Lineage 2 Prelude of War - Fafurion Supplemental Update

Lineage 2 Prelude of War - Fafurion Supplemental Update
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Only a few months passed since the huge Fafurion update introduced a lot of changes to Lineage 2 and there already is another significant patch online. The European server branded it as Lineage 2 Prelude of War, while in America, it is simply known as the Fafurion Supplemental Update.

It’s arguably a bit smaller than the previous one, but it still introduces tons of interesting changes. While not that much strictly new content has been added to the game, some of the preexisting features got polished and adjusted. The biggest changes concern Hunting Zones, Raid Bosses, Subclasses and Dual Classes, Cursed Swords as well as items and their upgrading system.


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The subclass mechanic has been completely removed from Lineage 2. Now, every character only has access to their main class and one dual-class. The five subclass certification skills are also gone. To compensate, a new dual class certification skill – Energy of New Power, has been introduced. It’s an all round stat bonus that’s useful on every class. There might some new upcoming changes to multi-class characters in the future. 

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The endgame buffs have been consolidated into being more well-rounded and versatile, instead of the old role-specific system with separate buffs for nukers, tanks and physical damage dealers. Knight’s Harmony, Warrior’s Harmony and Wizard’s Harmony are now combined into a single Fantasia Harmony skill, available to all buffers. Battle Ditty and Protective Ditty are now similarly replaced by Fantasia Melody.  


All Tyrr warriors got access to a brand new 105 lvl skill called Force Intention. It’s a one minute long self buff that increases P.Atk and Critical Damage. Casting it consumes MP, Momentum and Soul Stones. There also were some balance changes that increase the power level of all the Sigel, Tyrr, Aeore, Iss, Wynn and Yul classes. It means that basically every class that’s not a DPS mage or a dagger user is getting buffed.


Debuffs have also been consolidated. The number of negative status effects has been limited from over twenty to four. Now all debuffs are listed as Strike, Infection, Stiffen, or Confusion.


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While no new areas are being added in this patch, some of the good old hunting zones got their monster levels increased. This should create more viable farming options, as there will simply be more room for the high level players.


The level 100+ zones are Beleth’s Magic Circle, Desert Quarry, Enchanted Valley, Ivory Tower Crater and Forest of Mirrors. Primeval Isle, Strom Isle, Breka’s Stronghold and Fafurion Temple are even better, level 110+ hunting zones.


Storm Isle and Primeval Isle also got new timed hunting zones. They have a daily reset and players have to pay an entry fee to farm them. Furthermore there have been level adjustments to monsters in Isle of Prayer, Blazing Swamp, Altar of Evil and Bloody Swampland.



There were some significant updates to some of the important Raid Bosses. Baium, Anakim, Lilith and Orfen are now all level 118. Their spawn timers got changed, general access to them is now easier, as some of the restrictions have been lifted.


All four of those bosses are now less tanky and fight against Baium can now last more than an hour without having to worry about a reset. At the same time, each of their battle areas is now a PvP zones. Bosses might be a little bit easier to defeat, but you’re going to have to worry about other player parties!


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A few quality of life upgrades have been added to the game. This includes a function to automatically use HP potions. The auto-use potions have separate slots and not all the HP potions are viable for the auto-use. There’s also the new command “/combatmode” that makes PvP much more convenient. Another interesting feature is the Manner Mode. Players can toggle it while auto-hunting to make sure that they don’t attack monsters that are already in combat with other players. There’s also a counterattack command that helps the players react quicker after getting attacked.



The Cursed Swords system got a significant revamp. Demonic Sword Zariche and Blood Sword Akamanah still give the user a ton of extra stats that comes with the chaotic status attached to it. Players now have a much more incentive to pick them up, because of the great rewards that come with it. The last wielder of the sword is guaranteed to get 5,000,000,000 Adena. The reward can be doubled if they manage to max out the cursed buff level. Additionally they can get Zariche Sealed Box or Akamanah Sealed Box. They contain even more valuable items.


The swords can no longer be dropped, traded or destroyed. While one of the Cursed Weapons spawns in the world, a corresponding sealed box does the same. It arrives next to Sea of Spores. The NPC Priests of Purification spawn there too and they immediately start destroying the box. The holder of Akamanah/Zariche has to protect the box from being destroyed or he will lose the right to wield this weapon. This is the most important in the last hour of this event that will take place every Monday-Thursday from 6:00 PM to 11:59 PM.


Of course there are protection mechanics that prevent players to complete the challenge by leaving the game. If they do that, the box will be destroyed and the Cursed Sword becomes available to other players.

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Both the Blood Sword Akamanah and Demonic Sword Zariche give the same stat bonuses. 90% extra defense in PvP, additional 150 000 HP, doubled PvP damage and tons of others stats. The only combat disadvantage is the 90% received healing reduction.


The wielder used to be visible on the map for a long time, but now the box protection mechanic forces them to be in a single specific location. This means that the other players can organize into huge groups to defeat the holder of Cursed Weapon. That brings the whole affair much closer to the actual possibility of role-playing as a Raid Boss in the MMORPG genre. The Cursed Sword wielder alone will be able to kill whole parties of regular players. 



The R-Grade Twilight Armor sets have been buffed for every armor category (Robe, Light and Heavy). Similarly to the supportive spells, some of the consumable items have also been consolidated into more universal, well-rounded variants: Heavenly Fantasia Cookie, Elixir of Harmony and Emperor’s Special Cocktail.  


New item called Kaliel’s Bracelet has been added as an extension of the Talisman system. This item can be upgraded into Kaliel’s Greater Bracelet and Kaliel’s Top Grade Bracelet. After enchanting it to +5 you can modify it into the higher tier. Then you have to get it to +5 again to go even further. The required items (Blessed Scroll: Enchant Bracelet and Crystal of Dawn) can be acquired as loot in the Primeval Isle timed hunting zone.



Upgrading equipment is getting further established as the main way of gearing up in the endgame. To get Krishna weapons, players can upgrade the R-Grade Blessed Apocalypse weapons into Blessed R95, then Blessed R99 and finally Regular R110. The weapons need at least +7 enchantment level. Moreover, during the last step it will be reduced by two. Situation is almost identical with the Leviathan armors, but the required enchantment level is 6 and the going from Blessed R99 to Regular R110 only reduces it by one. The transition through Blessed Dark/Bloody and Limited remained unchanged, but the bonuses they provide have been slightly adjusted.


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We already mentioned the Zariche’s/Akamanah’s Sealed Box that can be obtained as an additional reward for completing a Cursed Sword run. These boxes can contain random R-Grade Blood-thirsty Akamanah/Zariche weapons. These weapons can later be upgraded into Blood-stained what provides them with impressive bonuses, geared specifically towards PvP. Moreover, they have extremely powerful extra active skills.



The ranking system is a brand new feature in Lineage 2. The players are ranked based on their main class level. There’s a top 150 ranking that all the characters in the game share, as well as race-specific top 10 ladders. Placing anywhere in those tops provides really nice bonuses, but being top 10 in the main server ranking is extremely valuable (extra 15k HP is nothing to scoff at).


On the other hand, having one of the 10 highest level Dwarves provides you with +1% enchantment success rate. It might be an impulse for people to start picking up this race again - getting just a bit more lucky while enchanting gear is a big deal after all. It might be enough to play a Dwarf character. To make it even more interesting, all the playable characters will have to bow to the rank 1 player on the server if they meet them in a peace zone. Prelude of War update introduces even more competitive PvE gameplay experience to Lineage 2! It's first time in Lineage 2 history when something like this is introduced to the game! 



Dye system has received a minor rework in Prelude of War. Imprinting a symbol now provides an extra, class-unique seal effect. To activate the seal, players have to use a new consumable item: Dye Powder. Using it fills a quarter of the seal bar. Then it is consumed as the character gain experience.


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All the old pre-85 lvl dyes got deleted from the game. Symbols imprinted on characters beyond this threshold are also gone. Levels 1-85 already were just the baby steps (especially since the Fafurion patch) so it’s only fitting that some of the more complex content for this stage of the game is being removed.  


The European server gets the significant clan size reduction that went live on the American server during the Fafurion update. There were some minor changes to castle sieges and clan missions. Plenty of quests have been changed or removed from the game, but we’re not going to dive into that.


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That’s our read on the most important changes in the Fafurion Supplementary Update. If you’re interested in more info, details and a full list of changes made by the developers, make sure to take a look at the official patch notes for the American or European servers. You can follow our blog and search for more content regarding Lineage 2, Lineage 2 Classic and plenty of other MMORPGs! You can surely find an article or a guide that will be interesting to you. 


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