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Fortnite keybinds
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Rebinding keys was a story of a gaming world long before Epic Games ever started dreaming about making 2.5 billion $ a year. We believe that all players stepping into the game refuse to learn every new setup from the grounds up. Instead, they rebind them to match their needs and habits. There are some standard rules that most players share for keybinds, but they aren't mandatory. We bet that WSAD is the go-to movement setup.


Most of the times, the activity's first letter is the key. And so 'R' stands for 'reload', 'I' is the 'inventory' and 'M' toggles the 'map.' Left Control was a default crouch keybinds for many FPS shooters, so if you came from Apex Legends and you are asking yourself, how to crouch in Fortnite, probably 'Left Ctrl' key is the answer. Mouse left-click is usually the action button, often a shooting.


We will not tell you what the best Fortnite key bindings are, but we will help you determine what is best for you. After all no matter what Fortnite settings and keybinds you use, buttons will not press themselves.


In Fortnite Battle Royale controls are more than essential. Pressing correct buttons in a correct order must become the player's second nature, as in this fast-paced game fractions of seconds can be game-changing.



Fortnite PC Controls 

PC controls for Fortnite are usually individual, but some things shouldn't change. Movement keybinds are the classic WSAD and shooting keybinds are mouse left-click and right-click. These don't require any changes unless you want to make it hard for yourself. Or being unorthodox is your nature.


The most important keys are those close to WSAD - left shift, left ctrl, left alt, F, R, E, Q, C, Z, X, numbers from 1 to 5 and space bar.


Simple mouse with a wheel and two click buttons may be not enough to own Fortnite battleground. They are not that expensive, so investing in a gaming mouse to boost your Fortnite gameplay may actually be a good move. Besides, it is always nice to have your thumb more involved in the action.



Fortnite pro settings

Of course one of the methods to improve your performance in Fortnite is following pros. If someone is earning hundreds of thousands just by playing the video game, he must know something.


It is said, that many pro players tend to put more emphasis on their fast build and building edit ability rather than shooting mechanics. This is what gives them the upper hand in combat. Of course, landing a headshot definitely helps, but Fortnite Battle Royale is more about surviving than killing. This is why fast building and editing is so clutch.


Of course, pro's Fortnite settings are not the one-and-only 'best Fortnite keybinds' no matter what guides say. You can take it as a free suggestion or recommended Fortnite Keyboard controls. Aside from that, esports is always something that you should look up to, as pros and streamers share their knowledge about the game, which will make you play better and help you more than guides.



Turner 'Tfue' Tenney is currently considered one of the best and most recognizable among all Fortnite players. Recently aside from battling opponents in Fortnite, he's battling FaZe Clan in the court of law.

His Fortnite settings are displayed down below.



Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins became somewhat face of the Fortnite Battle Royale. His colorful hairstyle, vocal attitude, and insane building skills made a name for him.

His Fortnite controls are in the table.


TSM Myth

He became famous in early Fortnite season as a master builder and tactician. Now he's playing for one of the most known NA teams, TeamSoloMid. His Fortnite settings are in the table along with Tfue and Ninja.

Fortnite keybinds


These Fortnite settings are different, and if we take other pro players into comparison, we bet that none of them would match.


We can clearly see, that each of these players uses Mouse Button 5 and Mouse Button 4, but for different input commands. It is recommended not to bind every building command to the mouse button, since you will not be able to move and aim effectively while building at the same time. Gaming mouse usually offers a couple of additional buttons, but two active bindings are enough.


Most guides will tell you that it's recommended to have building and weapons bindings on the keyboard, as it will be easier to manage to click them. However, if you feel like a mouse god, you can bind almost everything to your computer rodent. Although these are not the tips, you will find often.


One of the better tips in guides is to avoid having two building binds under one finger. Sure, you'll be able to input the command, but you will be much slower. If you find yourself in desperate need for roof and stairs at the same time, it may cost you your Victory Royale.

You can also try using Fortnite macros and hope to get away with it.



Gaming gear

Some of the websites might seem like poor advertisement using Fortnite star player brand to sell their products, but believe me - mechanical keyboard, mouse and mouse pad are always better than default peripherals. At first, it takes a couple of hours to get used to the new gear. However right after your fingers will adapt, you will see huge change in your overall gameplay.


Now ask yourself - how many times did the keyboard fail you? Wrong input command, wrong button, and instead of pulling out the shotgun, you ended up swinging your pickaxe like a freak. Instead of building a roof, you added a floor. Your last chance to complete Fortnite week challenges has gone away and will never return. An update to your peripherals will not make a pro out of you but should help. Sometimes with really bad 'items' you will not hit an enemy even with aimbot. At least you will stop blaming the gear for your own mistakes. 


Also, many players tend to wreak anger and frustration on peripherals. This is not a problem if your mouse is worth three bucks, but hitting your head onto the brand new keyboard for 100 bucks might hurt. Literally and financially. This could help contain your emotions.



Other tips

1. Rebind 'Q' key. Its default setup is useless.

2. 'F' key is deafult pickaxe. Most pros rebind it, as 'F' key is one of the easiest to reach and can be used for something more useful, like building edit.

3. Most players rebind their weapon keys onto number 2-6, binding Pickaxe to 1, but it's a matter of preference. Same for 'E' button, which is 'Use' by default.

4. Be careful about mouse wheel keybinds. Use it only when you can trust your mouse wheel and your fingers.

5. Set sprint for default. It will release left shift, which you can bind to something useful.

6. 'T', 'G', 'B', 5, 6 are still relatively close to WSAD, and great for binding something you use less in Fortnite like trap, sniper or building repair.

7. Always practice a new setup after adjusting Fortnite settings. Each change requires implementation.

8. You should make a change every time something is uncomfortable for you, as it will not only lower your gameplay potential, but also make you upset.

9. Keep your main Fortnite building keys (wall, stairs, and floor) on different fingers. Skipping between them may already put you behind. Also, you're less likely to make a mistake or missclick.


Calling these tips 'Fortnite settings' doesn't mean they are Fortnite exclusive. Convenience and correct keybinds settings work the same for PUBG, Apex Legends, and other battle royale's. You'll read it in all guides available.


Fortnite Battle Royale is not only a computer game, but it has a large consoles player base as well. As for Fortnite Controls PC are perhaps the most versatile.




Rebinding your Fortnite keybinds will not automatically make you a pro gamer, but it will definitely help. Do not blindly follow pro players and streamers, as it may be a trap. For example, Mongraal has his keybinds mostly on the mouse and he's good at it, but it may take years for you to learn such a thing.

Asked for best controls for Fortnite PC users will have thousands of different opinions, and one review will be contradictory to another review.

In Fortnite best keybinds are those of your own. Don't listen to 'revealed truth' keybinds guides.


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What are key binds?

These are certain in-game activities bound to certain keyboard buttons. Pressing them causes the action to be performed.


What are the best Fortnite Battle Royale keybinds?

There is no one ultimate answer, but more than anything they must be comfortable for you.


What keybinds Fortnite pro players are using?

Different. And 9/10 not default, but don't follow them mindlessly. Take into account, that getting used to it might take a while. For sure do not bind more than one building and editing key to one finger, cause it will slow you down.


What is a good mouse sensivity for Fortnite?

This is very individual setting and depends on player's skill. Higher sensitivity allows to react faster at a cost of procision. Best for AR's and Shotguns. On the other hand lower sensitivity gives more control over crosshair at a cost of reaction time, recommended for snipers.




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