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clash of clans clan wars
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What would be a multiplayer game without a tool to compete for the best of the best title? The same thing goes for Clash of Clans, a bestseller mobile app from Finnish SuperCell. If you have a lack of basic knowledge, like how to join a clan in Clash of Clans, or how to play the game at all, we invite you to our CoC Beginner’s Guide. It will lead you through initial levels of your village up to the Town Hall level, where our other guides become online. In this article, you will learn about the Clan Wars.

Table of Content:

What are CoC Clan Wars

Preparation Day

Battle Day

What is “war weight” in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans Clan Wars attack strategy

TH7 War Strategy

TH8 Strategy

TH9 Strategy

TH10 Strategy

TH11 Strategy

TH12 Strategy

War base layout

Clash of Clans Friendly Wars

What are rewards in CoC Clan Wars



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What are CoC Clan Wars

As we said already, a clan war is a clash between clans to see who can get the best of the other one, where loot, clan experience, and loot are the rewards. Each clan member taken into the war has two attacks on whichever enemy he chooses to raid. The goal is to score as many stars as humanly possible. The clan with more stars takes home the win. 

Every clan leader can decide to start a war search. The matchmaking system will look for a clan of similar power, development, and skills. Usually, it means that each player eligible for war will have an opponent of similar might to attack. Sometimes, however, the discrepancy is enormous. As Qui Gon-Jinn said: “There is always a bigger fish.” If enemies are much stronger base-wise, you just have to play your best and hope for them to fumble. If they are much weaker than you, well, in such a case, you should free up some space in your Storages for tons of loot.

The matchmaking is an important thing here. A few factors are taken into consideration when searching for a clan for war. The experience level of each member, their trophies count, previous wars results, not clan level are taken into account. Only pure strength matters. These calculations were updated to compensate for Walls and heroes of high levels. 

After one war is over and the dust settles down, another war can be started right away. There is no cooldown. There is a grace period after a player leaves a clan and joins another. One can’t participate in a war that is being waged by then. He has to wait for it to end, to be eligible to participate in a war to come. Also, after the departure, he will need to wait until his former clan ends the war. Why is that? The question remains unanswered, but we suspect that it has something to do with matchmaking algorithms and power-calculating code.

Each war is divided into two phases - the Preparation Day and Battle Day. We’ll break them down just about now.

Preparation day

As the name tells us, it’s time for making preparations. On this day, the enemies' war bases are revealed, and you can scout them. No one can change the war base layout once the war has begun. It’s quite fair since it would be pointless if you prepared your composition to wreck a particular base, and it had changed overnight, right? 

During this day, you are free to donate troops to your clanmates, as well as request troops. However, mind their needs. You can only tilt your allies if donated troops are Goblins while they request troops are max level Balloons. Some serious clan may even have you kicked for trolling. The important thing is that the troops donated by you or the troops donated for your request troops don’t die during the war. It means that if you have an Electro Dragon donated to you the first day, and you are attacked twice, the same Electro Dragon will also defend you twice.

What is unique for Clash of Clans Clan Wars, you can scout hostile villages. It works kinda similar to using the “Revenge” button in the Battle Log. It means you are allowed to see their layout, and they aren’t able to change it until the end of the war. It gives you a perfect opportunity to prepare yourself. 

You can also claim the target you feel like attacking. It puts a little flag next to the enemy base on the war map. You can add a note to it, but you don’t have to. However, a good practice is to do so. Claiming the target does not prevent it from being attacked by someone else. Same for you, you can attack another village, while the different target was claimed. We do not recommend doing so, as it’s selfish and unwanted in any serious clan. 

Usually, it does not require the clan leader intervention to assign targets. Players should come to a consensus during the Preparation Day. Although most of the time, it will suffice, some situations require a direct order to be settled down. Generally, it’s better to follow your clan leader calls and don’t oppose, unless you have something really smart to say.

Preparation Day is the best time to think about the strategy to attack. Depending on your Town Hall level and enemies' layout, you may opt for different tactics. We are listing a few of them in the following paragraphs.

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Battle day 

It is when the actual war happens. During Battle Day, you are allowed to attack the desired targets. Each clan members have two attacks. If you don’t feel like three-starring your recommended target, you can ask your clan leader for a different assignment. At the end of the day, it’s the overall win that matters, as it gives far more loot than a loss.

Each base can contribute three stars only once. If the base is three-starred, it will grant no more stars. Sure, every clan player has two attacks at his disposal, but attacking the same base twice will not bring more stars. The second attack becomes useful when someone fumbles, and there is room for improvement. Also, a player cannot attack the same base twice. Make sure you get the most out of your attack.

A good practice is to use some of the lower TH members' attacks to scout for traps in higher opponents bases. Then, using the information collected, other players can achieve an enormous advantage in their attack, which would allow them to score the three-star easier.

What is “war weight” in Clash of Clans?

By the term war weight, we understand the overall strength of your base. It counts your offensive and defensive potential. If you step into the war, click on the base that has already been attacked, and check the replay - the amount of Gold and Elixir in the top left corner it that base’s war weight. For bases, that are yet to be attacked, you can check it by clicking either Storage and selecting the “info”. It will show you, how much of the resource it holds. Multiply it by five (4 for each Storage + the Town Hall) - you’ll have the war weight.


What is it based on? Each level of every troop or building has a fixed amount of war weight. In the table below we present the values of war weight for every unit and structure.


clash of clans defensive buildings war weight

clash of clans traps war weight


Sadly, we failed to find any reliable information about the Tornado Trap war weight. We are really sorry.


clash of clans spells war weight

There was no clear information about the Bat Spell war weight, so we allowed ourselves to put in a rough estimation based on other spells weight.


clash of clans elixir troops war weight

clash of clans dark elixir troops war weight

Naturally, more developed, advanced bases will have higher war weight. New defensive buildings, their levels, troop upgrades - it all counts.


The premise of so-called engineering is to upgrade your base in the way, that you maintain the lowest war weight possible at all times. This way you will not draw too strong opponents for you in the Clan War. In fact, you will look much weaker for the matchmaking system, than you really are. 

Clash of Clans Clan Wars attack strategy

Over the years of Clash of Clans being online, many strategies were developed to maximize each Town Hall level potential. We will try to present some of the most popular and effective of them for each TH level from Town Hall 7 onwards. 

CoC attacking basics

There are some terms and rules common for many attacks that may seem obvious for a seasoned Clasher, but for some new players, it may be unknown. We’ll try to break them down quickly, to move on. 

How to create a funnel?

How many times during the raid your troops went the wrong way? How many attacks did you lose because of that? Perhaps you didn’t tell them where to go. How do you do that?

By creating a funnel.

In Clash of Clans, troops are AI-controlled. Sending them at the right time and the right direction is critical for success. It is where the funneling comes online. Most of the troops will attack the closest target, and once it’s down, they will proceed to another nearest target. Troops with the preference “Any” will leave their current target if they become aware of enemy soldiers. If not, they will continue to tear through the base until there is nothing left standing. How to funnel your troops into the core? 

To do that, you have to destroy some of the trash buildings, that are usually just outside the base. The gap will automatically force your kill squad to push inwards, straight to the core, which is where you want them.

In the picture below, we have an example of the base and how to funnel your troops in.

clash of clans funneling

The green arrow is where you want your troops to go. You have the enemy Archer Queen and the Clan Castle on the way. You may want to deal with them with a Queen Charge, to follow it with a cleanup crew. What often happens, is that players make a mistake, while deploying the troops, which results in Queen walking around the base instead of charging in.

To prevent it from happening, you need to get rid of trash buildings marked with red crosses. Once these are down, the Queen is more likely to go into the base rather than loop around. However, you will not take these buildings for free. Once you deploy Wizards, the defenses will start shooting at them, and most of the cases, the troops will die before creating a funnel. It is why you bring some tanks with you and deploy them in locations marked with a blue “G” letter. Don’t drop them too close to each other, or they will go for the same buildings. Also, don’t deploy them too wide, as they may fail to cover the desired spot.

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Purple lines mark the area where the funnel must be created. Sending in a kill squad of Bowlers or Valkyries may result in clearing the core faster than you can say: “Clash of Clans.” After they destroy the core, you can go in with Hogs or Bats to do the cleaning. Once all defenses are down, there is nothing left to stop you from three-starring the base. Maybe the timer.

Correct troops for funneling

The funneling is more about destruction than tanking. The key to creating a funnel is to take down a few trash buildings around the base, and for that purpose, you don’t want to pick a tank. Let’s see, which units can be considered a tank:

- Giants,

- P.E.K.K.A,

- Electro Dragon,

- Golem,

- Lava Hound,

- Ice Golem.

Out of these six troops, four are defenses-focused - Giants, Golems and Ice Golems, with Lava Hounds being more specific about their preference. P.E.K.K.A. and Electro Dragon are extremely expensive and provide much more utility, to use them as a meat shield. Let’s be honest - these troops will not provide you with a decent funnel.

The only unit capable of serving this purpose is the Barbarian King. He has a ton of HP, few fellow Barbarians for help, and additional durability with Iron Fist. He can attack any building, and that’s what some players are using him for.

It is why for funneling, most players are using Wizards, Minions, Baby Dragons, sometimes even Barbarians or Archers. 

Bait troops

Maybe in the initial levels of the game, it doesn’t matter what troops you deploy, in what order and numbers. However, mainly post Town Hall level 7, it isn’t so easy. Sure, you will have your Dragons unlocked, and you will be able to recruit 8 of them. You will also climb fast merely by spam-deploying them in random spots. But after some time you will notice that it doesn’t work. Sometimes you’ll be taken by surprise by Clan Castle troops. Sometimes few well-placed traps and mines will blow your kill squad to the atmosphere.

The location of traps can be more or less predicted. Sending in a single Barbarian or Balloon is enough. Wasting 5 housing space to protect a 30 housing space troop is always a win, and you don’t want your Lava Hound prematurely popped with a couple of black mines.

The same thing goes for the Clan Castle. If it’s casual farming, you’re not interested in three-starring the base. You will not waste time and resources for some advanced lure shenanigans. Just take the loot and getaway. But for trophy pushing and Clan Wars, you always want to have it under control. Depending on the placement of the enemy Clan Castle, you may want to use different troops to lure. 

If it’s close to the edge, a single Archer will do just fine. If it’s deeper into the base, you may want to send in a Hog Rider. Remember, CC troops will chase you through the whole map. It means that placing a single Archer on the other side of the map will force them to go there. Of course, you are wasting their time, but it is also your time. And in opposition to CC troops - your time is limited. That being said, you want to lure and take Clan Castle troops down the fastest possible. 

Random troops deployment timing

How beautiful the world would be if the spam-deploying army would be enough to three-star every time… Sadly, at some point, you need to think and be surgical with your deployment. 

The most common mistake is dropping Wall Breakers randomly. They have a particular pathway, and if you drop them incorrectly, they will get smashed either by a bomb or a Mortar, which is currently shooting at your tanks. To avoid it, you want to deploy them in between the shot. Also, deploying Wall Breakers near a Wizard Tower is suicide for them. Sure, they die to the explosion either way, but the difference between cracking the base open, and wasting 16 housing space for nothing is massive.

What’s more, don’t deploy your troops in the same spot. If you do, they will be struck by all the splash damage in the world. Spreading them out might save at least a couple of lives. Another mistake is deploying your kill squad directly behind the tanks. This way, your damage troops share the tanking duty with your Golems and/or Giants. Don’t drop your forces in the place where tanks are absorbing the pressure. The tanks are for dragging the pressure AWAY from kill squad. Yes, you may say: “I know it already,” and then you log in and make this mistake. Sometimes it’s better to give others their due. 

Multi-finger drop

It is a feature exclusive for mobile users - smartphones with Android and iOS and tablets. In theory, you could perform it on PC, but to do that, you’d need a screen with a touchpad. The technique revolves around deploying your forces with more than one finger to drop them in two or more places at the same time. Sending your troops into the battle like this can confuse multiple defenses and prevent your units from being focused heavily.

Th7 war strategy

At Town Hall level 7, you have Dark Elixir troops unlocked. Don’t get too excited, however, as these troops are rather expensive for you to spam them. Also, you want to upgrade your brand new Barbarian King, which is expensive as well. 

Mass Dragon

One of the most straightforward strategies relying on how strong Dragon troops are. With your 200 housing space, go for 9 Dragons and fill it with Minions for clean up. Take 3 maxed Lightning Spells. You have to use them all on the Air Defense. Three level 4 Lightning Spells should take down adequate level Air Defense. Now there’s two left.

Here is where you send Dragons in, followed by Minions. Deploy one or two Minions just outside the base to fish for any air traps. Then go with Drakes. You want to approach from behind the enemy Air Sweeper. It should also mark the target for Lightning Spells. You need to drop Dragons in a way, that they will path towards Air Defenses ASAP. If they loop around while being barraged continuously by Air Defenses, the whole raid is failed. As they’re approaching the range of the dreadful defenses, use Rage and Heal to keep them alive and increase damage, hence their clear speed and approaching to ADs. Once all Air Defenses are down, you should have a couple of Dragons still healthy enough to rip through the rest of the village. If not, then you’ve made a mistake somewhere.

Barbarian King, as a ground unit, may seem useless here, but it’s not true. He can still be targeted by Wizard Towers and Archer Towers. Use him as a distraction. Every single bit of damage that your Dragons won’t take is an advantage. 

Mass Giants

As strange as it seems, this strategy can work. You take 22 Giants, 3 Healers, 4 Wall Breakers, and fill the composition with pretty much anything. Use the low-cost troops to clear potential Bombs on the Giants' path. Deploy Giants with Wall Breakers behind them to crack the base open.

For spells, take 3 maxed Lightning Spells. It should most likely guarantee at least one Air Defense down. The premise is to send in Giants to take out other Air Defenses and gather the focus of other defensive structures so that your Healers don’t die. If AD’s are down and your Healers are up, there is not much that can stop you from wiping the base.

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Hogs + Wizards

Probably the most powerful attack at TH7, since it includes one of the best and most used troops, which are Hog Riders. For this attack, you will need at least 20 Hogs and 20 Wizards. Get at least 3 Giants for initial tanking and Wall Breakers for opening the base for Wizards.

The tactic itself is not the top-notch subtle or sophisticated. You deploy Giants to ground defenses on them for the first seconds. Then you throw in the Hogs. Be careful and try to predict their pathway. You aid them with Rage Spell and the Heal Spell in the tightest, most dangerous spots. As they proceed with cleaning the defenses, you go with Wizards for the final clean up. 

TH8 strategy

The main change here is the addition of PEKKA, Dark Spell Factory with Poison Spell available from level 1 and Earthquake at level 2. You are also allowed to upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 3 and 4 for unlocking of Valkyries and Golems. It creates a few interesting possibilities. 



2 Golems

5 Valkyries

12 Hog Riders

2 Minions

6 Wizards

2 Archers

5 Wall Breakers

2 Heal

1 Rage

Max Hogs + Poison in CC. 

First, you should start with some trash troops for checking out if there are CC troops. Then, you open up with Golem to collect the aggro from defenses. After this, once the base is open, go in with Valkyries. Aid them with Rage and Heal Spell as they’re approaching the core. When initial defenses are down, go in with Hog Riders to wipe the base. If you’re not feeling comfortable with Hogs cleaning the base, you can add several Minions for certainty.

This strategy works exceptionally well against compact bases, where all buildings are stacked close together. For more spread up villages, you may want to go with a different composition.

Mass Dragon attack for those of you, who are lazy, still works.

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TH9 strategy



2 Baby Dragons

4 Wizards

3 P.E.K.K.A.'s

3 Wall Breakers

3 Healers

12 Hog Riders

1 Archer

CC troops: Bowlers + Poison

2 Rage

2 Heal

1 Poison

The strategy revolves around Healers, P.E.K.K.A., Hog Riders, and Bowlers. Initially, you go in with Baby Dragons for funneling. You want your kill squad charging straight into the base. It should destroy the majority of the base without much trouble. You don't need Jump Spell or Wall Breakers here, as P.E.K.K.A.'s will straight up punch through the Walls. Keep an eye on your Healers. If you manage to protect them from Air Defenses, you will get more value out of their heals. P.E.K.K.A. is tanky, but with heals, it becomes virtually unkillable. 

Your goal is typical for most of the defenses-focused troops strategies. Once the base is shaped into a narrow path with the most dangerous defenses down, you deploy Hog Riders to destroy the rest of them. Drop some Heal spells on their way, so that they survive potential Giant Bomb. Sadly, there is not much to protect them from Spring Traps.


2 Golems

10 Wizards

5 Wall Breakers

filled with Hogs

3 Heal

1 Jump

1 Poison

CC: Bowlers + Poison

This strategy also revolves around Hog Riders, but this time their numbers will be much higher than the last time. Depending on your Army Camps levels, it should be over 20 Hogs.

The start is well known. Deploy Golems to focus the defenses barrage. Use Wizards to create the funnel and Wall Breakers to let your Bowlers inside. You should have 1 Jump spell for maximum damage output inside the core. Use Heal to keep your Bowlers alive. In this strategy, you don’t rely on Bowlers and heroes to do the job, and you transfer some of the power from them to Hogs. It’s on pig riders to do the whole work. The quest for the kill squad is to get rid of Clan Castle troops and heroes. Use poison for them, and if you’re lucky, you may catch some Skeletons into it.

As you’ve shaped the attacked base in the desired way, deploy Hogs, aiding them with a Heal spell on their rampage through the enemy village. Beware of Giant Bombs and Tesla farms. 

Make sure that you don’t pull the Clan Castle troops too early. You want them lured by your kill squad, not the flanking squad. If you fail the funneling, you will fail the attack as a whole.


It is where the famous LavaLoon starts, as with Town Hall level 9, you gain access to level 6 Dark Barracks and Lava Hounds. Why is it so important? Lava Hound is the ultimate tanking troop for air attacks. It’s tough, has a ton of HP, and upon destruction, it pops spawning Lava Pups, useful for cleanup. Also, Lava Hound target priority is the Air Defense. Always. It means that every time unless you have cold hands or no hands at all, you will be able to distract Air Defenses with Lava Hounds. 

You add Balloons into the fray. Balloons are great here because, among all air troops, they go for defenses exclusively. The general premise of the strategy is to clear all defenses while Lava Hounds are tanking the Air Defenses. The massive drawback of the attack is the movement speed of Balloons. It seems that hot air is not that fast, so you need to speed them up either with Haste or a Rage spell.

You may want to clear some buildings beforehand. It is why you can deploy your heroes for a suicide attack. In this strategy, you do not waste housing space for Healers, so Queen Walk or Queen Charge is not an option. 


2 Golems/4 Healers

10 Witches

10 Wizards

2 Jump

1 Rage

1 Heal

1 Poison

5 Bowlers + 1 Poison in CC

In the beginning, we’d like to mention that there are two variations of this strategy. The first one utilizes Golems for taking damage. In the second one, the damage is covered by Healers. 

The premise of the Witch attack is simple and remains the same. It starts by sending your Witches in two groups in the corner of the map - one to the left, and one to the right - to loop around the base, clean the trash buildings, and create the funnel for the kill squad.

As for the kill squad - you want your heroes and Bowlers here. At TH9, you don’t have Bowlers available, so you have to rely on your clan. A good clan will donate it without a problem. In a bad clan… You shouldn’t be in a bad clan. 

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TH10 strategy

With Town Hall 10, you gain access to two new troops - Miners in Barracks and Bowlers in Dark Barracks. It opens up a possibility to create whole new compositions, where requiring higher Town Hall level troops is no longer necessary.

Frozen Witch

If you have a safe path for Healers, you can put them in. If not, or you are uncertain whether it will go off, you can put some more tanking troops into the composition. Use multiple Freeze spells to protect the Wall Wrecker and allow it to go as far as possible. Wherever it opens up, it is where you use Heal and Rage spell to keep the kill squad alive as long as you can. You should also have a Jump Spell for the kill squad to allow it to roam around the enemy base freely. 

The sign to use this strategy over the BoWitch is that it has a Town Hall located to the side of the base with Inferno Towers in line. A possibility of taking down Inferno’s using the Wall Wrecker should suggest you the Frozen Witch tactic. If the Town Hall is in the middle of the base, and you can’t get access to both Inferno’s with a single Wall Wrecker push, then you should go for BoWitch.


Similar to Frozen Witch strategy, but this time you want to have 10 Witches, 10 Bowlers, and some tanking troops. With a single target Inferno, it should be Giants, so that you don’t waste Golem’s high HP. If it’s a multitarget Inferno, then go for Golems. Spells selection: 2 Heal, 2 Rage, 1 Jump, 1 Freeze, 1 Poison in CC.

You are not using Healers in this variation. You have tanks instead. However, make sure you’re not sending two Golems for the same defensive structure. This way, they will end up tanking multiple splash defenses, whereas if they were split, they’d tank separate ones. You want to avoid grouping your tanks, where they’re tanking the same damage, as it’s a waste of HP. Usually, these tanks have mediocre damage, and they will not bring defenses down quickly enough, to call it worth.

As for the strategy, you want to open up with Golems. As they get aggroed, send in Bowlers and Witches. You then follow up with heroes and Wall Wrecker, sending it to the core. Once it gets hot in there, use Heal and Rage. Poison whatever comes from CC. When you take down Inferno Towers, it’s pretty much over. 

Queen Charge LavaLoon

We cover the topic of Queen Charge in our Clash of Clans Heroes guide. The whole premise of the raid is to force your Queen with support of Healers to go into the base and take as many air-focused defenses as possible. You should take care of the CC troops on the way, as they can ruin your plans. First, you need to create the funnel for the Queen. Second, send in the Queen to clear initial defenses. Then you have to time your Wall Breakers perfectly for her to go inside rather than walk around. 

If everything goes well, she should destroy a vast portion of the base, cleaning up the sky for the LaLoon. If you have a possibility, bring in the Stone Slammer, as it fits great in the air attack. Use Lava Hound to clear potential traps on the desired path of Balloons. The priority is the Air Defenses. After they are down, you should take care of Wizard Tower, as they're the second greatest threat to Balloons. Once all of these are down, there should not be much to stop you other than time.


You open up with a Golem and a Queen Charge. Then you deploy the Wall Wrecker. The place that you deploy the machine is crucial - you have to take as much value out of it as possible. You want either Bowlers or Valkyries inside the Wall Wrecker. The selection depends on the spot where the machine is going to open up. If the enemy Queen will be on the same side of the Wall, use Valkyries. If not - go for Bowlers. Once few compartments and some key defenses are taken down with a Queen Charge, you then deploy Hogs and use spells accordingly. They should tear the base apart in no time.

Bring in some Minions or a Miner for a cleanup. You can also go for a Wizard, but if there will be internal structures remaining, he might have a problem getting to them in time.


The core of your composition will be Dragons and Bat Spells. Works excellent against bases that have their Air Defenses closer to the edge. It is because you can have your Heroes taking some of them down with ease, following by a Dragons attacks with Bats right behind them for a remaining Air Defenses. AD's are the main threat to your Dragons, so eliminating them is crucial to this strategy. For bases that have Air Defenses more centralized, you should stick to LavaLoon. 

You want a Rage Spell for your Dragons when they are pushing for Air Sweeper, encountering the CC troops, or an enemy Queen. 

Electrone LaLoon

It is the strategy that works best against bases, where an Air Sweeper does not cover Archer Queen. First, you send your Balloons to fish for any Seeking Air Mines. Then you send the Battle Blimp in with Electro Dragon and Balloons in it. Once it pops over the Queen, you use the Clone and the Rage Spell on your CC troops. At this point, the Electro Dragon, with the support of a Rage Spell, should one-shot the enemy Queen. Once she's down, you follow with the rest of your army as if it was classic LavaLoon. 

TH11 strategy

P.E.K.K.A. BoBat


5 P.E.K.K.A.

7 Bowlers

4 Healers

3 Wizards

2 Balloons

1 Giant

1 E-Drag

1 Rage

1 Jump

1 Poison

2 Freeze

4 Bat

CC: Wall Wrecker + P.E.K.K.A. + Ice Golem + Rage

As you can probably tell by the name of this strategy, it revolves around P.E.K.K.A.’s, Bowlers, and Bat Spells. You start by sending in a Giant and E-Drag for funneling. As the funnel is created, you go in with P.E.K.K.A.’s and Healers. As soon as defenses are focused onto them, deploy Wall Wrecker. Put in Bowlers right behind them. Hopefully, the Wall Wrecker with pop in the right place, where you can get the most out of the Ice Golem, that’s inside of it.

The key is to push with Wall Wrecker towards the Town Hall with an Eagle Artillery on the way. The key here is to take down these two along with Inferno Towers. If possible, try to destroy Wizard Towers as well, as they are the greatest threat to Bats aside from multi-target Infernos. Once these are taken care of, deploy the Bats. Use Freeze spells to protect them from remaining splash defenses. Bats are remarkable against Air Defenses, cause they attack in swarms, and AD is a single-target structure. After Bats, you send in the Wizards for a cleanup. You bring in one Balloon to fish for any air traps in front of the Electro Dragon.

Make sure not to drop the Dragon in front of the Sweeper, because you will lose its value. E-Drag attacks very slow, and single Sweeper can considerably delay his DPS.

Queen Charge Hog attack


1 P.E.K.K.A.

5 Healers

2 Balloons

5 Wizards

Filled with Hogs (around 27).

2 Rage 

2 Heal

1 Jump

1 Poison

CC: Stone Slammer filled with Hogs and a Rage Spell

In this attack, your primary goal is to eliminate enemy Queen, CC troops, and Eagle Artillery. If any of these fail, your whole attack might fail as well. It is where you should charge with a Queen. Use Balloons to fish for any air bombs or to distract the enemy Air Defenses for just enough time to take them down. 

The key to this attack, and basically every strategy that utilizes defenses-focused troops, is to create a sort of half-ring, horseshoe, or crescent out of the enemy base. This way, you can easily predict where will the go, hence where to drop the Heal spells. It is vital, as when the Heal spell covers up the whole pathway of Hogs, you can get the most value out of the spell and the troops. 

You take a couple of Wizards for a cleanup. Miners should do too.

Bat Slap


13 Witches

1 Ice Golems

5 Healers

4 Wizards

3 Archers

4 Freeze

1 Poison

6 Bat

CC: Wall Wrecker + 2 Ice Golems + 1 Balloon + 1 Rage

This strategy is a combination of Witch Slap with Bat spells. You start by deploying your Archer Queen for a Queen Walk. Dropdown a Barbarian King with some Witches to close the funnel, as you will want the Queen charging in at some point. Preferably, you want to direct her straight into the Eagle Artillery. Send in the Ice Golems with Wall Wrecker right behind her to open up the base. Deploy the rest of the Witches. Use Freeze spells to protect the leading group from splash defenses.

As you tear through the central part of the base and you take down the most dangerous defenses, deploy Bats to take care of the rest. Use remaining Freeze spells to protect them from Wizard Towers. Send in the cleanup crew after the bat swarms.

Like many other strategies involving Witches, this one is also quite forgiving. If for some reason, your Queen starts to walk the wrong way, you can slightly adjust her movement. Generally, if you make her go into the core along with the Wall Wrecker and Ice Golems, you should be golden.

An upgraded version of Queen Charge Laloon and DragBat from TH10 is still viable here.

TH12 war strategy

P.E.K.K.A. smash


3 Balloons

3 Wizards

5 Healers

5 P.E.K.K.A.

1 Baby Dragon

2 Minions

7 Bowlers

1 Archer

1 Goblin

CC: Stone Slammer with Balloons

For Spells, if the Town Hall is enclosed, you may want to brew two Jump spells - one for the Town Hall, and one for the Eagle Artillery. If the Town Hall is open, however, then 4 Earthquakes will suffice. Fill the spells composition with Freeze, Poison, Haste, 2 Rage, and 1 Rage in CC.

You want to begin with your funneling troops, which in this case, are Baby Dragon and Balloons. Once created a funnel, go in with Queen Charge and rest of your kill squad. Keep the Warden's ability for the Giga Bomb, after the Town Hall is taken down. Your goal here is to destroy the Eagle Artillery ASAP. If you fail, it will deal a ton of damage, and you may end up with not enough forces to finish the raid. But if you succeed, there will be not much left to stop you.

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As the killing blow, you deploy the Stone Slammer in an area, where the base lacks air targeting defenses. Balloons will take care of them in a second or two, and the time is your only enemy left.

Mass E-Drag


6-7 E-Dragons 

4-5 Healers (if opting for Queen Walk start)

Ice Golem (if not Queen-walking)

filled with Balloons and funneling troops

Spell choice depends on the base and variation (details below)

CC: Stone Slammer + Electro Dragon and Balloons

A first sign suggesting a Mass Electro Dragon attack is multiple multi-target Inferno Towers. Some people may go for them to counter ever so popular Bats. If you see them during the Clan War, you may want to make use of the thunderous strategy.

The second premise of this attack is the position of Air Defenses. If you see a potential for chain lightning onto them, then you should train some blue monsters, and tear the base apart. Always look for high hitpoints buildings that you can chain the lightning off of. 

Generally, villages with buildings stacked close to each other are good for Electro Dragons, Valkyries, and Bowlers. You should always take these units under consideration in such cases.

As for the attack, it's pretty straightforward compared to some other strategies. The variation depends on whether it's better to go with Queen Walk or Queen Charge. With many Air Defenses close to the edge of the base, where the Archer Queen can reach them without Healers being targeted, you can choose this setup. If Air Defenses are deeper within the base, don't go for it, and instead use Heroes for funneling.

For multi-target Inferno Towers, you should have a Heal spell. For single-target ones, take Freeze. You don't want to have too many Balloons. If you take too many of them, they will clear potential E-Drag targets, slowing the assault down, also, breaking the chain lightning path. You just want them to initially fish for black air mines and soak up some damage.

Mass Hog

The setup here variates, depending on the defender’s base layout and the initial attack strategy. If you go for a Queen Charge at the beginning, then you want some Heal and Rage spells. If it’s a Queen Walk, you will need a couple of Healers. If there is an Archer Queen near the Town Hall, go ahead and take her down with the TH as well. If not, take two Skeleton Spells to keep her busy.

The strategy, however, revolves around Hogs circling around the base with a Warden. There should be around 40 Hogs in this setup. Take your funneling and filling troops accordingly. Make sure to keep some Heals for them as they go. They are targeting defenses, so they will not turn, if attacked by the Queen or Skeletons from the trap. Your job is to deal with enemy heroes beforehand.

Once most of the defenses are down, send in the cleanup. It can be Wizards, Minions, Miners, but personally, we prefer the Minions. You can have more of them than Wizards or Miners, and they are not afraid of coincidental Spring Trap.

Frozen Dragon


14 Dragons

10 Freeze

1 Rage

CC: Stone Slammer + 2 Dragons

Depending on the target base layout, you may want to add few Balloons into the roster to fish for some black mines or make Tesla pop. Use one or two Dragons along with Heroes to create a funnel for the remaining Dragons. The general premise of the raid is to Freeze anything that goes after your troops. Send your Grand Warden behind to have his ability available for a lot of burst damage incoming.

The strategy is somewhat weak against typical ring bases, and that’s basically it. Perfect setup for lazy players, as it requires little to no calculating and surgical deployment.

Queen Walk + Miners


5 Healers

1 P.E.K.K.A.

3 Wizards

2 Archers

3 Balloons

filled with Miners (around 25)

1 Poison

2 Rage

3 Heal

CC: Wall Wrecker + 2 Ice Golems + 1 Baby Dragon + Rage

You start by deploying your P.E.K.K.A. for funneling and tanking service. Once the initial push is done and the funnel is created, deploy your Queen with Healers. Then you go in with Wall Wrecker. Deploying Wall Wrecker in a way that gives you access to the Eagle Artillery is recommended. Be careful not to deploy Healers too early. Use Balloons for fishing for some air traps, that might be on the way of Healers. Don’t rush with deploying units. If you manage to take down the Eagle Artillery before it triggers, you’re golden.

Then you are free to go in with Miners. Aim for the Town Hall directly. Send the Warden right behind them to protect them from the Giga Tesla and the Giga Bomb. Use spells accordingly. Miners, even though under the ground, can still be affected by spells. They’re pretty tanky, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need an additional buff.

Miners are great versus single-target Inferno Towers because they lose aggro once going underground, and the Tower has to heat up from the start. Usually, the Towers are not able to withstand this type of attack. The biggest threat to Miners is Skeleton traps, which can stall the assault — there no bigger risk for Miners, but to deny them to go under the ground.

Do you have any other interesting strategies? Feel free to add a comment.

War base layout

Th7 war base

TH7 war base download link >>>

th7 war base download link

TH8 war base

TH8 war base download link >>>

th8 war base download link

TH9 war base

TH9 war base download link >>>

th9 war base download link

TH10 war base

TH 10 war base download link >>>

th10 war base download link

TH11 war base

TH11 war base download link >>>

TH11 war base download link

TH12 war base

TH12 war base download link >>>

At the highest level of play, you probably want to create your own war base. It is due to the fact that the best players are well aware of the ins and outs of the most common bases, and they will know how to play around them. We provide you with the link just for the players that are lazy enough.

Other Clan Wars tips

Being in an active, well-organized clan is essential for success. No war can be won, if some players in the clan will not attack at all. How to recognize an active clan in Clash of Clans? Players donate a lot and attack non-stop.

Communicate with your clan. Doing stuff on your own can cause more trouble than the advantage. And it’s a “Clan War,” not “Your war.” 

Make sure your Clan Castles are filled with useful troops.

Attack targets you are pretty sure you can make a good score. Don't go greedy too high. It's better to score safe 2-stars, instead of risky 1-star.

Always plan your attack. Sure, maybe you have this one-and-only raid composition that is able to triple every base, no matter the layout. But oftentimes you can get surprised. Some layouts are designed to counter air units. Some are anti-ground. Some of them will have the Town Hall in the middle, and others will have it out in the open. At TH7 and maybe TH8, the Mass Dragon attack will work most of the time, probably, but higher... it's not that easy anymore. Think. Analyze. Search for base design flaws and play accordingly. Air Defenses close together? Zap-Quake them and go for LavaLoon. Eagle Artillery close to the Walls? Queen-walk it, etc. If you are not sure, feel free to ask more experienced clan members. Clan War is a team effort, after all.

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Try to stick to strategies you already have well known and practiced. If you are trophy pushing with Witch Slap, it’s better for you to attack in a Clan War with this strategy, than to go for Mass Hog, that you’ve never used before. 

Do your best with your first attack. If you don’t make it hit three stars, you may never have a chance to redeem yourself.

Clash of Clans Friendly Wars

Since October 2016, clans have a possibility to challenge other clans for a Friendly Wars. The most substantial difference between a regular war and a Friendly War is that during the Friendly War, the troops are not expended. Also, the Preparation Day is a matter of consensus - it can last 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours, 20 hours, and 1 day. As opposed to regular war, the size of war participants in a clan can range from 5 to 50 and be any multiple of 5 in between those numbers. In regular war, the party size of 35 and 45 are disabled. Friendly War does not provide the clan with any experience or loot, so it's debatable if it's worthwhile. Nevertheless, some clans are going for it.

What are rewards in CoC Clan Wars?

Depending on the enemy clan level and the level of the development of their villages, the rewards will vary. The higher Town Hall level they have and the more buildings upgraded, the more loot they provide. 


Clan Wars are Clash of Clans bread and butter. It is here, where the strongest, the smartest, and the best-organized clans clash. You can still push for trophies in Home Village or Builder Base, but your true potency will be displayed once you step into the War. Outsmarting your enemy, flawless attacks, respect, and gratitude among your clan. It is precisely what you want.


What are CoC Clan Wars?

It is a feature implemented by SuperCell not long after the release. It allows two clans to compete against each other. Whoever collects more stars, wins, and receives rewards. 

Do I have to participate in Clan Wars?

No. You can go to your profile and opt-out.

Is it worth it to do Clan Wars in CoC?

It depends. With a non-maxed village, you will be at a disadvantage most of the time. With either Spell Factory or Dark Spell Factory under construction, you will not be able to brew spells, and heroes upgrades disallow you to use them. However, unlike the regular base, your defenses will be working even if under construction.

What is the war base?

It is a particular type of base designed for your enemy to deny him as many stars as possible. It’s used only during Clan Wars and takes different layout slots, then your Home Village. You can edit War Base before the war starts. After it starts, changes will be applied after the war is ended.

How long is Clan War?

Each clan war lasts precisely 47 hours - 24 hours of Preparation Day and 23 hours of Battle Day.

What CC should I put on war?

For air attacks, you usually go for a Lava Hound or max Balloons. For ground attacks, it can be some tanking unit like P.E.K.K.A. or Golem.

However, it depends on the base you want to attack and the composition you want to use. Usually, since Clan Castle troops can be beyond your own level, you should ask for something, that you have no access to.

At higher levels, where Siege Machines become online, you have to be a little more subtle and conservative about CC troops. 

What happens if draw?

Back then, there was just a draw, but now the clan, who scored higher total destruction, wins.

When were Clan Wars added?

Clan Wars was in 2014 with a 6.56.1 update.

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