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Fortnite Monsters
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Fortnite Monsters Guide

Believe it or not, but Fortnite has a mode that is not based around Battle Royale. Shocking, isn’t it? Something that actually started as a pay-to-play co-op sandbox survival game, transformed into a competitive game, that still holds its title of one of the most played online games in today’s day and age. But today - we will talk about Save the World - the original game mode from this title.

In this mode, players will team up against one enemy - monsters. Each player will contribute to the team by looting, crafting, and building fortifications to protect their team and various NPCs from waves of dangerous enemies. Team has a different objective in every mission, and accomplishing the goal will surely be a challenge for every member of the squad. And it will be challenging because of the Storm, and the monsters that come with it. And in this guide - we will talk about them.

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Husks - Zombies of Fortnite

Husk - classic zombie-like creatures, the most common monster. Believed to be humans affected by the Storm. These are also the most basic. They will stumble towards you with their deformed jog, to bash you or your base with melee attacks. These guys don’t pose much threat alone, but in numbers - they can easily overwhelm survivors. They’ve got no special abilities or attacks, they deal low damage, and they are really easy to kill. 

Husky - Fat and slobbish variation of a normal Husks. These boys will soak up considerably more damage than Husks, and their attacks will be a little more damaging. They will prioritize buildings and structures over players, but if you step in their way - they will have no issues in attacking you. Since their attacks deal a lot of damage, you should keep them at the range at all times. Also, don’t leave them alone with a structure, as it can go down quickly.

Pitcher - a former baseball player, turned dead after the Storm. These guys carry a baseball helmet at their waist, filled with bones, which they will throw at players to damage and distract them. Projectiles that they throw are relatively easy to dodge. However, same as Husks, as their numbers grow, projectiles can become quite overwhelming, and hard to dodge. Damage is not that high, but it’s better not to get worn off with those attacks. They are mostly ranged, but if you come too close, you will get hit with melee attacks.

Beehive - miserable and unfortunate history with these guys. For some reason, they became infected when they were neck and shoulders deep in a beehive. So now, they walk around with giant beehives around their heads, which reduces their damage taken and makes them immune to headshots. There’s also a swarm of bees circling them in a small radius, damaging players that come close. So if you are melee - don’t even think about going in head-on. Beehive can be destroyed. And without their masks - they are just normal Husks that will die easily after a few shots.

Lobber - skull-throwing female undead. They throw two kinds of skulls at players — purple ones, as well as orange ones. Purple flame skulls will deal damage on impact, taking away hp of structures, objects, humans, survivors, and other NPCs. Orange ones, on the other hand - will linger, dealing damage over time only to human characters. Killing them will be your top priority when your mission is based around defending, as they can mess your base up when not taken care of. There are two variants of Lobbers. Standard - who mainly launch artillery on your structures, and Poison - that will target players, leaving clouds of poison around exploding skulls.

Sploder - a powerful enemy that carries a Propane Tank on its shoulder. If your building suddenly blew up - this guy has probably thrown a burning Propane Tank towards your position. Same as with Lobbers, you will have to prioritize them. They will target buildings, but when a player steps in, stumbling upon their pathing, they have no issues in targeting you and dealing a lot of damage.

Huskling - a smaller version of a Husk. Don’t be fooled by their size. They can swarm you, jumping through walls (as long as there’s one wall, they can’t jump higher than the height of one wall. Low damage, low amount of health, you can take them out with a single hit from any weapon.

Zapper - don’t mix it up with Zapper traps. It is a regular Husk enemy. But with one little twist. Those guys are ranged attackers, as they send powered beams at you. And because they can spawn with various elemental modifiers, they can be kind of tricky and dangerous to deal with. Add hit-scan beams, and you can take some damage, more than you would’ve received from pitchers. Gladly, their HP Pool is really low, so you can dispose of them effortlessly from range.

Riot Husky - remember Husky? These guys are similar, but for some reason, they carry something that appears to be a ripped out fridge door, that they use as a shield. This “shield” has a small hole on top of it that you can shoot through. Every other shot will be blocked unless players use a weapon that has piercing capabilities. It will always cover itself with the shield from the front, so to kill it - one player must bait, or distract it, so Riot Husky goes towards them.

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Mist Monsters

These are far more sturdy and dangerous than their Husky counterparts. High health, it takes longer to down them properly; they can break through defenses and players more quickly. And similarly to Husks - there are various types of Mist Monsters that you will have to deal with.

Smasher - the tank of mist monsters. These guys are enormous, they’ve got massive arms and shoulders, and they will use them to smash through the defenses of your fort. A pack of those monsters works like a ramp. They are there to soak up damage, blast through the wall like a ram, allowing his mist and husk monster-friends to enter your zone.  

Takers - mist monster that defies laws of physics. They hover over the ground with no thrusters, no heli blades, no wings, and they phase through walls and ceilings completely ignoring them, which means that you can’t ignore those guys. Shoot them as soon as you can, as their damage from charged attacks is off the charts. They may ignore the laws of physics, but they can’t ignore a bullet.

Blasters - zombie guys that shoot lasers out of their eyes from a very long range. Their beams are telegraphed with a sound and channeling animation, and they don’t deal any damage to structures, so you can safely hide behind a wall. They can be stopped with enough firepower when they are preparing their laser attack, as long as you have some heavy-hitting ammo. Shoot their heads to stagger ten more often or murder them before they can do something to you.

Flinger - flinger flings people. Not exactly. It only flings Husks. Flinger has a giant right arm, and it will use it to spawn and throw enemies your way, most of the time - inside your base. They are not strong on their own, but Husks getting thrown into your base, bypassing your defenses... it gets frustrating. The best way to counter them is to roof yourself up and set traps on the roofs. It will deal with most thrown enemies, for the cost of not having a vantage point, as you’re under a roof. They can also deal some damage with their enraged attack, when their eyes glow red, as they will smash the ground around them, doing some mess to your HP bar. 

Shielder - same as with flinger, this enemy does exactly what its name says. It shields other Husks from damage. And it significantly reduces damage taken. When its host is killed, Shielder will remain alive, trying to attach to someone again. So it’s the best idea to target them before the host if you are able to. Shooting the host is mostly a waste of ammo. Shielder has a low amount of Health Points, so they are relatively easy to kill if you’ve got the skills to pay the bills.

Super Shielder - more Shielder, more super. And far more dangerous. This type of shielder doesn’t protect a single Husk. They protect everyone around them, as Super Shielders create a huge purple bubble that will block all the damage coming in and out of it. To damage enemies inside the bubble, you will have to use AoE Grenades (stink bombs, for example), or piercing weapons such as Obliterator and Neon Sniper Rifle. So it might be an excellent idea to use something precise and pierce through the shield, so the bullets hit Super Shielders. 

Mimics - zombies with chests as their heads. The most sneaky enemy as they can hide on the map, posing as chests. Relatively easy to kill, and not that hard to recognize. They pose as Level 3 chests, and those chests have a specific sound to them like something is glowing from the inside. Each real chest emits a glowing sound, like rubbing your finger on the edges of a fine wine glass. The sound is holy, high-pitched. You can recognize Mimics through the sound of the chest, as it will be somewhere in the lower register, with more of a sinister, unholy sound. There’s also an additional sound cue that will occur when you’re halfway through the Search, as you will hear some rummage from the chest when it starts shaking. That’s when you know that you’ve got a Mimic in front of you and not a legit chest with goodies.

These guys tend to be quite relentless, and they can deal devastating amounts of damage if you allow them to get too close, which they will do if you don’t have space to move around, as they are quite fast. They don’t have ranged attacks, so feel free to block them with a wall to gain some distance and shoot them from afar. 

Troll - a manifestation of schemes and trickery that every player who likes to ruin other people’s day represents. These guys are trolls, and they will legitimately troll you. They can phase through your walls. They will open the doors for their teammates and steal your materials. Trolls will appear when you try to collect BluGlo. They’ve got a significant amount of health and should be taken care of before they can do some mean things to you. 

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Monsters of the Elements

Some enemies might spawn with a particular element that will boost some and abilities. It’s purely random, and it will change your tactics a little bit, as Elemental Enemies should be taken care of pretty quickly to avoid any unpleasant things happening to your party. These elements are:

Fire - strong against Nature, weak against Water. When a monster enhanced with Fire Element attacks a target, the target will suffer the Affliction status, receiving severe damage over time.

Water - strong against Fire, weak against Nature. Same as Fire, it causes Affliction.

Nature - strong against Water, weak against Fire. Nothing special besides that.

Energy - the strongest element, just like in real life. It’s strong against all three elements, having no known weaknesses whatsoever. What makes it even stronger, is that on top of everything, it also causes Affliction, just like Fire and Water.

Keep in mind that these elements can also spawn on some of the weapons that you find all over the world of Fortnite.

Bosses who are Mini

Mini-Bosses are a special kind of enemy that will pose a real challenge for players. These will spawn during Mutant Storm missions. While Elemental Storms usually dictate the element monsters will spawn with, Mini-Bosses will completely ignore that rule. It’s common for Fire Mini-Boss to spawn inside a Frost Storm.

Mini-Bosses will appear as a part of the script for missions. Missions like Evacuate the Shelter, Fight the Storm, and Retrieve the Data, Mini-Bosses will appear five minutes in, after you start defending your objective. As for other occasions, during Ride the Lightning mission, Mini-Boss will spawn 1 minute in, after the beginning of stage two. Also, to Deliver the Bomb, and Repair the Shelter missions - it appears 1 minute after the defense part of the mission begins. 

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You can recognize Mini-Bosses with their unusual sheen and glow. Fire guys are straightforward to spot. Other ones can be a little harder as they are not that bright. Keep in mind that only Husk, Husky, and Smasher can spawn as Mini-Bosses. They are sturdy, it’s tough to take them down, they deal a lot of damage, and they come with unique abilities that will grant them various bonuses to basic statistics. 

These are the modifiers that Mini-Bosses can gain when they spawn:

Acid Pools - the enemy has a chance of leaving a pool of damaging acid on the ground when they die

Fire Element - a mini Boss, has the Fire Element.

Water Element - a mini Boss, has the Water Element.

Nature Element - a mini Boss, has the Nature Element.

Berserker - mini-boss becomes enraged and hasted as it falls under 50% of its max hp.

Building Blocker - the mini-boss will leave some obstacles on its way, preventing you from building anything on them.

Corrosive - mini-boss will apply a Corrosion debuff to your structures.  

Damage-Pulse - the mini-boss will send waves around them, that will damage buildings and players alike.

Frenzied - the carrier is always hasted, gaining a high amount of movement speed.

Healer - similar to Damage-Pulse, but the mini-boss will emit healing waves instead, mending enemies up. It has a moderate cooldown.

Shield Breaker - mini-boss can flash into a fort, which will sometimes make it very hard for players to put an end to the enemy.

Smoke Screen - smoke screen moves with the mini-boss concealing the area

Trap-Vulnerable - mini-boss has a tiny amount of max HP, but they become immune to all damage except damage dealt from traps. 

Vampiric - attacking its enemies, a portion of mini-boss’ damage dealt us turned into healing, keeping it healthy

Ricochet - Long-range attacks are going to bounce off of the enemy, hitting back players

Slowing Pools - the enemy has a chance to leave a slowing pool around their place of death. 

Tank - mini-boss gains a significant amount of resistance and damage reduction. No downsides to this buff, it’s just even harder to take them down. 

Wall Weakening - buildings attacked by a creature with this buff will be debuffed for a short time, increasing damage taken from all sources.

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It is the end of our Fortnite Monsters guide. It might not be the final guide for Fortnite: Save the World, as there are more in the making. Please, feel free to check out our other guides for Fortnite: Battle Royale. With so much knowledge condensed into our guides, you will be able to easily improve yourself in the field that you are willing to study.


What are the monsters in Fortnite called?

As for calling monsters - you will call most of them by their role. Flinger flings, Shielder shields, it’s pretty straightforward. 

What types of monsters can you fight in Fortnite?

In Fortnite: Save the World, you will fight Husks and Mist Monsters.

What is a Mist Monster in Fortnite?

Mist Monster belongs to the group of enemies that are much stronger and dangerous than normal Husk Monsters. They won’t deal damage to objectives, but they will do some severe damage to players and defenses. 

How to deal with Fortnite Troll?

Shoot them in the face with some high DPS weapons as soon as you see them, as they can mess up your day when ignored.

What are husks?

Husks are common enemies that you will encounter in Fortnite: Save the World.

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