WoW Classic PvP Tier List - Which class is the best at PvP?

classic wow pvp tier list
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PvP in Classic World of Warcraft is arguably the most nostalgic and beautiful thing that players of modern WoW really miss. Although versing other players in open world combat had its flaws players often enjoyed this part of the game very much. The class balance was almost non-existent in Vanilla as some of the professions excelled at pvp situations while others have fallen behind greatly. The fear of being attacked in open world and the need to use everything that you can to stay alive gave the game feeling that we were taking part in real conflict almost as if we were fighting for our own lives.

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Since some classes were so good in open world dueling it is worth checking out which of them are best choices. In this guide, you will find descriptions of all classes and how they functioned in pvp combat as well as tier list which can guide you on what class to pick for WoW Classic.


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Open World PvP Tier List

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The wrecking ball of the Vanilla WoW. The most deadly class that can kill within a few hits everyone while bear hard like a brick wall at the same time. Warrior with good gear and a dedicated healer by his side can demolish everything at his sight within seconds. This without a doubt, is the best class to pair up with as a healer. They have unlimited resource for their skills which is rage, they are always looked out for, they deal the most damage and are quite easy to play. But there are also some downsides. Warriors are very easily kite-able without Healers and are pretty much useless due to lack of mobility. They also depend a lot on gear which has to be great - otherwise, they won’t sustain for a long time in a duel. It is also one of the worst classes to level up with when playing solo. Grind on Warriors is extremely dull and requires huge amounts of patience.


Pros :

-Doesn’t rely on mana

-Very strong sustained damage

-Very straightforward (might also be a con for some people)

-Makes a great tank that can soak tons of damage with hes defense

-Can be all races in both Alliance and Horde

-Viable as a Fury, Arms and Prot


Cons :

-Poor mobility, easily kite-able

-Item dependent

-Low utility

-Healer reliant - bad solo class


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The absolute beasts of 1v1 situations. Rogues are amazing in solo PvP situations since they can ambush their opponents, stun lock them and do whatever they want for long periods of time. It definitely most common PvP class as it does not require good gear to be strong. Rogues rely heavily on their cooldowns to dish huge amounts of damages while their target is in CC. Rogues are the best choice when it comes down to World PvP but they fall behind when fighting in groups. As they rely on cooldowns they might not be the best choice in every situation. It is also the most overpopulated class so you will meet a lot of competition in arena fights. Many players often choose Rogue for their stealth abilities. They can come and go unseen, pass monsters, visit dangerous areas and pick the fights at their will. Even while they are in combat Vanish ability lets Rogues completely disappear from the enemies line of sight. Thanks to all of that this class is extremely fun to play for those who pick it and rage inducing for those who have to fight against it.


Pros :

-One of the best duelists in the game

-Some great cooldowns

-Very enjoyable to play

-Nightmare to deal with as locks


Cons :


-Relies on cooldowns and might be an easy target without them

-Quite squishy - can easily die from one or two nukes



Possibly one of the most dangerous classes in world pvp. Hunters can outmaneuver melee classes with ease. They are quite agile and they use ranged weapons to fight. Since they can also deal damage while moving they can run away while dealing damage to their opponents. Similarly to Rogues, hunters can start engagements and control the battle with various crowd control abilities. Fighting against Ranged user usually comes down to reaching him before he kills you - it is also the reality with hunters. This class can be extremely deadly in the hands of a good player but also quite easy to kill when played by beginners. Hunters are the best counter to Rogues since they can show invisible opponents. They are a great choice for pvp but might be hard to learn. Because of that not everyone will enjoy playing a Hunter class.


Pros :

-Lots of crowd control

-Can send pets to damage and annoy the hell out of their enemies

-Can shot while moving


Cons :

-Hard to play and even harder to master

-Vulnerable to damage over time (can be kited behind terrain after dot is applied)

-Die easily when caught from melee distance


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Another very popular choice when it comes to pvp is Mage. Similarly to Hunter - Magic users are known for their kiting abilities as well as amazing crowd controls. They also have most powerful area of effect skills in the game which makes them very good during leveling. Mages are very simple class to pick up but they might be hard to master. They offer great survivability and damage but might get countered in fights by some classes. As they don’t require as much gear as other classes they are a common choice during early stages of the game.


Pros :

-Great survivability

-Strong cooldowns like Polymorph or Ice Block

-King of burst damage

-Not gear dependent

-Can be Frost, Arcane or Fire - all are viable

-Makes consumables on his own



-Countered by some classes (Paladins can neutralize Mage cc)

-Can be hard to learn


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The deadly dark magic users are known for their damage over time abilities. They are very gear dependant since health pool is their only line of defence. They don’t have abilities that can control fight like Hunters or Mages. Warlocks can be extremely deadly when geared and played well. They have higher skill cap same as Hunters but when player well they can be the real killing machines. Warlocks have more than one viable PvP spec and have nice utility in general with pets and curses. It is worth noting that they are hard countered by Undead racial ability and by Rogue class.


Pros :

-Great damage even better than mages in Affliction spec

-Can easily sustain through various spells

-Strong duellers

-Mitigates dmg with pet


Cons :

-Easy target for Rogues

-Gear dependent

-Hard to learn



In WoW Vanilla Druids are a very difficult class. Their raw healing abilities are far worse than those of priests, shamans and paladins. Their damage output is not as good as other classes. They struggle with mana as their skills drain it very quickly. They struggle with almost everything. Although all of the above is true, there are some situations where druids shine. They are amazing at kaiting since they have possibly best mobility in the game. They are very good at tanking damage and decent in 1v1 situations when played well. They are also best flag carriers for CTF because of their speed and survivability.


Pros :

-Amazing survivability thanks to bearform

-A lot of useful utility, mobility and healing spells

-Best kaiting class in Feral form


Cons :

-They struggle with mana

-Poor raw damage output

-Poor raw healing output



Arguably most powerful pvp healer class in the game. Priests have various useful tools which are unique to their class. They can AOE fear enemies which can change courses of the fights. Because they have huge impact in mass fights Priests are often a main target in fights. While playing this class it is extremely important to position yourself correctly and avoid CC at all cost. They have two viable healer specs that work great in mass PvP and although they are quite gear dependant they are always a good choice when it comes down to healing. Additionally Priests can select Shadow spec which is extremely powerful in 1v1 situations when geared.


Pros :

-Strong raw healing

-Amazing at 1v1s as Shadow Priest spec

-Very versatile


Cons :

-Lack mobility

-Very squishy

-Vulnerable to poisons and curses



Another great healer on the list is a Holy Paladin. Those plate wearers can use amazing defensive abilities to stay in the fight or keep an ally from harm forever. They have best defensive utility in the game with skills like Freedom, BoP, Lay On Hands as well as Bubble which is the most iconic spell of this class. Paladins have a lot of cooldowns to choose from and provide very strong healing on top of that. On the other hand Paladins can be countered by good kicks and dispels thrown at the right time. Additionally they don’t have offensive spells and rely mostly on defence.


Pros :

-Very hard to kill

-A lot of utility and strong cooldowns



Cons :

-No offensive tools and Retribution is quite bad spec overall

-Vulnerable to curses

-Countered by dispels and purges



This is another very interesting class since Shamans are usually played as hybrids between Elemental, Enhancement and Resto builds. They have very useful skills like Wind Totem which can greatly improve dps of Warriors in your party. Totems in general provide great all around utility. Shamans also are the most offensive of all support classes and can fill both damage dealing and healer role with same build. They are also very good at disrupting casters but they are very gear dependent which is one of the main disadvantages while picking this class. Shamans are often looked for since they utility can greatly boost Warriors kill potential. Together they combine into a great synergy that can be one of the best duos in the game.


Pros :

-Can be offensive and defensive with same build

-Nice amount of utility in form of totems

-Good against casters


Cons :

-Very specific gamestyle - Hard to play and even harder to master

-Gear dependent

-Vulnerable to curses


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Classic WoW PvP Tier List

Because classes in Classic World of Warcraft were so unbalanced some of them were better in PvP than others. In this section we will try to put them into rankings showing the best to worst pvp classes in Vanilla. Take this with a little grain of salt as it is very subjective opinion and how strong character is depends mostly on the player.


Open World PvP

1. Rogues - Without a doubt the most feared class in open world pvp. Everyone who played Vanilla know how it is to get ganked by one of these. They come from nowhere and kill whoever they want. Their biggest advantage comes in form of invisibility which lets them choose targets and fights. They can easily catch you and easily run from you which makes them extremely dangerous killing machines.


2. Mages - The great magic nukers were known for their ability to instantly blink to other locations. They were annoying to deal with. You might be thinking that this cloth armour can be easy to shred and you aren’t completely wrong. Although they had low hp values and they lacked healing spells Mages made it hell for their enemies to catch them. Slows, roots and other forms of crowd control like Polymorph gave them enough time to finish their enemies before they could even reach them.


3. Warlocks - These sorcerers of dark magic weren’t as hard to catch as their magical friends mentioned before. They lacked spell which could grant them mobility but they had other things in their sleeves. Warlocks could use various spells to heal themselves during a battle and just when you thought that you have reached one of them - fear was there to stop you. They had great damage and pets that were always there to help.


4. Hunters - The kings of catching their enemies were Hunters. They were fast, they were mobile, they had crowd control to slow down their enemies and they could see invisible units thanks to Flare skill. On top of that, they were great at escaping too. Hunters could come closer when it was necessary and step back when they needed. All of that while dealing damage with their deadly ranged weapons and pets.


5. Priests - Who would have thought that so high on this list we will get a class that is mainly known for great healing. Although Shadow Priests are a one trick heroes they are extremely good in 1v1 when geared. With various heals and negative effect removals, they were more dangerous than many would think.


6. Druids - Some may think that druid has it all. They had active damaging skills, heals, crowd control, mobility, and even Bear Form to help them survive long time. Although all of this is true and they were fun to play the numbers just were not right. Druids lacked damage, their healing was not good enough and they were hard to play right. Good druid can take advantage of everything and still win tough fights, but they did require more than other classes to do so.


7. Warriors - Although Warriors were extremely good when paired with healers they were not quite as dangerous when left alone. Those killing machines had their big weakness in the form of crowd control. They were easily kited and they could not heal back effectively. Although they were able to shred through their opponents from close, they were very vulnerable to ranged attacks.


8. Paladins - Everyone who fought a Paladin in World of Warcraft before should know this - they are extremely annoying to deal with. Although they don’t have too many offensive tools they can be very tanky and they can heal for ages. Paladins are very tough. They can shield with bubble, heal back their hp and cc you. They are not greatest because they lack offense but if when it comes to defensive capabilities there is no match.


9. Shamans - Shamans are kind of difficult to rate because most of them are hybrids of DPS and healers. They have some offensive spells unlike Paladins, they have great utility in form of totems, they are nightmare to deal with as a casters but they also are vulnerable to curses and lack of gear. On top of that they lack defensive dispels which makes them easy target at times.


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We hope that our guide has given you some insight on which classes are worth picking for pvp combat in Classic World of Warcraft. If you liked our article make sure to leave a comment below. Sign up and join community that is growing to be one of the biggest in online gaming history!


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