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WoW Professions Guide
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Wow professions guide

In almost every expansion in World of Warcraft, professions are receiving significant updates. It is one of the key features of this game many players do not utilize to their advantage. Professions do come with many perks and bonuses and are divided across many categories. You can use them as a gold-making method, as a way of upgrading your gear, for collecting purposes, and many other situations. Because they are so diversionary, you can use them in almost every aspect of the game. It is vital to know how you can benefit from each one of them to reach its maximum potential. Below you can read about every single profession available in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, which might help you choose the most profitable ones for your character.

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Primary and Secondary skills

There are two types of professions in World of Warcraft. Primary professions are the main skills that you can train through profession trainers in the biggest cities of Azeroth. You can have two of them active at the same time, and they will be equally functional. They might also be switched to other ones after your choice changes but not without a penalty. Each of the jobs dropped loses all levels and experience that you have previously gained. The new learned profession will always start from level 1, even if you already had it on any other level. As primary professions, we can count Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, and Tailoring.

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Secondary professions are a bit different, though. There are three of them: Cooking, Fishing, and Archeology. First Aid was previously there as well, but in Battle for Azeroth expansion, it got folded under Tailoring. All of these skills can be learned at the same time since they have their spots in professions skill book. Because of that, you can have a total of five professions learned at the same time: two primary ones and three secondaries.

Leveling up

When you first learn your desired profession, you can start progressing in that matter through activities connected to your skill. Players who have learned Herbalism will pick up herbs to level up, Blacksmiths will be making weapons and armor, and Alchemists will try to brew some potions. You will quickly notice that your progression will be blocked by certain milestones. At each milestone, a specific number of levels is necessary for further progression, and at every one of them, you will be assigned a rank. On Apprentice, you can raise your profession level to 75, on Journeyman to 150, on Expert to 225 and Artisan up to 300, which is the cap in Battle for Azeroth.

Primary Skill descriptions

wow professions guide jewelcrafting Jewelcrafting - One of the professions that you can choose is the Jewelcrafting. It is by far the least useful job that you can take in World of Warcraft since most of the gemstones are very easy to make and generate more losses than profits. It is cheaper to buy gems straight from Auction House than to make them on your own and because of that you should focus on other jobs. Choose Jewelcrafting only if that is your desire but don't expect high profit from that.

wow professions guide alchemy Alchemy - Processing profession which takes resources (usually herbs) and turns them into various potions, elixirs, and flasks. Alchemy is a great skill that can be used both as a money maker and as a utility profession. Since the best available consumables are a necessity for endgame raiding - many players will pay a lot for the goods made through Alchemy. It is the best choice before a raid release when prices of all consumables available go twice as high or even more.

wow professions guide herbalism Herbalism - It is a skill that revolves purely around gathering herbs, and therefore it is leveled by picking them up from the ground. Every herb has three ranks, which can improve the efficiency of gathering that specific plant. Getting to the next rank is done by gathering. During that time, you might come across quest items leading you to the rank upgrade or missions assigned by a skill trainer. Herbalism is a gathering profession, and because of that, it is straightforward and self-explanatory. Both new and advanced players might profit from this one since you will come across many herbs on your journey, and picking them up does not take too much time at all.

wow professions guide skinning Skinning - Quite forgotten profession and not a really useful one. It is a gathering skill used to collect hides from deceased animals. Although it was very profitable in Vanilla or even Classic WoW, it is not so much in the retail version. These days people who choose this profession over others do that either to pair it with Leatherworking or to gain small amounts of raw gold early in the game. Since most herbs and ore prices are higher than those of skins, Skinning is the worst gathering profession in terms of sheer money-making. 

Important note: If you want to skin something killed by another player, you will have to wait for him to take all the loot from it. 

wow professions guide blacksmithing Blacksmithing - A profession was beneficial back in the day. Everybody who aimed to get the best in slot gear went for Blacksmithing. These days it is only a shadow of its former self. Blacksmiths are rarely seen these days since only plate users can benefit from it to the maximum. It is not a primary choice when it comes to gold making, nor is it for the utility since almost every other skill can give you better perks and bonuses. If making plate equipment and weapons is your dream, then go for Blacksmithing - otherwise, we wouldn't recommend it right now.

wow professions guide enchanting Enchanting - Unlike other professions, Enchanting does not produce too many items. It is also not fed by gathering professions, but instead with items of uncommon and higher quality. Another field where this skill differs a lot from the others is it's leveling. You won't be able to gain experience in Enchanting efficiently if you are unable to consistently farm items with certain levels or to buy reagents straight from the Auction House. Because of that, this profession is most often chosen by players who can afford to fund it all the way to the maximum level. Besides enchantments that you can craft, it also comes with another perk, which is disenchanting. It is used for quick and easy gold making. Disenchanting allows players to destroy items for dust and crystals, which you can sell for a bigger profit than unprocessed equipment pieces.

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wow professions guide engineering Engineering - Engineers can craft various devices that range from being very useful to entirely cosmetic. Most of the gadgets created through this profession cannot be used by players who didn't choose it as their job. Because of that, it is not a great moneymaker.

wow professions guide mining Mining - Yet another gathering skill which is similar to Herbalism. In mining, you also wander through Azeroth in search of resources, but this time you aim to mine nodes and veins to acquire various ores.

wow professions guide inscription Inscription - This is the latest addition to the primary professions, which is responsible for creating glyphs, cards, and scrolls. Through milling ability, Inscriptions can destroy herbs and collect ink, which is the resource used in the process of scroll making.

wow professions guide tailoring Tailoring - A production skill that very much differs from both Leatherworking and Smithing. Tailors use skins that are decided out of deceased animals to make Cloth items and bags. Because they are not restricted to equipment pieces alone, this crafting profession is usually a better gold generator than other production skills. Bags are especially profitable at the beginning of expansions when many players create new characters, and new best-in-slot bags become available.

wow professions guide leatherworking Leatherworking - used to create Leather and Mail armour pieces from animal skins. Useful for Hunters, Shamans, Druids, Monks, Rogues and Demon Hunters that wear this types of armour. As with every equipment making profession it is not the best moneymaker. You can profit from it by a mediocre amount if you choose to pair it with Skinning.

Secondary professions

wow professions guide fishing Fishing - Secondary skills are often marginalized by many players as it might seem not profitable. This is not always the case as competition is usually not very high. Fishing is probably the most 'chill' profession in the game where you can go to the nearest water reservoir and just throw the bait to start your 'hunting'. All you need to do afterwards is to pay attention to whether your bobbler moves or not. If it does click on it immediately to get your reward. If you are watching movies or chatting on your phone Fishing is a great addition to your earnings.

wow professions guide cooking Cooking - With Cooking skill you can make various meals that can be used to gain temporary stat boosts and other bonuses. Advanced recipes allow to create feasts that can feed the whole party or even a raid. All of the statistic boosting consumables are very much welcome at raids which means that there is very high demand for them. This creates an opportunity to make gold out of it.

wow professions guide archeology Archeology - Last but not least there is a profession which revolves around finding items that were buried beneath the ground. You go to special places that were predefined for this skill and you dig for ancient fragments. There is no profit in gold from Archeology however you might receive titles, mounts, rare toys and mostly parts of long forgotten Azeroth lore. Since it plays such a small role in character development, Archeology is considered a waste of time by many players and usually only completionists and collectors level it up.


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Synergy between professions

Some of the professions were meant to be chosen together. For example, Herbalism is a profession that allows you to pick up herbs found across Azeroth. When paired with Alchemy, it enables you to create elixirs from the herbs that you found. It is not a necessity to choose jobs that correlate with each other since you can always buy crucial resources or get them straight from guildmates and other players that specialize in gathering skills. Choosing jobs that work together might decrease the costs of resources, which are often high, so here is the list of which one of them have the best synergy.

Herbalism + Alchemy - Just as mentioned before. This combination allows you to gather herbs, which you can use to make potions and elixirs. Very profitable choice from which you can also benefit during raids as you can make potions for yourself, guildmates, or just sell them on the Auction House.

Mining + Blacksmithing - Allows you to gather ores necessary for crafting equipment pieces. They are chosen most often by players who want to create gear on their own. 

Fishing + Cooking - Fishing allows you to catch food that you can, later on, cook with advanced recipes for profit that comes from selling them or just for consumption.

Tailoring + Enchanting - It is a good combination mostly for leveling of Tailoring since destroying equipment pieces that you made can give you back a portion of the gold that you have spent on leveling. On the other hand, you can also make use of reagents that you got from disenchanting items.

Mining + Engineering - A great deal of items made through the Engineering skill requires a lot of ore. Because of that, it is a great combination that can turn out to be quite profitable... or just fun!

Skinning + Leatherworking - Just like with Blacksmithing, this is for people who want to make their equipment pieces. Skinning allows you to gather the resources needed for Leatherworking.

Herbalism + Inscription - Scrollmakers in Azeroth will need a lot of pigments acquired through milling herbs. It makes Herbalism a perfect match for Inscriptions.

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Picking two gathering professions

wow professions guide herbalismwow professions guide miningwow professions guide skinning

Probably the most common combination of two professions are Herbalism and Mining. Gathering skills in general do not generate losses. You can only make a profit from picking up resources so whether you want to focus on collecting or not - you will be always making a bank. This synergy is especially great for players that are new to the game. During leveling stages you can increase your profits by collecting everything you come across. Later in the game during current expansion profits become even higher since raiders are buying both herbs and ores in large amounts and there is always a high demand for them.

 Which profession is the best

When you are choosing two professions for your character think about this decision deeply. Most of them take quite high amounts of gold to reach maximum level so changing them for others later on would be a tremendous waste. When making this choice pay attention to three factors: synergy between skills, gold making purposes, and usefulness for your class and character.

Some of the professions work together the best and taking only one of them would be a waste. Very often taking two production skills is not a good idea since you won't be able to gather up resources to create items with them and you might find yourself in a situation where you spend more gold on buying things than selling them. Gold Making factor  is the most crucial one these days as all profession skills in World of Warcraft has been marginalized by Blizzard and items made from them aren't as useful as they were. During Vanilla Blacksmiths were known for making best armours, Tailors for creating bags necessary for storing items and Alchemy was a must for endgame raiding. Now you can live without training any professions, WoW does not reward players with almost anything besides a gold and because of that they are mainly used as a moneymakers.

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If you want to find the best profession that makes a lot of gold you need to take a few facts into consideration. It is worth paying attention to the state of the game and dates of big patch releases. If you are collecting resources you might find it more profitable to stockpile them in your bank up to a big raid release. You might even step it up by buying them in large amounts when their prices plummet and sell everything on the new patch. Raids will bulk-buy everything at very high prices for a few days after a patch release which means that you can dictate prices on the market. This also applies to other professions which make useful items for raiders like Alchemy, Cooking and partly Engineering. Professions are purely revolved about supplying the demand so think who needs what, look for opportunity window and jump through it before the rest of the community does.

In the end professions are the core part of the game. Processing material that you get from monster drop can prove more worthy than what you got in the first place. Simple green item might be essential for gold making. Crafted goods can be sold to store, used for your own advantage or put in Auction House for a long term profit.We hope that our profession guides were enough to change your mind about usefullness of professions in World of Warcraft. You can also check out leveling guides that we have prepared for easy navigation through game content.


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Which WoW professions should I choose?

Go for gathering professions if you need the money and select others for bonuses.

What professions make the most money in WoW?

Gathering ones are pure profit, but Alchemy and Enchanting are known as a great gold maker as well.

How many WoW professions can you have?

Two main ones and each of the secondary professions.

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