Lineage 2 Raid Boss Guide - Slay Them for Amazing Loot!

Lineage 2 Raid Boss Guide
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Lineage 2 Raid Boss guide

Lineage 2 evolved a lot over the long years of its existence. However, some aspects of the game remain more or less unchanged. The high significance of Raid Bosses certainly is one of them. Their relative power level might be a bit different than in the older chronicles, and there are some new mechanics, as well as raiding locations (instanced and open world), but the general idea is still the same. If you want to be one of the strongest players on your server, you have to go for raids.

Table of contents

Raiding in Lineage 2

Raid Boss Loot

   Epic Accessories

   Dragon Weapons

Raid Boss Mechanics

Raid Boss Locations

Angel's Accessories Bosses

Epic Dragons

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Raiding in Lineage 2

Just like almost every other MMORPGs – Lineage 2 is heavily reliant on gear progression and loot. Unsurprisingly, slaying Raid Bosses can provide you with tons of fantastic equipment and other useful items. A significant portion of them can be obtained as Raid Boss drops exclusively. Fully gearing up a few players can require a killing a lot of bosses. Getting top items for your whole clan is significantly more difficult and time-consuming.

It’s important to note that raiding in Lineage 2 is a little bit different than in most other MMO games. There aren’t that many long and complex instances that require killing multiple bosses in order to get an opportunity to face the final enemy. Actually, back in the day the bosses weren’t even instanced – other groups of players could enter the location, kill the raiding party, and steal the boss. It’s still the case for some Raid Bosses, but not the most powerful ones. Before going on a raid, make sure to check check the boss' name, level, location and potential loot. 

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Up to seven players can form a standard Lineage 2 party. While it’s an excellent number for AoE farming, trains of mobs in some of the most challenging and lucrative hunting zones, it’s not enough for the hardest bosses. That’s why the game allows you to link multiple parties together to form a command channel temporarily. If the boss fight takes place in a non-instanced zone, and numerous command channels are trying to kill it, the loot rights go to the one that dealt the highest share of damage. That being said, if more than one group of players shows up in a situation like this, they will usually fight each other before finishing the boss.

Each character and class can take part in raids, but some of them are more optimal than the others. You obivously want a strong tank that can survive the encounter, some capable healers and multiple efficient DPS characters. That being said, strong gear will likely be much more important than choosing the perfect class. 

Raid Boss Loot

As we said, Raid Bosses can provide the players with various types of valuable loot. Currently, some of the most standard drops are R110 Grade Krishna weapons and Leviathan armor pieces, various Soul Crystals that can provide Special Abilities to your weapons, and multiple Enchantment Scrolls, including the blessed ones. Some weaker bosses can also drop the R99 Grade gear – Helios weapons and Eternal armors, as well as some weaker enchant scrolls.

Of course, there are some more interesting item drops that are often limited to some specific Raid Bosses. These items include talismans, legendary dyes, epic accessories, and in some cases, even dragon weapons or their fragments. Besides the loot, you will also get tons of EXP, SP and other rewards. 

Epic Accessories

There are two major sets of epic jewelry, but instead of collecting a whole outfit (two rings, two earrings, and one necklace), you want to get one ring, one earring, and one necklace, using the remaining slots on other items. Wearing two identical rings or earrings makes no sense since the effects don’t stack. The first, slightly weaker set, is called Angel’s Accessories. The parts can be dropped by Baium, Orfen, Spezion, Freya, Scarlet van Halisha, Anakim, Lilith, and a few other bosses.

The more powerful set of epic jewelry can only drop from the three dragon bosses – Antharas, Valakas, and Fafurion. Each of these monsters has a chance to drop all three parts – ring, earring, and necklace. Each of the dragons used to have his unique item (Antharas’ Earring, Valakas’ Necklace, etc.), but after a recent rework, they don’t drop these items anymore. There are some other epic accessories too, but they’re not nearly as crucial to the game’s meta at these two sets.

The standard jewelry in Lineage 2 provides only some bonus MP and Magic Defense. Meanwhile, the epic accessories can give much more than that. They grant resistance to debuffs and various control effects, movement speed, skill power, damage reflection, life steal, offensive stats, reduction in damage taken, as well as MP cost and cooldown of your skills, and much more! There’s a catch, though – you’ll have to use enchant scrolls on your jewelry in order to unlock or empower these special bonuses. They’re already quite difficult to get since they can only drop from specific Raid Bosses, but you also have to risk losing them in the enchanting process, if you want to unlock their full potential.

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Dragon Weapons

Killing the dragon bosses nets you a small chance of getting a fragment of a dragon weapon. They are the critical parts in the process of creating the most potent weapons in the entire game. The whole vertical gear progression in Lineage 2 is complex and time-consuming, but the dragon weapons are probably the most difficult part of it.

Making a dragon weapon requires the right fragment (and they have a meager drop ratio), a lot of other expensive components, and 50 Dragon Claws. Each time a dragon boss is killed, it drops a single Dragon Claw for the whole command channel. A lot of strong players are needed to kill Antharas, Valakas, or Fafurion – it’s recommended to get a command channel of no less than seven full parties of well-geared people with at least level 105 (preferably higher). You will need to assemble a group like this for 50 successful dragon raids to even have a chance of getting one of these weapons.

Furthermore, after getting the standard dragon weapon, you can spend even more Dragon Claws and other materials to get it to high grade and later – top grade. This process is incredibly expensive, and it’s reserved for leaders of the most powerful clans on the server. There are dragon weapons for each of the Lineage 2 Classes.

Raid Boss mechanics

There are a few bosses that can wander around or show up in different locations, but most of them stick to a single spot. You can always find them there if they have already respawned. Players can get this information in the Map section. If the Raid Boss’ icon on the map is grey – it has been slain, and it didn’t respawn as of yet. If the icon is colored – the boss is alive and ready to fight.

There also are level limitations to killing bosses. Some of the raid zones have a minimum level required to enter them. Moreover, if your command channel includes a character that’s lower level than the boss by 11 or more, you won’t get any loot. On the other hand, if a player has more than eight levels over the boss, they become not eligible to kill it – if a character attempts to attack the boss, they will get temporarily petrified. It’s one of the reasons why the recent updates significantly raised the levels of weaker bosses or completely deleted them from the game.

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Whenever a Raid Boss of level 100 or higher is struck below 90%, 60%, and 30% of its maximum health, it activates a skill called Limit Barrier. It’s a shield that lasts for 15 seconds. If the players are unable to break the barrier during this time window, the boss will instantly return to full HP. Destroying this shield requires landing 600 strikes on the enemy.   

If the boss stays in combat for more than 15 minutes, it enters the Berserk state, significantly increasing its damage output and attack speed. It doesn’t always apply to a few specific raids that have fixed phases and some unique mechanics. When you kill a Raid Boss, there’s a small chance that a Death Reaper will spawn in its place. He only lives for one hour, but he has the same level and drops the same items as the original boss. Killing the Death Reaper whenever you have the option is a great opportunity to get some extra loot.

The most important raiding locations

Up to level 85, the game is mostly a tutorial. However, when you get to that point and complete your Awakening or 3rd Liberation, you can start raiding. Of course, the level 85-90 Raid Bosses won’t give you the most powerful loot in the game, but if you’re interested in some R-Grade or R95-Grade gear, as well as Enchantment Scrolls and even low-level Soul Crystals, you’re likely to get something worthwhile.

Ice Queen’s Castle

There are not that many Raid Bosses to choose from at level 85, but you definitely should slay Freya in the Ice Queen’s Castle. It’s a four-phase fight that features a lot of adds, including the Ice Knights and their captain – Glakias. Freya has a chance to drop R95 weapons and three unique items: Freya’s Necklace, Ice Queen’s Tiara, and Cloak of Freya.

Seed of Annihilation

Another great option is the Seed of Annihilation, where you can find three bosses: Dopagen, Taklacan, and Torumba. They can all drop R-Grade equipment and some Soul Crystals. This location also features a slightly higher level instanced raid zone – Istina’s Caverns. Istina is a level 94 Raid Boss that can drop R99 Grade gear as well as unique jewelry and shirt.

Orbis Temple

This zone features ten different bosses. Most of them don’t offer that extraordinary loot - just some R95 Grade equipment and enchant scrolls. However, the two most powerful bosses: Turanclass and Talicrome, have a significant chance of dropping Superior Giant’s Codex – it’s an incredibly valuable item that’s necessary to enchant skills. Orbis Temple also features the entrance to the instanced zone - Octavis’ Cavern. He can drop R99 Grade equipment, as well as unique jewelry and shirt.

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Seed of Infinity

The Seed of Infinity is a zone full of undead and mutants. It features three bosses: Yehan Klanikus, Yehan Klodekus, and most importantly – the Immortal Lord Ekimus. Besides the R99 Grade gear and various crystals, the last one of them has a small chance of dropping the Ekimus’ Belt, a precious and useful item. You can get another belt with identical stats from Witch of the Dragon Darkness Tiat in the Seed of Destruction.

At this point (around level 95-100), you have many more options, like the bosses in Mimir’s Forest, Enhanced Core in Cruma Tower, Enhanced Harnak’s Wraith in the Harnak Underground Ruins, and plenty others.

Outer Messiah’s Castle

This instanced zone is available once a week for characters that have level 100 or higher. It’s designed for command channels composed of two to five full parties. Players have two hours to defeat a vast number of bosses that all can drop R99 Grade equipment and Enchantment Scrolls (with a small chance of getting the more valuable blessed ones). You should try to clear this instance every week if you can get into a strong enough command channel.

Other 100+ bosses

Post level 100, you’re starting to be eligible for most of the strongest Raid Bosses in the game. There is a lot that we haven’t discussed yet, and we’re not going to talk about every single one, as there are so many of them. Some of the great options include Mimir in Giant’s Cave, Isabella in Garden of Spirits, as well as Queen Ramona and Emperor of the Beginning Helios in the Superion Fortress. Gustav in the Devastated Castle has a small chance of dropping another belt – this makes him the right choice. The same goes for Lydia von Hellman in the Fortress of the Dead.

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Isadora and Maliss in Altar of Shilen also are worth fighting. They can drop special scrolls that allow you to change the appearance of an armor piece. You can consider the Ivory Tower Crater to kill Avenger Alusion and Avenger Graff for the R99 Grade gear and some other loot – most notably the Spirit Stones. These items can also be dropped by Mad Cullan and Witch Moira in the Forest of Mirrors. There’s a similar situation in the Fields of Massacre with Demon Venoma and Fiend Sarboth. The same goes for Arrogant Lebruum and Ferocious Valac on the Isle of Prayer as well as Berserker Tabris and Berserker Zetahl in Breka’s Stronghold. The Alligator Island features two worthwhile Raid Bosses: Watcher Setheth and Watcher Tristan.  

Angel’s Accessories Bosses

A few specific bosses can drop Angel’s jewelry that we talked about earlier. These bosses will often be much more contested than the ones that we talked about until this point. Challenging for them might require a strong raiding clan and a lot of determination.

We already mentioned Octavis – in the extreme, level 112 version can drop both R99 and R110 Grade gear, as well as Angel’s Ring, Earring and Necklace, and some valuable components. Scarlet van Halisha, at the bottom of the Imperial Tomb, offers almost identical loot.

Similar items, but without the R99 Grade equipment and with a chance for a Top-grade Spirit Stone are dropped by the remaining bosses. Orfen in the Sea of Spores, Lord Ishka in the Dragon Valley, Lilith in the Catacombs of Dark Omens, Anakim in the Disciples Necropolis, and Baium on top of the Tower of Insolence.

Epic Dragons

Currently, there are three Epic Dragons in Lineage 2. They are the only bosses that can drop the Dragon Accessories, dragon weapon fragments, and Dragon Claws. They are the most difficult and the most contested Raid Bosses in the entire game.

Earth Dragon Antharas – this boss is located in the Antharas’ Nest near the city of Giran. To enter the instance, you have to talk to the NPC Antharas Watchman Theodoric. He is located in Dragon Valley, at the entrance to Antharas’ Lair. Theodoric only spawns for a day on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Antharas uses a lot of control effects – he can stun, fear, and immobilize the players. The combat is divided into phases. The first one is straightforward and short. You just have to deal damage to the dragon. The Balthus Knights will be helping you. Then, the boss will hide outside your reach, summoning Dragon Bombers – you have to kill them quickly, because otherwise, they will explode, dealing high amounts of damage. After that, during phase three, you can once again damage him, but he summons Dragon Treaters. These servants will heal Antharas if you let them reach him, so try to kill them before they’re able to do that. Stage four is similar, just with extra adds that will attack you.

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Fire Dragon Valakas – this dragon dwells in the Valakas’ Lair that can be accessed through the Forge of the Gods. You first have to talk with the Valakas’ Watchman Klein and then with another NPC called Heart of Volcano. The boss has 14 days of respawn timer.

Some parts of the instance are covered in lava – players who walk over it will receive damage. Valakas can sometimes fear the opponents and make them run into it, so be mindful of that. The longer the fight goes, the stronger the dragon becomes. He deals physical damage with his claws and tail, as well as magic damage with his fiery Dragon’s Breath and later Meteor Storm.

Water Dragon Fafurion – to kill this dragon, you’ll have to first visit the Fafurion Temple near the city of Heine and the Innadril Castle. Once you get there, your command channel has to kill the Fafurion’s High Priest Cyrax to obtain a Pontus Stone (if multiple groups are hitting this boss, the reward will belong to the command channel that dealt the most damage (not the one that landed the final blow). Once you have this item, you have to talk to the NPC called Heart of Tsunami, and it will teleport you to the boss instance. Fafurion also has 14 days respawn cycle.

The combat consists of four stages, during which Fafurion accumulates anger, dealing more and more damage. When the boss gets below 60% HP, he starts summoning minions to help him in the fight. At the same time, the anger control rooms on both sides of the instance are open. You can enter these rooms and kill the guards inside to decrease Fafurion’s anger level and make him less threatening. When he gets below 10% HP, the raid enters phase four, and the boss deals even more damage than earlier with his attacks.

Lineage 2 Raid Bosses

Killing Raid Bosses is an incredibly important aspect of the Lineage 2 endgame content. You can get great loot for slaying bosses! Raid with your clan to get more powerful! We hope that this guide has helped you understand L2 raiding and learn about its most crucial elements. Make sure to follow our blog and browse our website if you’re interested in more content about all the top MMORPGs!

Lineage 2 is a legendary Korean MMORPG, developed and published by NCSoft.

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