Classic WoW Raid Attunements Guide - a Key to Best Places in Vanilla

classic wow raid attunements guide
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On August 27th, 2019 Classic WoW servers were launched by Blizzard. It was the answer to community demands and the immense popularity of private servers. As we could have seen in the first days, WoW Classic streams and gameplay grew in popularity beyond measure, especially level 60 run with 350,000 viewers in the peak (congratulations JokerD, R.I.P. Method). 


For some instances, like dungeons and raids, you may need something more than level 60, raid party, and decent gear. Stay tuned and learn how to get attuned.

Table of content:

What is attunement in Vanilla WoW?

Basic Attunements in World of Warcraft Classic

Key to the City

Mallet of Zul'Farrak

Scepter of Celebras

Seal of Ascension

Shadowforge Key

Skeleton Key

The Scarlet Key

Workshop Key

Yeh'Kinya's Scroll

Crescent Key

Attunement to the Core

Solo Attunement to the Core

Onyxia's Lair



Blackwing's Lair


What is the Keyring




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What is attunement in Vanilla WoW?

An Attunement in WoW Classic is a kind of pass that allows you to enter certain instances (dungeon, raid), summon an encounter, or simply use a shortcut. Usually obtaining them requires you to do an attunement quest, but not always. We’ll break it down step by step, and after reading this guide you will be the best-qualified applicant for the Gatekeeper of Azeroth job, should the recruitment happen.

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Why is it so important to have access to those instances? The question could not be needed less. Raids and dungeons are places that give the best gear - epic (purple ones) and legendary items (orange). It’s more than enough reason to gather a raid party and head straight there, no comments.


Basic Attunements in World of Warcraft Classic

We list all pre-raid attunements here. There are used to move between locations, enter portals and zones or for summoning encounters in lower or mid-level dungeons.


Key to the City

Used to open the doors in Stratholme instance, which can allow you to start at Undead side. You will be able to loot it from corpses of Magistrate Barthilas. 


Mallet of Zul’ Farrak

You need to find Qiaga the Keeper. The monster resides near the Altar of Zul (The Hinterlands). Upon death, she will drop Sacred Mallet. Take it to the top level of Jintha’Alor (The Hinterlands) and use it at the altar. It will transform into Mallet of Zul’ Farrak, which later on you will use to summon Gahz’rilla in Zul’ Farrak dungeon.


Scepter of Celebras

In order to start the attuning process, go to the outer part of Maraudon and locate Cavindra, a light blue dryad. She will ask you to enter Purple and Orange parts of the instance to loot:

- Celebrian Diamond from Lord Vyletongue,

- Celebrian Rod from Noxxion


Once you loot those, face Celebras the Cursed and defeat him. This way, Celebras the Redeemed will spawn. Turn in the quest for the Scepter of Celebras to be completed.


You will need this item to open an Earth Song Falls portal, which guides to the inner part of Maraudon straight to Princess Theradras.

Seal of Ascension

Crucial attunement in near-end game Classic WoW, as it grants you a passage to Upper Blackrock Spire in Blackrock Mountain, and you will be traveling there a lot. Due to this attunement being so vital, in theory, you should complete it first. But what made many inexperienced Horde players cry, this is not entirely true. If you are playing Horde, you might want to start the quest for attunement to Onyxia’s Lair at the same time, as both quest chains will send you to Lower Blackrock Spire to kill the same three bosses. 


With proper time management, planning, and a little bit of luck (the gemstones are not a guaranteed drop, so a couple of runs may be required) you can progress in both of these quests in one run. It can save you some traveling time, which is a huge pain in the Classic World of Warcraft.


So how to get a Seal of Ascension? First, get an Unadorned Seal. It drops from trash mobs in Lower Blackrock Spire and Scarshield orcs. Next, you must find NPC named Vaelan, who is the legendary Vaelastrasz the Corrupt in the human form. 


Pic. 1.2. Vaelan's location in Lower Blackrock Spire.


Head to Lower Blackrock Spire, go to the second door to the right (under the bridge), then go first left. This way, you will find yourself in Hordemar City. After clearing some trash mobs, you should spot an incline in the room. Climb up there and look around carefully as Vaelan is quite out of the way and easy to miss. Talk to him, and if you have Unadorned Seal in your backpack, he will give you a quest named Seal of Ascension.


Next, you will have to kill three main bosses from LBRS. However, you might want to assemble a group to support you. These bosses are:

- War Master Voone,

- Highlord Omokk,

- Overlord Wyrmthalak.


Each of these individuals has a chance to drop a gem. You need all three in order to move on. Turn them in to Vaelan, and he will give you two items in return:

- Unforged Seal of Ascension,

- Orb of Draconic Energy.


The first one needs to be forged into Seal of Ascension itself. The second one serves this purpose, as in the next step you need to go to Dustwallow Marsh and find the Emberstrife Den. Once you locate the dreadful black dragon, you need to fight until his HP is around 10%. 


Once he is weakened, he will be eligible to be mind-controlled with Orb of Draconic Energy. When mind controlled, You should advance as follows:

1. Place the Unforged Seal on the ground before pulling Emberstrife.

2. Pull him and bring him to approximately 10% (you will be noted if the threshold is reached).

3. Use Orb of Draconic Energy on him.

4. Once in control of the Dragon, face towards the Seal on the ground and use his third ability - Flames of the Black Flight.


You should be good to go.

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Shadowforge Key

It is used to open several Shadowforge Gates, in Blackrock Depths. It also gives you access to the Grim Guzzler bar and allows you to use The Shadowforge Lock. It is essential early on if you are not a Rogue with 280 Lockpicking skill.


Getting your hands onto this one is pretty simple - you have to talk to NPC called Franclorn Forgewright. You will find him in Forgewright’s Tomb. The only problem is that he is dead — the end.


Just kidding. He is a ghost. To talk to him, you have to be a ghost as well, which means death. Don’t worry. Death is a commodity easily obtainable in BRD. Then accept the quest Dark Iron Legacy. It will task you with finding and killing Fineous Darkvire. Loot Ironfel from him, then bring it to the Shrine of Thaurissan. You will find the shrine behind Pyromancer Loregrain, a Blackrock Depths encounter. After placing the Ironfel on the statue, you will be granted with Shadowforge Key.


Skeleton Key

You will use it in Caer Darrow to open the door to Scholomance. To get it, you will need to go through a long quest chain, which has slight faction-specific differences. 


For the Alliance, the quest chain begins with Clear the Way quest. It starts and ends with talking to Commander Ashlam Valorfist in the vicinity of Chillwind Camp. Your objective is to kill 10 Skeletal Flayers and 10 Slavering Ghouls.


For the Horde, you take the Scarlet Diversions quest from High Executor Derrington. You will find him in the eastern parts of Tirisfal Glades. He will want you to go to Scarlet Crusade’s camp between Felstone Field and Dalson’s Tears in Western Plaguelands. You need to bring down their command tent and place the Scourge banner in its place. After completing the mission, you have to go to Bulwark in Western Plaguelands to turn in the quest to Executor Derrington.


It should be about it, as far as differences are concerned. Further quests are more or less identical with the only difference being the quest giver NPC.


All along the Watchtowers

Your job is to mark all four watchtowers in the Ruins of Andorhal. You can check the locations of these on the map below.




To mark them you will need to take the Beacon Torch given to you by the quest giver and stand in the doorway. 



Talking quest, to say the least. Speak to Alchemist Arbington if you play Alliance or to Apothecary Dithers if you’ve chosen the Horde.


Skeletal Fragments

Pretty much self-explanatory. You need to collect 15 Skeletal Fragments. You will have plenty of those in the zone swarming with unresting, undead creatures.


Mold Rhymes With...

You guessed it - gold. In order to progress with a quest, you will need a mold to make the key. The only being capable of creating such a thing is Krinkle Goodsteel. Of course, as his services are the one and only, he will not be cheap to hire. Neither quest giver has enough money, so you will need to dig deep into your moneybag. It will cost you no less than 15 gold. You will find Krinkle Goodsteel in Gadgetzan (Tanaris). 


Fire Plume Forged

This part sends you out to the top of Fire Plume Ridge (Un’Goro Crater). Take the Skeleton Key Mold along with 2 Thorium Bars, get closer to the lava, and use the Mold near the lava lake. It will result in crafting Unfinished Skeleton Key. Get back to the quest giver.


Araj’s Scarab

All you need left for your key to be completed is the head. The only suitable head is the signet of Araj the Summoner, who currently reigns in Andorhal. You can progress with a quest and get rid of the evil tyrant in one blow.


The Key to Scholomance

Bring everything back to Apothecary Dithers or Alchemist Arbington, and your key will be finished.


The Scarlet Key 

It opens the Cathedral and Armory wings of the instance. It also opens the way to Scarlet Hold (living side of Stratholme). You will find it in Doan’s Strongbox - a tiny chest placed behind final boss of Scarlet Monastery Library part - Arcanist Doan.


Workshop Key

Dropped by Electrocutioner 6000 in Gnomeregan dungeon. Allows you to skip initial parts of the instance.


Yeh’Kinya’s Scroll

It is used to summon the end boss in the Temple of Atal’ Hakkar. Obtaining an attunement requires completion of four smaller quests:

Screecher Spirits - Yeh’Kinya gives you her Bramble and order to go to Feralas to kill three Screechers and catch their spirits,

The Prophecy of Mosh’aru - you are quested to find two tablets treating about containing the essence of the Hakkar. First one is kept by Theka the Martyr, the second one is held by Velratha. You will find them both in Zul’ Farrak dungeon,

The Ancient Egg - it requires you to go to Jintha’Alor in the Hinterlands zone and retrieve the Ancient Egg, that Prophecy of Mosh’aru mentions. The egg has the power to contain the essence of Hakkar. You will find it at the top of the city, in a cave behind the amphitheater,

The God Hakkar - the final part has you going to The Sunken Temple, where you can fill The Ancient Egg. TO do this, you need to summon the Avatar of Hakkar and defeat it.


After turning in The God Hakkar quest, you can talk to Yeh’Kinya again, and she will give you the scroll. Having it, you can head straight to end boss without having to go through the quest again.



Crescent Key

Available in Phase 2 of WoW Classic content progression, as Dire Maul is implemented.


It drops from Pussilin. In the beginning, it is a friendly creature, but chasing him around and around makes him angry and willing to trade blows. Kill him and retrieve the key. It will let you open the doors to North and West parts of Dire Maul. Also, it will open the entrance to the Shen’Dralar.


Attunement to the Core

It is actually where the Attunements themselves took their name from.


Attunement to the Core is a quest, which upon finishing grants permanent fast access to the famous Molten Core. There you will have an opportunity to battle against Ragnaros.


The easiest way is to go as a group to do it, as you will not be forced to think twice how to avoid Fireguards or swim in the lava. You will simply head forward and kill everything hostile on your way. For a basic walkthrough, we assume that you have a group already.


The quest is given by Lothos Riftwaker, a blood elf residing next to the entrance to the Grinding Quarry in the Blackrock Mountain territory. Getting to him will require you to go down the second chain in Blackrock Depths. While at the end of the chain, you will be able to see Lothos Riftwaker in his little room.


Lothos will require you to turn in the Core Fragment. To get it, you will need to go deep within the Blackrock Depths. Once you go through the portal, turn immediately left and head straight for Shadowforge Gate. To open it you will need:

- Shadowforge Key, or

- high lockpicking skills.


After the first one, you will find the next one to your right just a little ahead. NEt turn immediately left. You will find East Garrison Door. Walk in. Locate The Shadowforge Lock - it a big widget in the middle of the room. Use it. Head towards the stairs and walk to an upper level, then turn left. Wa;l through the corridor until you reach West Garrison. Keep walking until the Manufactory. Find a bridge with two packs of three Fireguards. Beyond that bridge, there is Grim Guzzler, where you want to go. The tavern is vital so that you can go deeper into BRD.


You need to go through Rear Door at the upper level of Grim Guzzler tavern. There are a couple of ways to achieve that:


1. Have your Rogue pickpocket the Grim Guzzler Key from Plugger Spazzring - after you take the key, Plugger will refuse to serve more alcohol, which will make Guzzling Patrons unhappy and aggressive towards your party. So in order to get to the door, you need to get through them. The same thing will happen if you attempt to attack Plugger. However, his corpses do not drop the key.


2. Have Mistress Nagmara (the succubus barmaid) open it for you - you would have to complete The Love Potion quest. Mistress Nagmara has a crush on Private Rocknot, another Grim Guzzler NPC. Completing the quest will make her call Private Rocknot over, open the door, and leave with the soldier.


3. Make Private Rocknot blow the door open + kill Phalanx - you will need to buy 6 Dark Iron Mugs from Plugger (picking them up from tables is considered theft and results in a whopping). Then keep treating Private Rocknot with Mugs, by talking to him. After treating him with 6 Mugs, he will walk up to kegs and knock the tap off of the last one in line. The tap will break open the door. Run through them, turn left, go halfway down the ramp. Kill Phalanx, walk away.


4. Kill some of the Guzzling Patrons. Attacking them will cause additional security to come over, leaving the door open.


Walk down and keep to the left, until you find a passage to Chamber of Enchantment. You’re almost there. 


From Chamber of Enchantment go left to Mold Foundry. After clearing the area, you will proceed to the Summoners Tomb. Be careful, as the doorways to Molten Bridge can be easily missed, if you are there for the first time. Beyond the bridge, you will see a gleaming green thing - a portal to the Molten Core. Once you reach it, there should be a sparkling stalagmite. Approach to it and collect the Core Fragment. Wasn’t that difficult, right?


Turn in the item to Lothos Riftwaker, and be attuned to the Molten Core!


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Solo Attunement to the Core

Yes, this is possible. There are a couple of ways exclusive for the best and the craftiest Vanilla players, which do not require you to go to the Blackrock Depths as a party. Quick disclaimer - we do not mean going solo into BRD and attempting to fight the mobs in there. In WoW Classic this will not end well for you.


To perform the sneaky BRD heist, you will need a couple of things:

- Fire Protection Potions,

- Fire Resistance gear,

- Noggenfogger Potion,

- Invisibility Potions (if you are not Rogue),

- Shadowforge Key (if you are not a Rogue),

- optional: level 60 - the quest is available from level 55, but it is slightly easier to perform due to the aggro radius difference.


We will not split this paragraph into Rogue and non-Rogue walkthrough, as the main difference is in the Stealth mechanic. Wherever Rogue uses Stealth to go further, a non-Rogue character will use Invisibility Potion. Also opening the Grim Guzzler Rear Doors is not exclusive for pickpocketing Plugger Spazzring, as there are other ways. There are community opinions on many forums that you can do it quite efficiently with a warlock after leveling phase is finished.


Most of the times, you will use stealth to remain out of the sight of mobs. It is not the case for The Shadowforge Lock, however, as you will have to use it. You must position yourself precisely in the same distance from every mob in the room to avoid getting aggro. It’s doable but requires some practice and patience.



After you made it, proceed normally until you reach the Ambassador Flamelash in the Chamber of Enchantment. Here is where you want to go to the left of the platform, to the northwest edge. You should see a rocky island down surrounded by lava. Use Noggenfogger Potions to acquire Light Feather buff. It will allow you to cover noticeably longer distance with a jump, than usually.


Aim towards the left side of the island, as it is slightly lower than the right side. It will give you an additional yard of flight. Hit Evasion upon landing enter Stealth to avoid Fireguards and go across the island. You will see a ramp in front of you and the bridge. It is where the actual lava swimming begins. Jump in and head towards the ramp. Jumping while swimming in lava allegedly reduces damage taken from the fire. Once you reach the ramp, walk up and under the bridge. Avoid final fire elementals and grab the Core Fragment. 


The guide map for the attunement should look like this:




Onyxia’s Lair

Onyxia is one boss encounter, and at first glance, it might seem that it will be a short trip. Go in, kill the boss, go out with a couple of new toys and epic gear in a pocket, so to say. But trust us - Onyxia’s Lair is nothing of a short trip. To be fair, it is remembered by the community for the longest, the most complicated, traveling-heavy, annoying and troublesome attuning of all. Let’s quickly… Naa, it will not be quick. Let’s just shed some light on the tedious process.


First of all, we need to mention that the attunement had separate quest chains for each faction. Many Classic WoW players have children younger than the debate, whether the Alliance or Horde part was more difficult. We will not argue about it, as we could as well debate whether it’s better to get hit by a car or by lightning. Safe to say that both parts were extremely demanding, especially in the patience department. 



The quest chain resolves around finding out, what is happening on the Stormwind court, and what nefarious force is corrupting the city.


Dragonkin Menace 

Go and find Helendis Riverhorn. He’s in Morgan’s Vigil in Burning Steppes zone. In order to begin the quest, you have to be at least level 48. However, it is recommended to be higher. The quest requires you to kill some black Dragonflight:

- 15 Black Broodlings,

- 10 Black Dragonspawn,

- 4 Black Wyrmkin,

- 1 Black Drake.


You can find all of these in the far east of Burning Steppes. Turn in the quest to Helendis Riverhorn. It leads to the discovery that Black Dragonflight controls Blackrock Orcs in the area.


The True Masters

Helendis Riverhorn gives you a letter to Magistrate Solomon in Lakeshire. Simple delivery quest, nothing much to talk about.


From now on you will have to deliver a message to some NPCs first being Bolvar Fordragon. He will send you to speak to Lady Katrana Prestor. She tells you that you have no business here, and you should focus your career press elsewhere. Then you are being made an official deputy of Stormwind. You go back to Magistrate Solomon, who further sends you to Morgan’s Vigil to Marshal Maxwell. You go back to the Burning Steppes with bad news.


Marshal Windsor

You find out that there was an officer - Marshal Windsor - residing in Blackrock outpost, who had a lot of information on the case. However due to series of unfortunate circumstances he was ambushed and abducted, and now he’s held imprisoned in Blackrock Depths. One of his men, Ragged John, managed to escape his faith, and he provides you with information about his commander’s fate. 


Abandoned Hope

You go back to Morgan’s Vigil to deliver bad news you’ve learned from Ragged John. You are given another quest - to set Marshal Windsor free. 


Blackrock Depths is not your everyday sightseeing place, as there are high-level mobs and few bosses, which are more than enough to be challenging. Your job is to kill mobs around the Marshal Windsor cell and slay High Interrogator Gestahn, who has the key. Use it to open the cell.


However, Marshal Windsor is not really cooperating and willing to go out. He says that he was collecting proofs of Black Dragonflight vile activities for Bolvar Fordragon, and he lost it all. At this point you get pretty enigmatic direction - to investigate, which basically means killing random mobs around the place, until you loot A Crumpled Up Note. This note mentions two dwarven officers - General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach. Marshal Windsor is nearly sure that these two individuals are in possession of his belongings. Retaking those could convince Stormwind authorities that something terrible is going on and it gives Windsor a glimmer of hope. 


The Jail Break!

After you turn in loot from dwarven generals, it is time to break Marshal Windsor free.


NPCs in most of the games back then had little to no fear, reason or self-preservation. It usually meant that armed with the wooden bat they would charge at large packs of mobs far more powerful than them. Or simply get lost and discover every possible way to die as NPC on the road. One way or another, they would make it hard for you, especially when you had to escort them to a specific location in one piece.


It is precisely the case with the infamous Jail Break in Onyxia’s Lair quest chain. You had to escort Marshal Windsor back to freedom through the instance full of hostile mobs. One mistake meant starting over. And over. And over again.


It is why your group should clear the path BEFORE accepting the quest of escorting the “hard to guard” NPC. This way, you will prevent him from dying randomly. Another thing was him or one of your party members running through the instance portal. It would zone them out and make them fail the quest. Which meant - you guessed it - starting over.


Stormwind Rendezvous

Not much to talk about it. Go to Stormwind, speak to Squire Rower and let Marshal Windsor know, you’ve arrived. He then will reveal that Lady Katrana Prestor is a black Dragonflight broodmother in disguise.


The Great Masquerade

Follow the Marshal through the city and prevent him from being harmed. To be fair, Bolvar Fordragon will do the most of the work here. However, Reginald Windsor dies in the process.


The Dragon’s Eye

Take the Dragon’s Eye quest from Bolvar. It will require you to find someone capable of repairing Fragment of the Dragon’s Eye. Questline does not provide you with much information, but you should know, that the one you’re looking for is Haleh, blue dragon disguised as high elf currently residing in Winterspring. You need to find cave Mazthoril, go deep inside it and search for runes on the floor, which will teleport you straight to Haleh, once stepped on.


Drakefire Amulet

You are given a quest to retrieve the Blood of the Black Dragon Champion, which is in possession of General Drakkisath. He resides in Upper Blackrock Spire and can get the very best of you, so you should go in a group there. Also reaching him requires you to have the key - Seal of Ascension. Make sure you have it already.


The sad thing about it is that only one person can loot the item from General Drakkisath, which means that for a 10 man dungeon you need 10 runs to have your party fully equipped. Blizzard came to senses in patch 2.2.4 and changed it so that Blood drops for everyone.


After defeating the General, you need to head back to Winterspring to turn in the Blood of the Black Dragon Champion to Haleh. She will then give you Drakefire Amulet, which is an attunement to Onyxia’s Lair.


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While Alliance’s quest chain is about finding out, what is happening in Stormwind, Horde’s quest is more about learning of Onyxia’s whereabouts. 


Warlord’s Command

The quest chain begins after talking to Warlord Goretooth. You can find him in Kargath in Badlands. He sends you out to Lower Blackrock Spire to kill three bosses:

- Highlord Omokk,

- War Master Voone,

- Overlord Wyrmthalak.

Also, you will have to retrieve Important Blackrock Documents, which should spawn around the area somewhere. You will not be able to solo the instance, so be sure you have your group assembled already.


Eitrigg’s Wisdom

After turning in the quest to Warlord Goretooth, you need to go to Orgrimmar to talk with Eitrigg. You will find him in Grommash Hold. After talking to Eitrigg, turn in the quest to Thrall.


For the Horde!

Thrall shares with you the information, that there has been some self-proclaimed Dark Horde Warchief in UBRS called Rend Blackhand. Again, you will need Seal of Ascension to be allowed to go into UBRS. Assemble a raid group and head straight to Upper Blackrock Spire to kill Rend Blackhand. During the encounter you can use Seal of Ascension to summon Vaelan - he will help your group. Turning in the quest will reward you will Blackhands Breadth, which is pretty good trinket for the moment.


What the Wind Carries

It’s not really a quest, more like a chit-chat with Thrall, but you have to do it in order to progress further. It is where you learn that Black Dragonflight broodmother has disguised herself to sow intrigues within Stormwind court.


The Champion of the Horde

This quest requires you to go to Shadowprey Village and talk to Rokaro. He orders you to find one of the most beloved and respected faction characters - Rexxar. This part is nothing of a straight forward quest, as Rexxar is patrolling Desolace from far north to far south part of the zone. If you’re lucky, you will find him right away, if not, it will take you a few minutes to locate him. You can try and ask in chat, whether someone saw him recently. It could help provided that other people will not troll you like in the Mankrik’s wife quest.


Rexxar will tell you that in order to fool Black Dragonflight, you will need an illusion. In order to do this, you need to travel (get used to that word) to Western Plaguelands and find a master illusionist Myranda the Hag. Rexxar will provide you with a Testament, which you need to deliver to lady magician.


Mistress of Deception/Oculus Illusion

As you deliver Rexxar’s Testament, Myranda the Hag will tell you how to deceive Black Dragonflight. She will order you to travel back to UBRS and collect 20 Black Dragonspawn Eyes to create the disguise for you. Neither finding Black Dragonspawns nor killing them is anything hard. No harder than preventing yourself from freaking out, when traveling back and forth to Blackrock Spire. Turn the Black Dragonspawn Eyes to Myranda to finish the quest.



As soon as you deliver 20 Eyes, Myranda the Hag will provide you with Amulet of Draconic Subversion. Then she will tell you to travel to Dustwallow Marsh to Emberstrife. You already know this one from Seal of Ascension attunement quest. Go to Emberstrife Den located in the southernmost part of the zone, use the Amulet of Draconic Subversion. 


He will give you three quests to test your might:

- Test of Skulls: Chronalis - Bronze Dragonflight located in Tanaris near Caverns of Time; the easiest to deal with, as he is solo, so simply Tank and Spank. The only ability you need to be aware of as a melee is his Sand Breath,


- Test of Skulls: Scryer - Blue Dragonflight in Winterspring in cave Mazthoril; more complicated than his bronze cousin as there are a lot of elite blue Dragonflight around him. Also, he has Amplify Damage ability, as well as Frost Breath. He hits very hard so make sure you have your healers ready and don’t clump together in front of him,


- Test of Skulls: Somnus - Green Dragonflight, that you can find in Swamp of Sorrows on eastern shore close to the Sunken Temple. The hardest and by far the most annoying of these three to deal with. He has Sleep ability and a knockback which is truly a pain in the neck, as there are not many walls to stop you from flying 2186 miles away.


You need to gather a group, defeat those dragons, and deliver their skulls back to Emberstrife.


Fun fact: back in early Vanilla World of Warcraft you could have had only one Test of Skulls quest started at the time. What did it mean? Basically, you had to accept the quest, kill the dragon, return to Emberstrife, accept the second quest, kill the dragon, return, etc.


After you turn in three dragon skulls, you are given a quest to defeat Axtroz, champion of the Red Dragonflight. You should look for him in Wetlands, just outside Grim Batol.



With all dragon skulls collected and tests carried out, Emberstrife will give Dull Drakefire Amulet to the player and order him to present it to General Drakkisath in Blackrock Spire. As the player can find out - the Amulet made by Myranda the Hag will be useless in UBRS. It requires another trip to Desolace to find Rexxar.


Blood of the Black Dragon Champion

Much like its Alliance counterpart, the player is ordered to kill General Drakkisath and retrieve Blood of the Black Dragon Champion. As you loot it, travel back to Desolace, find Rexxar, and get your brand new Drakefire Amulet.


As quest chains for both factions require a lot of grouping, you better join the guild to speed up the process. Sometimes finding 9 people for UBRS or Test of Skulls takes more time than traveling all over Azeroth. All the more, this is the end game content, and you should look to the guild with some people either way.


Blackwing’s Lair

Compared to Onyxia’s Lair, or even the Attunement to the Core, attuning for BWL is relatively easy and straightforward.


As you know, Blackwing Lair is located in Upper Blackrock Spire, which after attuning to Onyxia’s Lair you should be quite familiar with (especially if playing Horde). The final boss is Nefarian, black dragon and Onyxia’s brother.


After entering Blackrock Mountain, go right. You should bump into a few Scarshield mobs. Scarshield Quartermaster should be with them. Upon his death, he drops quest item Blackhand’s Command. Picking it up starts the quest also named Blackhand’s Command. The objective is to touch the Orb of Ascension, which is located in the chamber, where you met General Drakkisath previously. 


That’s it. There are no more requirements, and the way that you touch the Orb is up to you, as there is no casting time.



The end game content, the last raid in Classic WoW and what is quite interesting, the attunement for it is arguably the easiest and the most simple to complete. In order to do so, you will need a couple of things.


First, good reputation level with Argent Dawn is required. The more rep you have, the lesser you will be forced to pay. As we all know, gold in WoW Classic was a scarce resource, painful to get, to achieving couple extra points with Argent Dawn might be worthwhile. And so depending on your relations with this faction you will need:

for Honored - 60 gold, 5 Arcane Crystals, 2 Nexus Crystals, and 1 Righteous Orb,

for Revered - 30 gold, 2 Arcane Crystals, 1 Nexus Crystal,

for Exalted - free.


To get the reputation, you can either complete multiple quests in Plaguelands, kill undead mobs, or collect Scourgestones.


After reaching at least Honored with Argent Dawn, go and talk to Archmage Angela Dosantos. You will find her in Eastern Plaguelands outpost - Light’s Hope Chapel. After a quick quest, you will be attuned to Naxxramas. 


What is the Keyring?

With the first patch after the release, a keyring will be added to the game. The keyring is a sort of belt that holds your keys so that you don’t have to waste an inventory slot (however, as mentioned, you will still need one for Mallet of Zul’ Farrak and Scepter of Celebras). Until the patch is released, you will have to store your keys in the bag.


Level 1-39: 4 slots.

Level 40-49: 8 slots.

Level 50-60: 12 slots.


Permanent Keys to dungeons:

- Crescent Key,

- Key to the City,

- Key to Searing Gorge,

- Prison Cell Key,

- Shadowforge Key,

- Skeleton Key,

- The Scarlet Key,

- Workshop Key.


Other attunements like Yeh’Kinya scroll or Seal of Ascension do not require a slot in a keyring. 



We hope you liked this guide, and with its help, you will be eligible to enter all of the coolest instances in the whole Classic World of Warcraft. Join a guild (or create your own), get onto a Discord with them, and go for a raid. In Classic WoW you will have some of the highest community-praised raids, as many players share the view, that Molten Core or Blackwing’s Lair are at least legendary. Not to mention Onyxia, which gave a foundation to pretty much every draconic boss in future World of Warcraft.

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What are WoW Classic Attunements?

These are keys, items, or quests that grant its user a passage to the instance.

In the retail version, most of them were removed or made not necessary to obtain.


Where can you get attuned into in Vanilla WoW?

You will need an attunement to enter some raids and dungeons. 


What raids are in Classic WoW?

You will have Molten Core, Onyxia’s Lair, Blackwing Lair, Zul’Gurub, Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj, Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, and Naxxramas.


How can I get a Classic World of Warcraft attunement?

Most of the times you will receive attunements simply by moving forward with questing or dungeon runs. Best way to do it is to watch a video or look for useful guides.

Or you can buy a complete account with all attunements purely for raid content.


Why would I want to do Vanilla WoW Attunements?

Some of them allow you to fight raid bosses, so you have to have them. Some are offering a shortcut for you to go straight to the dungeon boss, instead of tearing through myriads of trash. You can share your attuning power with friends on top of that.


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