PUBG Mods - Everything You Need to Know!

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Mods have been a massive part of video games for years now. Even some of the most popular, iconic titles are considered barely playable without a proper set of third-party tools. While MMORPGs often have a lot of room for quality of life improvements and other addons that don't necessarily provide any competitive advantage, the situation with shooters is much more difficult. In this genre, the most popular tools often are aimbots, wallhacks, and other software that breaks the rules of fair-play.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is not an exception to that rule. There are a lot of tools that provide different types of unfair advantages. PUBG is the first battle royale - this genre is based on competing against other players in the online environment. A lot of players look for all possible ways to increase their chances for victory, and they resort to cheats, since simply improving at the game doesn't really cut it.


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PUBG mod support

Originally, PlayerUnknown's Battleground was supposed to support mods. After all, the game started as a mod of the iconic shooter – Arma 3. However, these ambitious plans have become less and less realistic over the years. The developers went back on their promises in order to keep competitive integrity and keep the game as safe as possible. While this might be better for the high level ranked gameplay, it's definitely not the case for casual players who just want to have fun and change stuff while playing the game in their non-ranked matches.

Lack of official API and any support for modders makes it really difficult to create a functional and viable tool. The creator of the game (and of the original Arma 3 mod), Brendan Greene, talked about multiple difficulties of setting up good mod support. Opening up some parts of the game's engine could make cheating much easier and hurt the competitive aspect of the title. Instead of modding, the developers focused on adding tons of possibilities to the Custom Mode. While it's more accessible to regular players, it can't even come close to a developed modding scene. This approach from the developers is a huge hinderance to the whole PUBG modding community. 

If you search around on YouTube, you'll be able to find videos of players using various mods. They can add all types of new content to the game – starting from cosmetic items, through weapons, vehicles, maps and even whole game modes. There are tons of interesting ideas floating around and you can see some of them in action, in these videos. Sadly, there's no way to get these mods and install them in your game easily. As we established, there's no real mod support in PUBG. All that's left is to hope that the developers decide to implement some of this content into the main game. Maybe someday we're going to get a next desert map or a new zombie mode.


PUBG Hacks and Cheats

Even though the PUBG developers try doing everything they can to prevent cheating, the game has its fair share of hackers who find multiple ways to create tools that provide extra advantages. They're mostly available on PUBG Mobile, but some of them can also be installed on PC. The most popular ones are aimbots, wallhacks and anti-recoil mods. You can find a lot of posts complaining about them on PUBG-related forums. If you're one of the people interested in using these sort of tools, you're going to have to do it at your own risk. The detected cheaters are sure to get their accounts permanently banned, so make sure to use the best, regularly updated software.


PUBG Aimbots

Aimbots are some of the most popular hacks in the shooter genre. They can automatically lock your crosshair onto a target and sometimes even auto-shoot if you hold the correct button (especially effective for camping with sniper rifles). They provide the most advantage out of any hacks, but they're also some of the easiest ones to detect. A character that's using an aimbot moves in really unnatural ways, so you might get some unwanted attention. That being said, if your hack gets continuous updates and a new version after each major patch, it might stay a step ahead of all the cheating prevention systems implemented to the game.   


PUBG Wallhacks

Wallhacks give you an ability to see through walls. While this extra information provides a noticeable and significant advantage, it's not as massive as in the case of aimbots. At the same time, they're less probable to be detected. It's unlikely for other players in the game to figure out that you're using a wall hack (unless you do something that makes it really obvious). That being said, the developers keep improving their tools for detecting cheaters, so it's not entirely safe to use. Once again, it's important to make sure that the tool keeps getting new updates and that you're always using the latest version - it's true for any PUBG hack.


PUBG Anti-Recoil mods

The anti-recoil (or no recoil) mods are rather self-explanatory. They can either entirely stop the recoil effects of your weapons, or instantly return your weapon to the original position (before shooting). It's an interesting tool that's less obvious than an aimbot, but it can be noticed and detected.


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Hacking PUBG Mobile

As we mentioned, hacking and modding PUBG is much more prevalent in the mobile version of the game. Players can do it by downloading special hacked versions of the game client and a PUBG Mobile Mod Menu. The first one is just a PUBG Mobile mod APK (at least for Android systems), and it's used to connect to the game. The Mod Menu allows you to toggle which mods and hacks you want to toggle on or off.

Besides the ones that we already discussed, they can offer a lot of other options. They can be used for teleportation, speedhacks, superjump, unlimited currency, and items et cetera. Of course, as your cheating becomes more obvious, you're more and more likely to get caught. We don't recommend exploring all these options, at least if you want to keep your account.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mods

As we discussed earlier, PUBG is not exactly a mod-friendly title. It might be a bit surprising, considering the fact that the game started as an unofficial mod of Arma 3. Regardless, PUBG doesn't provide any mod support – all that the developers offer as a replacement is an advanced Custom Mode.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is not open to modding because the game's creator believes that it would undermine the competitive integrity and make cheating much easier. That being said, it doesn't look like it's working that well either - the title is definitely not free from hackers. Various wallhacks, aimbots, and other cheats for PUBG can be easily found on the Internet. While a lot of the cheaters are getting banned, the creators of these tools keep coming up with new versions and more ways to bypass the anti-cheat measures implemented to the game.

Hopefully, the developers change their mind and introduce some mod support to the game. Considering the game's background and some of the amazing mods that you can see in various YouTube gaming videos, it's a shame that they're not widely available to the casual playerbase. It simply doesn't look like the right decision. For now, we can only hope that they let it happen.

PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale shooter that has been released in 2016. It has been developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole Inc. It's often cited as the first successful battle royale game that made the whole genre such a dominant trend. The game has a built-in voice chat. PUBG is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and mobile devices (Android and iOS).




Is PUBG a mod?

PUBG started as a mod of Arma 3. However, it is currently a standalone, successful game that sold millions of copies around the world. The mobile version is even more popular as the number of players that download it on their devices keeps on growing.


Can you mod PUBG?

Not exactly - PUBG doesn't have any official mod support. Of course, there still are ways to mod PUBG, but they're not that simple, and casual players may struggle with them.


What's the easiest way to hack PUBG?

The easiest way is to play PUBG mobile and use modded versions of the game and a Mod Menu app. This way, you get access to many different created PUBG mobile hacks, including wall hacks, location hacks, unlimited UC, and much more. 

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