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WoW Toys Guide
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World of Warcraft toys guide

World of Warcraft is, without a doubt, an enormous game, which features tons of events, characters, items, and customizations. Most of those are quite pompous while other very tragic, but there is also a distraction from all of this that comes in the form of toys. In this guide, we will be taking a more in-depth look at what we can find in toys collection, how you can benefit from collecting them, and which of the toys are most rare and valuable. Dive with us into the world of most irrelevant items found across Azeroth.

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What's in the box?

wow toy box

Every small item that you can play with for the sake of pure fun can be found in the Toy Box accessed via the menu at Collections interface besides Mounts, Pets, Heirlooms, and Appearances. It is the bread and butter of every puppeteer and collector, as this table shows players almost every toy in the game - whether it was previously acquired or not. 

You may now ask how is it possible that the table which is supposed to be the complete list of specific items shows only "almost" all of them. Well, the reason behind it is that some of the toys remain hidden not to spoil the fun that comes from finding them.

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It's not a bug, it's a feature!

The Toy Box is not only a collection of items that you have and that you could find but also a useful feature you can use to free up some space. All of the toys that you collect along your journey are immediately put into your toy box. You can use them account-wide, so if one of your characters gather, for example, a Big Red Raygun - the other ones will be able to use it as well. Even those banked can be used at your will by accessing the menu. However, selling your toys will remove them from your vanity items collection.

There are also more features that you can see in this window - progress tracker, which shows how many toys you have and how many more wait for you, your personal favorites, and locations of toys that can help you get new findings for your collection.

The precious will be ours...

wow jeeves

Azeroth is a world of obscure rarities and curiosities that can be found around every corner. Some of them can be extremely pricey, and most dedicated players might empty their bank account to get them. The most precious toys that can be found in World of Warcraft were made not strictly for the computer version of the game but for the card equivalent of it. These items are known as TCG (Trading Card Game) content. 

They were made as a special promotion - people who have bought Warcraft Trading Cards got a special bonus code that could be redeemed for a unique in-game rewards and bonuses. These days they are relics of the past, and only a small amount of players got their hands on them. Because of that, they reach the highest values of all items available in the game. Of course, some of them were toys which are right now the most expensive toys that you can find in the game.

When it comes to the most expensive ones among the TCG toys, we can find pure cosmetic things like Murloc Costume, which transforms the player into a Murloc Plush, Dark Portal, which is just a special hearthstone, or a D.I.S.C.O. Ball playing music and making everybody around it burst into a dance.

Useful trash

wow toys

Toys are usually considered small items that do not affect the gameplay, but instead, they bring a little humor to it. It is not exactly true as some of them have real uses that can change some mechanics for a player benefit. It is probably the main reason that they can quickly rise in price, reaching extreme high values... but let's not rush things as we will talk about that later on. In this paragraph, we want to tell you about vanity items that you can use to make your life easier.

Jeeves - One of the most useful toys in World of Warcraft. Jeeves is a little robot gentleman that you can spawn to access bank, repairs, and vendor. He can be spawned once every hour to grant his services for all nearby party members. His construction is quite a laborious and costly process that requires high Engineering, and that is the only one and the biggest downside of this toy.

Katy's Stampwhistle - A toy acquired from a quest that starts at Legion version of Dalaran. The mailbox can drop a letter that begins a mission when picked up. By using this vanity item, players can summon Postmaster Assistant who can send and receive a mail. It is, in fact, a portable mailbox with three hours cooldown.

Brazier of Awakening - Another useful item that can protect the raid or dungeon party from a wipe. After everyone in the group dies, and the combat ends, it resurrects one random player. The Brazier has to be placed on the ground beforehand, and it lasts for 12 minutes. It can be placed again after 30 minutes of cooldown. You can find it in Tanaan Jungle.

MOLL-E - Yet another portable mailbox that can be summoned for 10 minutes. The easiest way to obtain it is to buy it from the Auction House since. Players are constantly selling it for quite a low price. It can also be acquired through engineering.

Innkeeper's Daughter - Just a portable Hearthstone which doesn't take your inventory space. This toy can be found through the Archeology, and it shares the same cooldown as the Hearthstone.

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Shard of Archstone - Makes player untargetable for 5 minutes. It might be useful to avoid aggro of a dangerous mob that is coming towards you or to not pull a pack in a dungeon. However, it will make you immobile, which is a considerable downside to this item. It is dropped by Havak in Kun-Lai Summit.

Whispers of Rai'Vosh - Slows falling speed for 10 seconds with a one-hour cooldown. Quite useful to negate falling damage when you quickly want to descend from the mountain. They are dropped by the boss in Shadowmoon Valley.

Hook of the Master Angler - Transforms you into a fish which increases your underwater swimming speed and gives you water breathing. Quite useful, if you haven't acquired Water Strider and you need to travel across a big water reservoir. Even better if you have to dive for something which lies deep under the water. It is a reward for winning Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza.

Sturdy Love Fool - A target dummy you can summon whenever and wherever you want. Great for testing rotation and damage or to pass some time during wait time in between bosses at raids. It is sold from Valentine's Day merchant during the event for 100 Love Tokens.

If you want to improve your toys collection the easiest way of doing so is at the Darkmoon Faire location. You won't find there special Mists of Pandaria collectables, Warlords of Draenor content or Broken Shore items among those sold by vendors, however simply completing quests with your character is a quick way for quality mount, pet and more importantly toys. Both Alliance and Horde players can expect green drops in toy items a lot of rares dropped and others.

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If you want to improve your toys collection the easiest way of doing so is at the Darkmoon Faire location. You won't find there special Mists of Pandaria collectables, Warlords of Draenor content or Broken Shore items among those sold by vendors, however simply completing quests with your character is a quick way for quality mount, pet and more importantly toys. Both Alliance and Horde players can expect green drops in toy items a lot of rares dropped and others.

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