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World of warcraft reputation guide

Welcome to MMOAuctions guide to reputation in World of Warcraft. We will be trying to give you some insight on how reputation system functions in this game, and how you can benefit from it.We want to cover topics from the very beginning up to efficient ways of farming recent faction reputations. Whether you are doing reputation grind for previous expansions like Warlords of Draenor, Mists of Pandaria or new ones like Battle for Azeroth or Shadowlands  there are always some tricks that can increase normal speed of getting the rep. In this guide we will describe why druid class running speed can be important during your journey to Exalted, how fishing is connected to this activity and best ways to gather large amounts of progress in the quickest time possible. Without further ado let's jump straight to it.


Table of content:

Reputation rewards

Reputation levels

Buffs and boosts

Guild Reputation


Nazjatar Reputation farm

Quests to complete

Rare mobs and rare quest items

Special events

Pet Battles

Mechagon Reputation farm

World Quests and Dailies

Rare monsters

Pet Battles

Leveling Mechagon reputation on alts

Battle for Azeroth reputation rewards

Alliance only factions

Horde only factions

Neutral factions

Rize of Azshara factions

Reputation in Classic WoW


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Reputation is the favor of a certain group of NPCs located around the specific area. For example, NPCs that belong to Laughing Skull tribe do represent Laughing Skull reputation. Higher reputation gives players access to special bonuses and rewards that depend on the group that you have chosen to befriend. Reputation can be increased by a couple of methods, that include completing quests related to the faction, killing their enemies, doing certain dungeons and completing various tasks around Azeroth while wearing a tabard that represents your chosen faction.

Reputation acts in the same behavior as experience. You have to complete tasks to reach checkpoints unlocking new content. In this system, there are 8 levels which determine how you will be treated by members of the specific group. Three of them are negative, one is neutral and four are positive. Completing quests related to the faction will almost always grant some reputation. On top of that, many factions have repeatable quests and sworn enemies who you can fight against to constantly improve your level. Some of the factions will act differently allowing outsiders to reach for their trust only through particular methods. For example Order of the Cloud Serpent gives reputation only to those who complete their races or collect Onyx Eggs and rest of the methods were removed.

Reputation rewards

The main reputation WoW reward is standing on 100 Exalted factions. Those who earned it, will be rewarded with the Pureheart Courser mount which shares the same model as the Lucid Nightmare. 

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There are also other rewards given to players who have spent countless hours on reputation grinds including three special titles. The first one is given to those who have reached Exalted status with 40 factions (<your name> the Exalted). Second one marks the achievement of befriending 60 factions up to Exalted status (<your name> the Beloved). Last one is the greatest and therefore require much more effort. 100 Exalted reputations give the best possible title and greatest achievement in terms of gaining NPCs trust. It is celebrated by Esteemed <your name> title which is very unique since no more than 5% players from all World of Warcraft regions have acquired it.

wow reputation

Reputation levels

- Hated (-42000 points from start)

Worst reputation that you can end up with. Faction which has this status will attack you on sight and try to kill you at every occasion. Their nameplates will have the color of red as blood. Some of the factions have Hated status as the starting one for every player. Alliance members share Hated status with every Horde faction and vice-versa.

- Hostile (-6000 points from start)

Just as with Hated reputation, you will be attacked by all NPCs and guards at the cities which are Hostile towards you. All their names will be highlighted by the red color.

- Unfriendly (-3000 points from start)

Although on this level of reputation NPCs won't attack you anymore they will refuse to interact with you. Nameplates of Unfriendly NPCs are marked by orange color.

- Neutral (default for most races that you come across)

A starting reputation for most of the factions. Nameplates have the yellow color when you encounter NPC who is Neutral towards you. You won't be attacked unless you start a combat first and you can interact with most if not all of the faction members.

- Friendly (+3000 points from start)

Marked by the green color. Members of friendly factions cannot be attacked unless you declare a war against them in the reputation menu. At this status, you will receive a 5% discounts on all items sold by this reputation members. Some of them will sell you special tabards which can be used to improve reputation gains.

- Honored (+9000 points from start)

Marked by even lighter green color. Same as the friendly except bonuses rise to 10% discount. Usually at Honored  you can unlock various reputation rewards and collectables at the store of represented faction.

- Revered (+21000 points from start)

A teal color marks Revered faction members. You can expect to get a 15% discount on all items at this stage but more importantly this allows you to unlock great rewards like battle pets and rare collectables.

- Exalted (+42000 points from start)

Highest reputation level that you can reach in the game which is marked by blue color. It allows you to purchase faction mounts, tabards and everything else at 20% discount price.

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wow buffs

Buffs and Boosts

There are a couple of useful things which can be used to improve your experience gains with all factions. Some of them come from events like Darkmoon Faire (first weekend of the month), Hallow's End (Halloween), Pilgrim's Bounty (Thanksgiving) while others you can acquire from other sources.

Guild Battle Standards - Increase reputation gain by 5, 10 and 15% depending which one you have deployed.

Diplomacy - Human trait gives them a 10% bonus to reputation gains.

Darkmoon Top Hat - For 10 Darkmoon prize tickets you can get this gorgeous hat which improves reputation gains by 10% for the next hour. 

WHEE! - Another Darkmoon Faire bonus which you can get by taking a ride on the carousel. Lasts up to 1 hour.

Unburned and Grim Visage - 10% bonus to reputation gains for 2 hours which comes from Halloween event.

The Spirit of Sharing - 10% additional reputation gains received during Thanksgiving event.

Celebration Package - Everytime World of Warcraft hits a release anniversary Blizzard gives to the players special tokens which boost reputation gains by over 10%.

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wow guild

Guild Reputation

In Cataclysm expansion Blizzard released a Guild Reputation system which was meant to unite Guild members in their community. The idea was to team up members of said organization and send them together on a journey to dungeons, raids and quests which was awarded by reputation levels. Since this system was full of flaws tabards were introduced which allow players to gain experience from other activities as well. Leveling your reputations with guild you are in increases progress toward some of the achievements like Stay Classy or Time Flies When You Are Having Fun. Similarly to regular factions - guilds offer a variety of rewards which can be purchased at certain points of befriending.

On Friendly reputation, you can expect some Battle Pets like Guild Page. Honored offers various recipes for trivial food. Revered things like Battle Standards that can increase reputation gains as well as Battle Pet Armadillo Pup. On Exalted you can choose from two companions, three mounts and few shirts.


Reputation farms are often done for the titles that you can acquire from them here are titles which you can get. <Reputation> on each of the titles represents where your nick will be placed.

  • <Reputation> Exalted - 40 factions

  • <Reputation> the Beloved - 60 factions

  • Esteemed <Reputation> - 100 factions

  • <Reputation>, Guardian of Cenarius - Cenarion Circle and Cenarion Expedition

  • <Reputation>, The Argent Champion - Argent Dawn and Argent Crusade

  • <Reputation>, The Diplomat - Timbermaw Hold, Sporeggar and Mag'har(Horde)/Kurenai(Alliance)

  • Ambassador <Reputation> - 6 main Horde or 6 main Alliance factions

  • <Reputation> of the Ashen Verdict - Ashen Verdict

  • <Reputation>, Avenger of Hyjal - Avengers of Hyjal

  • Farmer <Reputation> - Tillers

  • Masked Chuckler <Reputation> - Laughing Skull Orcs

  • Peacekeeper <Reputation> - Sha'tari

  • <Reputation> of the Frostwolves - Frostwolf Orcs

  • Prelate <Reputation> - Council of Exarchs

  • <Reputation>, Spear of Vol'jin - Vol'jin Spear

  • <Reputation>, Sword of Wrynn - Wrynn's Vanguard

  • "Conservationist" <Reputation> - Steamwheedle Preservation Society

  • Talon King (or Queen) <Reputation> - Arakkoa Outcasts + Legacy Storyline

  • Timelord <Reputation> - Chromie

wow nazjatar

Nazjatar Reputation Farm

Reputation in Rise of Azshara path in Battle for Azeroth is a gateway to many new pieces of different content. You need Revered with both of them to be able to fly in BfA and to unlock new powerful essences or more trivial things: pets, toys and mounts. This means that without a doubt reputation is an important factor right now and you want to learn how to farm it efficiently.

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Quests to Complete

For Nazjatar your reputation farming starts with daily activities like World Quests, Daily Quests and Bodyguard Quests. Each of the World Quests completed grants 75 reputation towards Nazjatar faction. Since most of them are quick and easy to farm, they are an efficient way of leveling. There are also plenty of other rewards given for completing this form of activity which makes it worth doing even more. Emissary quests also can often be linked to the World Quests of Nazjatar and when that happens, completing them is even more profitable - they will give additional 1500 reputation which is an enormous amount that should not be passed up. If any mission is too hard for you to handle consider grouping up with friends.

On the other hand you can try to go for daily quests which award reputation with Nazjatar factions as well. In your faction hub there will be three missions waiting for you. One of them sends you on a plant collecting journey, another assigns you with a task to kill Coral Creatures and others have different things to do on Nazjatar. Giving back a completed set of tasks awards 50 reputation which is less than for World Quests but still good enough.

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Bodyguard Quests, sadly, don't give any reputation for completion but they still might be profitable in the long run. Each of them provides bodyguard with 100 experience. It also takes 300 experience to rank up a follower which gives three quests total for a level. Whenever follower gains a level you will receive 250 reputation which basically means that one Bodyguard Quests has a worth of higher reputation amount than both World Quests and Daily missions. Additionally, at key milestones you get special quests with better prize. The quest itself awards some reputation but there also will be 400 more waiting for you in the goodie bag which you get for its completion.

Rare Mobs and Items

On top of that you can find quest items like Reefwalker Bark, Ancient Reefwalker Bark and Giant Crab Leg in specific rares located at Nazjatar. All these items do give quite a bit reputation for completing mission related to them but even more importantly these items also give follower experience buff (which as we stated above grants reputation on the long run). This might not be always the case but for most of these items all you need to do is to get them from rare monster and then turn in at certain NPC. There are no elaborate missions involved. There is one guaranteed reputation item which comes from summons of the depths event at the centre of the map. This item is called Abyssal Conch and awards 150 reputation.

Even if you are not up to turning quest items for some easy rep then killing them is not a thing which you can skip. You can earn reputation (50) for every rare kill or atleast a contribution to taking down such a unique foe. Since there are 40 of them in Nazjatar it will take you quite a lot of time to kill all of them but it is a thing which you can do on your way to other rep farms that you have your eyes on.

Special Events

Another event to complete is Battle for Nazjatar which is the PvP Activity where you fight other faction players and NPCs. At the end of it you can get up to 500 reputation and all you have to do is to have one killed enemy player on your score. You can also take part in The Laboratory of Maldives. It is a simple mini boss fight which grants 500 reputation when completed - shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Make sure to pick up a quest closeby if you want to get your prize.

Pet Battles

Last thing which grants reputation on Nazjatar is the Pet Battles. You can receive 250 reputation by tuning in item which you get after winning Elite Pet Battle in this zone. They are always marked by a special icon and if you have experience with WoW Pokemons then you should have no problem at all to complete it. Since not every player in the game uses Pet Battle system some of the users are outraged that you can get so much reputation from this simple task. This gets even more ridiculous since there are 12 Epic Pet Battles available that you can complete for a total of 3000 reputation any given day.

wow mechagon

Mechagon Reputation Farm

Although principles of receiving reputation with Mechagon are almost the same as with Nazjatar - there are few differences which tear both of these farms apart. Below you can find easiest methods to gain Mechagon trust.

World Quests and Dailies

No surprise here as well. World Quests are always the easiest way to gain reputation but in this scenario it is a little bit different though. In Mechagon you will find only one World Quest which is quite odd. This quest is accepted automatically every day upon visiting Mechagon and requires completion of the few smaller missions. They ask from you to kill three rares, open 6 mechanized chests and aid the resistance in their struggle. Completing all of them rewards 850 reputation. 

There are three daily quests which reward reputation when completed. The prize is not consistent since couple of them gives 75 reputation while others grant 150. On top of that you can find one additional daily quest which gives you a way to progress your way towards MechanoSpider Mount. This quest gives 150 reputation on completion and might be taken again in the next day but it will be depleted at some point when your mount is ready and you won't gain anymore reputation from it.

Rare Monsters

Unlike underwater zone mentioned before Mechagon is more generous in terms of rewards for killing rare foes. You can receive 75 reputation for every successful kill. There are also 36 rares which means that it is possible to get even 2700 reputation in one day by clearing this zone from rare spawns.

Pet Battles

Mechagon also has Pet Battles where you can find Elites. By defeating Elite enemies, you will be awarded by quest item which when turned grants reputation.  There are 8 battles like this in this zone but unlike Nazjatar they only give 75 reputation for successful completion of a fight and the item delivery at the same time. It might seem far less profitable to complete them because of that but unlike many players tend to say, Pet Battle system is a very fun activity which doesn't have high requirements. All you need to do to begin is to speak with a trainer at the main city of your faction and start collecting. When your team is strong enough to challenge Epic Pets you might start a fight. Be patient during your skirmishes and you will see that there are more benefits that come from this activity than you may think.

Leveling Reputation on Alts

If you are up to getting Exalted reputation on more than one character then this paragraph might catch your eye. From monsters in Mechagon you might receive Blueprint for item called Rustbolt Resistance Insignia. This item costs one spare part crate to make and it is Bind On Account. On activation said Insignia grant a total of 100 reputation which is quite high bonus for one item. If you have saved all your spare parts you might be able to create enough Insignia to level straight from Revered to Exalted while skipping all of the boring grind. It is in fact an amazing catch-up mechanic for your alts since you can make Insignia on one character and transfer it to another via mailing system. There are also Contracts available which might increase your reputation farming speed but you need to hit Rev. in order to get your hands on them.

wow battle for azeroth

Battle for Azeroth Reputation Rewards

Alliance only Factions

7th Legion

Rev. unlocks various schematics for Alchemy, Enchanting, Engineering, Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing as well as Lil' Siege Tower battle pet which is the small cute Alliance Tower. At exalted players will unlock the ability to create Dark Iron Dwarf characters.

Storm's Wake

Rev. unlocks schematics for Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting and Engineering as well as Tome of Polymorph: Bumblebee , Pair of Bee Wings (battle pet) and Dead Ringer (toy). On Exalted you can purchase Reins of the Dapple Grey.

Order of Embers

At Honored Ghostly Pet Biscuit can be bought at the shop. Rev. unlocks schematics for Enchanting, Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Tailoring and Leatherworking as well as Tome of Hex: Wicker Mongrel and Pristine Falcon Feather (pet). Reins of the Smoku Charger can be bought at Exalted level.

Proudmoore Admiralty

Honored unlocks Gnoll Targeting Barrel (toy). On Rev. you can get Cursed Spyglass (toy) and recipes for Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Tailoring and Leatherworking. On Exalted two mounts Admiralty Stallion and Proudmoore Sea Scout can be acquired. Last stage of reputation also unlocks Kul Tiran Humans as a playable race.

Horde Only Factions

The Honorbound

At Rev. you can purchase small Battle Pet called Lil' War Machine and recipes for Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Blacksmithing Enchanting and Alchemy. Exalted is necessary requirement to unlock Mag'har Orc Allied Race.

Zandalari Empire

There are rewards at Rev. like Party Totem (toy) and schematics for Enchanting, Engineering, Alchemy and Jewelcrafting. On Exalted four types of Pterodactyl mounts can be purchased and Zandalari Allied Race requirement is met.

Talanji's Expedition

Rev. unlocks recipes for Leatherworking, Tailoring, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting and Alchemy. Additionally you can get Tragg the Curious (pet). Expedition Bloodswarmer (mount) becomes available at Exalted.


Honored reputation offers Desert Flute (toy), Akunda's Firesticks (toy). Rev. unlocks recipes for Enchanting, Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Tailoring and Leatherworking as well as Ghostly Explorer's Skull (toy). On Exalted you can start riding Alabaster Hyena.

Neutral Factions

Tortollan Seekers

Offer few recipes for Alchemy, Inscription, Cooking, Tailoring and Enchanting at Rev. and little cute Couple pet.

Champions of Azeroth

At Exalted you can get from this faction two collectible companions: Drop of Azurite and Digitized Assistant. On top of that they offer many high item level epic items.

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Rise of Azshara Factions

Rustbolt Resistance

Besides various Blueprints for equipment pieces on Revered you can unlock Rustbolt Banner (toy) and some Inscription scrolls. On Exalted they have Rustbolt Resistor mount which can be purchased for over half a million gold. That makes it one of the most expensive mounts in the game. On top of that you can buy Rank 3 Famine Evaluator And Snack Table which upgrades F.E.A.S.T. meal preparation ability, Rustbolt Resistance Tabard and Schematic for Blingtron 7000.

The Unshackled

On Revered you will find Recipes for Rank 3 Alchemy mixtures and Rank 3 Enchanting Formulas. You will be also able to farm more reputation through Unshackled Contract. At Exalted Rank 3 Greater Mystical Cauldron for Alchemy and Tabard of the Unshackled can both be purchased. If you have farmed for the special mount you won't be disappointed since they also sell Unshackled Waveray for 250 Mark of Azshara.

Waveblade Ankonian

Similarly to The Unshackled you can expect at Rev. reputation ability to purchase three Rank 3 recipes for Alchemy and four Rank 3 formulas for Enchanting profession. There as well you can increase your reputation growth speed by Contracts. At Exalted rewards are the same as with Unshackled except the mount which is blue not red.

wow classic

Reputation in Classic WoW

Argent Dawn

In Eastern Plaguelands players can meet NPC Fiona which offers a first quest that begins reputation farm with this faction. Argent Call: The Trial of the Crypt will be another one that is necessary to complete. You can locate it by going behind the Light's Hope Chapel. This should get you to Rev. reputation level when you can begin to do repeatables like Aberrations of Bone or Annals of the Silver Hand. On lower reputation levels you will unlock many recipes and blueprints while at Exalted you will be granted title <Name> of the Argent Dawn.

Bloodsail Buccaneers

Since they are rivals of Booty Bay you can simply level up this faction reputation by killing Booty Bay members. Keep in mind that it won't be as easy as it seems. Guards tend to call for reinforcements and root you in place with nets so bring a party or few friends that can protect you from constant waves of enemies. Another important fact is that you will lose reputation with Booty Bay during this process but luckily there is a way to recover it later on. Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation is usually farmed until Honored to unlock "Avast Ye, Admiral!" quest which has the reward of Bloodsail Admiral's Hat. This is a very special hat which when equipped summons a parrot which travels besides you.

Brood of Nozdormu

To gain reputation with Brood of Nozdormu players have to kill enemies in Ahn'Qiraj but they might also get a small amount for bosses in Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. Expect a slow experience gains since farming mobs at raids without a doubt doesn't sound like an optimal route to gain levels. Reputation levels below Exalted are needed for Tier 2.5 Armor including Avenger's Crown and Epic Rings. Exalted reputation gives even better versions of said rings.

Cenarion Circle

There are a couple of ways scattered around Azeroth of how you can get closer to the Cenarion Circle. Similarly to Brood of Nozdormu both Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj and the Temple grant experience to this faction. Encrypted Twilight Texts which are received from Cultists in Silithus and certain other mobs can be a way to level up as well. This reputation is mainly farmed for Nature Resistance gear which is necessary for raiding.

Hydraxian Waterlords

Reputation with this faction was necessary requirement to obtain Eternal Quintessence which was used in summoning ritual of Majordomo Executus. Killing each of the monsters that reside Molten Core improved this reputation. Trash enemies have experience only up to Rev. - to reach Exalted players had to fight bosses for many weeks.


Easiest route to reach Exalted with this faction leads through killing Syndicate members in Hillsbrad Foothills until the end of Honored. From then it is best to repeat Junkboxes Needed quest until the end. To do this you will need some help of Rogues since Heavy Junkboxes have to be pickpocketed from enemies in Blackrock Spire. This reputation is part of the Insane in the Membrane achievement which unlocks <Name> the Insane title. It is a main reason to farm it since other rewards are very trivial.

The Syndicate

The Rogue Human group in Alterac Mountains and Arathi Highlands which are Hated by Alliance and Horde and which Hate both factions as well. You can increase reputation towards these criminals by killing Ravenholdt NPCs but  ranks past Neutral are impossible to reach. There are no rewards for befriending Syndicate clan.

Thorium Brotherhood

For this faction players can farm reputation through quests as well as a repeatable mission called Gaining Even More Acceptance. Getting 100 Dark Iron Residue grants 1500 reputation with this faction. Upon reaching Honored you can start turning items at Lokhtos Darkbargainer to progress further. The best ones would be Lava Core and Fiery Core.  There are tons of rewards at Exalted including equipment plans and enchant formulas. More importantly you can unlock plans for Sulfuron Hammer which are the requirement for Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros crafting.

Timbermaw Hold

To start off head over to Felwood where you can complete first quest commissioned by Donova Snowden in Winterspring. After that the best method is to slaughter all nearest Furbolgs to complete More Beads for Salfa. Exalted is quite easy to hit since quests reward players with generous amount of reputation. Reaching Exalted unlocks The Root of All Evil quest which can grant you an epic trinket Defender of the Timbermaw. Its active ability summons Timbermaw Ancestor which fights alongside you. On top of that there are various formulas and other smaller rewards.

Wintersaber Trainers

It is a grind for Alliance players which was never forgotten by many players until this day. You will need a lot of patience to Reach Exalted which allows you to buy Winterspring Frostsaber for 900 gold. The only way to do that is to complete 3 quests available only once a day. You have to do them over and over again because there is no other way. While doing this grind it is good to have something else on your mind no to go crazy. You might play in a window while browsing websites like Wowhead and reading articles similar to our reputation guides. Note that list of turn based games that you can use to kill time during farming on the second window is quite long so use that yo your advantage and don't get bored too easily on the game that you love to play.

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If you want to enjoy all of the goods offered by quartermasters and vendors from Argus, Isle of Thunder, Zandalar and Kul'Tiras races - grinding reputation will be necessary. Follow our guide where we explain how to get started with all of the questing mechanics, dungeon bonuses, best mob types and everything else that you need to know to reach exalted effectively.

In the end the reputation system is a very important part of the game for mount and toy collectors, Pet Battle enthusiasts, title lovers and players who want to upgrade their professions with various recipes. Our guide about this topic sadly has came to a conclusion but it might not be over for your reading. You can have a look at additional guides from MMO world that we have prepared just for you. They can be found on our blog page as well as articles from other online titles and gaming world in general. Get to know Champions of Azeroth Emissary Location, Order of Embers Quartermaster vendor home, latest patch log and other info. Below we have placed a link for your convenience so click it right away if you want to have a view straight into our blog page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are the levels of reputation in WoW?

In order from worst Hated, Hostile, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, Revered and Exalted.

  • How much reputation is Revered?

You will need 12000 points to get from Honored to Rev and 21000 points to get there from Neutral.

  • How long does it take to get Revered with Unshackled and Shen Dralar?

About an hour a day for couple for days.

  • Alliance, Horde is there any difference in reputation farms?

Yes there is. Humans from Alliance have racial which increases reputation gains.


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