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WoW Endgame Guide
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World of Warcraft Endgame guide

Welcome to the endgame guide for World of Warcraft. Here you will learn what can you do after reaching the maximum level in your favorite game. Many players tend to speak that the true game starts after hitting the level cap in WoW and indeed it is a fact as most of the activities require it. Here you will learn what can you do after getting your first max in the game and how to not get bored in-between expansion releases. 

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Gearing up

The first thing which most of the players want to do after reaching max level is gearing up. You will need much better equipment for most of the activities that you can take part in. There are various ways which can lead you to items with higher level but the easiest one is probably just farming dungeons. Start off by joining Heroic Dungeons (Heroic difficulty is a bit harder than normal) and clear them until you will be able to join your first Mythic group. If you have a group of higher-level friends or guild which can help you don't be shy and ask them if they can lend you a hand in gearing. By joining a premade party you will be able to prematurely clear Mythic Dungeons and earn better loot than in Heroic ones. Always make sure to finish all of the available Mythic Dungeons from current expansion before the weekly reset.

Other easy activities available for players that are looking for a chance to gear up are World Quest. These are the simple missions that take only a few minutes to complete. You can check on the current expansion map where they are available and what loot they have to offer. Keep in mind that these missions change on a daily basis so pay attention everyday to see what you can get from them.  Item level of items gained from them usually is quite similar to Heroic dungeon rewards. Since completing those quests is so simple this might be the easiest method of getting high enough item level to start doing Mythic dungeons.

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If your item level allows it and Mythic Dungeons are already well known for you the next challenge awaits at Mythic+ runs. They award players with better gear pieces but they also require more teamwork. Unlike regular instances on Mythic difficulty M+ can be completed as many times as you like. Because of that it is a great activity to take on when you run out of other things to do. The difficulty of said dungeons depend on the level of keystone that you want to complete. Higher tier keys mean better rewards, more complex traps and stronger enemies. 

On top of that once a week all players can complete current expansion raids through the Raid Finder. This system is often called LFR which stands for Looking For Raid. It was designed to give players who have reached maximum level but don't want to compete at the hardest PvE challenges, a glimpse of how the raids look like in the game. Similarly to Dungeon Finder you can select a role and click the search button to automatically find a party with correct composition which will raid with you. The LFR bosses are significantly easier than those waiting in other Raid difficulties but they have a chance to drop high item level gear pieces. Raids available in the LFR environment are opened for players later than regular raid releases and they are split into smaller sections. For example Emerald Nightmare in Legion which consists of eight boss fights is split into four challenges at LFR. This was made to allow more casual players to complete them without a need to spend a few hours before a computer screen.

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wow mythic


One of the things which you can do constantly without a restriction in the amount of possible completions is the Mythic+. It is a special difficulty of the dungeon where players can challenge themselves against instances which are not only already Mythic but that also come with many special obstacles. If you have max level character and completed at least one regular Mythic dungeon then you will get a Mythic+ key at every week reset. The key assigned to your character cannot be traded or sold and it will be bound to one dungeon. Depending on how high is the number that stands after '+' you might get more valuable rewards and higher tier items. All you need to do is to complete the run. You have guaranteed reward for a completed Mythic+ but you might also increase the number of prizes at the end by finishing in a certain time which is shown during the run. At the end if you managed to fit into this narrow time window you will be rewarded not only with items but also with an upgraded key to a different dungeon - with better rewards and harder monsters. 

On top of that harder dungeons might come with affixes that complicate your life inside the dungeon. These are the special modifiers that might cause various effects - sometimes a ground might explode under your feed, bosses might have more health and dying enemies could start to curse the ground beneath them. In the end they are just harder to complete. One Mythic+ can have up to four different affixes which are occuring at key levels of 2,4,7 and 10. This means that +2 key will come with only one special affix, +4 with two, +7 with three and finally +10 with four different ones. Each affix has its own difficulty for example Reaping affix which makes enemies immortal for a short time upon receiving fatal damage can be only seen at +10 keys.

wow raid


After your efforts paid off and you are already geared with high level equipment you can start doing raids. These are usually 25-man instances where you can challenge most tough enemies of Azeroth. This is the true end-game content as equipment pieces dropped in these zones are the best available in the game. You will need to join the guild to start raiding. When you found your party you will also have to learn how to fight all of the bosses in these instances. Most challenges have complicated mechanics which have to be avoided in order to survive. Every party member need to know them before they fight in order for the group to succeed. Boss kills can give high level item drops once a week  upon successful kill. 

Because Raids are most difficult challenges it often takes a lot of time to prepare for them. Players have to find best possible pre-raid gear to be ready to face challenges that wait for them in raids. After that everybody has to be equipped with necessary consumables. It is also crucial to go in with a correct composition so some of the classes will be more desirable than the others. Guild Leader has to pay attention if there are two tanks present, at least three healers and many DPS champions to choose from, that can reach high numbers in the damage meter. It is important that everyone in the team will perform admirably since one bad player may be enough to cause a raid wipe. On top of that having high damage will also be a must. Some of the Raid Bosses are the 'dps check' which means that team must possess a certain dps to kill them in time. After time passes bosses usually enrage making them much harder or even perform special abilities which can one- shoot many players at the same time. New raids are released with big patches that push in-game lore forward.  Everytime that happens best players challenge each other in the race to see who can defeat new bosses first. 

wow pet

Pet Battles

If gearing up and PvE content is just not your thing then you might become a collector. There are many pieces available for collection in the game - pets, toys, mounts, achievements, archeology fragments and others. The most complex of those are Pet Battles. Similarly to anime series Pokemon you can gather little creatures across Azeroth to expand your own Pet collection. They can be later used to participate in minigame where you can challenge other Pets - either wild or owned by different players to a Pet Battle. By controlling a team which consist of up to three critters you can begin a fight. During the battle you will be able to control your party with special abilities that they possess. Depending on your formation, the types of Pets that you use, their skills and statistics your fights can be a real brain challenge which involves strategic thinking or just a quick skirmishes.

There is a big community of pet collectors in World of Warcraft with many dedicated players. Although it might seem like a simple minigame some of the endgame battles aren't as simple as those in the beginning. Pet Battles can be really challenging and collecting all of them will take a lot of time. If gathering a big collection of cute creatures is the thing for you then make sure to check out Pet Battles.  

wow mount

Mount collecting

Besides many collectables in World of Warcraft, one of the most popular groups is represented by the mounts. There are over 340 creatures and machines which you can ride on in the game. This number is still growing as with every new expansion and every big patch new ones are being released. Only the real collectors can get to over 300 Mounts collected which will give them Lord of the Reins achievement. This special milestone comes also with a glorious gift in form of Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent. 

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Mount collecting takes time. Most of the collectables in this section take a lot of attempts since players who want to acquire them will have to run through old dungeons and raids. Some of the bosses in those instances have a chance to drop a Mount which is usually not higher than 1%. Since raid bosses can drop loot only once a week multiple runs will be necessary to acquire these special drops. There are many Mounts available in the game that you can get from vendors and regular monster drops but the major part of Mount collecting is within the old raid content. You can imagine now how much time and effort is needed to get Lord of the Reins achievement.

wow achievement

Glory and other achievements

If you are a collector but the Pets and Mounts aren't just a thing for you - there are achievements which you can complete. They offer a very wide variety of tasks which might reward you with almost anything you can think of. The main reward that you can get from them is the pure fun but also titles that stand before your nickname are a nice addition to show off what have you achieved. 

The main achievement group which you can and should finish during every expansion is called Glory. For the Battle for Azeroth this group name is called 'Glory of the Wartorn Hero', for Legion 'Glory of the Legion Hero', for Warlords of Draenor 'Glory of the Draenor Raider' and so on. These achievements  are fun challenges that involve doing various tasks in expansion related dungeons. For example to complete Glory of the Wartorn Hero achievements players will have to finish set of smaller achievements complete within Battle for Azeroth expansion dungeons. These tasks involve things like collecting hidden treasures, completing dungeons in a certain way, killing bosses avoiding certain mechanics and others. There is a lot of creativity which was implemented in said achievements and players who want to complete them all will have to solve problems and cooperate with each other. Communication is the key and Glory that comes from finishing all the tasks will be also topped with a special Mount.

wow pvp

PvP content

Besides collecting and player vs environment scenarios there are also player vs player battles. World of Warcraft was designed to show the neverending conflict between Ally and Horde which results in constant fights between those two. Back in Vanilla WoW it was represented mainly by open world PvP between those two factions. People would go near enemy cities hunting for lower level players just to ambush them in the wild. These days have passed and during modern expansions in the retail version of WoW there is barely any world pvp left. Of course there are still some players trying to kill others out there in the open but since game barely gives any rewards for this behaviour you can't expect to see many adventurers taking part in it.

The other way of challenging players to a combat is through the arena. This is much more preferred way since there is ranking system where players can earn points for winning battles. Said points are used to determine how well players perform within the arena and reward best ones with various prizes. By reaching certain milestones fighters can unlock special themed Transmogrification sets, Titles and even Mounts. These can be earned only through 2v2 and 3v3 fights as solo battles are too random. 

wow repu

Reputation Farms

Yet another activity which can not only be done during endgame but also earlier on is farming reputation. It is a favor of certain factions which you may gain or lose depending on what you are doing. For example by completing Klaxxi faction quests you will gain their trust which increases your reputation among them. Killing members of their clan will on the other hand decrease your favor. There are few milestones of reputation which you can achieve. 

Most of the factions are Neutral when they meet you. By helping them you can become Friendly, Honored, Revered and Exalted. By getting their trust you might unlock more goods in their stores, get certain faction rewards or even Mounts which are only restricted to the real friends of the faction. Harmful activities taken against the clan might make you Unfriendly, Hostile or even Hated. Those who become the last two will be immediately attacked on sight while Unfriendly will only make a certain clan restrain from you by not speaking. 

wow gold

Gold making

One of the best ways to spend some time doing productive things in World of Warcraft is through gold farming. Making gold can be very relaxing thing to do. You can turn up your music or watch television during that time since most of the tasks require very little attention. It is also a great method to increase your game time without spending real money. Since WoW Tokens release you can easily make enough gold during the month to buy another month of game time. They can also be later sold on our market for real money.

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There are tons of different ways to earn some gold in World of Warcraft so in most cases , everyone can find something for himself. You can start trading on Auction House, which is the most profitable method but also the hardest one. It requires strategic thinking and a good plan but allows adventurers to earn tremendous amount of income in return. A bit easier way of gold making revolves around farming transmogrification items and putting them on the Auction House for a very long term profit. It might seem a little difficult to sell anything at the beginning since you will run into a very wide competition but don't give up - it works. Last but not least there are old raids which you can farm for raw gold from items. Just go to any old raid, set amount of players to maximum and kill everything that moves inside. All loot collected can be sold at any NPC for a raw gold. It is worth having a Mammoth mount to sell everything without travelling.


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