Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 guide - burn'em all!

Clash of clans town hall 10 guide
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Clash of Clans TH10 Guide

Have you ever found yourself near the volcano eruption? Or maybe you did watch "Dante's Peak"? How about the infamous lightsaber fight scene between Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi? Lava everywhere, you can feel the heat, emotions, thrill. It’s precisely the case for the Clash of Clans Town Hall 10. 

The main theme is lava. New Walls level looks like made of molten rock, and the signature defense - Inferno Tower - shoots beams of pure fire, incinerating the enemies, roasting them to death. Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 looks like a mixture of Inferno castle from Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and World of Warcraft Molten Core instance. Be invited to our guide through the igneous Clash of Clans Town Hall.

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Table of contents:

What's new at TH10? - buildings and troops overview

Town Hall 10 max levels

Maximum research levels for Town Hall 10

Town Hall 10 biggest changes

Siege Machine

Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory

Army Camps

Miners and Bowlers

The Bat Spell

TH10 upgrade guide

Town Hall 10 layouts

TH10 farming layout

TH10 trophy layout

TH10 war base

The most effective TH10 attacks

Transition to Town Hall 11



What's new at TH10? - buildings and troops overview

New buildings:

- +2 Inferno Tower

- +1 Cannon

- +1 Archer Tower

- +1 X-Bow

- +1 Dark Elixir Drill

- +1 Bomb Tower

- +1 Giant Bomb

- +1 Air Bomb 

- +1 Seeking Air Mine

- +1 Skeleton Trap

- +25 Wall pieces.

Town Hall 10 max levels

coc th10 buildings

Maximum research levels for Town Hall 10

coc th10 research levels

Town Hall 10 biggest changes

Each Town Hall level is adding something fresh to the play, whether it’s an additional upgrade level, new buildings, troops, heroes, tactics. Each time you press the “Upgrade” button on your Town Hall, you will receive a way to increase your power on the way to the top spot. Some changes are extraordinarily impactful. Some are not. We list the essential changes that will break the game for you at TH10.

Siege Machine

Once you upgrade your Clan Castle to level 6, you will be eligible to ask your clan members for a Siege Machine. As we described it in our CoC Troops guide, Siege Machine serves the purpose of delivering your troops onto the battlefield. As you click on it, it will collapse and release your CC troops, much like a Trojan horse. It can be empty and still bring in some value, sure, but it would be a waste of resources. 

There are four of them:

- Wall Wrecker - just like a medieval ram it will tear through the Walls on its way to the Town Hall,

- Battle Blimp - it’s more like a zeppelin, heading towards the Town Hall while dropping bombs on the base,

- Stone Slammer - unlike its machine friends, it does not focus on the Town Hall. It concentrates its fire on the defenses, slamming them with enormous stones,

- Siege Barracks - it's like a container with troops on board. Their capacity depends on the machine level.

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Each one of them is insanely tanky and helps greatly in bringing your troops deep into the base. There are not many things in Clash of Clans more satisfying than a legion of raged Bowlers or Valkyries emerging from the Siege Machine straight into the core. 

Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory

Town Hall level 10 is the moment where your spells capacity is maxed out. Once the upgrade of the factories is done, you will be able to take ten worth of housing space Spells onto the battlefield + 1 in CC.

In comparison to 8 + 1 capacity from TH9, it may not seem like much, but it’s not hard to say that you can have an additional Rage, for example. Or two Bat Spells.

Plus, this is the capacity you will be using up until TH12, with a minor change to CC spells later on. 

Army Camps

Finally, you are allowed to upgrade these structures. They will give you +5 housing space capacity each, which makes a total of additional 20 troops on the battlefield. If you add +5 troops from the level 6 Clan Castle, you can now send in a 245 worth of housing space troops to fight, instead of just 220. 25 more housing space may not seem like much in this already vast army, but it can be additional 5 Balloons, 5 Hog Riders, 3 Valkyries, 4 Bowlers, 2 Witches, or an Ice Golem + 2 Giants. Not much? We wouldn’t agree.

Miners and Bowlers

These are two new troops coming in at Town Hall level 10. Miners are awarded for upgrading the Barracks to level 10, and Bowlers come from Dark Barracks level 7. They are stapled TH10 troops. Having them at will, opens up a few interesting strategies, like BoWitch and Queen + Miners, which we’ll be talking about later. You may want to pay close attention, especially to Miners, as they are the ultimate counter to single-target Inferno, rising to popularity at TH10.

The Bat spell

Final addition coming from the Dark Spell factory. The Bat spell is extremely powerful for the same reason the Miners are popular - Infernos. Bats emerging from the spell are defenses focused, fast-moving units, capable of taking down defensive buildings in a blink of an eye. They don’t need Haste or Rage to be useful like Balloons. They are not stuck at the Walls like Giants, Ice Golems, or Golems. They actually have damage, which you can’t say about the Lava Hounds, and they ignore ground defenses and traps, unlike the Hog Riders. There are also some minor downsides, but we’ll talk about it in the strategies chapter. 

TH10 upgrade guide

Nothing changes much in this department. You still want to upgrade the Laboratory, and other army buildings first. No matter if you opt for engineering or not - you always want to start with them. They bring a little war weight, there is cost relatively low, and the potential they open is massive. Army Buildings, namely Laboratory, Army Camps, Barracks and Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, and Dark Spell Factory, as well as Clan Castle, are what determine your troops' raw power. 

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“To engineer or not to engineer?”

With recent changes to the war weight amount of the high-end defensive structures, it is not viable anymore to delay the Infernos and Xbows at this point in the game. Sure, the new and upgraded defenses will bring in a ton of war weight, but it will not be as impactful to force you not to drop them at all. Now you can, and you should place them and max them as soon as possible. The defensive potential that this addition gives you is far more worth it than the war weight loss you could have had. 

Engineering is not that important anymore. However, you still don’t want to rush upgrades randomly. You can have a slight advantage over your opponents with a correct upgrade order.

The first upgrades, which you should put under construction as soon as possible, are the Laboratory, the Clan Castle, and both Spell Factories. Elixir upgrades will contribute a lot to your overall offensive power while bringing in little to no war weight.

The Lab gives you access to new levels of your troops, thus increasing your offensive capabilities. Sure, it also increases war weight, but still, you need to have these done. 

Spell Factories upgrade to improve your total spell capacity on the offensive end. It may seem like not much, but it's the opposite. Imagine having one more Lightning when the target village is about to die, and you have nothing left to finish off the CC troops.

And finally, the Clan Castle. Of course, another level of CC means more housing space for the troops or more space in the Treasury, but the most impactful change is the addition of Siege Machine space. Now at TH10, you will be able to use the Wall Wrecker, Battle Blimp, Stone Slammer, and whatever comes out at Town Hall 13.


There is a massive difference between a level 30 and level 40 Archer Queen, both offensively and defensively. It is why whenever you have a free Builder and sufficient stock of the Dark Elixir, you should push your Heroes to upgrade.

Heroes cost you the most Dark Elixir in the game at this point. It’s not only that you want to have them at the highest level possible. It’s also the freedom to put the Dark Elixir stocks into something else, like Bowlers or Lava Hounds upgrades, which are no less important.

The Lab

We can’t stress enough how crucial this upgrade is. In every guide, in every high-level player opinion, the Lab is the main priority right after the Heroes. With another Laboratory level, you can push more upgrades and grow stronger without bothering your already busy enough Builders.

Until your Heroes are maxed, you can freely focus on Elixir upgrades. It should not collide, and level 8 Lab upgrade lasts at least a couple of days. In case you run out of the Elixir, you have more than enough time to farm it back up. 

Army Buildings

First of all - the Clan Castle. You want to begin TH10 upgrades with Elixir ones, but the difference between CC level 5 and level 6 is substantial. We mean the +5 to troops capacity along with the most impactful change, which +1 Siege Machine capacity. Don’t wait with it, no matter if you have TH12 in your clan or not. If you don’t, you can even start a new account and rush it to TH12 just for that purpose. If you are desperate enough, you could even dub up as a clan and buy a Clash of Clans account. You can find some reliable offers dirt cheap, and sharing the cost with other members should not be a painful investment.

Next, you want to give some love to your Army Camps. The reason you want to upgrade them before the Barracks is that upgrading an Army Camp does not slow you down. Moreover, once the upgrade is finished, each Army Camp will give you five troops capacity more. At Town Hall 10, new troops are not as game-changing as 20 more troops. 

Then, you want to focus on Barracks and Dark Barracks here. You don’t want to rush it by any means. The newly unlocked troops will bring a ton of offensive power to your line up, but you don’t need them right away. Both Miners and Bowlers are rather expensive and slow to train, used most in wars and trophy pushing. We’ve seen some farming strategies revolving around Miners, but not having Miners doesn’t mean that you’re not able to farm at all. Moreover, the initial levels of both Bowlers and Miners are somewhat underwhelming, and you need to give them some research love before they make a difference on the battlefield. While Miners should not make much trouble with upgrading, Bowlers will cost you some Dark Elixir, and during your heroes grind, you may be a little deficient in this one.

Be aware of not pushing all the Barracks and Dark Barracks to an upgrade at the same time. It will slow your training time by a considerable margin, thus lowering a potential income from farming. Upgrade only one at the time, focusing elsewhere.

Collectors and Storages

These should always come after the essential upgrades but before defenses. Collectors, Mines, and Drills are a cheap source of resources, stacking over time. You will not see much profit right away, plus, they are disabled during the upgrade. However, usually, it’s not worth to wait with those. The sooner you up them, the sooner they will start to bring in more kinds of stuff.

Storages are not a part of your upgrading order on this level. You will be able to upgrade them once you reach Town Hall level 11. At TH10, the number and the levels of Storages remain the same. Only the capacity provided by the Town Hall itself changes a little bit. 

New Defenses

Since engineering serves no particular purpose anymore, you don’t have to worry about increasing your war weight by placing the new defensive structures. Sheer having them is one thing, but having them maxed is a different animal. You should pay close attention to it. Initially, you may want them leveled up to a TH9 equivalent. It will have a slight meaning for your war weight.

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Existing defenses

Once Infernos, X-Bows, and Wizard Towers are placed and maxed out, go on to upgrade the Air Sweepers. The value they bring is so much more than their war weight. Plus, multi-target Inferno, combined with the pushing power of the Air Sweeper, can obliterate any LavaLoon. Then you should focus on defenses able to hit both - air and ground - being Archer Towers and Hidden Teslas. They contribute less war weight than the remaining structures, but they offer more value. Giving them some love will make you have a pretty, all-rounded base capable of holding its own against both ground and airstrikes.


Many people state that there is no point in maxing the Walls since it’s ridiculously expensive at almost every Town Hall level, but it’s not that hard to do once you’ve passed the TH9 mark. From then onwards, you can stream both Gold and Elixir into the Walls, diversifying your resources.

Your best bet, while upgrading the TH10 base, is to juggle the Gold and Elixir. At first, you will be prioritizing the Elixir upgrades, which is quite normal. It gives you the most offensive power, and you want to be a strong, reliable attacker. 

It is a common practice, to advise other players to mix the upgrades - 2 Builders are busy with Heroes, 2 with Elixir upgrades, one with Gold. This way, you keep your Gold and Elixir stocks low enough for the enemy farmer to “NEXT” you. It is good, but not entirely efficient. After reaching TH9, when you were given the possibility to upgrade Walls with Elixir, you no longer have to worry about Gold overflow. The excessive Gold amounts can be dumped into Walls at any given moment.

Then, once most of your Elixir upgrades are done, the situation turns upside down. You have tons of Elixir and an insatiable appetite for Gold. What will you do with the Elixir surplus? Dump it into the Walls.

Town Hall 10 layouts

With two new defenses, a couple of additional traps, and different farming attacks, you may want to add some order to your layouts. Whether your upgrade priorities focus on war weight, and you don’t want to end up adding too much, or not, some layouts may prove themself to be well-designed.

First and foremost, you have to ask yourself: “Do I go for resources or trophies?” If your answer is resources, you don’t want to use your Storages as a meat shield. If you answered “trophies,” on the other hand, you want to protect your Town Hall and maximize the potential of Clan Castle.

War bases are kept elsewhere, 

TH10 farming layout

coc th10 farming base download

CoC TH10 farming layout download >>>

TH10 trophy layout

coc th10 trophy base download

coc th10 trophy layout download >>>

TH10 war base

coc th10 war base download

coc th10 war base download >>>

The most effective TH10 attacks

We have already covered the TH9 specific strategies in our Town Hall 9 guide. Make sure you check it out. LavaLoon, Witch Slap, and GoHoBo are still viable at TH10, although the execution may differ a little bit.

We also assume, that going into the Town Hall 10, you are familiar with the Queen Walk, Queen Charge, and Sui Heroes. If not, please go ahead and read our CoC Heroes guide

Now let’s get to the point.

At this stage of the game, you need to be mindful of resources usage, if you want to farm effectively. Sure, each army setup that can provide you with a 3-star can also provide you with loot. If the village has 700k Elixir, 800k Gold, and 5k Dark Elixir, and you wipe it, scoring 100% destruction - you take it all.

But just as we talked in the TH9 guide, the subtle difference is in resources expended to grab the loot. There are two things you have to keep in mind during farming - time and net profit. You don’t need a massive math prowess to calculate simple things. An army that costs 100k Elixir and cooks 30 minutes will bring you more net profit per hour, than an army that costs 350k Elixir and cooks for an entire hour.

That’s just one side of the medal. What happens if your 350k army gets wiped by an unsuspected Electro Dragon in the CC? With a cheap and fast to train the army, the income is more satisfying, and the potential loss is less painful. 

Farming at TH10

With that being said, the legendary GiBArch is still a viable farming option at TH10. As the premise of this strategy is to find a dead base with outside Collectors and Mines full of resources, it should not be a problem to reach high loot values with minimum costs. If you don’t feel like the GiBArch is working for you, you may go with GiWiz as well. The concept is the same, but Wizard has more DPS and more HP than Archers. Also, it is easier to dodge Mortars with a strong single unit than with a bunch of weak ones.

Once you have your heroes upgrades completed, you can use some DE-reliant armies, like LavaLoonion. It works wonders in terms of Gold and pink Elixir farming. However, make sure that you are not in the great need for the Dark Elixir because you will not make a considerable profit using this. Sure, you will snag some Dark Elixir as you go, but it will not be enough to call if efficient.

If you are good with funneling, and you have some practice, you can still go with a Goblin Knife. Taking Goblins’ target preference into account, it makes the strategy perfect for hoarding any kind of resources. However, the catch is that it is hard to pull off (Goblins tend to fall pretty quickly), and you will not grab many trophies. 

Although, if the highest possible net profit is none of your concern, and you want to maintain your trophy count, you may opt for something like 4-quake GoWiPe. It is one of the most reliable attacks. The beauty of this attack is that you can take on both active and dead bases without aid from CC or heroes. The premise is to open up the straight path for the Town Hall and key storages. Taking down the enemy Town Hall will secure the 1-star victory, with storages on the Wizards and P.E.K.K.A.s way. It goes like this:

- open the base with quad-quake and deploy Golems (if you want more flexibility, you can add one Jump spell),

- once they take aggro, deploy 2-3 Wizards to the sides of Golems to make a funnel. Otherwise, P.E.K.K.A.s will walk around the base instead of going in,

- deploy P.E.K.K.A.s with Wizards behind them,

- drop down the Rage,

- watch enemy base going down.

The critical aspect of this farming strat is the approach. You want to avoid bases with single-target Infernos, and if you're going to challenge these, go in from the opposite side. You want to head for the Town Hall with resources on the way. You can replace Wizards with Valkyries if you don’t need Dark Elixir, and if you do, swap Golems for Giants. 

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It is a Witch Slap evolved. It is a common requirement for a viable trophy pushing strategy to be all-rounded, able to demolish pretty much any base, with very few exceptions. From Town Hall 10 onwards, it will not be like at TH9, that clicking "NEXT" will guarantee a suitable enemy for a whopping in just a few finger slaps. Sometimes you will have to wait long enough to get impatient. The beauty of the BoWitch is its universality. You can approach any TH10 base and at least 2-star it effortlessly. 

The setup should look more or less like this:

.coc th10 bowitch

It used to be done with Wall Breakers and Jump spells only before the addition of Siege Machines. After the Town Hall 12 went live with Siege Machines, and TH10s were able to have one in CC, the strategy dropped Wall Breakers. Still, these little skellie-suicide bombers are less reliant than an old-fashioned, medieval ram. 

Having one Jump, though, is not a mistake, because if anything goes wrong, you can pour you Witch-spawn Skeletons into the base with it.

There is an option for you to switch between the numbers of Bowlers and Witches in the setup without much pain because 1 Witch housing space equals 2 Bowlers housing space. If there is a lot of trash buildings on the outside and the base is generally spread out, add in more Witches. If the buildings are clumped together, you can put in some more Bowlers.

This setup will not work if there are Air Defenses close to the edge of the base. They will crush your Healers, and there is nothing left to tank for them since the whole raid is ground. In such a case, you may want to swap your Healers for Golems. 5 Healers' housing space equals 2 Golems. It is also the reason why you go with a Wall Wrecker instead of Battle Blimp or Stone Slammer. Wall Wrecker is a ground troop. Thus it is tanked by Golems (we don’t want it to crash prematurely), and it can further tank for the other forces. If it were a flying unit, it would be exposed to Air Defenses, which would be entirely ignored in ground-only variation.

As for the execution - you need to choose the drop spot for the Wall Wrecker. As we said, it has to open up the way for both Inferno Towers. Then, you start with Golems to collect the aggro. After Golems, you send the Witches and the Bowlers right behind the Golems. After you clear initial trash, go in with the Wall Wrecker and heroes. Drop Rage onto them and Poison, if you pulled the CC troops. Once Infernos are down, you move on to splash damage defenses, which are going to wipe out your Skeletons in no time, namely Wizard Towers and the Bomb Towers. As you take them down, there should be not much left to stop you. You can drop the cleanup crew, e. g. Wizards, Archers, or Minions, with the latter being the best at it since they ignore the Walls.

P.E.K.K.A. BoBat

coc th10 pekka bobat

Since you have Bowlers and Bat Spell unlocked, you can try the famous P.E.K.K.A. BoBat strategy.

Caution! Don’t do it, if you don’t have the Bat Spell and the Bowlers maxed yet. It may work, but it also may fail miserably.

When do you want to go with P.E.K.K.A. BoBat? The first sign should be the outside Town Hall. It creates an excellent path for the Wall Wrecker. The second sign is single-target Infernos. Bats can deal with them pretty well. The third sign is the Air Defenses far from the edge of the base. It will take your Healers a lot of time to heal the P.E.K.K.A.s and get the most value from it.

The first thing that may come to your mind is: "Why would you want to have 1 Giant or 1 Balloon?" There is more reason behind it, and it's clear that you are new to TH10. The purpose of Giant is to clear ground traps before P.E.K.K.A.s go in. The same goes for the Balloons, who's got to fish for the Black Mines before the Healers come in.

You begin your assault by deploying the P.E.K.K.A.s. After clearing the initial trash, they will split - some of them will go right, others will go left. In general, you want to send them into the base through the breach that you will create with the Wall Wrecker.

As we mentioned in our earlier guides, P.E.K.K.A.s generally like to walk around the base if you neglect the trash clearing. To prevent it, deploy the Barbarian King on one side of the funnel to clear the trash so that the P.E.K.K.A.s stay in the base. You can do it with the P.E.K.K.A. herself if you prefer to send the King into the base. It is not that optimal, though, because since you are using Healers here, the King will receive only 50% of the healing. You can add a Wizard or two to the wanderer for faster clearing and maybe sniping some buildings over the Wall.

Just as you breach into the base, deploy the rest of your troops, with Healers being at the very end. You need to send in that CoCo Loon first to fish for the air traps. When planning the approach, try to avoid Air Defenses. Like in the BoWitch, you are all ground here except for the Healers, and they will drop quickly once focused by ADs. If you manage to send in the Wall Wrecker in the correct way and keep your Healers alive during the attack, there should be no force to stop you from three-starring the village.

If you manage to eliminate most of the air-targeting defenses, especially Wizard Towers and Infernos, you go in with the Bats. From now on, your only job is to protect the little flying monsters from remaining splash defenses, if there are any. It’s good to have some Freeze spells here, should something go wrong. 

Make sure to take down Infernos, before P.E.K.K.A.s approach it. Single-target Inferno, with its stacking damage, will take down everything, and even Healers won’t help.


coc th10 dragbat

There have been an update, which gave Dragons more HP, and reduced single-target Inferno Towers damage. What does it mean? It’s pretty simple. Single-target Infernos are melting high HP units like a flame thrower fired at the ice cream. With this update, it will take them a little longer to dwindle your Dragons HP bars.

Remember, at TH10 you can also have a Siege Machine. All four of them are high HP single units, which will go down quickly if focused by a single-target Inferno. 

The premise of this attack is to destroy or distract the most dangerous splash defenses, to finish the base with the Bats swarm later on. The most suitable targets for this type of attack are the ones that have multiple splash defenses close together, namely Wizard Towers and multi-Infernos. 

The first thing you need to do is send in your Heroes to create the funnel. Use the King and a couple of Wizards on one side, and the Queen on the other side. If you manage to snipe the Wizard Tower or Air Defense with a sui Queen - it’s the dream. If not, it’s still ok. The key is the funnel. Your Dragons are an air type of P.E.K.K.A.s - if not funneled properly, they will go everywhere, but where you actually need them. The premise is to punch into the base with them, take out the splash defenses, and do the cleanup with Bats.

You should have a handful of Rage spells with you. These will be useful to help your Dragons destroy the base, overcome the Air Sweepers, kill the CC, and hopefully the Queen. If you bump into the base with Archer Queen, Clan Castle, and splash defenses clumped up - perfect. Place the Rage in a way so that you get the most value out of it. 

Alongside Rage spells, another key ones are Freeze spells. These will come up handy once Bats approach remaining Wizard Towers. Most of the time you will not be able to take them all out with Dragons alone, so better safe than sorry.

Lastly, drop the Bats, protect them with Freezes, and watch the enemy base crumble. If you’re lucky, the Dragons will still be there to do some tanking for the Bats. The strategy is outstanding if executed correctly.

Frozen Dragon

By many considered a troll strategy, but it’s not as dumb as it seems. The premise of this strategy is straightforward:

coc th10 frozen dragon

If you please, you can add more Balloons for the more surgical, defense-oriented attack. However, even without it, the strategy can sometimes overshadow other attacks. Your goal is to create a little funnel using preferably just one Dragon each side of the base, away from air-targeting defenses. Then, go all-in with Dragons, sending Balloons right after them. As they go, keep freezing Air Defenses, Infernos, and whatever focuses Dragons heavily. If executed correctly, you should run over almost every base.

Transition to Town Hall 11

Just a few tips for a TH10 clasher before going higher.

First, pay close attention to upgrades. Keep in mind, that the sheer Town Hall upgrades to level 11 lasts ten days without any enhancements. It’s a lot of time and close to the longest-lasting upgrades and researches in the game. You don’t want to waste so much time. To be fair, you don’t want to waste time at all. The whole “upgrade order guide” thing is for you to maximize your use of the resources, with time being the most important one. Don’t wait for all your upgrades finished before moving onto the Town Hall. You have five Builders in Clash of Clans, and taking Town Hall to level 11 occupies only one of them. During those ten days,

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As a solid TH10 player, you have probably already met one or two TH11s on your way. You should be able not only to tell the difference between TH10 and TH11 but also to feel the discrepancy between the two of them. TH11, even dead, is still strong and takes quite a bit of resource to take down, especially when the Eagle Artillery and Inferno Towers are alive. For casual farming, you may try and find a base with Eagle, Infernos, and X-Bows inactive to grab some easy loot. But for more ambitious trophy pushing or wars, you’ll need to make an effort to do fine. 

You want to have you Warden as soon as possible, which is why you should prepare a handful of Elixir before going up with the Town Hall level. Again, another Town Hall level means more levels for other heroes, which results in another grind. At this point in the game, the resources become more and more difficult to farm. Bases are much stronger, and there are fewer active players. Make sure that you left nothing for later, cause you may have no time to catch up with it. 


There you go. The hottest Town Hall level in Clash of Clans no longer keeps its secrets from you. You can now effectively push to the Town Hall 11, being prepared for everything. If you ever need a Clash of Clans guide, we are happy to oblige.

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Look around. We believe that you will find something for yourself.


What are the biggest changes going to Town Hall 10?

After you upgrade your Town Hall to level 10, you have access to 2 more housing space for spells, Siege Machine in CC, +20 housing space for troops, as well as new troops - Bowlers and Miners. You can also unlock the Bat spell in Dark Spells Factory.

What are the best strategies for Town Hall 10?

For pure farming, you can go with mass Miners or simple GiBArch. For trophies, we’d recommend BoWitch. For war, you need to adjust, but P.E.K.K.A. BoBat, DragBat, Frozen Dragon, or BoWitch should do.

How long does it take to max TH10?

It takes 968 builder days to finish the Town Hall 10. Divide it by the number of Builders you have. If you've read our guides we previously posted, you should easily have five of them right now. This way, it will take you 194 days to max the TH10 structures. 

What is the icon of Clash of Clans TH10?

Probably, it’s the Inferno Tower.

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