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Classic WoW Professions guide
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Welcome to Classic WoW professions guide where you will learn the basics of each of the professions as well as benefits that come from training them. By reading this guide you will gain an overview of how the profession system works in World of Warcraft Classic and which of the jobs suits the best class and race that you have chosen to play.


There are nine primary professions from which a player can choose two that he wishes to learn. These are Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, and Tailoring. Additionally, there are three secondary professions that players can learn at the same time: Cooking, First Aid and Fishing. Most of the professions also have their corresponding support professions.

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Professions that work together

Alchemy - Herbalism - By gathering various herbs you can create elixirs.

Blacksmithing - Mining - Ores are needed in order to smelt items.

Cooking - Fishing - You can cook what you have caught.

Enchanting - Tailoring - as you can gain materials from equipment made.

Engineering - Mining - Same situation as with Blacksmithing.

Leatherworking - Skinning - By gathering animal skins you can work on their leather.


These work best when paired but it is not the requirement to use them. For example, if you have Blacksmithing you don’t have to learn Mining - you can get ores from other players. By combining two production professions you can get more useful perks at the same time and by using two gathering professions you can pick up more items and make more gold. Additionally, you can support your main professions with gathering ones on alt character.

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Profession categories

Professions in Vanilla WoW can be divided into three main categories

Production - The majority of professions offer the player a chance to create pieces of powerful equipment, useful items that can aid you in various situations, consumables that are better than those acquired from NPCs and other useful stuff. These are called Production Professions because they allow players to create something else from basic materials. To this category, we include Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking, and Tailoring.


Crafting pieces of equipment can often be listed on market for fair amount of gold. To make item you will need to farm corresponding resources metal bars to craft plate armor or weapon, hide for leather gloves or cloth for robes.


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Support - These professions do not create goods that can be equipped but supportive items that can help during and outside of combat situations. Cooking, Alchemy, First Aid and Enchanting can be called Supportive Professions.


Gathering - These professions revolve around collecting various items “from the ground”. They work best in synergy with production professions which use materials gained through the gathering. To this category, we can add Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, and Fishing. All of them allow you to collect various materials that can later be sold or used by other professions.


There are also additional professions that would not count towards any of this category like pickpocketing which does not fit into any of the above.


Leveling a profession

If you want to level up a profession you need to do actions that use them. For example, if you have mining you want to mine ores scattered around Azeroth. If you have Blacksmithing you want to create armors, weapons and other items using this profession. You learn your profession by visiting a skill trainer in the main city. He will also advance you through the next stages of initiation. In the beginning, you are Apprentice in your profession. From level 75 you can become a Journeyman. On 150 you can become an Expert and from 225 an Artisan. Additionally, you need to meet certain level requirements to advance to next stages. Those level gaps are at 5, 10, 25 and 35 level.


Secondary Professions


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania wow cooking icon

The first profession that we want to cover is called Cooking. By combining various ingredients you can make dishes that grant bonuses to certain stats or recover health and mana points while you are eating. Although cooking is not extremely useful in Vanilla it can give some decent bonuses with good recipes like Rum Tum Tuber Surprise which gives +10 buff to intellect or Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops that can boost your stamina by +25. This skill also can be decent in terms of money making but it isn’t as simple to make money with it as with others.

First Aid

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania wow first aid icon

Another secondary profession is First Aid. It is mainly used to create bandages which can heal your character over time. It is a must-have for every class that cannot heal with its own abilities like Warriors or Rogues. It is also the most useful profession for raiding since some of these bandages will let you cure poisons and help healers in tough situations.


The third on the list is Fishing. Although it is not a primary profession it is a great thing to train. Getting high skill level in Fishing is very time-consuming process which requires a lot of grinding. That being said not everyone will put a time to level it and you might stand out from the crowd by maxing it. Fishing can be useful not only as a gathering profession - it gives you the ability to lure a boss in Zul’Gurub which will be very desirable for raid parties and can easily give you a spot in the group. It can also be a profitable profession for money making since people will buy from you fishes like Deviate and Nightfin. It is definitely not a must-have profession but is a nice addition to what you have. You can make some extra money on fishing even early on low level so make that your advantage.

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Primary Professions


Podobny obraz

Probably one of the most profitable professions is Alchemy. By making potions and various mixtures you can make a lot of gold. Even if you don’t own best recipes for high-end content you can still profit by buying certain herbs from Auction House and making elixirs from them. As many of those will cost more than the price of herbs used to create them you can get rich by putting your work towards Alchemy. During your journey with this skill, the most important recipes that you want to look for are flask recipes. These can be used to make a good amount of gold since not many players will have them. If you are lucky enough to acquire one of the flask recipes you can also sell it for a lot of gold. Additionally to all of that Alchemists can create one Transmute per day which will reward them with additional items that can give free gold upon selling. If you want to make the most out of Alchemy skill don’t forget to pair it with Herbalism for steady Herbs income.

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Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania wow blacksmithing icon

Although this profession is not restricted to specific classes it is recommended to be trained only on those who use heavy plate armors like Warriors and Paladins. During Blacksmithing training you will be able to choose one specialization that later cannot be changed. These specializations are Armorsmith and Weaponsmith. Additionally, as a Weaponsmith you can specialize in certain types of melee weaponry like hammers, axes or swords. This profession is mostly used to make your own armors and weapons which can often be more powerful than those dropped by creatures around Azeroth. Blacksmiths are not a great money makers  as you won’t get many chances to sell gear that you make. But you can get some gold for example on selling Enchanters Rods. To make the most out of Blacksmithing make sure to pair it with Mining.


Same as with Alchemy - Enchanting is a very profitable skill to train and one of the most common. With the right recipes, you can make a lot of gold by Enchanting other players gear - especially if you are in the raiding guild and you are the only Enchanter in it. It is a hard skill to be trained at first because it requires a lot of resources to level up. If you are starting your journey with Classic WoW it might take you a lot of time to max it out however if you are already an experienced player and maybe you are creating an Alt Enchanting might be a good choice. Most of the times it is used on higher levels to enchant equipment, create Oils used for raiding and to disenchant gear for basic ingredients. It is overall a good skill to have but might be hard to max as it is the most expensive one. If you don’t mind tough leveling stage and general struggle before 300 pick Enchanting. After capping experience your services will always be on demand. If you do then just skip this profession and choose others.

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Another very useful and common skill in Classic WoW is Engineering. Although it is very different from others it is also among most liked. It gives players the ability to craft various gadgets that can be used in many situations to benefit players as well as straight for fun. It is excellent in PvP environment as many items can be used to silence, damage, slow or hurt your opponent in other ways. It is also the best choice for Hunters since engineers can produce the most powerful ammunition in the game. Although it is not the most profitable of skills in the game it might be the best one for many players. Combine it with Mining to make sure you will have enough resources for your inventions.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania wow leatherworking icon

This is another crafting profession that is very similar to Blacksmithing. Leatherworkers can turn various hides into leather armours and mails and therefore requires some farming to get necessary mats and things (sometimes even in dungeons for scales). It also divides into subcategories: Dragonscale Leatherworking (for mail users), Elemental Leatherworking and Tribal Leatherworking (for leather users). Similarly to Blacksmithing Leatherworking allows you to create more powerful gear for your character. It is a decent choice if you want to have access to better items than those that you drop from monsters but it is not a good choice for money makers. By choosing Leatherworking you will also gain access to crafting best in slot cloaks and armor kits that you can sell.


Another crafting profession is used to create cloth items. It is often used by Mages, Warlocks and Priests since those use Cloth equipment. Although it is very similar to Blacksmithing and Leatherworking it is somewhat better since you can make money on Tailoring by creating bags. It does not require any additional profession but works well with Enchanting since you can disenchant not needed pieces of equipment for reagents. Additionally Tailors can create Mooncloth on a daily cooldown which increases profits without any effort. Tailors are often Mages, Warlocks and Priests since Tailor can craft rare cloth gear.

Gathering professions

Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning are used to gather resources which can be later sold or used for other professions. New players often choose to take two gathering professions at the beginning to maximize the amount of resources that they can gather while leveling. It is a great way of getting additional gold on your journey but you need to be careful with that as you can only track one of the gathering professions when you have two skilled. For example, if you have both Herbalism and Mining you will only be able to see Herbs or Ore Veins - not both at the same time. From those three professions, skinning is definitely least profitable but it is easiest to train during leveling since you don’t need to run around looking for bushes or veins - you just kill mobs and skin them. You can also make great money on it but it requires farming Devilsaur which often is camped by many players.

Choosing the best profession

Depending on what you want to achieve there are few categories to choose from in terms of best professions.


Money making - If you want to make money from your professions during the leveling process or even after, gathering professions Herbalism, Mining and Skinning are among the best ones to start with. It is also Fishing which is not a straight-up gathering profession but can give you a lot of profit. The best money makers are definitely Alchemy and Enchanting. Those can make you a major profit through the game. Additionally Cooking and Tailoring while not being that profitable can still be a decent money maker.

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Gear making -Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring can be useful for Plate, Leather, and Mail, Cloth users respectively.


Overall usefulness -  Engineering stands out as the best profession for those who want to PvP and for every Hunter player. It also can be extremely desired thanks to other items like Goblin Jumper Cables which can resurrect your party members. First Aid is a must-have on higher level raids and on classes that could not heal otherwise like Warriors.


Choosing certain WoW professions might be also dictated by what class and race you have chosen to play with. Druid might want to get Herbalism since they can gather Herbs without dismounting when they are in Travel form. Tanks among Druids might also want to pick up Enchanting to craft Smoking Heart of the Mountain trinket which is basically essential for them. Hunters are almost required to have Engineering to craft shells for their guns. Each Tauren should always get Herbalism especially when they are Druids as well since Cultivation perk gives them +15 bonus to this skill. Also Gnome Racial - Engineering Specialization gives them +15 bonus to Engineering skill. Blacksmith can be good profession for plate users like Warrior or Paladin, Leatherworking for Rogue, Druid, Hunter or Shaman and Tailoring for Mage, Priest and Warlock.


If this Classic WoW professions guide has helped you to choose what profession you want to roll in Classic or you just want to share your opinion on this article - feel free to comment below. We value your opinion as it helps us improve our site and our guides. Join our community today and connect with other gamers around the world.


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