WoW Transmog Farming in BFA - A long term profit

WoW Transmog Farming in BFA
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World of warcraft transmog farming in battle for azeroth

Farming for transmogrification equipment pieces have been known to be one of the best ways to earn gold in World of Warcraft. By running the same instances a couple of times, you will be able to get items that can drastically improve the net worth of your account. One lucky drop can be a real game-changer as some of the items are worth more than enough to buy months of gameplay time. With our guide, you will be able to find the best spots to farm transmogs and earn the most through this money-making method.


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How to start dungeon farming

To begin making WoW gold on instance runs, you don't need much. Most of the time, the heart that you wear will be more than enough to begin. Make sure to free up your inventory and bank from everything irrelevant to have as many empty slots as possible. If you have many alts, make sure to pick a class that has superior movement speed abilities and bonuses like Druid or Monk. Hunter and Mage can also work very well but restrain from Warrior, Death Knight, and Paladin since those are the slowest classes in the game. 

You will find a list of instances that you can use for transmog farm in BfA and any other expansion below. Make a choice, where you want to begin and go to the instance entrance. You can start by entering through the teleport. Run through the dungeon, killing as many monsters as humanly possible. You can group them up by just passing them and kill them off at the same time with AoE for easier looting. If you are at the max level, you should have no problem surviving. After the work is done, leave the dungeon and repeat the process.

Is it profitable

There are many fans of running through instances for transmogs, but there also are those who think that you can't earn WoW gold on this method. They are both correct since it is not as simple to make a living with this form of activity. Many WoW players have already seen those flashy titles on YouTube, stating that you can make hundreds of thousands of gold every hour by simple dungeon clearing. It is not entirely true that you can make that much, but it is also not entirely false.

If you are about to choose transmog farms as a primary money-making way, make sure to stick to it for a while. You will not be able to earn as much WoW gold by just farming these items as you will also have to sell them. It is the tricky part which is not stated in YouTube videos. There isn't a high demand for transmogrification items on the Auction House. Because of that, you will be likely left with tons of items that don't sell very well. It is the moment when you might think that this method is not suitable for WoW gold farming.

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It is not the case - you can easily make a lot of gold on transmog farming. It is also possible that with this method, you will be able to make more than with any other, but you will need a key virtue for this - patience. As mentioned before, the demand for transmog items is not that high, and the supply of these goods on some of the servers can be very high. To make the process of posting on Auction House less painful, you should provide yourself with an Auction House addons like TSM. With it, you will be able to put out all of the items from your inventory in a few clicks. Make sure to offer the best prices on the Auction House since these items do not sell often. You don't want to have a higher price than your competitors.

Last but not least there is a consistency factor which will determine how much you can make on transmog farm. You will have to run through dungeons often enough to increase the variety of items that you put on the Auction House. It will also increase the number of items bought, so to put it, the more you have, the more people buy and the more you are able to earn every day. You will be far more likely to see the effects of your work if you have a wide variety of transmog items posted daily. It also refers to posting new trades. After two days, your auctions expire, which means that you have to post them over and over again, and although it might seem tedious, it should not be a problem with addons. If you can, avoid posting for more than one day so you will be more likely to undercut your competition prices.


Addons for Transmog Farming

Running through low-level dungeons and collecting items only seems like an easy task that doesn't require any addons. Farming transmogs without Trade Skill Master addon might quickly result in cluttering both your inventory and your bank. Installing this addition to your game will help you not only to post items on the Auction House but also to check for the prices of items that you have in the bag. It is crucial for every item collector who wants to see whether their loot is valuable and whether there is a chance to sell that on AH. It will help you determine how many items like yours have been sold in the recent future, which basically will tell you if the equipment piece that you just looted is worth keeping or not.

There are also fewer necessary addons which you can get. Loot Appraiser can help you by emitting a sound when valuable items dropped on the ground while also showing you their value. As it is not a standalone addon, you will also need to install the TSM to make it work. Selljunk can be useful to quickly get rid of the things that you don't need from your inventory. All you have to do is to make a list of things that you want to get rid of and click one button every time you are trading with NPC to sell junk. Rarity addon can help you keep track of how many attempts you have made to acquire certain item pieces and mounts. It is not particularly needed for farming purposes but can be quite helpful by giving you an insight on your average gold per hour values.

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Which class to choose

Among Transmog farmers and gold farmers, in general, there are only three classes that perform exceptionally well. These classes are Druids, Monks, and Rogues. The first one is an exceptionally mobile class that can effectively group up mobs and pull them from afar with the instant cast, long-range spells like Moonfire. On top of that, Druids are able to use travel form, which can instantly turn them into creatures that travel at high speed in the air, water, and on the ground. On top of that, they have various movement speed boosts, gap closers, and other abilities that make their farming time a breeze.

Monks are yet another extremely mobile class that can travel through the dungeons efficiently. They aren't as good as Druids in this department as they do not possess travel form, which would give them an "instant mount." On the other hand, they have tools like Rushing Jade Wind, which is AoE that is wrapped around them, killing everything which stands near them. Ox statue is a necessity on some of the farms as it pulls mobs from a certain distance taunting them to attack it. There are also Rolls, Flying Serpent Kick, and Chi Torpedo's and Tiger's Lusts, which can be used to move from one place to another quickly.

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Last but not least, there are also Rogues, which aren't as effective as the previous two in farming and aren't as agile in what they do but also have their field where they shine. Rogues can pass through enemies without being noticed thanks to Stealth, and they can Vanish from their sight to lose aggro at any given moment. Because of that, they work great in dungeons and raids where you don't want to clear everything and get to a certain point unnoticed. You can go into the instance, pass through everything, and kill the boss or pack of monsters that you are interested in. It works especially useful in raids where you want to farm for mounts. They might not be the best farming class, but they surely deserve an honorable mention.

Transmog Farm Dungeons

Dungeons are well known to be profitable in terms of Transmogrification items farming. They are small instances that you can complete in a matter of minutes without a struggle. Dungeons are much easier and shorter than raids, they don't have any complications like cutscenes and boss mechanics, and they drop old school equipment, which is often overlooked by the community. Because of that, they are perfect for farming, and you can find things with huge net worth.

Blackrock Depths (BRD) - Entrance found at Burning Steppes/Searing Gorge

After one of the patches in the game, this dungeon drop table got changed. You can find there gear pieces not only original to BRD but also those previously aligned to Blackfathom Deeps. This variety made the farm even more profitable than ever before. You can choose to turn left and gather all the monsters which stand on this side up until you reach the boss. After that, kill them and go back to the entrance. Reset the dungeon once you are out and join again to clear it once more. The other way of doing it involves clearing everything before resetting the instance. Make sure to choose the method that you like more since both of them can be equally profitable.

Shadowfang Keep (SFK) - Entrance found at Shadowpine Forest

Most of the players who use this dungeon for their transmog farm are going in with the desire to find the Shadowfang. It is very much sought after a one-handed sword, which is often sold at the Auction House for a decent profit. Even if you don't manage to obtain it, there are more equipment pieces that you can farm at SFK. You can find Cloak transmogs and Cloth items among them. Other gear pieces aren't as worthy as these so you can disenchant them for the Dust.

Stratholme (Strat) - Entrance found at Eastern Plaguelands

You can pick up their items like Sword of Decay, Wall of the Dead, and Militia Shoulderguards that go around for a fair amount of gold. Besides that, Stratholme is not that great for money-making. We are listing it here because many players think that it might be a good place with a massive amount of monsters inside, but it is not valid. There are not enough particularly interesting equipment pieces to farm it, and therefore it is not a recommended place to stay.

Dire Maul (DM) - Entrance found at Feralas

A huge dungeon with many drops. In Dire Maul, you can find valuable herbs, transmog items, and cloth for bags. The most notable would probably be the Soulstone, Steadfast equipment, and the Jade set. It is, without a doubt, a profitable instance, but most of the items in it might not have high sell rates, so it will most likely take quite some time to monetize them on the Auction House.

Razorfen Downs (RFD) - Entrance found at The Barrens

One of the best known transmog farms in the game and for a reason. You can pick up a lot of transmogs which you can sell for a significant profit and blue items which might sell for even more. A lot of rares can be found within these walls, and for sure, because of that, it is one of the most farmed dungeons in the game. Great place to farm with a not too complicated route. Should be cleared from the beginning until the end before resetting.

Razorfen Kraul (RFK) - Entrance found at The Barrens

Just like its predecessor, RFK is known for its great loot. Both dungeons drop very similar gear, which sells for quite a lot, but the difference comes at the level bracket of blue equipment pieces that you can get in this one. Both options are equally great since item values don't differ that much, and all of the items have a decent demand on the Auction House. It is, without a doubt, one of the most recommended transmog farms in the game.

Maraudon (Maura) - Entrance found at The Desolace

While clearing this zone, you want to cross the dungeon map in a moon shape - from the entrance - through the dungeon to another entrance. After you leave, make sure to reset it, and you can run again. Yet another dungeon which can be considered as one of the best in terms of transmog farming. It drops a wide variety of old Herbs, which surprisingly sell quite often. Most of the equipment pieces which you can found among green and blue items are quite high in value. It is, undoubtedly, a dungeon worth doing.

Zul' Farrak (ZF) - Entrance found at Tanaris

A well-known place for all of the gold makers in World of Warcraft. Monsters across this zone can drop tons of items worth selling, and among those, you can find many transmogs. Since blue items are the main profit in this one, you should always check their prices before running ZF. It might be a profitable dungeon to clear, but on some of the realms, prices can plummet on Auction House as this instance is one of the most popular ones. Always pay attention to item prices before running for a transmog farm to avoid wasting time.

Uldaman (Ulda) - Entrance found at The Badlands

It's probably one of the top 3 dungeons you can farm. Has a wide variety of blue items that you can get strictly from this place like Pendulum of Doom, Papal Fez, and Ginn-Su Sword. These gear pieces are unique, and therefore they sell for tons of gold. Make sure to check YouTube videos for optimal route to farm this instance, which will effectively increase your performance during money-making. Bear Tartare is almost necessary consumable in this instance since it highly increases clearing speed by giving you a short amount of movement increase after every monster kill.

Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) - Entrance found at the Ashenvale

Similarly to Uldaman, this one also drops tons of unique blue items. Also, in this scenario, they are scarce, and they cost a lot. The only thing which makes it even better than Uldaman is the fact that items from Blackfathom Deeps sell faster than those farmed at any other dungeon.

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Transmog Farm in Open World

Some of the most valuable items cannot be found in locked instances. Instead, they are waiting for you in the open world. Since more people focus on dungeons - open-world farms can provide items with high selling rates that don't have as much competition on Auction House.

Silithus - Coordinates 44.78, 41.58

One of the most popular outdoor farms. It offers a wide variety of green items, but most importantly, you can get here Glorious Set, Jade Set, Vanguard Set, Skullflame Shield, Orb of Deception, Blade of Hanna, and Teebu's Blazing Longsword. All these items and more can be found in this place for a considerable profit. This place should be farmed by Monks who can put the Ox Statue to lure nearby monsters for an easy AOE.

Isle of Thunder - Coordinates 57.86, 51.28

The Isle of Thunder is a well-known farming spot in the Mists of Pandaria. This exact location is used for farming for Transmog items, and it works best in a party that consists of five players - either monks or druids. You can get there various weapon models Bloodtusk Shoulderpads, and some Timeworn items. There is more to this place as you can find nearby farms for Warlock, which can get Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion and pet farms from Half-Empty Food Containers.

Dices from NPC's at Icecrown 9.61, 45.68, Howling Fjord 44.51, 33.40 and Uldum 39.77, 13.58.

It is Rogue only farm as pickpocketing skills are necessary. You will be aiming to collect Dices from various enemies, either Scarlet Mobs, Vrykuls, or Schnottz Infantryman. These items can be worth quite a bit since they are class restricted and cannot be looted from other sources. Dices sell daily, so there is a decent demand for them, and you should not be worried about competition as these farms aren't as popular anymore.

Desolace Naga farm 

Great place to farm alone in your spare time. It is used most often by Druids who want to do some mindless clicking in spare time as all you need to do is to spam Moonfire spell. There are a lot of Nagas in close proximity with relatively quick respawn time, which you can kill for profit. You don't need a team, and you won't need anything, really. Just make sure to farm this spot as a Druid with travel form or as a Monk with Black Ox statue due to the shape of the terrain around this place. Farming with other classes will be difficult, and not worth the time spent.


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In general, during transmog farming, you can also come across various materials related to professions like Herbalism and Crafting including leather, boe items, and others. Some of the things that you will find will go straight to the market while other trash you will want to sell to vendor for raw gold.You will have to gain experience in the WoW economy to determine whether to buy items posted by other player for sale or to compete in prices against them. Flipping trasmogs can turn very profitable so always pay attention to the prices and buy them fast when they are cheap. If you aren't interested in selling items to Auction House you can also go on a raid farm with personal loot for armor, helmets, weapons, and other gear pieces that sell for a good amount of raw gold.

It is the end of our World of Warcraft Transmogrification Items Farming in Battle for Azeroth guide. We are hoping that we have managed to give you some insight on this topic and therefore, you will be able to farm more effectively than ever. Make sure to tell us about it, so share your story in the comment section below. You can also check out other guides and articles that we are writing to you in the field of many MMO games. You can read here about every WoW release and expansion including Classic, WoD, Legion and BfA as well as different topics like pets,quest and more. They can be easily accessed through the blog page, so scroll up the site and click on the news button. Also, make sure to see what offers we have ready for you on our marketplace or post your own ones to start making money on gaming today. Sign up, sign in, check posts, view in-game character video and other content, and become a member of our community today.

If you have any burning questions or troubles that you need help with making sure to leave a message to our support team on live chat. We will be happy to answer you instantly during hours of our work time.

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