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Fortnite Heroes Guide
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guide to heroes in Fortnite

Many casual Fortnite online players don't even know that in Save the World version of the game, there are playable classes. While each of the Fortnite heroes in the game can build, hoard items and travel across the world, each of the classes and subclasses come with a set of Abilities and Traits that reward players for unique game styles.


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There are currently four main classes available for all players. These are soldiers, constructors, ninja, and outlanders. Each of those classes also has numerous subclasses that they can evolve into. Choosing one class doesn't bind you to another subclass right away. However, you will have to choose only one of them later on.



Just as their name suggests, they specialize in head-to-head combat. Their abilities revolve around buffs and debuffs that raise their prowess and usefulness on the battlefield. With combat-focused skills, they can carry heavier guns than most classes like, for example, Rocket Launchers. Soldiers are usually the most balanced of all four classes, and they are an excellent choice for new players.

Soldier Subclasses are Berserker, BulletStorm, Centurion, Cobalt Commander, Commando, Demolisher, Double Agent, Master Grenadier, Nevermore, Raider, Rescue Trooper, Sergeant, Shock Trooper, Special Forces, Support Specialist, Survivalist, and Urban Assault, Ramirez.

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Similarly to the previous choice, the name says it all. Constructors excel at building structures - whether they are defensive or offensive ones. They are also specialists when it comes to traps, making them the best class when it comes to crowd control. With a good constructor along your side, you will be safe from incoming waves.

Constructor Subclasses are BASE, Controller, Demolitionist, Electro-pulse, Guardian, Heavy BASE, Hotfixer, Power BASE, Mechanist, MEGABASE, Plasma Specialist, Power BASE, Riot Control, Sentinel, Tank, and Warden.


Quick and nimble. Ninjas are the best in close-quarter combats. They can get out of the danger as quickly as they can dash into it. Agile leaps, precise slashes, and tricky smokescreens allow them to deal damage without being harmed. If you are looking to be the assassin that can eliminate single targets with ease, then Ninja is the class for you.

Ninja Subclasses are Alchemist, Assassin, Brawler, Deadly Blade, Dim Mak, Dragon, Energy Thief, Fleetfoot, Harvester, Piercing Lotus, Shuriken Master, Skirmisher, Stonefoot, Swordmaster, and Thunderstrike.


Unlike the previous three classes, this one is not as self-explanatory. These adventurers specialize in treasure finding and resource collecting. They are the best at finding valuable loot and making something out of nothing. Even though they are designed as collectors, they can also fend for themselves through strong punches and tight defense.

Outlander Subclasses are Enforcer, Flash, Gunblazer, Pathfinder, Phase Scout, Ranger, Reclaimer, Recon Scout, Shock Gunner, Shock Specialist, Striker, T.E.D.D. Shot, Trailblaster, Trailblazer, and Vanguard.

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Fortnite Heroes Summary

You have reached the end of this guide to Fortnite Characters. Now you should have an easier time choosing the right hero in Epic Games products and assemble a better team than ever before. If you want to become part of our community, make sure to create an account and share your opinion through a comment below to tell us what you think about this article. You can also find more guides on the blog page to which you can get with an icon on the top of the page. If you want to get currency, items, accounts, in-game services, and programs that will help you with gameplay, make sure to check out what we have in stock at our marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many heroes are there in Fortnite?

There are four main heroes represented by each of the classes in Save the World mode.

How big is a Fortnite character?

About 185cm so just over 6ft tall.

What are the zombies in Fortnite called?

They are called Cube Monsters, and therefore they are not Zombies.

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