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Back in the day in 2004 World of Warcraft was a completely different game than it is today. If you want to join a dungeon group right now you open dungeon finder menu and search for the group. You automatically get your party filled with a healer, tank and three dps players while doing whatever you desire. This system was not available during Vanilla time when players had to search for others who want to group up and do content together. This process was sometimes frustrating - especially for those who played alone, but it brought a community feeling to the game.


You had to socialize with others in order to progress through content as it was much harder to complete than it is today. With the release of World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard brings back those memories of fighting through medium-sized instanced against first bosses that you will encounter through the game. Because of that we want to bring you a short article which describes all available Classic WoW dungeons. Whether you will be playing Priest, Paladin, Mage, Warrior, Hunter or any other class this is a great content to do. 


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Ragefire Chasm (Orgrimmar)

Instance level: 10-21 (Horde)

Beneath the city of Ogrimmar lies a fiery chasm which is home to Ragefire Troggs. It is also a refuge place to those who fled from the horde capital city. Shadow Council which was cast aside by the Warchief started plotting plans there to overthrow Horde from beneath the sands. It is a job for brave adventurers to stop them and to put end to Troggs which clearly don’t want peace.


Wailing Caverns (barrens)

Instance level: 15-25 (Horde)

Hundreds or even thousands of years ago famous druid called Naralex discovered a network of underground tunnels filled with life-giving water under the barrens. He went there to unleash them upon the lands and to bring vegetation exuberance back. The only way to do this was through entering the Emerald Dream. Upon doing so he somehow lost his mind. His visions became nightmares, all creatures within caverns became evil, his comrades turned into Druids of the Fang. The caverns were plagued and so became everything that touched them. Only bravest adventurers can find Naralex and find out what happened.


Deadmines (westfall)

Instance level: 17-26 (Alliance)

Deadmines which once were a most prosperous and biggest gold mines in Azeroth earned its name after the First War which turned them into abandoned and even haunted caves. No one dared to enter the mines which legends say were filled to brim with gold until the former laborers of this place turned rogue. They claimed abandoned labyrinth as a base of their operations where they planned to overthrow Stormwind. This place has to be shut down to save the city.


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Shadowfang Keep (Silverpine Forest)

Instance level: 22-30 (Alliance)

During events of the Third war, Kirin Tor mages fought against an army of the Scourge. Army led by the Archmage Arugal started to lose as most mages that died on the battlefield quickly were risen back by the undead to fight on their side. The leader who couldn’t stand looking at those events tried his best to form new summons that would aid him in the battle. He created Worgens which unleashed on the field quickly started killing both sides of the conflict. They have taken over the keep which was home to Baron Silverlaine. Archmage which created the beasts went insane from the guilt that he was bearing and adopted these creations as his children. To this day he lives in an old ruined fortress with ferocious Worgens.


Blackfathom Deeps (Ashenvale)

Instance level: 24-32

The temple which once served as a place to worship Goddess of the Moon Elune was lost long ago during events of the Sundering. Water which filled the tunnels back then started to lower giving adventurers access to old ruins. It seems like over this time members of the Twilight Hammer was drawn to this place by strange whispers and delusions. Those cultists have committed numerous treacherous crimes for the voices that they heard. Someone needs to put end to this and find out who is behind these manipulations.


The Stockade (stormwind)

Instance level: 24-32

Beneath the central district of Stormwind lies a high-security prison designed for the most dangerous criminals. It seems that prisoners have made a revolt and broke out of their cells. Warden Thelwater who managed to survive these events went to the surface to seek help in taking back the city. He is looking for brave adventurers who won’t fear fighting the world’s most hated criminals.

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Gnomeregan (Dun Morogh)

Instance level: 27-38

The technological masterpiece which was for generations the capital city for Gnome race was infested by hostile Troggs. To clear the city from unwanted intruders High Tinkerer Mekkatorque ordered to vent it through with poison from waste tanks. Although it irritated invaders it did not stop their plans. Gnomes had to flee from their beloved city which they swore to take back someday in the future.


Razorfen Kraul (Barrens - kalimdor)

Instance level: 29-38

During War of the Ancients mighty titan Agamaggan fought against the Burning Legion forces. He defeated monstrous Boar which blood sank into the sands. Many years later in the same place grew a thorn forest which gave birth to Quilboar race. Colonies of these humanoid bears occupied the forest making it their home. As they grew in strength they started to go out from the shadows attacking nearby villages.  Adventurers need to stop them before the Quilboar will grow too strong.


The Scarlet Monastery (Tirisfal Glades - eastern kingdoms)

Instance level: 33-44

Once a bastion to most noble of Lordaeron priests and a home to those who were seeking enlightenment. During events of Third War, this monastery was turned into a stronghold held by fanatics called Scarlet Crusade. As they believe that each of the outsiders might be a carrier of a plague so they are hostile to everyone visiting their fortress. Legends say that they are led by powerful priestess which has the ability to raise fallen warriors.


Razorfen Downs (barrens)

Instance level: 40-50

Crafted from the vines of Razorfen Kraul, deep within thorny forest lies the capital city for Quilboars. Some say that it was taken over recently by scourge forces led by lich Amnennar. He now holds control over the city and uses Quilboars as servants for his plans. Adventurers have to put stop to his actions before he unleashes his scourge forces upon Barrens.


Uldaman (badlands)

Instance level: 30-45

Dwarves are well known for their love towards archeology. Recently they have made an amazing discovery - they found old Titan vault which was buried beneath Azeroth from the beginning of times. Dwarves believe that inside those ruins they can find the disc which has written the history of their creation. The way to this place surely won’t be easy since it is protected by many powerful guardians. Dwarves will need help from adventurers who can defeat numerous enemies in an effort to retrieve sacred relic.


Zul’Farrak (tanaris)

Instance level: 44-54

There is a legend of a powerful weapon that was able to strike fear and weakness upon even most brave foes. Said weapon was too powerful to be wielded by a man and therefore was split into two halves - both buried somewhere within Zul’Farrak. It is also believed that in the pool (which lies in this area) sleeps a powerful beast which kills anyone who disturbs its rest.


Maraudon (desolace)

Instance level: 46-55

The burial place of Zaetar which was son to famous centaur Cenarius. Legends say that Zaetar made love to earth elemental princess Theradras. This event created abominable centaurs among which were barbaric centaurs who turned against their father and kill him. In her grief Theradras trapped Zaetar soul in caves of Maraudon. She is supposedly using its energies for her malicious purposes.


Temple of Atal’Hakkar [sunken temple] (swamp of sorrows)

Instance level: 45-60

After the events of Gurubashi civil war Troll priests who tried to summon Hakkar, the Soulflayer fled into the old temple. They have made it into a worshipping sanctuary to this ancient beast, awaiting his arrival on the physical world. Ysera - the green dragon charged with the protection of Emerald Dream grew wary of their plans and destroyed cultists temple. Although she blocked the way inside and outside of this place with powerful dragons it is still believed that priests are there trying to summon ancient foe.


Blackrock Depths (blackrock mountain)

Instance level: 42-60

The old capital city of the Dark Iron Dwarves has been taken over by Ragnaros Firelord forces. He uses his firespawns, elementals and other servants to force Dark Iron Dwarves into making golems from the living stone to bolster his army strengths. By growing his army population Ragnaros prepares for the war against Nefarian and his draconic minions.


Blackrock Spire

Instance level: 55-60

The mighty fortress created by Dwarven Stonemason Franclorn Forewright. It was created to be a monument of Dark Iron Dwarves strength. It was home to many of said Dwarves for generations until the arrival of Nefarian. He took control over the upper level of the Spire and send down his generals along other minions to crush the fortress. Dark Iron Dwarves were not ready to defend against such strong foe and had to leave this place.


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Dire Maul (Feralas)

Instance level: 31-60

A long time ago Highborne sorcerers used a sacred city of Eldre’Thalas to protect queen Azshara secrets. The city was destroyed during Sundering and fell in ruin giving many races a place to stay. It was overrun by various creatures like Highborne, Satyrs, Ogres and others drawn by mysterious magic which only bravest of adventurers can unfold.


Stratholme (eastern plaguelands)

Instance level: 56-60

A long time ago before Arthas Menethil became lich king he was a prince of Lordaeron and a student to Uther Lightbringer. As he was descending slowly into madness he decided that only way to “save” civilians of Stratholme was by purging them. This place was one of the biggest human cities in the history of Azeroth but it was infected by a plague. Arthas believed that by killing everyone in the city he shows mercy. After that, the city was inhabited by two factions. Scourge and Scarlet Crusade who fight to take over these lands. Both are very hostile towards newcomers and will attack anybody at sight.


Scholomance (western plaguelands)

Instance level: 38-48

Barov family had a great house with crypts underneath it. They were noble people who have heard the strange stories as if Kel’Thuzad was giving immortality to those who join him and Lich King forces. They obeyed to the will of this Necromant and let Lich King forces inside the crypts. Kel’Thuzad murdered family and taken over their lands creating necromancy school in crypts underneath it. Not a long time after these events he left it to Ras Frostwhisper and Grandmaster Gandling. It is a place of dark magic filled with scourge forces.


Which dungeons are really worth doing

If you want to gain massive experience it is definitely worth to clear dungeons. Those often offer quests on first runs in addition to experience which you gain from monsters and bosses. Dungeons are also interactive stories which bring us closer to the lore and game itself. To challenge these zones we need to gather a party so there is also a social aspect in all of this.


Although all of the dungeons are worth clearing at least once there are few which stands out as best in terms of experience made.


The first one on this list is Zul’Farrak which offers 8 quests. Some of these quests might not be available straight away to you as they are chained to other quests that need to be completed before them. Even so there are still 5 quests without requirements. Quests in this dungeon also lead to precious Carrot on a Stick trinket which increases mount speed by 3% and is pretty much required in many situations like end-game raiding or pvp.


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Another dungeon that is worth checking out is Uldaman. It has a lot of quests which provides good experience rates among which is dwarven disc chain which also gives a huge chunk of xp. There are also quests that will send you outside of the dungeon. These missions upon completion reward players with powerful pvp off-hand Skull of Impending Doom and great alchemy recipe for Restorative Potion. In addition to all of that last boss in this dungeon drops powerful two-handed weapons that are definitely worth fighting for.


Maraudon is an amazing place to farm for strong weapons and items. This is exactly why Blizzard already mentioned that it won’t be released on the first phase. Although we will have to wait around one month to enter its gates it is still worth mentioning as one of the greatest dungeons to do in Classic. There are numerous items that you can farm inside Maraudon gates. Rogues and Warriors can count on Thrash Blade drop which is an amazing single-handed weapon. Blackstone ring drops from one of the bosses and is the pre-raid best in slot for many classes. There are also numerous other useful drops like nature resist gear, trinkets (Heart of Noxxion), and few two-handedweaponsn rares.


Lower Blackrock Spire gives you a chance to do numerous quests as well as a possibility to farm gemstones which combined give you access to Upper Blackrock Spire. Similarly to Maraudon LBS offers players a chance to farm great gear which can be used even as pre-raid equipment. The difference is that this dungeon is higher leveled and you will need to be over 55 to even compete within its walls.


The last one on the list is Blackrock Depths which will give you attunement quests for Molten Core. It also offers most pre-raid best in slot loot from all of the dungeons. There are also tons of quests to complete for experience and other rewards. This place is also related to Onyxia attunement chain so eventually, you will have to complete it anyways.


After finishing your journey with Dungeons you will move to high end content called Raids. These are completed by groups of up to 40. Here are some examples of raids that you can visit past 60 : Blackwing Lair, Ruins of Ahn Qiraj, Temple of Ahn Qiraj, Naxxramas, Zul Gurub, Onyxia's Lair

If you have liked our article make sure to leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite Classic WoW dungeons and instances. You can also find more game related topics and guides on our website, blog page, forums, Facebook and Twitter pages. Those of you who want to contact us we have live support available 24/7 each day of the week where we can help you solve your problems.

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