Clash of Clans Builder Base - buildings, troops, tactics and best tips

Clash of Clans builder base
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Simply creating popular games and hitting a million-dollar (or billion-dollar in this case) niche sometimes maybe not enough. People are predictable creatures with a tendency of getting used to things. And something they get used to is not exciting anymore. Players need constant changes, motion, a sort of unpredictability to keep them attached to the game and involved. The worst thing you can do with your game as a developer is to let your player-base get bored, especially when it's an online game generating stable income based on players making payments.


Clash of Clans Builder Base just like Clash Royale is SuperCell's way of keeping the community interested in their app.

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What's the Builder's Base in Clash of Clans

In May 2017 SuperCell acted like a medieval king and decided to bestow a land upon every Clash of Clans player. We were given a new village on top of our Home Village. We could have seen a boat upon a shore, which could have been rebuilt for 10,000 gold as soon as we reached Town Hall level 4. Many of us did that, and now they're stuck in this village even harder than in the original one.

Builder's Base differences

It would be hard to call Clash of Clans Builder's Base an upgrade or innovation if it was the same as the Home Village, so it's no surprise that it's different. And we'll break those differences down below.


No loot

Arguably the most impactful change in comparison to Home Village. There is no such thing as farming in Clash of Clans Builder's Base. Periodically you have three attacks, that give you a fixed amount of loot based on your Trophies and Builder's Hall level. The first two attacks grant you the same quantity of Gold and Elixir and the third successful attack involves a bigger bounty. Outside of your Mines and Collectors (and maybe some events), this is the only source of income. Exceeding three attacks cap won't give you any reward other than trophies.


So you might ask: "What's the point of attacking in CoC Builder's Base if there is no loot to get?". There is a point - trophies. As opposed to Home Village, in Builder's Base, your loot volume depends on trophies, thus sometimes it's worth going over the "loot cap" to get some seemingly useless points.

Master Builder

Over the majority of the game, you have only one builder at your disposal. Initially, building timers are brief, but in time they are catching up compared to Home Village. Having only one person capable of leveling the buildings up may be annoying sometimes. But honestly, in Home Village after reaching Town Hall level 7 or 8 you have the same "always busy" problem, so…


Reaching Builder's Hall level 9 allows you to build O.T.T.O. Hut, which gives you another builder and enables your Master Builder to travel between villages. Thanks to an additional base builder, Clash of Clans Home Village can develop faster.


Versus Battle gameplay system

In Builder's Base, you don't attack the random opponent to tear down his structures and clear the storages. Battles are always synchronized. It's more like 1 v 1 clash, like continuously pressing the "REVENGE" button in Home Village.


Also, there is no" 'user online" or "active shield" restriction. 


Different buildings

Builder Bases differ from Clash of Clans bases. Some buildings like Army Camp or Barracks are pretty much the same, but some, like Crusher or Pushing Trap, are new. 


Some buildings have their mode on top of that, e. g. Archer Tower can shoot far but slow or short but fast.


Different troops

There are no Elixir or Dark Elixir troops in Builder's Base. Instead, we have a fixed number of units which we can train for free and training always lasts 1 minute per Army Camp. Unlike in Home Village, each unit has a special ability here.

There are some similarities, however.


Aside from that, you can switch between different troops right as you stare at the enemy village. You can't do it in multiplayer battles, where you are forced to predefine your army.


No spells

There is no Spell Factory in Builder's Base, no Heal, Lightning, Rage or Jump so useful in Home Village multiplayer battles. Instead, each unit has the ability, which we'll talk about in the "Troops" section.

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Builder's Base buildings and upgrade priority


Resource Buildings

Gold Mine and Gold Storage

Similarly to Home Village gold is used to upgrade defenses and your main building - Builder's Hall.

And similarly, Walls are absurdly expensive to level up.

Elixir Collector and Elixir Storage

Elixir in Builder's Base has an entirely different role than in Home Village. You don't use it to train troops, just for upgrading some buildings and troops. Also removing natural type obstacles like trunks and trees cost you the "purple gold". 


Defensive Buildings


A basic defensive structure, single target with a decent range, able to focus only ground units. Defensively you want to protect your Crushers, Multi Mortars, and Firecrackers with it. Offensively most of the time you can ignore it, especially when attacking with air units. It can also be easily overwhelmed by large groups of enemies.


These are available in both villages.


Double Cannon

Exclusive for Builder's Base, but after reaching Cannon level 7 in Home Village and Double Cannon level 4 Master Builder can upgrade Home Village Cannon to Double Cannon. It will allow them to toggle between two modes. It has high single target damage per second, limited to ground units. Although it has a short-range and suffers against large groups of enemies just like its single cannon counterpart. These are downsides you want to abuse offensively.

Archer Tower

Single target defensive structure capable of attacking both ground and air troops. Available in Home Village as well. It has two firing modes - fast one with short-range and slower long-range one. Fast attack at all levels has twice as much DPS as long-range.

Defensively you'll have a dilemma since in Clash of Clans just as in life you can't have everything. You can set Archer Towers either to long-range or fast attack. Long-range gives more space covered at a price of DPS loss. The fast attack is better against swarms of enemies but lacks range. 


Builder's Base Archer Tower also allows you to gear up its Home Village counterparts. You need level 10 there, and level 6 in Builder's Base.


Hidden Tesla

Available in both villages.

Similar to its Home Village counterpart. Remains hidden until approached or 51% of the village gets destroyed. Single target damage can attack both air and ground troops.


It's Builder's Base answer to Air Defense.

Unlocked at Builder's Hall level 3. Unmatched damage against air units, sadly limited only to flying troops. It has a fairly low amount of hit points, so offensively you want to kill it fast using ground units and finish the village with air troops. Defensively you want to prevent that from happening, so placing Crushers near it and keeping it in range of Multi Mortars is a good strategy.



It is short-range, splash damage defensive structure, that crushes the enemies (who would expect it?). It attacks slowly, but there aren't many units capable of surviving its hit. Its mediocre range and "ground only" limitation make it an easy target for Sneaky Archers or any sort of flying troops, so placing it in a range of Archer Tower or Firecrackers makes a good synergy. The common defensive strategy is setting Push Traps in a way so that they push enemies straight onto the Crusher. Another nice practice is placing Guard Post nearby, as its troops will draw the invaders aggro and lure them into their demise. However, Crusher hits can be easily baited, so don't be surprised when it gets outplayed.

Guard Post

It works similarly to Clan Castle in War Base. However, you don't need to request any units and troops are always the same depending on a level of Post. It houses only Raged Barbarians and Sneaky Archers but stripped of their abilities. These troops are usually weak and more annoying than useful, but they provide great bait for enemies to make them switch focus and do less damage to structures. The aggro mechanics can force enemies to leave their current target and go after Post troops leading them into Crusher or providing a distraction for Multi Mortar to reload. The building can also tank Boxer Giant's Power Punch as it has no other defensive utility.

Air Bombs

Similar to Home Village Air Bomb, but with unlimited ammunition. It serves excellent protection to Firecrackers. It has more damage but less range. Placing Crusher near it can be helpful against Drop Ships.

Offensively you want to take them out with ground units, as they are useless against them.


Multi Mortar

Clash of Clans version of katyusha.

It's "ground only" so attacking it with air units brings them down with ease.

It also has a blind spot in the tiles the closest to itself. Some players tend to cover the blind spot with a Crusher, but both of them cannot attack air units which makes it kind of problematic. Placing it in the middle of the village allows it to cover the most area.

Offensively you should abuse its weaknesses - slow fire rate, blind-spot and ground unit targeting. Simple as that.



Able to damage both ground and air units, splash damage structure resembling a Dragon locked up in a building. Very good against swarms of enemies like Bats or Raged Barbarians.

Offensively you want it to focus your tanks first or keep your troops split up. You can also abuse its short range.


Giant Cannon

It is, well, a giant cannon. It shoots a cannonball in line that travels 48 tiles with decreasing speed dealing damage to all units in line and knocking them back. Very good against swarm troops strategies. It has relatively good damage but slow fire rate, so either baiting out its shot or making it focus the tank is an excellent offensive tactic.


Mega Tesla

It attacks with chain lightning similarly to an Electric Dragon, which makes it the best option versus Sneaky Archer. It can hit them provided that any other troops are standing nearby. It has high DPS but slow fire rate. Defensively try to protect it with splash damage structures like Roaster, Crusher and Mega Mines, because it loses its potential when distracted by low HP opponents. Abuse this offensively. Drop Ships excel at it.


Lava Launcher

It fires balls of lava that deal small damage upon hit but leave the area scorched dealing damage over time. Lava Launcher has an extensive range along with the sizeable blind spot. Good versus swarms of ground troops like Raged Barbarians or Sneaky Archers. It is best placed in the middle of the village to let it shoot around the outskirts, where enemies are deployed. It is where Walls become somewhat useful.


Offensively it suffers against air units or other troops that can approach it quickly, so attack it with Drops Ships, Beta Minions or Baby Dragons. Their option is to distract it with the single, cheap unit or one high health unit like Boxer Giant or Super P.E.K.K.A.


No need to explain what Walls are. What's worth emphasizing, is that unlike in Home Village you have Walls segments in Builder's Base. When unlocked they are counted individually, but you can only place them as pieces of a set. Their destruction doesn't count towards the total village destruction.

Offensively you need to decide whether you bypass them or go right through. Defensively you can mostly use them to force AI enemies to go into the desired direction, as they will prefer to go around them rather than bash it.


Protecting resources buildings with Walls is pointless since there is no stealing mechanic in Builder's Base. But you can place them in front of your defenses to create a distraction.



Often overlooked defensive tools. We'd say that they are even more critical here since well-placed Mine can push the whole Barbarian troop into Crusher and wipe it. Keep in mind that traps are visible when being upgraded, so it's good practice to relocate them for the duration to not make it easier for the enemy. Each trap must be upgraded individually. However, they don't need re-arming.


Push Trap - as its name points out, it pushes enemy troops away in the chosen direction dealing with no damage. It can toss a certain number of troops depending on its capacity.

- Rage Barbarians, Sneaky Archers and Skeletons - 1,

- Bombers - 2,

- Boxer Giants and Cannon Carts - 5,

- Night Witches and Hog Gliders - 12,

- Super P.E.K.K.A.s - 25,

- Battle Machine - theoretically it has 25 spring weight, but effectively it's immune to Push Traps.

These numbers also relate to Spring Traps.


Defensively you can either use it to push away attacking troops from core buildings or toss them into the Crusher or Mine. Sometimes you may want to push some troops into another, lower level Push Trap to effectively split the forces.

Offensively, well, you don't see them, but you can more or less estimate where the traps can be. You can use a single unit to trigger them or heavy units (like Battle Machine) that ignore them.


Spring Trap - these are shared by both villages and work precisely the same. They will instantly eliminate hostile troops when stepped on. A good tactic is to set Push Trap to toss enemies onto the Spring Trap.


Mine - Home Village Bomb counterpart. Can't hit both air and ground units, but can be set to either air or ground mode. Defensively you can place it outside the base to snipe Sneaky Archers. They can kill low level, squishy units, but most of the time, they will only push enemies away. It can synergize with Crusher pretty well.

Offensively you can bait them with a single unit or tank it with a beefy one. Avoid sending large groups at the same time.


Mega Mine - similar to Giant Bomb from Home Village with a difference of setting to ground and air mode. It is not recommended to place it outside the base, where it can be easily baited out by a single troop and wasted. They deal with serious damage, but their locations can be predicted most of the time. Empty 2x2 space inside the base is most likely a Hidden Tesla or Mega Mine.

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Special Buildings


Clock Tower

It's unlocked at Builder's Hall level 4. When turned on, it provides a significant boost to village activities such as training and building. However, it will not reduce the Versus Battle loot cooldown. It's the best to activate the boost when fighting for loot since it can provide you with constant troops uptime. Defensively it's just an obstacle for enemies.

Gem Mine

It produces Gems. Although the rate is not great, it is still a source of free premium currency income. It requires BH level 3 to be restored. Not much more to say.

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Battle Machine Altar

More like a fun fact than a real building. The Battle Machine doesn't rest here, unlike Home Village heroes and does not participate in the defense. It makes the Altar just a distraction for hostile troops.

There are also obstacles and decorations, but we will not talk about it since their purpose is either obvious or irrelevant.


Upgrade priority

There is no loot penalty for Builder's Hall level, and actually no loot at all. It doesn't matter if you rush Builder's Hall upgrade or not. You should always go for it whenever possible (buildings + gold), for its benefits are too great to skip over.


Also, since there is no loot, your only resource incomes are mines and daily loot. Thus you want to invest some valuables into Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. Don't forget to upgrade Storages on the way, as over the course of time you will need a lot of space for further upgrades and research.


In this mode, you do not want to have all defenses upgraded before upgrading Builder's Hall. Defenses are not as relevant as those of Home Village. You do not want to upgrade Walls over level 2-3. It is as cost-inefficient as can be. Upgrading one piece of Wall from level 2 to level 3 costs 100k gold. What does it give you?

- Raged Barbarians will spend slightly more time bashing it,

- Sneaky Archers will ignore it and shoot over,

- Boxer Giants are meatshields either way,

- Bombers will take it own in no time,

- Flying troops… self-explanatory,

- Battle Machine will wreck through,

- etc.


Attacking troops are AI-based after deployment, so the only benefit you can have from placing a Wall is to herd the enemy troops into traps/Crusher. Some soldiers will go around the Wall instead of hammering through. And Walls serve that purpose no matter the level they're at. If attacking troops are able to aggro onto one of the buildings behind the Wall, and there is a gap within a reasonable distance, they will instead go there than destroy the Wall.


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Upgrading Walls from level 2 to level 3 costs 100k gold each. Forty segments for 100k each make a total of 4 million gold. For comparison, you can upgrade your Builder's Hall from level 8 to level 9, which is way more useful.


That being said, the upgrade order should be like this:

1. Army Camps - nothing boosts your offensive power like troops numbers.

2. New Defenses - you get comparable firepower for a smaller price than upgrading existing defenses.

3. Mines & Collectors - these are your only source of income outside of loot, which makes them priceless.

4. Star Laboratory & upgrades - a secondary source of your troops' power. If possible, start your Lab upgrade with troops upgrade ongoing, as it will save you a couple of hours.

5. Defenses: Archer Tower -> Hidden Tesla -> Roaster -> Cannon/Firecracker -> Double Cannon -> Giant Cannon/Air Bombs/Mega Tesla/Multi Mortar -> Traps.

6. There is no reason not to upgrade Builder's Hall whenever possible, which is another difference between Home Village and Builder's Base.


Low priority:

- Clock Tower & Gem Mine - it takes almost 70 days for a new Clock Tower level to repay itself, with Gem Mine being a similar case. Most of the time, it's not worth it unless you don't have anything better to do.


Remember that it's better to leave your Gem Mine working instead of collecting the gems whenever it's possible. The Mine production rate is decimal, which means that it produces, e.g. 1.5 gems per day. But you are able to collect only full gems. It means that after 24 hours you'd lose 0.5 gem. Seems nothing right? But it's 15 gems lost in a month.


Also, don't start any defensive upgrades before going into battle as you will only lower your defensive potential.

Builder's Base troops

As mentioned before in Builder's Base, both training troops and their diversity are different than those of Home Village. First of all, instead of housing space, we have only Army Camps here, and your troops' strength depends on their level and number of Army Camps.


Raged Barbarian

clash of clans builder base raged barbarian


The basic unit in Builder's Base unlocked as soon as Builder Barracks are built. From level 2 onwards it has Rage ability, which works similarly to Rage spell from Home Village. They have no preferred target, so they will attack the closest one. It can be aggroed by Guard Post troops.


They are cheapest to upgrade so many people use them as their main attacking troop. Usually, they are deployed in swarms and quickly overwhelm defenses. They are often paired with Bombers to create a gap in Walls.


They suffer against Crusher and Mega Mine, so you want to abuse it defensively. 

Sneaky Archer

clash of clans builder base sneaky archer


Unlocked at Builder Barracks level 2. They are single target, ranged units with neutral attack type - they will shoot at the closest target unless aggroed by Guard Post troops. They have their ability unlocked at level 2, which gives them invisibility to defenses for a couple of seconds much like Archer Queen in Home Village.


Offensively they work best with Boxer Giants, as they cover each other's weaknesses. They will reveal the location of nearby Hidden Tesla even if it's invisible. Usually, it takes 3-4 Archers placed near relative level defense to take it out.

Defensively you may want to leave some mines outside the Walls in the most probable deploy location. Splash damage works perfectly against them. Also, you should place neutral buildings in front of defenses to work as a shield.


Boxer Giant

clash of clans builder base boxer giant


Unlocked at Barracks level 3. They prioritize defenses above all others and will ignore everything else if there is a defensive structure left standing. After all defenses are down, they will act like neutral troops. As they reach level 2, their ability becomes available - it gives them bonus damage on the first punch. They have high HP and most of the time serve the same purpose as their Home Village counterparts - tanking damage. Offensively if you manage to guide them into focusing air defenses, it can open up the way for air units.


Defensively you want to place your traps wisely, as Push Trap and Spring Trap can ruin the whole assault.


Beta Minion

clash of clans builder base beta minion


The very first flying unit unlocked at level 4 Barracks. A green cousin of Home Village Minion. Their targeting is neutral, but they will aggro Guard Post troops, once aware of them. Their ability allows them to fire first attacks from far away, usually outside of any defenses range. Offensively it is recommended to use them for picking up ground only defenses. Pairing them with Boxer Giants may be beneficial if you manage to take out Firecrackers and distract Archer Towers.


Defensively you want to set Archer Towers to fast attack mode and place some air mode mines in a potential deployment point of Beta Minions.


clash of clans builder base bomber


Unlike their Home Village counterparts, they don't die upon attacking the Wall. Instead, they are throwing the bombs onto structures dealing with slightly less damage. Becoming aware of Guard Post troops, they will aggro onto them. Their attacks aren't limited to Walls. Their ability gives them increased damage on the first bomb launched at enemy structures.


Offensively they are a good match for Raged Barbarians or Battle Machine, as they can crack the base open for offensive troops to wipe defenses out. Defensively you have to hope your enemy will misposition them, wasting their value. Also, a good practice is to place some mines just outside the Walls in the most probable deployment point of Bombers.

Baby Dragon

clash of clans builder base baby dragon


Unlocked in Barracks level 6. It is the second air unit with high HP and decent damage. Its targeting priority is neutral. Similarly to its Home Village counterpart, its damage is increased when separated from other flying units. Offensively you want to avoid or destroy Air Bombs, as they deal the most damage. Same case for Firecrackers. Baby Dragons make fine tanks for Beta Minions, although it lowers their damage output.


Defensively protecting Firecrackers and Air Bombs is the only way of stopping Baby Dragons. Keeping them behind neutral buildings can give your defense time needed to kill opponents.

Builder Base version of Baby Dragon is the only unit weaker than its Home Village counterpart.

Cannon Cart

clash of clans builder base cannon cart


Cannon on wheels. Requires level 7 Barracks to unlock. It's an ability the Last Stand allows them to stay on the battlefield for a brief moment when their original HP bar is depleted. It outranges Sneaky Archers and is often used to attack bases with two tile gapes between Walls and buildings, which Archers aren't able to shoot over. When attacking it is good to pair it with the tank-like Boxer Giants or Battle Machine. Defensively you don't want to leave your Crusher exposed. Spring Traps are working well against them, sending them away without triggering their ability. 


Night Witch

clash of clans builder base night witch


Similarly to her Home Village sister, she spawns creatures on the battlefield, but in Builder's Base, it's Bats. They are single target air units. Witch's ability unlocked on level 4 makes her turn into a flock of Bats upon dying. Offensively you want to pair her with a tank. Also deploying her in the map corner is a smart tactic, as it will allow her to stack Bats before reaching the potential target. Make sure to clear her path though as there might be traps hidden. A drawback of the Night Witches attack is that they tend to loop around the base instead of going for the core. It often results in high-percentage one-star attacks.


Defensively you have to rely on your multi-target air defenses. A good trick is to place some mines just outside the Walls, as sooner or later Witches will approach them. Also, ground targeting defenses like Cannon or Double Cannon put close to Walls can wreak havoc among the Night Witches troops.


Drop Ship

clash of clans builder base drop ship


It is a combination of Home Village Balloon and Witch, as it spawns Skeletons on target. Its ability deals damage upon unit destruction. Offensively you want to provide a distraction, so it doesn't get focused by Firecrackers. Avoid Crusher - it cannot destroy the Ship, but it will keep it occupied wasting the value. Pairing Drop Ships with Night Witches is an excellent strategy.


Defensively it is Roaster that you want to rely on, as it can splash damage both air and ground units.

Super P.E.K.K.A.

clash of clans builder base super pekka


Tanky, powerful unit exploding upon death. Great for tanking services, as it's nearly as hard to take down as Battle Machine. Great to fish for Spring Traps, because it's too heavy to be affected by them. Defensively you need to rely on single target defenses and distraction from Guard Post.


Hog Glider


clash of clans hog glider


Airborne defenses-focused unit diving in and stunning targeted defenses with their ability unlocked at level 2. Once grounded, they are able to hop over Walls. They're best used tactically to silence defenses long enough for other troops to overrun the base. Defensively you aim to destroy the glider - Hog Gliders do not have their ability available in such cases.


Battle Machine

clash of clans battle machine

The only Hero unit in Builder's Base. Extremely tanky, melee attacking powerhouse. It can be rebuilt at BH5 for 900k Elixir.


It has Electric Hammer ability resembling of Marvel's Thor. It provides the best tanking services in this mode along with decent damage. Strong vs high hit points buildings, weak against Crusher.


Builder's Base versus battle


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How to win attack in Builders Base

Just like in multiplayer battles you can get up to three stars for each attack, one for 50% overall damage, one for destroying Builder's Hall and one for 100% damage. 


Stars are more critical than the damage percentage, so it's better to score 10% 1-star than 50% no-star. It is why taking down the Builder's Hall is so crucial here. There is no win-win situation here, where you get loot and defenders receives successful defense award. There can be only one winner.


Or draw.


Players came up with a couple of decent offensive strategies, which we will break down below.


Raged Barbarians


Simple as that.

Barbarians are first unlocked troop, the cheapest, and the easiest to use. Kind of a lazy choice for people who want to go into the game, quickly score a triple win and get out. Players are using this strategy until really high Builder Hall levels. 

Often underestimated and more subtle than many think. If you can call Barbarians subtle at all.


The premise is to use their Rage ability to storm the base and quickly take it down. Usually, thanks to their ability, they can manage to score a decent percentage. However, proper leading them into the core may be tricky.


The problem with Barbarians is that they are prone to run around the Wall and sometimes you can make a mistake, which will lead them all onto the Crusher. That's why you should pair them with Bombers to open up the base. You may also want to take one troop of Archers or Cannon Carts if you see a Crusher exposed.


The strat is to deploy Barbs to distract the defenses. Then you go with Bombers; make sure they stay alive (Skeletons? Alive? Hmm…) until Walls are breached. Then deploy the rest of Barbarians and enjoy a victory.


If the base is not closed, there is no need to use Bombers, though, as these serve mostly the purpose of making a gap for Barbs. Holes in the Walls are not left out there for no reason. You can 100% expect traps there. Also, be aware of the Crusher placement. Sometimes it's good to add in the Cannon Cart or Archer troop to take down the Crusher for free.


Night Witches

Make sure you don't go for this strategy before Night Witches are at least level 10, because the number of Bats may be insufficient. The goal is to deploy them far away from the base so that they spawn as many Bats as possible on the way. Before they approach the Base, deploy Battle Machine for tanking services. It is advised to deploy them in intervals so that potential Mega Mine doesn't wipe out your whole army. Multi Mortar needs to be destroyed before the Battle Machine goes down. 


Prevent Roaster from targeting Night Witches. Try to predict the location of traps and" defuse" them with Battle Machine. Also, use Battle Machine in a way that it goes straight for the Roaster while tanking the Multi Mortar shots. Remember to deploy Battle Machine on the opposite side of Night Witches. If Witches approach the base before the Battle Machine breaks into, they will get hit by the Multi Mortar shots.


Drop Ships & Minions

Baby Dragon gets replaced in air tank role by Drops Ships because:

- A higher amount of hit points,

- Don't need to be separate to use its ability,

- Spawning ground units, which provide an additional distraction.


The idea behind it is simple - put your Drop Ships in front to get focused by defenses, then deploy Minions behind them. Follow it with Battle Machine later on. You want to avoid Air Bombs with this tactic. You should also drop Minions one by one to maximize the potential of their ability.


Usually, this should guarantee 50 - 60 % 2-star at BH7 and possibly higher.


Best defenses for Builder's Base

There is not much for you to do while defending other than watching your buildings getting smashed by enemies, and your enemies getting crushed by your buildings. Players role in the defense department ends right in the moment of placing the last structure in the Village Edit mode and tapping "Save".


However, the defense is as important (if not more critical) than offense, since it's the same part of a Versus Battle. More than enough times you will win not by 70% 2-star attack, but by making your opponent score stunning 24% no-star.

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Remember, the percentage doesn't matter if your enemy has more stars. Denying him a 2-star attack is almost a win. And you can deny stars only by placing your buildings correctly. The organized layout is always better than a random setup.


You don't have farming, trophy or war layouts here, since the only purpose of attacking is a pure win, and denying your opponent as much as possible.


Builder Base final tips


  • Prioritize one type of troops, that suits you the most. Troops levels make a real difference in Builder Base, as opposed to regular Clash of Clans village. At the beginning you will not be able to upgrade everything, so you need to decide which troop you are going for,

  • You don't have to upgrade your Builder Hall after you upgrade everything else. In Builder Base, the amount of defenses is much more impactful, than in Home Village. No loot penalties, Clan Wars discrepancy, etc. Every time your BH gets updated you will notice significant power spike,

  • With upgrades always prioritize resources buildings, as opposed to Clash of Clans Home Village. Subsequent upgrades will require more and more resources, so you don't want to be held back by Storages capacity. 

  • Many players tend to go high levels with Builder Barracks or Battle Machine early on, neglecting Army Camps (as it costs 2,500,000 Elixir). It is a huge mistake, as there is a significant difference between having an additional 15 Raged Barbarians, or not. We've faced instances where we had two army camps advantage over the opponent!

  • It's good to go for level 5 on Battle Machine and stop there. It unlocks its potent ability, but upgrading further locks down your Master Builder and burns a lot of Elixir, which you could use for upgrading Gold Mine, storages, or troops,

  • Every troop has its weak spot. Depending on the troop that you have maxed out, you want to look for an approach to base, which favors it. 

  • Don't leave "bait buildings" on the corners or far away from the base. It serves no purpose, grants your enemy some free percentages. It can also stall Witches long enough for them to spawn more Bats.

  • Just like in Home Village, when attacking, look for the base flaws. Recognizing and abusing them most of the time means the difference between a victory or a 5-minute downtime until the next attack. For example, if you can snipe a Crusher and wipe the base with Barbs, go for it. If defenses are lopsided, come from the favoring side. If the enemy leaves an open drop spot within his core, use it (but check for traps first),

  • Don't start any defenses upgrade when attacking. Defenses that are being upgraded are disabled. It will automatically put you at a disadvantage. Also, look for such upgrades in the enemy base,

  • Don't waste your money on removing obstacles, unless they are really in the way of something. As the game goes on, you will need more and more space, but removing all of the obstacles is an enormous cost of gold, which you could spend on defenses or resources. 



There is no reason not to play Clash of Clans Builder's Base. Maybe stupid, AI-driven Barbarians will drive you crazy, prioritizing their suicide charge on the Crusher, instead of that juicy Builder's Hall, which is closer? Maybe Night Witches will get wiped on the Mega Mine because Battle Machine went left instead of right? Maybe your well-calculated 84% one-star attack will not be enough for enemies 51% two-star? Maybe.


But if not for rewards (1000 gems, hmm?), if not for Home Village upgrades, and additional builders, we all should do it for fun. Because that's what the purpose of Builder Base is for Clash of Clans players.


Make sure you stay with us for more content. We provide news, guides, and offers from all over the gaming world. You can contribute by helping us keep our content updated. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section, or on our Facebook and Twitter.



What is the Builder Base in Clash of Clans?

It is a secondary village a lot more relaxing than the main one. It's unlocked at Town Hall level 4 and has some major differences, like no loot stealing, no troops cost and only one Master Builder.


Can you get more Builders in Builder Base?

Yes, after reaching Builder's Hall level 9.


What troops are in Builder Base?

Mostly they are similar to those of Home Village, with abilities added to them. They cost you nothing and take no housing space. 


What is Versus Battle?

It's a head to head fight between players, where they attack each other's bases. Whoever gets more stars, wins. When they have an equal amount of stars, overall damage counts.


What is the upgrade order in Builder Base?

You want to prioritize resource buildings, Builder's Hall and Army Camps. Then new defenses, then existing defenses. Clock Tower and Gem Mine come after them. Traps and Walls go last.


What are the benefits of Builder Base?

Passive gem income, experience, event rewards, gearing up Home Village defenses and a lot of fun.

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