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Learn the latest news and tips related to the World of WarCraft (2004). An MMORPG designed especially for the thousands of players from around the world to share mutual fun from play. The game takes us to the war-torn and destructive world of Azeroth - which is visible in te current iteration's name - Battle for Azeroth. New content is being continuously added to the game with the Essences system and Queen Azshara's Eternal Palace as some great examples.


Despite the resolution of past conflicts, the world did not experience peace as new threats appeared on the horizon. Meanwhile, two powerful factions were formed. The Alliance included representatives of Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, and Gnomes as the allied races. The second was a twisted Horde counting in the likes of Orcs, Tauren, Undead, and Trolls. The players can choose to develop one of the standard classes, or the hero classes - Death Knight and Demon Hunter.


There's a lot to do in World of Warcraft. Raids and dungeon runs are great PvE activities, while you can always test your PvP skills in Battlegrounds or Arena. Moreover, there's a vast world and multiple hunting zones to discover. Azeroth has only been growing since the game's initial release. Experiencing all the content would be exciting, but also a time-consuming adventure. When you get tired of it, you can always use the trusted Hearthstone to teleport back to town.


Developers always watch over the improvement of the game world and create more and more interesting and exciting expansions. Of course, there are also patches and hotfixes to keep everything in check. All that to make the World of Warcraft enjoyable for long days, months, and years why not. The efforts have been successful, as WoW remains the most popular MMORPG that created a vast and loyal community of players. It's also one of the few games that maintained a big p

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Check out best Dungeons guide for World of Warcraft - find out what are dungeons, which ones are worth doing and everything you need to know about mythic+ difficulty with MMOAuctions guide.
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In-game currencies and getting them are one of the most important aspects in MMO games. World of Warcraft gave a whole new meaning to farming. What is the World of Warcraft Gold worth? Check out for yourself.
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How does WoW gold cap works? Why was it implemented? How to go around it? You will know everything about it from this guide.
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Everything one needs to know in order to amass swiftly and without dropping a sweat, great wealth in WoW.
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The World's first race in WoW goes on. The only representative from Europ, Method guid, is battling against time and US rivals with hundreds of thousands fans watching the live stream.
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As the Rise of Azshara update is getting closer, we get to know more and more details about the contents of this patch. These huge changes are coming in in less than a week – Rise of Azshara release date has been announced to be June 25th. Take a look at all the amazing content that being added to the game!
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One of the biggest changes in Rise of Azshara is the new Heart of Azeroth system. It will give players some possibilities of progression in the endgame. To get all Essences you’ll have to successfully complete main and side quests, Islands Expeditions, Mythic+ Dungeons, Raids, gain reputation, as well as take part in PvP modes like Battlegrounds, Warmode and Rated PvP. Some Legendaries require completing achievements related to this game content. Check out all the Essences added in WoW 8.2!
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Fastest Leveling Technique Gets Nerfed To The Ground! Check Out the News!
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Blizzard concluded their preview stream of World of Warcraft patch 8.2 and announced that it’s going to hit PTR next week! Some of the new features have been shown in action, some ambiguities have been cleared up and completely new information has been revealed.
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The Rise of Azshara is getting closer and we know what’s in it. Two brand new zones, a new raid, dungeon, and many more changes will arrive at the world of Azeroth. Get ready to visit Nzjatar and Mechagon in new World of Warcraft patch!
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