Best WoW Battle Pets - Pokemon in World of Warcraft!

Best WoW Battle Pets
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Best battle pets in World of Warcraft

There are hundreds or even thousands of battle pets in World of Warcraft. Finding the best ones might seem like a tedious task, but your gathering speed will increase significantly by collecting them. If you want to get them all - here is your guide to best critters available in WoW.


What are pet battles?

Pet Battling

It is a turn-based activity in World of Warcraft, which can be performed by players from all level ranges. The closest similarity which would explain to you most about this mini-game function is a cartoon series - Pokemon. Just like in this series about small pets, you can run around Azeroth finding new creatures and battling against both wild critters and those tamed by other players. The goal is to capture as many as possible, level up, improve them, and compare your collection to others. Finding the rarest will take time, patience and will send you on an adventure to the deepest wilds in all of Azeroth, so if you want to start a journey as a collector and Archeology is not your thing, then you might be into Pet Battling. Start your adventure with basics, which you can find below - this will make your journey easier.


How to start

To start, players will have to find the Battle Pet Trainer, who can teach them how to track critters on the minimap and how to catch them. This pleasure costs 10 gold. The level requirement needed to complete this training is 5, but once it becomes account-wide. If you haven't received your race-specific pet yet, you can talk to the trainer to get one for free.

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After completing the training, you will be able to add one of the pets to your team. To have an active pet, you will need to choose a companion from the list in the journal and drag it into the unlocked slot at your Battle Pet team. As you will quickly notice, there are three slots available, but only one will be immediately unlocked. Completing achievements Newbie and Just a Pup will be necessary to unlock others. 

Before you are able to do what you want in the pet battling world, you will have to speak to the trainer once again. He will show you how you can revive your pets. It will be essential to continue fighting after lost battles.


Basics of battles

pet fight

As we have already mentioned, by speaking to the trainer you will learn how to track pets on your minimap. These creatures are marked by a green paw icon, which lets you see them more clearly than before training. By right-clicking onto a creature that you want to challenge, you will start a pet battle. It will take you to a special UI that is designed just for this purpose. There you can find things such as health bars, combat effects, abilities, turns, and team members of your and enemy composition.

The combat is turn-based, and it’s not limited by time so players can spend as much time as they want to think about their next move. Some of the abilities can take planning since they have to be combined with different ones when others can last many turns, so there is a lot of strategies that come to pet battles. On top of that, some pet combinations perform better against specific types, while others do worse, so all pets can be countered by one or another.

During the battle, you are able to switch between pets, if attacks of the one that you were using were not effective enough, or his health was getting low. By saving him during the fight, you won't have to revive him after it, and he will instantly recover 50% of the damage that he received during the battle. For winning a fight, you will gain experience evenly split among all of your pets that have survived the match, so deceased ones will not level up. The amount of rewards that you get is calculated based on the difference between your pet level and the wild one that you are fighting against.


Battle Pets and their family trees

Each pet belongs to one of 10 family trees: Aquatic, Beast, Critter, Dragonkin, Elemental, Flying, Humanoid, Magic, Mechanical, and Undead. Each pet excels at something while also being bad at other things. Choosing the correct one to counter your opponent will be crucial to winning fights. Pets who are strong against other family trees will receive a 50% damage increase against them, and those who are weak suffer from a 33% damage reduction. On top of that, there are special effects for each of the family trees.

Aquatic: 50% less damage received from damage over time effects

Beast: 25% increased damage when below 50% health

Critter: Immune to Sleeps, Roots, and Stuns

Dragonkin: 50% bonus damage for the next attack after lowering your enemy health below 50%

Elemental: Unaffected by bad weather conditions

Flying: Additional 50% speed above 50% health

Humanoid: 4% health recovery on turns where they dealt damage

Magic: Cannot be hit for more than 35% of their maximum health

Mechanical: They come back to life after killed with 20% health (once per battle)

Undead: After killed they come back to life for one round with immortality


Pet's quality

Pet Quality

There are six pet qualities that determine how strong your companion is. The difference between them implies a discrepancy in statistics similarly to level differences. Higher tier means more health, speed, and attack. In the same rarity, there might also be differences in stats. Some specimens will be faster than the others, and some will have more health. It is up to the player to catch the best one, and the fact that you got the highest quality pet doesn't mean that it is best that you could get.

The quality of the pet that you capture is random, and you will be able to see it after entering a battle UI. If you want to get more rare find than this what you have found, you can quickly forfeit the fight. It will result in a quick end but a 10% health loss penalty from your companion's strength. 

This rule does not apply for pets that are found during the events and in drops since their quality for most of the time is preset. Your pet's quality can be upgraded by Battle-Stones, which are found in Tamer daily reward bag or randomly awarded for winning pet battles.


Capturing your pet

Caging pet

Almost all of the pets that you can find in the wild can be caught. To do so, you have to go into a fight against it and bring its health to below 35%. It can often be difficult since battling low-level pets will almost always result in one-shotting your enemies. There are pets that can help you with this task like Molten Corgi or Terrible Turnip, which we have described below. After getting your target's health low enough, you can attempt to enslave it by throwing a cage with “Trap!” ability. This process might fail quite a few times, so keep track of your own pet's health not to let it die during the attempts.

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Strongest Battle Pets in WoW

Strongest battle pet

Although there are some exceptions, most of the Battle Pets in World of Warcraft can become very strong. Since you can level them up and raise their quality, even the simplest ones found in the starting zones might grow into tough ones later on. Of course, these are not endgame ones that you will be trying to find. During the later stages of the game, you will be looking for exceptional specimens that have unique abilities. They can either win you a fight against certain Battle Pet families in seconds or help you to catch other individuals.

Anubisath Idol - Dropped by Emperor Vek'lor in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

Anubisath Idol is known for being a strong tank with two abilities - Stoneskin and Sandstorm that eliminate almost all damage over time effects. On top of that, Deflection is known for its power to protect from the most powerful hits. It is a humanoid pet, and therefore he can recover health very quickly during combat, making him last longer in fights than other combat pets.

Emerald Proto-Whelp - Caught in northern Sholazar Basin

One of the strongest Battle Pets in the game. It is especially good if you can catch a P/P (high power) version of it. It can also be upgraded with Battle-Stone, so make sure to catch a rare one and upgrade it. This drake is exceptionally effective against flying pets as it is a dragon (all dragons have damage reduction from flying pets). Abilities like Magic Bite and Emerald Presence will prove extremely efficient in fights against insects, which can apply DoT effects.

Darkmoon Tonk - Purchasable at Darkmoon Faire for 90 tickets

One of the best Beast killers in the game. Combination of Shock, Awe, and Ion Cannon skills is usually enough to finish even the strongest Battle Pets that represent Beast race.

Spring Rabbit - Available from vendors and eggs during the Noblegarden Easter event.

High speed allows this Pet to use Flurry for extra damage. On top of that, Burrow and Dodge can be consistently used to avoid most nasty enemy moves.

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling - Created through Engineering. It can be bought on the Auction House.

One of the most famous pets used to catch others. It works excellent against Magic users thanks to its damage reduction and Breath ability. Thunderbolt is an extraordinary ability that can split its damage across the enemy team or make a colossal nuke on one pet. His fast speed is counterable by Decoy ability.

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Teroclaw Hatchling - Can be found in nests around Talador.

It has Nature's Ward, which allows this pet to keep his health high at all times. It makes its Flying passive always active. The boost of speed works great with Alpha Strike and Dodge abilities, which are great even against Aquatic challengers.

Terrible Turnip (or 10th Anniversary Molten Corgi) - Sunsong Ranch farm harvest

It's Weakening Blow ability makes it the best companion used to catch other Battle Pets. With this skill, you will be able to get any critter to a low health without killing it - making it much easier to catch.

Snarly - Received from fishing daily quest in Shattrath.

It possesses a powerful combo of Rip, followed by Blood in the Water. Works exceptionally well against elemental types of Battle Pets. Surge skill works as a finisher to end the combo.

Iron Starlette - Obtained by initial WoD breadcrumb quest, which is still available in the game.

It has probably one of the most potent combos in the game. By using Wind-Charge-Wind, this companion can win a fight against almost all of the Battle Pets in an instant. Wind-Smoke-Window combo can also be used to win most of the matches. Without a doubt, it’s even stronger than the Darkmoon Tonk.

Northern Hawk Owl - Found in the south area of Highmountain

Reliable pet, able to use abilities like Darkness and Nocturnal Strike. It is capable of killing most of the enemies in two shots while hurting others badly. Outstanding damage output on this one.

Unborn Val'Kyr - Found in Northrend

For some people, it’s one of the best pets, while others feel that it is overrated. During its Haunt ability, it can avoid AoE damage. Some breeds also come with a very high health pool. This pet can heal itself through Siphon Life ability while also dealing damage at the same time, but the essential tool in its kit is Unholy Ascension - drastically increases your team damage for nine rounds.

Xu-Fu Cub of Xuen - Can be gained from the Celestial Tournament.

It's an excellent choice for hunting wild pets. Feed and Prowl combo can be used to wipe wild teams with Xu-Fu alone. He can boost attack and regain his health during combat, which makes him perfect for catching other pets, but it's not as good at PvP.

Chrominius - Drop from Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair 

An excellent pet to start, stale, or finish a battle. You can last a long time by using Arcane Explosion and Blessing and go all out when the enemy is low through the Surge of Power. Exceptionally strong against flying pets.

Kun-Lai Runt - Kun-Lai Summit Pet Battles.

One of the best against Critters who deal less damage vs. Humanoids. You can deal significant damage against them with Rampage while also healing a portion of pet's health during attacks.

Lil' Ragnaros - Can be acquired through the game store.

It is often chosen not for its combat purposes but because it can act as a portable fire source for cooking. During pet battles, it can also be a great choice since his kit is quite strong, but it is not the strongest pet for sure.

Nexus Whelpling - Coldarra Pet Battles

Amazing hard-hitter, which can use the combo of Arcane Storm and Mana Surge that kills all flying type pets within two moves. The only downside to that is that it doesn't perform very well against critters.

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If you want to become real Pet Battler as other Tamers then you will be required to complete daily quests and kill countless critters to climb up in rating. If you have what it takes for this content then level pets with our guides. Whether you are focusing on BFA pets or want to get those from Mists of Pandaria or even Classic your character need lvl. You won't be able to get what you want right after your first spawn in Azeroth. Pets like Ikky, Black Claw, Lil Bling, Yellow Moth and Black Cat don't breed on starting zones. At every day you have a chance to get wild pet faddition which will expand collection. Whether it is common one or pretty rare find your Pet Garrison can fill quickly. The view of uniques that you found by yourself not purchased is trully a spirit lifting experience. If you want to become next Tamer Squirt play pvp pet battles. This system is not only about collecting but also about challenging other players.Mention a friend from your allience and set him up for pvp battles. In return you will get hard earned experience and knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best pet for a hunter in WoW?

It highly depends on what you want to achieve, but Battle Pets are not the same as Hunter Pets.

What WoW classes have pets?

Hunters have companions that fight alongside them, but all classes can collect Battle Pets.

How many WoW Battle Pets are there?

1245 Battle Pets were released before Shadowlands expansion.

How do I win a pet battle in World of Warcraft?

By having a superior pet than your opponent and using correct abilities.


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