WoW Classic Reputation Guide - Know Your Factions

WoW Classic Reputation Guide
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World of Warcraft, even running on Classic Vanilla patches, is a vast game with lots of content to explore and experience. Outside of two main factions - Alliance and Horde - there are many other establishments available for all sides, in which players can increase their Reputation.

On the surface, Reputation determines how certain NPCs, bound to one faction, react to you. Attacking you or giving you some additional extra options to experiencing this game and using its contents, depending on your popularity within the NPC community. High Reputation will unlock many things, like additional quests, special perks, mounts, tabards, and lower prices at local faction Vendors. For many players, gaining Reputation is the final part of the game, which allows them to progress above, gathering the most powerful items, and doing raids with their guild. The additional things you can get from each Faction for reaching Revere or Exalted are very worth it, even offering tools that will aid you in Raids, like Molten Core, for example.

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Available Factions

There are many factions available in WoW Classic, and there are three groups available. Those which can be acquired only by Alliance Members, those for Horde, and Neutral ones that can be accessed by any side. It means that you will not be able to access any unique mounts or content from the opposing Faction. We will list every place you can farm Reputation in, and near the end of the guide - we will try to describe what you can do to increase your reputation gains to the maximum reliably.

Alliance Factions

Darnassus: Main capital belonging to the Night Elves

Gnomeregan: Previous home of Gnomes, before its downfall from Trogg invasion

Ironforge: Home of Dwarves and currently - Gnomes as well

Stormwind: the Main capital city of the Alliance, the most populated city on Alliance's side

Horde Factions

Orgrimar: Home of Orcs

Darkspear Trolls: Home of Trolls belonging to the Darkspear Tribe

Undercity: Main City of the Forsaken that exists below the ground level

Thunder Bluff: City of the peaceful beasts known as Tauren

Neutral Factions (anchoring)

  • Argent Dawn
  • Bloodsail Buccaneers
  • Brood of Nozdormu
  • Cenarion Circle
  • Gelkis Clan Centaur
  • Magram Clan Centaur
  • Darkmoon Faire
  • Hydraxian Waterlords
  • Ravenholdt
  • Shen'dralar
  • Booty Bay
  • Everlook
  • Gadgetzan
  • Ratchet
  • Syndicate
  • Thorium Brotherhood
  • Timbermaw Hold
  • Zandalar Tribe


Why Should You Get Reputation Points?

The Reputation system is overwhelming; at least it seems like it in the beginning. Getting points for all these locations might seem pointless, maybe a bit too much, since there's already a ton of things to do in WoW Classic. However, as you progress further into the game, people that have already acquired some nice reputation points will have access to extra content, items, and quests. That will allow them not only to level up faster but to make some parts of the mid and endgame content much more accessible from the get-go.

Most of the time, reaching maximum Reputation (sometimes Revered, sometimes Exalted), you will get rewards like Formulas (Enchanting, Blacksmithing, etc.), Plans, Patterns, or Recipes that will allow you to craft various items that can aid you in battles to come. Whether it's consumables, pieces of gear, accessories, or just plain valuables - you will be able to use everything from reputation system for your benefit. Use it, sell it, the rest is up to you.

Some items gained through Reputation will also allow you to proceed further into the raid without some major inconveniences. For example - to summon Ragnaros - you will need Eternal Quintessence to dowse runes in the Molten Core. While you can obtain this item without Reputation, you will have to head back to the same place to retake this item. As for the Eternal Quintessence gained from Reputation Points - it will refill by itself for you to conveniently use when needed.

How to Get Reputation Points

Gaining Reputation is both simple and complicated, as you will have to do various things to increase your Reputation for one faction. And since there are multiple factions out there in the classic WoW - you will have to do some chores - some killing, basic errands, things like that. Most of the time, you should focus on killing specific mobs and enemies that will net you lots of Honor points, increasing your Reputation. There are also special quests that you will be able to do over and over again for some Factions, giving you a steady growth of Reputation Points.

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Humans are the best thanks to their Diplomacy racial passive ability that is always active. Humans will receive 10% more Reputation Points. If you want to quickly min-max Reputation for some reason - it might be a good idea to create a Human as your character.

Gaining Reputation by itself is easy, but doing it efficiently is another story. We will list some ways of gaining Reputation efficiently below, to make you the most effective in your gains.

There are a few ways of gaining Reputation:

  • Killing Certain Mobs - Killing specific Mobs that spawn around the world will increase your Reputation with a faction that corresponds to these Mobs. Some mobs will net you minor, some - major amount of Honor points that will enable you to increase your cohesion with a particular faction.
  • Killing Certain Bosses - Killing the right Bosses will also increase your Reputation Points. It's a good way of farming Rep, but it's more inconsistent, as bosses have longer spawn timers, and sometimes it's hard to gather a team to do some Boss grinding. 
  • Quests - Doing quests for a Faction will increase your cohesion. Some quests will have to be unlocked, for example. You will have to reach Honored status to do some quests that will allow you to progress further with your Reputation. Some quests will be normal, some - special.
  • Repeatable Reputation Quests - Special kind of quests with the sole purpose of increasing your Reputation by an immense amount. And by immense - we mean, that you will be able to repeat those quests over and over again. Some quests will only grant you Reputation Points, some items, consumables, money, and regular Exp.
  • Cloth Quartermasters - These guys are located in cities related to a particular Faction. You will be able to contribute pieces of cloth like Silk, Wool, Mageweave, or Runecloth. After giving away a specified amount - you will get Exp and some Reputation Points in exchange. In the beginning, you will only be able to use Wool for that. After you contribute 60 wool, you will be able to step up your game and provide Silk, which will be worth more. And the cycle goes on, up until you can exchange Runecloth, and repeat that quest over and over again to slowly but surely gain some Reputation Points. And Quartermasters are purely unique to all factions. If you were to give away 60 Wool in Thunder Bluff, you would still have to contribute 60 Wool to Orgrimmar to contribute Silk in that location.

How to Lose Reputation

Losing Reputation Points is way easier than gaining them, hands down. Sometimes you have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to lose hours upon hours of progress. And sometimes it will happen naturally.

Your Reputation with a specific community will go down if you do some harm to the community. If you were to attack and kill a Guard of a certain faction - even if you are Exalted - you will drop to the lower bracket. And you don't have to be the one to hit the guard. You see - if you are in a party with some idi… non-cooperative individual, who decides to kill a guard - your Reputation Points will drop as if you attacked that guard. And there are trolls out there that will do just that to make you angry and lower your weeks and months of progress. It's best to avoid random teaming up when you are in an area where your Rep points might be reduced. Being set back hurts a lot in every MMORPG, especially in WoW Classic.

Some Reputation losses will come naturally through the purest form of standing on one side that is antagonizing to the other. There are only a few Factions that show symptoms of a possible rivalry.

And of course, when it comes to the enemy Faction - between Alliance and Horde - these will always be Hated towards you because of the War. And there's no way of changing that.

Reputation Mechanics

You should know what mechanics are tied to Reputation. There are spillovers, reduction, and of course, you should know what brackets are there, so you know what you are willing to reach.

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Reputation Brackets

Hated (-42,000) - It is the lowest bracket, that you WILL find yourself in throughout the game no matter what, since the main enemy Faction - Alliance or Horde - will react to you with pure aggression, attacking you. It can't be changed in any way. If you have a thing for killing Guards and NPCs of a particular faction - you will also be able to reach this bracket. You will be attacked on sight.

Hostile (-6,000) - You will also be attacked on sight. But if you somehow reach this bracket from Hated, that you must have had killed tens of thousands of enemies of this Faction. Congratulations. Here's an attack on sight anyway.

Unfriendly (-3,000) - You will not be attacked, but you won't be able to interact with NPCs appropriately. They will not talk to you, and you will not be able to purchase or sell anything, do quests, or even repair your gear. You are trash to them, but a trash that is not worth attacking.

Neutral (Point Zero) - No one knows who you are, friend or foe. You can interact freely with anyone, sometimes getting some quests, trading, and uncovering some stories. But there's no special treatment, no discounts, no extra quests, nothing — just pure plain privilege of interacting with non-playable characters.

Friendly (+6,000) - Congratulations, you've been a good member of this society. From now on, you have a 5% discount on all services and trades with non-playable characters. Sell for more, buy for less, and repair your gear after a battle for a slightly lower price. It's not much, but it surely adds up.

Honored (+18,000) - Prices are lowered by 10% this time. Some new quests appear here and there.

Revered (+39,000) - Serious milestone in your journey. Revered is the last stop before the highest rank of Reputation. Prices will be decreased even more, allowing for some cheap repairs and consumables.

Exalted - Holy Grail of Reputation farming. This status is one of the parts of the entire endgame that you should consider beyond Open World PvP, Raids, and gathering more and more powerful pieces of gear. Reaching Exalted will take a lot of time, but in the end, it will be worth it. And not only for the useful items. Getting various mounts and tabards is a sign of prestige. Even if you don't really like that specific mount and its looks - having that extra stuff that other players don't have is a truly wonderful feeling. And if a moment happens when Asmongold challenges you to the battle "Who has the most mounts" - you will be victorious.


Spillover is a mechanic that makes some ways of gaining Reputation more worth it than others. Maybe "worth" is a wrong word, what we mean is that some ways will be far more efficient. You see, some mobs will count towards two separate factions. It means that you could kill one type of mobs over and over again, gaining way more Reputation points. It's not something you should focus on deliberately, but it's a nice addon that should not be committed when it can be used to its true potential.


The reduction is a mechanic that makes everything fit when it comes to Reputation farming. Some will choose to go for Rep Grinding in the mid-game, some will do it close to the endgame, and some will do it after the endgame. The reduction system will make it fair and balanced. It doesn't matter which level you start. If you are way stronger than mobs that you have to kill to increase your Reputation - you will get fewer points.

It is a great balance tool that will make everything fairer. If you are too strong, you are too fast in grinding mobs, you will get fewer points, so if you are let's say - grinding Reputation with a guy that has a much lower level than you - your Reputation gain will be a little bit more equal.

Neutral Reputation Guide

If you are still not convinced whether gaining Reputation is worth it or not - we will list how to farm in close to every location conveniently, and the rewards that you will get on your way. There's a quite long list incoming, so feel free to use Table of Contents posted right below.


Argent Dawn

An organization formed to protect lands of Azeroth from anyone willing to destroy it. Be it Scourge or Burning Legion - people banded together under one purpose of protecting their lands will go down without a fight. Argent Dawn, as an organization, stands on neither side of the main conflict in Azeroth. Moreover, they insist on Alliance and Horde uniting together under one banner to fight evil. Currently, Argent Dawn preys on the evildoers in the Plaguelands of Lordaeron, rooting out the Scourge and its minions with the help of adventurers like us. Anyone willing to gain respect in the ranks of the Argent Dawn will have to go out of their way to kill those who represent the Scourge.

Argent Dawn Farming

To reach every bracket - you will have to put in some work

Neutral > Friendly - Kill neutral mobs, any mobs from East Plaguelands, and West Plaguelands area.

Friendly > Honored - Elite mobs in EPL, and WPL, and in instances related to these locations.

Honored > Revered - Undead Bosses should be your primary target. Normal and Elite mobs won't provide you with enough Reputation points to make it worth it, to just farm for the sake of farming through grinding.

Revered > Exalted - Turn-ins, and some freshly unlocked quests. The best way of reaching Exalted with this Faction is equipping trinkets related to Argent Dawn (Argent Dawn Commission, Mark of the Champion, and Seal of the Dawn), and farming mobs around Plaguelands. These trinkets have a unique feature that allows you to get particular kinds of items from mobs - Scourgestones. There are three kinds of Scourgestones:

Minion's Scourgestone - Dropped from Undead enemies from level 50 and up.

Invader's Scourgestone - Dropped from Undead enemies level 53 and up.

Corruptor's Scourgestone - Dropped from Undead Bosses.

If you are at level 50, and you are just starting with Reputation farming, it might be a good idea to get those trinkets ASAP, so you can keep those items up to the point that it is the most worth it to turn everything in as long as you have sufficient space in your storage.

Argent Dawn Rewards

That's what you are here for, right?

Friendly - Enriched Manna Biscuit

Honored - Recipe: Transmute Air to Fire, Pattern: Argent Boots, Pattern: Dawn Treaders, Plans: Girdle of the Dawn, Formula: Powerful Anti-Venom, Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration.

Revered - Plans: Blessed Sunfruit, Blessed Sunfruit Juice, Gloves of the Dawn, Pattern: Golden Mantle of the Dawn, Pattern: Argent Shoulders, Formula: Enchant Bracer - Healing, Flame Mantle of the Dawn, Arcane Mantle of the Dawn, Frost Mantle of the Dawn, Nature Mantle of the Dawn, Shadow Mantle of the Dawn,

Exalted - Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn. Also, you will get the attunement for the Naxxramas raid for free. It's 60 gold.

Also, reaching Exalted will make you able to use some unique crafting recipes for pieces of gear that you will be able to gear. These crafting items involve gear for Master Tailoring, Master Leatherworking, and Master Blacksmithing.


Bloodsail Buccaneers

After the Third War, some criminal organizations were formed to exploit the current situation of Azeroth and her people. And Bloodsail Buccaneers are one of those, originating from the Bloodsail Hold. That's where their Duke - Falrevere resides currently. For now, they aim to exploit some parts of Booty Bay for their profit.

Bloodsail Buccaneers Farming

There's only one way of gaining Reputation for this Faction. You will have to decimate citizens of Booty Bay, that you can find in parts of the whole bay. Each member of the society that you deemed unworthy of living will grant you a certain amount of Reputation for each kill.

Booty Bay Elite - 25 Reputation

Boothy Bad Bruiser - 25 Reputation

Blackwater Deckhand - 5 Reputation

There are more citizens there, but killing Booty Bay Bruisers over and over again will be the most efficient way of gaining some good rep. Just be careful about Guard because these guys can smash you up.

Bloodsail Buccaneers Rewards

After becoming Friendly with Bloodsail Buccaneers, you will be able to wear some Bloodsail attire, which provides close to no protection. Only Bloodsail Admiral's hat was granting some Stamina and an active ability that will summon a Blood Parrot, that will float around you.

And if you manage to reach Honored status, combined with some other factions - you will get Insane in the Membrane. You will get [Nickname] + The Insane title.


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Brood of Nozdormu

Time - the most valuable resource a man or an orc can have in his life. Only a few will realize that the time is chaotic and untamed, like a storm. Nozdormu - a giant cosmic dragon was blessed with the power to guard time and tame its true nature. Becoming the Timeless One, Nozdormu's Brood guard the timestream against those who are willing to disrupt its flow.

Brood of Nozdormu Farming

As for Brood of Nozdormu - you will start your reputation journey with a Hated status. After some basic quests, you will find yourself doing a repeatable quest - The Hand of the Righteous. You will have to collect 200 Silithid Carapace Fragments, to then turn them in to Baristolth. You can, moreover, you absolutely should spam this quest over and over again, as it can reliably lead you to Neutral status with Brood of Nozdormu.

Then you will have to go for Ahn'Qiraj raids. Kill mobs, slay bosses, and you will get some Reputation that way. As for most monsters - they will give you 100 Reputation for a kill. It will work up to 2999/3000 Neutral. Then you will have to rely on killing Bosses of this raid - Twin Emperors and, of course, C'Thun.

Enemies from the Raid will drop special items that you will be able to turn-in. These items will drop from Bosses and trash mobs. We're talking about Qiraji Lord's Insignia and Ancient Qiraji Artifact. These items are invaluable in getting Reputation, as they will net you some severe Rep points into your progress. The most important thing - turn them in after reaching the mob 3999/4000 cap. It will be the smartest thing to do, and if you have lots of them - you will immensely get closer to the Reputation cap - Exalted level with Brood of Nozdormu.

Brood of Nozdormu Rewards

Things that you can get from leveling Reputation with this Faction are quite worth it. And those rewards - you will be able to access by increasing your cohesion with Brood of Nozdormu and doing quests that will unlock further parts of gear. You see, you will be able to get your hands on a sweet Tier 2.5 Raid sets. You will obtain them by turning in items like Scarabs, Bindings, and Idols to the NPC found during the raid after The Prophet Skeram. And to do these quests, you will have to reach a certain Reputation threshold.

Neutral - You can get Shoulders and Boots

Friendly - Helm and Legs can become yours

Honored - Chestpiece is ready

And that is not all. Besides these quests, you will be able to receive some accessories - unique signet rings that will be given to you, depending on your affiliation with the Brood of Nozdormu. There are three quests that you will be able to choose, The Path of the Protector, The Path of the Conqueror, and The Path of the Invoker. These quests correspond respectively to Tank, DPS, and Magical DPS + Healers.

The first ring will be yours after reaching a Neutral status. That is quite a reward for a Neutral status, but granted you have to reach it from Hated status - it's already quite a challenge. And as you progress further and further in the brackets, straight to Exalted - you will get better versions of the ring through quests. And those rings can be quite powerful for your early endgame journey.

To show you why it's worth it to go Exalted with Brood of Nozdormu - let's take a ring for Magic DPS and Healers. The ring at Neutral level will grant you +7 Intellect and +6 Stamina, with a unique Equip feature that will increase damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by 21, and restoring 3 mana per 5 seconds.

The ring at Exalted Reputation level, however, will grant you +9 Intellect, +8 Stamina, and healing effects combined with damaging spells will be increased by 28 points instead, restoring 5 mana per 5 seconds. It's an excellent value for improving Reputation Points, and if you do not have any better options - you should consider getting this high level of Reputation with this Faction.

On top of that, you need to be Neutral with the Brood of Nozdormu to even dream about receiving the Scepter of the Shifting Sands.


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Cenarion Circle

The organization made of druids (Tauren and Night Elves) named after Cenarius. This Faction has sworn to protect the nature, restoring the damage done to it by evil forces. Their main home resides in the Moonglade, in the town of Nighthaven. These people stand against Qiraji, waiting for a hero brave enough to lead them into one last battle against it.

Cenarion Circle Farming

Farming this one will be quite tedious. You are forced to kill Twilight Cultists, each one netting you 1 Reputation. And you have to do this chore until Honored. Then you will move towards killing Twilight Flamereavers, again - for 1 reputation each, and you will do this from Honored to Revered.

There are also Field Duty quests. And you will need a party to do these reliably. They give only 25 Reputation. After some time, you will unlock better quests from a Combat Logistics and Tactical, granting 50 reputation each. All of those missions can be done solo, but you need some equipment and skills. For each quest out of those three, you will gain a special badge. If you manage to get all 3, you can find a Quest that will grant you 200 reputation for handing them over.

You can also gather Encrypted Twilight Texts from Twilight Cultists. You will need 10 of them to turn them in for 100 reputation. Farm them from enemies or purchase them from the Auction House.

You should also consider turning in the Abyssal Crests. Three of them will grant you 50 reputation. Get them by killing tier 1 summons, that you can summon by putting a Twilight Cultist set on, and using Lesser Wind Stones. If you are strong enough, you can solo them easily.

There are also multiple quests that can be accessed here, other than Field Duty Quests, but it is recommended to do them after reaching Honored status.

Or crawl through Dungeons. Go through Ruins of Ahn'Qiraji, kill monsters and bosses, get Rep, and enjoy your Exalted status.

Cenarion Circle Rewards

Friendly - Pattern: Bramblewood Belt, Pattern: Cenarion Herb Bag, Pattern: Sandstalker, Pattern: Spitfire Bracers, Pattern: Sylvan Shoulders, Plans: Heavy Obsidian Belt, Plans: Ironvine Belt, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Greater Fire Resistance.

Honored - Pattern: Bramblewood Boots, Pattern: Sandstalker Gauntlets, Pattern: Spitfire Gauntlets, Pattern: Sylvan Crown, Plans: Ironvine Gloves, Plans: Light Obsidian Belt, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Greater Nature Resistance.

Revered - Pattern: Bramblewood Helm, Pattern: Gaea's Embrace, Pattern: Sandstalker Breastplate, Pattern: Satchel of Cenarius, Pattern: Spitfire Breastplate, Pattern: Sylvan Vest, Plans Ironvine Breastplate, Plans: Jagged Obsidian Shield.

Exalted - Pattern: Dreamscale Breastplate, Plans: Obsidian Mail Tunic.

It's worth to mention that you will also be able to get some parts of the Ahn'Qiraj set, that will be only accessible for you if you reach Honored, Revered, or Exalted. 

There are also special Cenarion Badges that you will be able to exchange for pieces of gear through quests. There are four stages: Volunteer, Veteran, Stalwart, and Champion Battlegear. Each stage requires Friendly, Honored, Revered, and Exalted standing, respectively.


Gelkis Clan Centaur

A tribe of centaur living somewhere in the south of Desolace near the Veiled Sea. Initially led by Second Khan Gelk. Gelkis are at war with their Mortal Enemy - Magram Clan. Currently, Khan Shaka and Uthek the Wise are leading centaurs from this clan. They are very civilized. They respect nature, which shows in their attempts to maintain its existence.

Gelkis Clan Farming

You will gain Reputation by questing in Desolace, and by killing members of the Magram Clan Centaur. It's advised to increase Rep to 11999/12000 through killing their mortal enemy, and then to start questing, as Honor gained from enemies is very limited.

Magram Clan Centaur

Tribe of centaur initially led by Third Khan Magra resides currently in southeastern parts of Desolace, split by a mountain range from their mortal enemy - Gelkis centaur. The tribe has developed a high worship of strength above all else, similar to the Horde.

Magram Clan Farming

Same as for Gelkis Clan Centaur, you should kill members of the other tribe and then do quests. There are no Rewards, though.


Darkmoon Faire

A pack of exotic traveling enthusiasts of various mysteries. They will visit the town on the first Sunday of each month, staying there for seven days. During that time, people of Mulgore and Elwynn Forest can access many fun activities that sometimes offer some rewards for the effort. There are vendors, unique items, and transmogs to purchase, and very often, you will have to do some quests to get certain rewards.

Darkmoon Faire Farming

Hitting Exalted is very tedious, especially if you were to focus entirely on increasing Reputation. There are normal ticket turn-ins that will give you random items. But you will only get to 5999/6000 Friendly by turning those tickets in.

After that, you will have to turn in unique Darkmoon Decks: Beast Deck, Elementals Deck, Portals Deck, and Warlords Deck. You will need several cards, and most of them are random world drops. Aces are the only cards that will drop from certain bosses in dungeons:

Ace of Warlords will drop from King Gordok in Dire Maul

Ace of Beasts will drop from the Beast in the Blackrock Spire

Ace of Portals drops from Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance

Ace of Elements will drop from Elemental dungeons, like Hydrospawn, for example.

After you manage to collect the entire deck, you will be able to turn it in to Professor Thaddeus Paleo. One turn-in equals 350 reputation. It's a lot of work, but it's a fun achievement to have.


Hydraxian Waterlords

Elementals have found a place to live in, somewhere on the east from Azshara. Previously - servants of the Old Gods, now - sworn enemies of Ragnaros. Only Water Elementals are peaceful towards player characters, and you will get quests from them. Their questlines are important, as they will allow you to face the final boss of the Molten Core Raid.

Hydraxian Waterlords Farming

To gain Reputation, you will have to kill enemies of this Faction, and you will find most of them in Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus, as you will kill mostly other elementals. You will have to change your farming spot often, as the further you go, the more powerful enemies you will have to kill. The list looks like this:

Friendly - Desert Rumbler, Dust Stormer, Greater Obsidian Elemental. All of these will grant you 5 reputation, and rep gain will end when you reach Honored status.

Honored - Lord Incendius (15 rep), Huricanian (25 rep), Pyroguard Emberseer (50 rep), Molten Giant, Ancient Core Hound, Lava Surger, Firelord (20 reputation); Molten Destroyer, Lava Reaver, Lava Elemental, Flameguard, Firewalker (40 reputation). You will be able to get Reputation from them as long as you don't reach Revered. After that, you will have to switch.

Revered - Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr, Baron Geddon, Shazzrah, Sulfuron Harbinger (100 reputation); Golemagg the Incinerator (150 reputation); Ragnaros (200 reputation). You will have to kill those over and over again to reach Exalted.

And since at Revered only bosses grant you reputation points - you will have to run through Molten Core multiple times. The grind might last for up to 25 weeks, and even more, if you don't know what you're doing. If you don't know the ins and outs of Molten Core, it might be worth it to check out our Classic WoW Raid Guide, and of course, you will need to find a stable team or a guild to be the most efficient.

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Hydraxian Waterlords Rewards

While you could go for the Exalted status, the best reward you can get from this Faction will be given to you as your reach Revered status. Accessing the final boss of Molten Core is granted through the use of a rune. You will have to douse it. You usually have to replenish an item that douses the runes once a week to be able to access Ragnaros' lair. However, reaching Revered status will grant you Eternal Quintessence. With this item, you no longer have to go back to Hydraxis, as your Quintessence will replenish by itself.



A guild of Assassins and Thieves and other evildoers. It's mainly a faction for Rogues, as they will find more quests here, as they are their kin. The group itself is located in the Alterac Mountains, and you will get there through Hillsbrad Foothills. They are sworn enemies to the Syndicate.

Ravenholdt Farming

You will start your Ravenholdt journey at 0 Rep, meaning Neutral. Rogues have some good quests that will be worthwhile, and they can pickpocket certain NPCs for turn-in items. As for others, they will have to rely mainly on killing mobs affiliated with and sworn to the Syndicate. You will get 5 Rep points per kill. You will only get to 11999 Honored that way. The only way of reaching Revered and Exalted is through a repeatable quest: "Jukeboxes Needed." It's available for everyone, but it requires some assistance from a Rogue.

There are no Ravenholdt rewards, other than Guards responding to you with respect as you get higher in the Reputation brackets.



A faction of Night Elves who remained in Eldre' Thalas, now commonly known as Dire Maul. These Night Elves practice the arts of arcane magic serving Queen Azshara and her followers. Currently led by a Night Elf Prince Tortheldrin.

Shen'dralar Farming

To unlock Reputation gain for this Faction you will need to complete a pre-requisite quest: Elven Legends. You will need to find Kariel Winthalus and report back to Scholar Runethorn found in Feathermoon. After that, you will be able to do three repeatable quests, which will net you 500 Reputation Points each.

These quests are Libram of Protection, Libram of Rapidity, and Libram of Focus. Each quest will require to to turn-in items that can be farmed in high-level zones and dungeons. It's a tedious chore that will require you to do 86 quests in order to reach Exalted status. It's a slow grind, and there are no meaningful rewards. The reward is the patience training that you will get throughout reaching Exalted with this Faction.


Booty Bay

A pirate town placed somewhere in The Cape of Stranglethorn. The place is run by Blackwater Raiders, creating somewhat of a free pirate city (think Libertalia). Baron Revilgaz currently rules the city. As you already know - Bloodsail Buccaneers are their main enemy.

Booty Bay Farming

To farm Booty Bay Reputation, you will have to do some quests here and there. If you've already gained Rep for Bloodsail Buccaneers, you might be in trouble with Booty Bay, but there is a repeatable quest Traitor of the Bloodsail that will allow you to get back to neutral.



Good ol' town of Everlook, maybe more like a trading post run mostly by goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel. The post is somewhere near the crossroads of Winterspring.

Everlook Farming

Doing Quests in Winterspring will increase the Reputation. And if you are in bad relations with this Faction - you can do a quest over and over again to come back to neutral.



Main headquarters and the central city of the Steamwheedle Cartel (that "rules" Booty Bay, Everlook, Ratchet, and Gadgetzan). Some of the best goblin engineers and scholars reside right here to develop their trade. Since goblins are easily bought with coin, and loyalty isn't a thing for them (at least in Classic WoW), both Alliance and Horde have access to this location.

Gadgetzan Farming

Kill Wastewander and Southsea monsters over and over again to increase your Reputation. Also, you can do quests that can be found in Tanaris. If you are Hated, you can as well do repeatable quest up until neutral.



It's a faction Found near The Barrens in Kalimdor. It is a place where Horde can traverse into the Alliance territory, as Ratchet is connected with Booty Bay by a ferry that arrives here and there from time to time.

Ratchet Farming

To reach Exalted status with these mad-lads, you will have to do quests in The Barrens and Desolace. And as with every town under Steamwheedle Cartel's custody - they are not only non-hostile towards both Factions. They will also allow you to repair a broken bond offering you a repeatable quest that you will be able to do over and over again to reach Neutral status with this Faction.



A criminal organization led mainly by Humans, who plot together to expand their territory and influence others. The group resides in Arathi Highlands and Alterac Mountains, with some small outposts in Hillsbrad Foothills. They are currently led by three separate leaders: Lord Alidern Perenolde, his younger sister - Lady Beve Perenolde, and by Lord Falconcrest. Alliance and Horde are both scum to them, and each player character will be able to reach a maximum of Neutral status with them.

Syndicate Farming

Player's character will have to kill members of the Ravenholdt Manor faction to gain Reputation Points with the Syndicate. It will be tedious as members of this Faction will give only 5 Reputation Points for a single kill. And since each player starts with 32000/36000 Hated status with this. The Faction you will have to kill over 6400 enemies to reach Neutral. It will be tedious even for Mages, that are skilled and geared up enough to clear huge packs of enemies with their Area of Effect Damage and Crowd Control.


Thorium Brotherhood

Harsh Dwarven kind living in Searing Gorge after splitting from Dark Iron clan. Some say that some members of this brotherhood possess immense talent, showing incredible skill in Blacksmithing an Armorsmithing. Their craftsmanship could be the best that Azeroth has ever seen. 

Thorium Brotherhood Farming

From Neutral to Friendly, you will have to turn in various items in packs to Master Smith Burninate. At once, you will be able to contribute:

2x Incendosaur Scale, 4x Kingsblood, 1x Coal

2x Incendosaur Scale, 10x Heavy Leather, 1x Coal

2x Incendosaur Scale, 4x Iron Bar, 1x Coal

Since this Faction is mainly built on masterful craftsmanship, you will be able to gather and contribute certain items in various quests. Most quests will be repeatable and will require you to turn-in Thorium Bar, Heavy Leather, Dark Iron Residue, and Kingsblood. There will be lots of quests in Blackrock Depths and Winterspring for you to do as well to increase Reputation with Thorium Brotherhood.

Thorium Brotherhood Rewards

These items will show up when you trade with vendors, as long as you reach designated Reputation status.

Friendly - Formula: Enchant Weapon - Strength, Plans: Dark Iron Bracers, Pattern: Corehound Boots, Pattern: Molten Helm, Pattern: Flarecore Gloves, Recipe: Transmute Elemental Fire.

Honored - Pattern: Flarecore Mantle, Pattern: Flarecore Robe, Pattern: Black Dragonscale Boots, Pattern: Lava Belt, Plans: Fiery Chain Girdle, Plans: Dark Iron Helm, Plans: Dark Iron Reaver, Plans: Dark Iron Destroyer, Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit.

Revered - Pattern: Flarecore Leggings, Pattern: Molten Belt, Pattern: Corehound Belt, Pattern: Chromatic Gauntlets, Plans: Fiery Chain Shoulders, Plans: Dark Iron Leggings, Plans: Dark Iron Gauntlets, Plans: Black Amnesty, Plans: Blackfury, Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect.

Exalted - Plans: Blackguard, Plans: Nightfall, Plans: Ebon Hand, Plans: Dark Iron Boots

A nice portion of those items offer lots of Fire Resistance, making it a perfect faction to gain Reputation with before you get seriously into Molten Core.


Tibermaw Hold

As the Burning Legion spread corruption upon the lands of Kalimdor, many wild creatures transformed into various abominations, succumbing to the demons and their influences. One tribe of ursine creatures managed to escape, creating a Timbermaw Tribe. Now, hostile to everyone and untrustful, they will attack anyone who dares to get close. Unless someone shows them that they are not the enemy.

Timbermaw Hold Farming

Initially, every player character will start at 2500/3000 Hostile reputation. You will have to kill their enemies before you approach them, as you will have to run away not to deteriorate your Reputation even further. To do so, you will have to do quests and repeatable quests related to this Faction, killing Winterfall and Deadwood furbolgs in the meantime (5, 10, or 25 reputation points per kill depending on the monster). You should avoid getting into a party with random people around Timbermaw Hold, as one kill will completely ruin your progress with this Faction. And since some people are trolls - that's a no-no.

As long as you reach Unfriendly - you won't be attacked anymore, and you will have some more quests to do. Most monsters will only get you to Revered. It is why it will be more worthwhile to do item turn-ins, collecting items like Deadwood Headdress Feathers and Winterfall Spirit Beads.

Timbermaw Hold Rewards

Friendly - Recipe: Transmute Earth to Water, Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility, Pattern: Warbear Harness, Pattern: Warbear Woolies.

Honored - Furbolg Medicine Pouch, Furbolg Medicine Totem, Pattern: Might of the Timbermaw, Pattern: Wisdom of the Timbermaw, Plans: Heavy Timbermaw Belt, Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility.

Revered - Pattern: Mantle of the Timbermaw, Pattern: Timbermaw Brawlers, Plans: Heavy Timbermaw Boots

Exalted - Trinket: Defender of the Timbermaw


Zandalari Tribe

The tribe created by the earliest known trolls. After some years, it was always split into two separate empires, Gurubashi and Amani Trolls. After being exiled from their lands by Night Elves, during their many battles, they've focused on surviving and preserving their kind. After getting help from Blood God Hakkar, who turned out to be a true tyrant, both tribes were living in constant fear. Their savior demanded bloody sacrifices, which were utterly devastating for the already scarce society of the Zandalar Tribe. They've soon turned on their Dark Blood Master and his loyal priests the Atal' ai, putting to end the existence of the tyrant and the legacy of the Gurubashi Empire itself.

Atal' ai, exiled after serving the oppressor, soon discovered that Blood God Hakkar could be summoned in Zul'Gurub, the former empire of the Gurubashi Tribe. And some rumor has it that the heart of Hakkar still beats somewhere in the depths of the ruins. And so Zandalari Tribe arrives in Azeroth to destroy the tyrant one and for all.

Zandalari Tribe Farming

Farming Reputation for Zandalari Tribe will be simple. Just do some quests in their zone and kill mobs and bosses in Zul'Gurub.

The most time-efficient thing to increase your Reputation with this Faction, is to run Zul'Gurub over and over. You start with Neutral, and each full run will net you from 2400 to 3000 rep points, meaning that you will have to run through Zul'Gurub at least thirteen or fourteen times before you manage to reach Exalted status. And boy, oh boy, is it worth it.

Zandalar Tribe Rewards

Friendly - Formula: Brilliant Mana Oil, Pattern: Bloodvine Boots, Pattern: Primal Batskin Bracers, Plans: Bloodsoul Gauntlets, Plans: Darksoul Shoulders, Recipe: Greater Dreamless Sleep, Schematic: Bloodvine Lens.

Honored - Formula: Brilliant Wizard Oil, Pattern: Blood Tiger Shoulders, Pattern: Bloodvine Leggings, Pattern: Primal Batskin Gloves, Plans: Bloodsoul Shoulders, Plans: Darksoul Leggings, Recipe: Major Troll's Blood Potion, Schematic: Bloodvine Goggles, Essence Mango

Revered - Pattern: Blood Tiger Breastplate, Pattern: Bloodvine Vest, Pattern: Primal Batskin Jerkin, Plans: Bloodsoul Breastplate, Plans: Darksoul Breastplate, Recipe: Mageblood Potion, Sheen of Zanza, Spirit of Zanza, Swiftness of Zanza

Exalted - Recipe: Living Action Potion, Zandalar Signet of Serenity, Zandalar Signet of Might, Zandalar Signet of Mojo


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That was everything that you should know about Reputation in Vanilla WoW Classic. You know why you should view Reputation as something to obtain during your playthrough. You know about the reputation rewards, you know how. You know what you can get as Alliance. Horde as well. But there's so much to learn. You should check our other guides to raise your awareness of stuff that is worth considering in the Classic patch. Save this guide, keep it tabbed, doesn't matter if you are playing Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior [ G2A Mocno], or something else when another expansion comes out. Share this guide with your friend, leave some comments, post it on the forums, or criticize it so that we can reply with better guides.

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