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Classic WoW Gold Making
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About gold in Classic WoW

In the Vanilla World of Warcraft gold was a much-needed resource to maintain leveling speed, gear up, level professions, buy necessary consumables, trade with others and pretty much everything else. Unlike the retail version of the WoW, it was a precious thing, and every piece of copper was scrapped from enemy purses on all occasions. If you were not careful enough with your expenses, you might have run out of gold, which would drastically slow down your journey to 60 and beyond. By earning more coins than other players, you could have quickly get ahead in your leveling. Getting better consumables, equipment, and weapons make everything more smooth and easy. This is the exact reason why we are bringing to you this gold making guide - make your life easier and start farming coins in World of Warcraft Classic with our guide!

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Class by class gold making


Hunters have available some great ways to make gold during Vanilla. As pet users, they can redirect damage they receive to their companions, which makes them very efficient during leveling stages of the game as well as later on. They do not need to waste as many consumables as other classes, and therefore they spend less gold on them.


They are a fantastic class to do solo content. While your pet is soaking all incoming damage, you can focus on killing your foes. Only Hunters and Warlocks can solo high-level dungeons. Because of that, they can clear them collecting all the gold and precious loot for themselves. On top of that, they have various movement abilities to pass through content at a faster pace, and they can feign death to lose aggro when they are in danger. All of this makes them perfect for clearing dungeons on their own.

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By soloing Diremaul tribute runs Hunters can make up to 150 gold per hour which is an insane amount of coins on Vanilla. Another great dungeon that they can solo is Maraudon, which requires Scepter of Celebras. By killing Princess Theradras, Goblin Tinkerer and Rotgrip, you can get a lot of items which can later be sold to a vendor for a good amount of gold. All of this can be done solo by level 60 Hunters with decent gear.


Warlocks offer similar to Hunter mechanics in the form of pets. Because of that, they are another class which can solo Maraudon. As doing dungeon runs is a fantastic way of making gold in Vanilla make sure to farm your Scepter of Celebras and do Princess Theradras runs on those necromantic casters. Other dungeon runs might be profitable too but keep in mind that Warlocks won’t be as efficient as Hunters since they don’t have as good movement abilities.



Warriors are without a doubt the best tanking class in the Classic WoW. Because of that they are always on high demand and welcome in pretty much every group. If you want to make some extra gold you can take advantage of this fact. Many parties who are waiting to go inside dungeons can pay good amount of cash for tanking services. On top of that Warriors can reserve most precious loot before runs to be additionally profitable. Although it is usually not a morally good thing to do and completely out of team spirit - it is great way to get rich quickly.


Additionally Warriors can do east wing of Diremaul with healer. By clearing bosses that reside within this area they can easily make some good gold. There are also Thorium veins which can be mined so make sure that one of you have Mining to maximize profits. Another useful profession would be Enchanting which can greatly improve gold made. You can disenchant not needed pieces of equipment which will give you good amount resources to use or even sell for more coins.



Rogue are different than other classes because they have some unique utility not possessed by any other class. First of all, they can pick locks to open chests which might be unavailable for others to peek inside. Make sure to check each and every one of them as often they have valuable items inside. They can also open various rooms which aren’t accessible for those who aren’t using the lockpicking ability.


On top of all of that, Rogues have invisibility which lets them pass through dungeons unnoticed. Because of that, they can enter solo instances and pickpocket NPCs inside for a good amount of profit. The most popular dungeon for this is Razorfen Downs but Blackrock Depths aren’t uncommon for this method as well.


Mages do have their own mechanic that they excel at as well. They can AOE down monsters and CC them with various slows and roots. Because of that, they can quickly clear packs of thrash. This is a very efficient way of clearing zones, but it is also great for its money-making aspect. By farming BRD mobs near the entrance or at arena you can make a fair amount of gold per hour. Crocklisks inside Zul’Gurub once available will be another great option to make some easy money. In Diremaul east wing you can also clear Lasher packs which drop various herbs and grey items - those can be easily vendored. At the end of the day Mages are best gold makers excluding solo dungeon runs that Hunter and Warlock do (which might be nerfed early on).


Druid isn’t always the first choice when it comes down to money making but they also are better in something than other classes. This little thing that they excel at is Herbalism. By picking Tauren race you gain access to Cultivation passive which increases your Herbalism skill by 15 levels. You can also pick up herbs while you are in Travel Form. Because of that Druids are best gatherers in the game and they can quickly make bank on Herbalism. The flowers that you want to look at are Dreamfoil, Plaguebloom and Mountain Silversage. If you want to get rich make sure to keep your Black Lotuses. Although they should be untradeable on release, during Vanilla days they became tradeable with later patches. If you can collect them before it happens and sell day after you will most definitely be rewarded greatly for your patience.


Remaining classes

Priests, Shaman, and Paladins aren’t as efficient gold farmers as other classes. Although Priests do have Holy Nova which can be decent in AOE clearing - it is not as useful as Mage spells. Paladins do have some excellent AOE tanking but quickly run out of mana. If you really want to farm packs as a Paladin you should try doing BRD Arena runs just like Mage. Shamans are really just behind everyone else - they do not have as good tools as other classes to farm gold so your best bet would be probably joining groups that farm dungeons and help others.


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Profession by profession gold making


Alchemy is definitely one of the better gold makers in Classic WoW. By finding rare recipes, you will be able to craft various mixtures which later can be sold on Auction House. Pairing this skill with Herbalism will make much more money from your gathering profession than while collecting flowers alone. If you are lucky enough to find flask recipes, you will be making significant profits from them. Those schemes are quite rare and not many people will have them so if you can get your hands on one you can make some big profits as well, Alchemists can use Transmutation which is a sub-skill for Alchemy. By using it players can (within reasonable limits) exchange lower value materials for more rare finds. This gives them a fair amount of gold without almost any work every day.



Enchanting can be very useful since it lets you add special bonuses to gear owned by other players as well as your own. If you are your guilds only enchanter you will for sure make a lot of gold and be always on demand. People will line up to you so you can sell your services for quite a bit. Although enchanting might seem hard, slow and costly to level - it will definitely reward you for the time you put into this profession.



Engineering is not a gold making profession, but it might be profitable at times. By making various items and toys required for quests you can make some extra gold. Those items are Deadly Blunderbuss, Gyrochronatom, Mithril Casing, and Bronze Tube. Each of them is required to complete quests related to them and will always be on demand on Auction House. Engineers can also make Salt Shakers which used by Leatherworkers create Cured Rugged Hides. On top of that getting rare schematics for items like Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope (which might not be available or removed somewhere after launch), World Enlarger, Goblin Jumper Cables XL, Gnomish Cloaking Device can make you a lot of gold if you can get your hands on them.



Tailoring just like Engineering is not your first choice when it comes to money making. Don’t get me wrong. It is a great profession to have - especially during leveling since it provides some powerful BoP items early on but it does not offer anything as good as professions above. One of the better ways of using Tailoring to your advantage as a money maker is to make bags. By selling inventory slots you can make some profit through the game. In addition to that, all of the clothes that you pick up from chests and mobs can be processed into various pieces of equipment. If you pair your Tailoring skill with Enchanting you will be able to disenchant those for materials that can be sold. This makes being a Tailor decent money maker on the long run.


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Leatherworking by some is called the worst profession during Vanilla. It does not offer too many ways to make gold. Of course, you can make some pieces of equipment to sell on Auction House or directly to other players. You will also be able to make to craft items such as Wicked Leather Headbands which disenchanted can provide profitable materials such as Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences, and Large Brilliant Shards. If you manage to find Core Armor Kit Pattern, you can earn a good amount of cash by making those and selling them to other players as those Kits should sell very easily. Additionally, make sure to get Salt Shaker from Engineers and use them as often as possible.



Blacksmithing is another crafting profession that you can get gold from. Blacksmiths can create some valuable items like Sharpening Stones, Enchanter Rods, Skeleton Keys, Shield Spikes which sold can grant good profit. On top of that Mithril Spurs will be very much sought after so make sure to craft those as soon as possible. Unlike Leatherworking and Tailoring, Blacksmithing gives you more variety in terms of item creation. You can make weapons which are not available for crafting through other skills. Selling various craftable armors and weapons is a way to make some gold but make sure to do some research on what will sell and what won’t. From the tree, crafting professions mentioned. Blacksmithing looks like the one which can potentially grant you most gold, just make sure to take the full advantage of it.


Herbalism, as mentioned before in this guide, is especially effective on Tauren Druids but will also work great with any other classes. If you want to make some money during leveling stages in Vanilla make sure to take gathering professions. By picking Herbalism you can gather herbs that you can find along your journey to 60. This is a great way to always be profitable and to cover the costs of consumables which you will use during training. Additionally, you can get money from straight up gathering runs - checking herb spawn locations and picking them up whenever possible. Best herbs to gather would be Dreamfoil, Plaguebloom and Mountain Silversage. The most gold comes from Black Lotus flowers but they are often camped for and you are very unlikely to see them. By joining Black Lotus mafia on your server you can dictate prices for those on Auction House which will be extremely profitable. If you are on a higher level make sure to pair your Herbalism with Alchemy to maximize profits from herbs that you pick up.



Mining is another extremely good profession to pick up during leveling. Similarly to Herbalism, you can get some free materials by just mining ore veins that you find during your journey. On higher levels, it works best paired with Smithing or Engineering. Classes like Hunters and Warlocks should also take mining for their solo dungeon runs since Thorium veins aren’t uncommon to find there. A good example of this would be Diremaul which always holds few Thorium veins inside.



Skinning while not being as profitable as Herbalism or Mining can be a good way to consistently earn some gold. By picking this skill early on you will be able to get many additional items to your drops which you can sell to others or straight up vendor. On higher level farming Angerclaw Maulers in Felwood gives decent amount of gold per hour which doesn’t change to market fluctuations because most of those items you will sell to NPCs. Skinners can also join Devilsaur mafia which similarly to Herbalism Dark Lotus mafia focuses on camping certain spots and getting items before everyone else. While Devilsaur mafia possess every piece of leather on the server they are able to set prices for them at their will.



Fishing while not being a primary profession can be a great money maker from early level to a max. Fishes like Stormscale Eels, Deviate Fish, Winter Squids, Raw Nightfin Snapper, Firefin Snapper, Oily Blackmouth, Raw Greater Sagefish sell very well on Auction House and can give you some serious profit when farmed. Although it is very grindy skill to train which requires time to level Fishing can be quite chill and relaxing. Not many players will decide to do fishing early on so you might take advantage of that and train eat earlier than others.



Cooking although is not as profitable as another secondary profession is form of Fishing, can also make some decent profits. By finding rare recipes for higher level dishes you can combine your ingredients into more valuable food. It isn’t an obvious money maker but it can be decent paired with Fishing and Herbalism.


Additional gold making methods

Although by using your class choice and professions to maximum you will be able to make most gold there are also other lucrative things that you can do which aren’t directly related to them. First of them would be stacking items early on. During Classic WoW launch there will be a lot of people running dungeons. You can take advantage of this fact by buying rare drops like Shadowfang or Assassin Blades stacking as many of them in your inventory and selling them later when they raise in price. This method requires some funding and tons of patience but is a guaranteed profit over time. If you expect quick low effort plan that gives you a chance to get a lot of gold and you hope to choose from numerous guides posted daily, jump to our guides section.

Auction House

Another way of making gold is directly connected with the one before. By playing Auction House correctly you can make a bank with least effort. If you can put some time and patience into analyzing which items are rising in price after launch you can predict price fluctuations. This almost always guarantees that you will be rich. There are always some items that raise in prices and some that drop. It is worth checking out which items will be needed for next phase during classic as with releases of new raids, people are always willing to pay much more gold for potions and high end gear. Every consumable which is needed for raiding will be very likely to skyrocket in prices after the release of new content so keep that in mind and make sure to stack items before patches hit live version of the game. 


Monopolizing items

Joining a mafia not literally but figuratively on your WoW server can make you rich for a long time. By controlling prices of one item like Devilsaur leather some players became insanely rich. The Devilsaur mafia or an Un’Goro Cartel as they were called were a group of people who were camping Devilsaur spawns and killed him every time he appeared. By doing so they were the only one possessing Devilsaur leathers which are used for many best in slot items during Vanilla. Because they were only ones that had access to this material they could set the price of it at their will. Very often those groups were so dedicated to camping Devilsaur spawns that they killed everyone who would get close to it. Corpse camping and griefing were not out of the place too for those players. This shows how much profit there was to be made by doing this.

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Don't stop learning

Whether you are playing Battle for Azeroth, Vanilla WoW or private servers with any other expansion it is a crucial point to learn from guides that you read actual knowledge that can improve your income. Doesn't matter if you are farming for experience or for expensive goods. Both Alliance and Horde are equally grinding for hours to get epic boe items, bis equipment, arcane crystals, mats, stealth potions, greens, cloth, hide of the wild, specific flasks, reputation and other stuff that sell well on areas like North Barrens, Tanaris, Arathi Basin, Dire Maul etc. By using a simple addon and tips from our site you will be able to press up your play for nice profit. Over a day or a night you might farm all kind of good cost items depending on your dedication. If you expect.


This is the end of this Classic WoW gold making guide. If this article has helped you on your Vanilla money making make sure to leave a comment below. We also want to hear from you what methods you remember to be the best during early days and which ones made you a bank. Share your opinions and join MMOAuctions community today.

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