WoW Classic Enchanting guide - fastest way to go from 1 to 300

Wow enchanting guide
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For those who reach much desirable level 60 in Vanilla and have epic gear in every slot, there is not much more to do in order to grow in power. Sure, they can (and should) raise the skill cap and tactic prowess, but they also have one ace in the hole - Enchanting.


It is not an easy nor cheap profession, but if managed correctly and skilled efficiently, it can repay big time in both power and gold.


Table of content:

What is Enchanting in WoW Classic?

What do I need to begin Enchanting?

How does Enchanting work in WoW

Which profession to take with Enchanting - overview

What can you enchant in Vanilla


WoW Classic Enchanting teachers

WoW Classic Enchanting leveling - 1 to 300 leveling guide


How to get Enchanting Materials?


How much does it cost to skill up Enchanting from 1 to 300?




What is Enchanting in WoW Classic?

Enchanting is a Warrior class among professions. Painful to skill up, expensive, difficult, bringing you to tears sometimes. But once you have it maxed out, it shines, and everybody wants a piece of it. Much like everybody wants Warrior’s tanking services, many players demand Enchanting services. Yes, Enchanting is an investment, but the return and utility are worth it.


How does Enchanting work in WoW

World of Warcraft basically has to follow some laws of physics. Even Rogues are not allowed to come out of nowhere.


You cannot create something from nothing, so for enchanting, you will need specific materials. Gathering those is not expensive itself, as basically you will spend little to no money on buying them. The cost comes from not selling drops. Instead of collecting a hefty sum of money for your dungeon loot, you will need to disenchant some of the most valuable items for reagents.


Materials are listed on a recipe, which you have to buy or learn from a trainer - it’s like a shopping list, but the shopping list doesn’t cost money itself. Some of the most gold-worthy recipes will take a while to farm out. Thus you may want to own a farming Druid or Hunter character, as many methods will take a lot of herbs and skins to afford.


Which profession to take with Enchanting - overview

Many players say that Enchanting and Tailoring are like Mining and Blacksmithing - possible if apart, but not that useful. There are way too many upsides of having both of these, to refuse to learn them.


Let’s approach it this way - who wants Enchanting? Caster class - Mage, Warlock, Priest.

What type of armor do Mage, Warlock, and Priest wear? Cloth.

This way, these classes will be able to supply themselves and be somewhat self-sustainable. Moreover, items crafted with Tailoring can get you some Enchanting materials when disenchanted, and disenchanting will give you cloth for Tailoring.


What’s more, all of these classes do not have any troubles leveling to 60. They will get there relatively fast and painless. And it is exactly the end game, where Enchanting shines. Many players will seek additional power and pay a lot of gold to have their armor pieces, boots, or weapons magically enhanced. It is where your sacrifice repays.


No question, that these two are complementary for each other. It is a kind of WoW Classic imperfect version of perpetuum mobile.


But if you don’t want to thread needles and be Azerothian Christian Dior, you may as well go for Leatherworking and Blacksmithing secondary. These two also create gear that can be disenchanted; however, you will not be able to wear them as Mage, Priest, or Warlock. 


What can you enchant in Vanilla

Most of the gear you can equip yourself with can be… should be enchanted. It means you can enchant:

- Head,

- Shoulders,

- Back,

- Chest,

- Wrist,

- Hands,

- Legs,

- Feet,

- Shield,

- Finger,

- Melee weapon,

- Two-Handed weapon,

- Ranged weapon,

- Fishing pole.


There are no enchantments for:

- throwing weapons,

- wands,

- relics,

- trinkets,

- tabards,

- shirts,

- neck pieces, 

- waist armor,

- Off-hand items.


Enchanting is more of a luxury thing, really. During leveling stages, you will be using drops most of the times, as with subsequent levels better equipment will become obtainable. Generally, there is not much point in enchanting a piece of gear, which you will swap later on for something even better unless you need it for a quest. Gold in WoW Classic does not lie down on the ground, so you have to be smart about your expenses. 


Enchanting is something more conventional for end game and near end game. When you already have your set filled with Best in Slot items, THEN only way to further expand your might is to enchant them. Not enchanting Best in Slot items is waste of power. In PvP, you will meet people who aren’t low spenders and paid the the money needed for an Enchanting enhancement. In PvE higher stats can be game-changing. 


Few points here or there may not seem impactful but trust us - at the very top of the play every piece of advantage matters. Say in a raid you died, and your party got wiped at 3%. Say that if you had your enchant and some bonus armor/resist/health you could have had survived 30 seconds longer tanking the end boss. Just enough for Mages to take him down. 



These are pseudo-enchants. Using them does not require enchanting, and grants bonus stats as well. Augments and enchants don't stack, however, which means, that enchanting gear will remove and previous enhancement. Augments are available from different sources - quests, faction quartermasters, blacksmiths and engineers, leatherworkers and tailors. So if enchanting is too unavailable for you, augments are the way to go.


Augments are placed in specific slots:

- Arcanum - Head,

- Armor Kits - various,

- Fishing Line - Fishing Pole,

- Guards - Head, Legs,

- Lesser Arcanum - Head, Legs,

- Mantles - Shoulder,

- Scope - Ranged Weapon,

- Shield Spike - Shield,

- Spurs - Feet,

- Weapon Chains - Melee Weapon,

- Zul'Gurub - Head, Legs.


Available augments are listed down below:

- Arcanum - grants an enhancement to leg or head item. They drop from Libram in Dire Maul. After turning those in to Lorekeeper Lydros in the Dire Maul library, Zanza the Restless can upgrade those into Savage Guard (+10 Nature resistance).


In order to even speak with Zanza the Restless, you need a certain reputation level with Zandalar Tribe.

Available Augments would be:

* Arcanum of Focus - +8 Healing and Spell damage,

* Arcanum of Protection - +1% Dodge,

* Arcanum of Rapidity - +1% Haste.


- Armor Kits - these augments provide armor boost at lower levels too. They have player level and item level restrictions to prevent hardcore twinking from happening.


Available kits:

* Light Armor Kit - +8 Armor (level 1+),

* Medium Armor Kit - +16 Armor (level 5 minimum),

* Heavy Armor Kit - +24 Armor (level 20 minimum)

* Thick Armor Kit - +32 Armor (level 30 minimum),

* Rugged Armor Kit - +40 Armor (level 40 minimum),

* Core Armor Kit - + 5 Dodge Rating (level 50 minimum).


- Fishing Line - every self-respecting Fisherman knows that there is always room for upgrading your fishing potential. So is in this case. By completing Rare Fish - Dezian Queenfish quest, you can obtain High Test Eternium Fishing Line, which grants your fishing rod +5 Fishing. 


- Guards - you can obtain them from Argent Dawn after using Scarlet Crusade Insignias (Ice and Shadow Guard) or by asking Zanza the Restless to upgrade Arcanum Augments (Savage Guard).

* Ice Guard - +10 Frost Resistance,

* Savage Guard - +10 Nature Resistance,

* Shadow Guard - +10 Shadow Resistance.


- Lesser Arcanum - allows you to enchant head or leg piece. Libram world drops can provide them. They need to be delivered to Mathredis Firestar (Burning Steppes). You require a libram, Black Diamond, 30 gold, and a couple of quest items.


Lesser Arcanum are:

* Lesser Arcanum of Constitution - +1 Health,

* Lesser Arcanum of Resilience - +20 Fire Resist,

* Lesser Arcanum of Rumination - +150 Mana,

* Lesser Arcanum of Tenacity - +125 Armor,

* Lesser Arcanum of Voracity - +8 Agility, Intellect, Spirit, Stamina or Strength.


- Mantles - available to put on your shoulders, giving you resistances to particular magic school. You are granted the possibility of purchasing them for 10 gold. Revered reputation with Argent Dawn is required, as well as turning in no less than 10 Valor Tokens. The only exception is Chromatic Mantle which costs 40 gold and requires turning in 25 Valor Tokens with Exalted.


* Arcane Mantle of the Dawn - +5 to Arcane Resistance,

* Flame Mantle of the Dawn - +5 to Fire Resistance,

* Frost Mantle of the Dawn - +5 to Frost Resistance,

* Nature Mantle of the Dawn - +5 to Nature Resistance,

* Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn - +5 to all resistances.


- Scope - these are ranged weapons enhancements crafted by Engineers applicable to bows, crossbows, and guns.

* Crude Scope - +1 Damage. Available from level 5. Obtainable from Apprentice Engineering Trainer,

* Standard Scope - +2 Damage. Available from level 10. Buyable from Journeyman Engineering Trainer,

* Accurate Scope - +3 Damage. Available from level 20. Can be bought from Mazk Snipeshot (20 silver),

* Deadly Scope - +5 Damage. Available from level 30. You can buy it from Yuka Screwspigot or Knaz Blunderflame (30 silver),

* Sniper Scope - +7 Damage. Available from level 40. Drops from level 40+ humanoids or Dragons,

* Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope - +30 Ranged Hit Rating. Drops from Molten Core bosses.


- Shield Spike - it is an upgrade to a shield which makes the shield deal damage every time a hit is blocked. It required blacksmithing on the appropriate level. In Vanilla, you had three of them:

* Iron Shield Spike - 8-12 Damage,

* Mithril Shield Spike - 16-20 Damage,

* Thorium Shield Spike - 20-30 Damage.


- Spurs - you can have Mithril Spurs attached to your feet item (requires Blacksmith). It gives you +4% mounted speed.


- Weapon Chains - these augments give the player 100% certainty that the augmented weapon will not be disarmed. There is only one - Steel Weapon Chain. Can be created and attached by Blacksmith.


- Zul'Gurub - these are class-specific, powerful Leg or Head Augments available from Zanza the Restless in Zul'Gurub. For each of them, you will need Primal Hakkari Idol (dropped by Bloodlord Mandokir and Jin'do the Hexxer) and Punctured Voodoo Doll (can be found in Jinxed Hoodoo Piles).


Augments are:

* Druid - Animist's Caress (+10 Intellect, +10 Stamina, +24 Healing),

* Hunter - Falcon's Call (+10 Stamina, +1% Hit Rating, +24 Ranged Attack Power),

* Mage - Presence of Sight (+1% Spell Hit, +18 Healing, and Spell Damage),

* Paladin - Syncretist's Sigil (+10 Stamina, +7 Defense, +24 Healing),

* Priest - Prophetic Aura (+10 Stamina, +24 Healing, +4 mana per 5 seconds),

* Rogue - Death's Embrace (+1% Dodge, +28 Attack Power),

* Shaman - Vodouisant's Vigilant Embrace (+15 Intellect, +13 Healing, and Spell Damage),

* Warlock - Hoodoo Hex (+10 Stamina, +18 Healing and Spell Damage),

* Warrior - Presence of Might (+10 Stamina, +7 Defense Rating, +15 Shield Block Value).


As you can see, all of these have bonuses useful for each class - Mage gets more DPS, Priest has better Healing and Warrior has upgraded defenses. These are not some random buffs, like Defense for Mage or Intellect for Warrior.


Some of the high-end augments are very sought after and demanded due to the bonuses they give. Some players even pass on enchantments in these cases.



Wow Classic Enchanting teachers

The universal rule is that there are thresholds of the learning curve:

Apprentice - 1-75,

Journeyman - 75-150,

Expert - 150-225,

Artisan - 225+.


You skill up by performing a specific activity that involves the profession. Gathering herbs will improve your Herbalism, clapping anvil will give you Blacksmithing experience and fishing - yes, you guessed it - will provide you with Fishing skill levels.


First two levels trainers - Apprentice and Journeyman - can be easily found in any big city in Azeroth. If you still have troubles finding them, you can ask a guard to help you out.


You have a list of all WoW Classic Enchanting trainers:












Alanna Raveneye 

The Oracle Glade (Teldrassil)

Teg Dawnstrider 

Dawnstrider Enchanters hut (Thunder Bluff)

Thonys Pillarstone

The Great Forge (Ironforge)

Vance Undergloom 

Brill (Trisfal Glades)

Betty Quin

The Mage Quarter (Stormwind City)


The Drag (Orgrimmar)

Lalina Summermoon

The Craftsmen's Terrace (Darnassus)

Malcomb Wynn

The Apothecarium (Undercity)


Lucan Cordell

The Mage Quarter (Stormwind City)

Mot Dawnstrider 

Dawnstrider Enchanters hut (Thunder Bluff)

Gimble Thistlefuzz

The Great Forge (Ironforge)


The Drag (Orgrimmar)

Xylinnia Starshine

Feathermoon Stronghold (Feralas)

Lavinia Crowe

The Apothecarium (Undercity)


As soon as this table is no longer useful for you, and you’ve reached level 150, you will seek someone able to take you to an Expert level. It would be:


- Alliance: Kitta Firewind in the Tower of Azora (Elwynn Forest),


wow classic enchanting kitta firewind




- Horde: Hgarth in the Stonetalon Mountains


Hgarth in Stonetalon mountains




The path to Hgarth in Stonetalon Mountains is a display of Blizzard developers’ creativity, as it’s not so obvious to find. Whoever missed the road to the Valley of Mines first time playing Gothic II, will understand. To spare you some frustration, we point the exact entrance right here.


wow classic enchanting path to hgarth


Once you reach level 35 and 200 skill in Enchanting, you can go and learn Artisan enchanting. You can, which does not mean that you have to. The trick is that the only Enchanting trainer able to lead you this way is Annora. Her residence is the Uldaman dungeon. To talk to her you need to clear trash mobs around her first, so it is not nearly a ‘go-and-do’ type of thing.


It is recommended by most guides and players to go to her only once in order not to waste time. However she teaches some valuable recipes, so for you to go there only once and achieve everything at one blow, you will need some resources with you.


Annora can teach you:

- Artisan Enchanting - 5 gold,

- Enchant Chest - Superior Mana (230 skill) - 54 silver,

- Enchant Shield - Greater Spirit (230 skill) - 54 silver,

- Enchant Boots - Agility (235 skill) - 58 silver,

- Enchant Two-Handed Weapon - Greater Impact (240 skill) - 62 silver,

- Enchant Bracer - Greater Strength (240 skill) - 62 silver,

- Enchant Chest - Stats (245 skill) - 62 silver,

- Enchant Weapon - Greater Striking (245 skill) - 62 silver,

- Enchant Gloves - Minor Haste (250 skill) - 65 silver,

- Enchant Leather (250 skill) - 1 gold,

- Enchant Thorium (250 skill) - 1 gold.


It makes a total of 11 gold 79 silver for Annora to teach you everything. Also, you will require and around 200 Vision Dust to get you to skill level 250 to learn every recipe. You can also skip this, and return to Uldaman later on once again. Or twice. Who knows, maybe you will find Miner's Hat of the Deep?


WoW Classic Enchanting leveling - 1 to 300

In order to enchant anything you need materials, and to go all the way to 300 you will need a lot of them. We list them down below.



- Arcanite Rod - x 1, 

- Black Pearl - x 1,

- Copper Rod - x 1,

- Dream Dust - x 338, 

- Golden Rod - x 1, 

- Golden Pearl - x 1, 

- Greater Astral Essence - x 2, 

- Greater Eternal Essence - x 4, 

- Greater Magic Essence - x 21, 

- Greater Mystic Essence - x 2, 

- Greater Nether Essence - x 24, 

- Illusion Dust - x 82, 

- Iridescent Pearl - x 1, 

- Large Brilliant Shard - x 2, 

- Lesser Astral Essence - x 10,

- Lesser Magic Essence - x 11,

- Lesser Mystic Essence - x 30,

- Shadowgem - x 1, 

- Small Brilliant Shard - x 4,

- Soul Dust - x 67,

- Strange Dust - x 206, 

- Truesilver Rod - x 1,

- Vision Dust - x 171.


How to get Enchanting Materials?

Obviously, you can buy them. However, to do this, you would need a couple of years of farming gold or buy gold. If you don’t have wealthy parents support or a good full-time job, and you’ve spent your last money on a subscription, then you might want to go cheaper way.


Most of the materials can be easily acquired through Disenchant spell. Make sure you have some in reserve, as sometimes the enchant might get yellow, not orange, and you can miss one or two skill ups. It is especially painful at 225-300.

For this purposes You will also need couple of formulas (Formula Enchant - Bracer, Formula Enchant - Cloak etc). Sometimes

How to obtain Dust:

- Dream Dust - Green Armor iLevel 1-20

- Illusion Dust - Green Armor iLevel 21-30

- Soul Dust - Green Armor iLevel 31-40

- Strange Dust - Green Armor iLevel 41-50

- Vision Dust - Green Armor iLevel 51+.


Disenchanting Armor gear has the highest chance of dropping the desired reagent.

How to get Essence

- Lesser Magic Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 11-15

- Greater Magic Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 16-20

- Lesser Astral Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 21-25

- Greater Astral Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 26-30

- Lesser Mystic Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 31-35

- Greater Mystic Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 36-40

- Lesser Nether Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 41-45

- Greater Nether Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 46-50

- Lesser Eternal Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 51-55

- Greater Eternal Essence - Green Weapon iLevel 56+.


Disenchanting Weapons is your way, as they have the highest rate of dropping the Essence.

How to make Shards

- Small Glimmering Shard - Rare Equipment iLevel 21-25

- Large Glimmering Shard - Rare Equipment iLevel 25-30

- Small Glowing Shard - Rare Equipment iLevel 31-35

- Large Glowing Shard - Rare Equipment iLevel 36-40

- Small Radiant Shard - Rare Equipment iLevel 41-45

- Large Radiant Shard - Rare Equipment iLevel 46-50

- Small Brilliant Shard - Rare Equipment iLevel 51-55

- Large Brilliant Shard - Rare Equipment iLevel 56+

- there is also a chance of dropping Nexus Crystal from Epic Equipment and sometimes from Rare Equipment iLevel 56+.



Disenchanting Rare and Epic items guarantee the highest chance of obtaining Shards, which makes them the most expensive and valuable.



If you have Tailoring profession chosen, you can always sustain yourself with Dust by Disenchanting clot armor pieces of your own making.






Skill level




1 x Runed Copper Rod

1 x Copper Rod

1 x Strange Dust

1 x Lesser Magic Essence


76 x Enchant Bracer - Minor Health

76 x Strange Dust




Skill level




32 x Enchant Bracer - Minor Deflection

10 x Lesser Magic Essence

10 x Strange Dust


15 x Enchant Bracer - Minor Stamina

45 x Strange Dust


1 x Runed Silver Rod

1 x Silver Rod

6 x Strange Dust

3 x Greater Magic Essence

1 x Shadowgem


4 x Enchant Bracer - Minor Stamina

12 x Strange Dust


18 x Enchant Bracer - Minor Agility

36 x Strange Dust

18 x Greater Magic Essence


10 x Enchant Shield - Minor Stamina

10 x Lesser Astral Essence

20 x Strange Dust


20 x Enchant Bracer - Lesser Stamina

40 x Soul Dust





1 x Runed Golden Rod

1 x Golden Rod

1 x Iridescent Pearl

2 x Greater Astral Essence

2 x Soul Dust


10 x Enchant Bracer - Lesser Stamina

20 x Soul Dust


5 x Enchant Shield - Lesser Stamina

5 x Lesser Mystic Essence

5 x Soul Dust


15 x Enchant Bracer - Spirit

15 x Lesser Mystic Essence 


20 x Enchant Bracer - Strength

20 x Vision Dust


1 x Runed Truesilver Rod

1 x Truesilver Rod

1 x Black Pearl

2 x Greater Mystic Essence

2 x Vision Dust


7 x Enchant Bracer - Strength

7 x Vision Dust


20 x Enchant Cloak - Greater Defense

60 x Vision Dust





Skill level




10 x Enchant Gloves - Agility

10 x Vision Dust

10 x Lesser Nether Essence


12 x Enchant Chest - Superior Health

72 x Vision Dust


24 x Enchant Bracer - Greater Strength

48 x Dream Dust

24 x Nether Essence


29 x Formula: Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina

290 x Dream Dust


1 x Runed Arcanite Rod

1 x Arcanite Rod

1 x Golden Pearl

10 x Illusion Dust

4 x Greater Eternal Essence

4 x Small Brilliant Shard

2 x Large Brilliant Shard


9 x Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense

72 x Illusion Dust



How much does it cost to skill up Enchanting from 1 to 300?

It is nothing of a hard data or academic discussion, as there is probably no way to count the exact number. It is more like free estimation just for fun.


The price of Enchanting


For the sake of the most accurate calculation possible, we took some assumptions:

- Rods are bought,

- item sell prices are Vendor prices. We had no possibility to acquire Auction House prices at the moment, and still, it is hard to take one correct assumption, as Auction House prices are constantly changing. We can be pretty much sure, however, that they will be much higher than Vendor prices,

- we took random item fitting for disenchantment. Obviously, the real drop rate is different, and everybody will disenchant whatever currently is at hand,

- we don’t include situations, where someone brings you the materials to enchant something for them; in this spreadsheet, you are on your own,

- it also does not include the price of formulas and learning them. Just for the numbers not to be too much overwhelming.


The ultimate result is around 555 WoW Classic gold. It may not seem impressive at first, but…


Epic mount cost was 1000 gold, which in Vanilla was equal to buying Ferrari in real life.


Black Market price of WoW Classic gold is currently (two days after release) around USD 18 for 1 gold. For comparison - this is almost a price of WoW Token, which presently gives 160k gold in the US.


160 k gold. For 1 WoW Classic Gold.


Pretty insane. 160k gold times 555 - this is a price of Classic WoW enchanting compared to retail. Nearly 90 million retail World of Warcraft gold. 9 gold caps in Battle for Azeroth. It takes into account the US region. In China, they have to pay twice as much for an in-game WoW Token. So they’d have 18 gold caps.


What’s more, 555 x $18 USD = $9 990 USD. We’ll leave it completely for you to imagine, what could you have in real life for 10k American Dollars. We will stick to Enchanting. It is the only thing we truly desire.



Simply put, Enchanting makes your gear even better. And basically, we could end this paragraph just by saying so. There is nothing wrong in going for more power (unless you have ill imperialistic tendencies).

Enchanting, just like Skinning, Tailoring, Alchemy, Blacksmithing and many more was added to serve the purposes of better gameplay. It allows you to gain an advantage in one place for the price of lacking something else. It is totally on you to make the right choice, that goes well with your race, class and future goals. From our point of view, Enchanting is one of the best proessions in the game, especially in end game content. Is it worth it to sacrifice time and money to skill up Enchanting? Definitely yes.


Do you agree with us? Please, share your thoughts. Visit our Facebook and Twitter, contact us by any means, as we pay major respect to our community feedback.



What is Enchanting in Vanilla World of Warcraft?

It is a crafting profession, which allows one to magically enhance items, weapons, gear to give better stats.


What do I need to begin Enchanting?

You need a rod, materials, recipe, trainer, and enough proficiency in Enchanting to create anything. And gold. A lot of gold. Even more.


Also, which may sound a little childish, you need a purpose to do it. At first levels, you do it to skill up. Later on, you either want to upgrade your item or earn well-deserved gold for enchanting services.


What is the best profession going with Enchanting?

8 out of 10 it will be Tailoring, as you will be able to equip yourself with the gear of your crafting as well as disenchant it for materials.


If you don’t feel like it, or you chose class other than cloth-only, you may as well go for Leatherworking and Blacksmithing. You can't go wrong with Alchemy as well, but within the community it is rather rare choice to pair with Enchanting.


What is the best Vanilla class for Enchanting?

The one that doesn’t need gold.

Just kidding, but any class can go for Enchanting. However, cloth-wearers - Mages, Warlocks, and Priests - have the most benefits from it, as they can supply themselves.


Where can I learn Artisan Enchanting?

There is only one Artisan teacher. It's Annora residing in Uldaman dungeon. She teaches also some high end recipes, so take around 12 gold with you, to do it with one run.


How to skill up Enchanting fast?

Have your materials ready, keep planning your next move. Try to use items that you’ve already crafted to minimize the time and gold costs. Be prepared for poverty in low to mid levels. 


How much does it cost to level Enchanting in WoW Classic fully?

A lot. If you take into account not selling drops to Vendors, we could risk a statement, that for the total cost of 300 Enchanting skill you could buy an epic mount. Or even two.


In real life with some luck, you could buy a house for it. A small one, but...

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