Fortnite Macro building - Battle Royale newest cheat?

Fortnite macro building
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People are constantly looking for a way of doing things faster, cheaper, better, and effortlessly. They seek a method of getting ahead of everybody, to get to the top in every aspect of their life, even if it means breaking the rules.

This applies also to such meaningless things as online computer games, which resulted in creating Fortnite macros.

Table of contents:

Origins of Fortnite macro building

What is Fortnite macro building

Where do I get Fortnite Battle Royale macros from?

Macro building - cheating or a sneaky way around?




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Origins of Fortnite macro building

In Fortnite Battle Royale building was originally meant for PvE mode “Save the World”. Buildings were supposed to protect players from potential danger. Launching online battle royale mod has changed the purpose of this feature and turned wall building into a reliable form of defense against other players. 


But it was not enough. Best players have become masters in terms of building and they are raising structures so good and so fast that it’s not understandable for a noob like me. Not to mention meeting them in the game. No wonder that people search the way around like Persians at Thermopylae.


And just like the Persians, they found it. The way of being the master builders.

It all started with a user named Clix. He posted a video, where he was stealing, pretty much, each and every wall, even those which he shouldn’t be able to steal. This left his opponent with no time to reply.

And this action made people start asking questions about content, through contact with support.


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What is fortnite macro building

First of all - what is a macro?

According to a definition, a macro is an algorithm inputting a certain set of commands in order to automate activities or implementing changes into the file without user interaction. They are not independent programs. Using them requires launching them in the environment of a different program, which separates them from scripts, apps and computer programs working on their own.


In Fortnite Battle Royale building requires pushing certain buttons in the correct sequence in order to build desired structures. The best players are notorious for their proficiency in Fortnite building, editing, and combat. They can raise impressive forts faster than Chinese engineers. Their skill in fast pressing the right buttons have brought them where they are - to the top.


Let’s look again at Mr. Clix. In the infamous YouTube video, he was destroying walls and instantly replacing them with walls of his own. How?

There is a trick, where you take a swing at the wall with your pickaxe and you can cancel the animation by pulling out your shotgun. This is legal.


What Clix did, he created the macro, that would automatically cancel the animation of pickaxe swing as soon as it deals damage to the wall, replace the wall immediately and quickly pull out his shotgun to cancel the animation of placing the wall. It all happens in fracture of second and it completely turns the Fortnite gameplay all the way around. And you can create a profile that will do different things.

There are two main reasons for people to use macros:

- quickness - some things are humanly impossible and inputting 30 commands within one second is something beyond human power. With macro it’s kinda possible,

- infallibility - do you remember King from Tekken? And his endless bones-breaking combos? Memorizing so many combinations and inputting them in correct order and timing was hard, to say the least. In theory, the macro does not make mistake if written correctly.

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Where do I get Fortnite Battle Royale macros from?

Definitely not from official Epic Games websites. From what I know, they will 100% ban your account for using macros. 

Without any difficulty, you can find a forum thread or posts with complete macros ready for download and prepared to add to your mouse or a keyboard button. 

You will also need mouse/keyboard binding software. There are plenty of tutorials throughout the Internet. Finding them is up to you. 



Macro building - cheating or a sneaky way around?

What is a cheat? It’s mostly a nice, in-game option, that developers tend to release for fun. Immortality, infinite ammo or flying ability, to see the game from a different perspective. Or I believe so.

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Some of the cheats have become memes, like popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In its predecessor GTA: Vice City rampaging with a tank was obligatory. One of the basketball players has a combination for infinite ammo tattooed on his left arm, as he is a shooter. In Gothic II you could have gotten into the Orcs City, despite the bridge being destroyed. You needed to enable Marvin Mode, use speed potion, jump and rapidly press the ‘K’ button mid-air. Same thing with New Mine location, which normally was unavailable.


But is Fortnite macro building a cheat? It’s hard to decide. Many players say, that using macro building does not violate the competition rules. But players, who are using macros, will never say it’s cheating. Why would they? It’s illogical.


According to a dictionary definition, 'to cheat' means: 'Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage; gain an advantage over or deprive of something by using unfair or deceitful methods; be unfaithful in a relationship'.

Guess we can skip the last meaning.


To sum things up, cheating is achieving an unfair advantage. Is using macro a cheat by definition? Well, constructing a complex structure in supersonic speed is definitely an advantage over someone, who's not using the same tools. Is it unfair? It depends on equality. When 100 out of 100 players dropped from a bus are using macros to build, we can freely speak of equal terms and chances. But when only a few of them have macros, for the rest of them it’s like a boxing fight with someone who has four arms. And I don’t mean Mortal Kombat Goro. As one of the players said, quote: ‘Imagine in Call of Duty zombie mode, you could reinforce windows in 0.1 seconds, even AI zombies would rage quit.


Although creating a macro is undoubtedly a display of skill and cunning, it's still a way to create an unfair advantage over opponents, and in my opinion, it's more than sure to be banned. Epic Games has already received their fair share of critique for unrepairable building mechanics, exploits and insufficient nerfs, and now it’s gonna be even worse.


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Around fifteen years ago I was told by my friend that cheating is ruining playing fun. How challenging would be ‘The Suffering’, ‘Half-Life’ or ‘Max Payne’ if you were bulletproof? How difficult would ‘Dark souls’ be, if you were immortal? How much fun would come from any Need For Speed drag race, if your shifts were all perfect? How many times would you attempt to pass the infamous helicopter mission in GTA: Vice City, when all you’d have to do would be pressing a forward key? Would it give you any right to say: ‘Man, that was difficult as Hell, but I made it!’? Cheating gives no satisfaction.


When using macros in Fortnite Battle Royale, would it give you any pleasure to defeat Ninja, Tfue or any of the pros if they weren’t using enhancements? Would it give you the right to brag about it? Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to crush them on equal terms?


Ask yourself these questions, and the answers will determine, whether using any help is good for you or not.

My opinion on cheating is the same for around fifteen years. Cheats don’t make you god of gaming, it will not make your skill level jump from noob to pro. They make you a weak player with some software. Simple as that.


Do you have any comments or another point of view on this topic? Is macro building a smart way of getting an advantage or just pure hacks? Join our community, register, send us an email. Please share your thoughts with us, joining the discussions on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, don’t forget to check our version of Fortnite Battle Royale advanced guide or read the latest news.

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What is macro?

It is a script that allows you to execute complex input commands with a single click or button.


What is Fortnite Battle Royale macro building?

It's using macros to build and edit faster in Fortnite in order to get an advantage in a fight.


Will I get banned for using macros in Fortnite?



How do I get Fortnite macros?

You need to search the Internet, as it's full of it. Official sites do not provide those features as they are considered cheating.

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