Fortnite Season 10 Event - Cattus vs Doggus

fortnite cattus vs doggus
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This year on August 1st we’ll have the inauguration of Fortnite Battle Royale season 10. As always near the end of the Fortnite season, players and fans are speculating, what crazy event will Epic Games come up with. The Internet is gossiping about a great clash between two mysterious creatures, and leaks from data miners seem to confirm that theory.

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Pressure Plant Robot

As we know, by the end of Fortnite Battle Royale season 8 the volcano has erupted, destroying Tilted Towers, and shooting some molten towards the Polar Peak. After the event, the volcano area was locked down by authorities for an unknown reason. Now we may have a clue, about the cause of such actions.

As data miners and leak hunters have found out, there is a giant robot being made in the Pressure Plant facility. Its codename is ‘Doggus’.

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Doggus stages

Of course, the robot will not be released just like that, as it takes a lot of work, so we have potential eight (or more) stages of the robot by now.


8 Doggus stages:

1. Left foot.

2. Right calf.

3. Left calf.

4. Left thigh.

5. Torso.

6. Left bicep.

7. Right bicep.

8. Left forearm.


There are likely to be more stages encrypted, as some parts of the body are clearly missing.


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Polar Peak Monster

Recently after 9.20 Fortnite update, there were giant footprints found in the Polar Peak area. Players began speculating about an upcoming event. Estimating by the size of those footprints, the monster is going to be absolutely enormous. Some say it’s going to emerge out of the ice in the Polar Peak area. The origins of the monster, its purpose, and the appearance were unknown. All we knew was that its codename is ‘Cattus’.

Now we might have some idea about what’s going on.


Fortnite Godzilla Rim

To sum things up it looks like we’re having some ‘Pacific Rim’ or ‘Godzilla’ action going to happen by the end of season 9. As expected from the devs, they are planning to rebuild or tear down some parts of the map to introduce new features (players are wishing for Neo Tilted to be the new arena). It’s a good thing that the Epic Games team cares about players interest in the game, releasing changes, implementing some mystery aura and something of a plot hidden underneath it, leaving some hints, and unveiling them for the players.

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Are we going to have a spectacular fight between the Kaiju-like monster and Jaeger-type robot by the end of season 9? Are players going to be part of it? We believe players are going to find out soon enough.

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