form of Sap and other crowd control abilities, the competition was very high. If you choose to be a Rogue you have to keep in mind that you will need to be far better than other Rogues to be invited to raids - and there will be many to surpass. Nonetheless Rogues are a great class and definitely, you will have fun during PvP as one of them.


Pros :

-Easily most fun class in open world PvP

-At least decent if not better in every aspect of the game

-Good mobility


-Can be played by almost all races


Cons :

-One of the most populated classes - you have to compete with others to stand out

-Despised by players playing other classes

-Kinda slow levelers


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Although those holy warriors use plate armors just like Warriors they are not as skilled fighters as them. They instead offer extremely efficient heals and strongest buffs in the game. They were always looked for in both PvP and PvE content because they were pure utility class. Paladins lacked active offensive abilities and because of that, they were a nightmare to solo level with.If you don’t mind very boring grind which consists of auto attacking monsters to death you will be rewarded with one of the best healing classes in the game. They are excellent as passive healers on PvP and amazing in dungeon and raid scenarios. From all of the classes, Paladins also have the best-looking sets. The others specs in the form of Retribution and Protection were way worse than Holy and because of that if you meet someday a Paladin it will most likely be a healer.


Pros :

-Strongest buffs in the game. Biggest amount of utility and tools

-Amazing single target heals

-Great character class fantasy to enjoy

-Decent at every aspect of the game besides leveling (only as a healer)


Cons :

-Locked to Alliance faction

-Pretty bad in Retribution and Protection so healer was an only viable choice

-Slow and boring leveling

-No active offensive abilities (almost useless on damage dealing)



As the Horde only class Shamans were best healers for this faction. They were way more mana efficient than druids and provided useful utility in the form of totems. As those could only affect a few people in the raid group - many shamans were needed for one raid. They were also unique healing class as they offered AoE healing abilities. Shamans were probably the only one class in the classic WoW that was hybrid enough to deal decent damage while also healing at the same time. It is definitely one of the more unique classes in the game which offers a very different play style than others.

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Pros :

-Very unique hybrid playstyle combining healing and damage dealing (hybrid class)

-Provide AoE Healing

-Highly needed in horde raids thanks to Windfury Totem


Cons :

-Mana dependent

-Not as good on open world PvP and battlegrounds

-Kinda slow in leveling

-Tough to learn




Hunter is one of the most fun to play classes in Vanilla. They are very good in PvP content and excel above all classes in solo PvE. As they gain the ability to use pets from level 10 they are extremely fast levelers. On top of that, they offer very unique playstyle as they are mobile casters. At level 60 Hunters also gain access to one of the best gold makers in the game in form of Princess runs at Mauradon. Their pets block most of the incoming damage and they do not require many resources to be efficient through the game. Because they have to control their own movement and their pet movement precisely, Hunters have a very high skill ceiling. As they are not too gear dependent they are easy to pick up but hard to master class. Although they offer necessary skills for every raid they lack consistent damage which makes them mediocre at raiding. By picking Hunter class you will gain access to many skills and mechanics which aren’t available for others like catching your own pets.


Pros :

-Fun to play, rewarding playstyle

-Easy to play, hard to master

-Best levelers with pets and mobility

-Not gear dependent

-Great escape with disengage


Cons :

-Mediocre raiders in terms of damage

-Can be difficult to fully understand

-Hated by community




The class that is mostly expected to be healing only is not quite as one dimensional. Priests are the most versatile healers in the game. They offer three viable specs. They are excellent at raid healing almost always finishing in the first healing places. In PvP priest healers offered pretty good survivability but as they lacked mobility they were an easy target. Shadow Priests were known for their insane damage potential and because of that they were kings of 1v1 PvP. They were also pretty good in leveling but as mentioned they lacked mobility which was trouble in early stages of the game.


Pros :

-Strong healing in almost every situation

-Good leveling with Shadow spec

-Amazing at 1v1 PvP battle as Shadow

-Fear is amazing Crowd Control for PvP

-Great auto attack power with Improved Wand Specialization


Cons :

-Not as amazing in raid healing

-Low mobility

-As Holy and Disc are very squishy in PvP. An easy target for DPS.

-Primary target at all times




Similarly to Hunters Druids are among the hardest Classic classes. They are one of the best leveling classes because of their very high mobility. Druids do not require expensive gear to do damage, have high sustain through healing spells and as one of two classes can use invisibility to their advantage. They were decent in every aspect of the game but not perfect in any of it. At higher levels, they were mostly played as healers since they lacked damage in other specs. They were a niche choice which wasn’t too often among players.


Pros :

-Amazing levelers

-Great mobility and best movement speed in the game

-Very efficient healing that doesn’t burn too much mana

-Best flag carriers

-Rewarding playstyle that offers a variety of styles to play with

-Fastest herb farming on Cat Form


Cons :

-Low damage as DPS

-No resurrection as a healer apart from Battle Ress

-Struggles on raids as a tank

-Serious mana problems


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The overall best classic Wow classes

When choosing a class for World of Warcraft Classic or any other game, in general, you should always focus on the ‘fun’ aspect. Pick a class that feels right to play for you and suits your style. Although classes in Vanilla are very much not balanced all of them are good in something and can be played competitively by a good player. However, if you are looking for classes that are below average in most spheres of the game Mages, Rogues and Warlocks are a great choice. If you aim to pick niche class that’s not played by many Hunters, Druids and Shamans seem to fit into this category. However, if your goal is to excel at playing in groups Warriors, Paladins and Priests should be your go-to choices. Whatever you will choose to play keep in mind that in Vanilla leveling process lasted much longer than in retail version of WoW. The class that you might choose will stick to you for a long time. Make a wise decision and always remember that every class is good at something.

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