Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 guide - step into the Legend League!

Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 guide
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Clash of Clans TH12 Guide

There you are. A final step before the Clash of Clans endgame. The electro-themed Town Hall is now yours, and there is only one level to go. For a long time, TH12 was the maximum level of the primary Clash of Clans building, and there were many strategies revolving around it. We will talk about it today for you to have a general knowledge of it. 

Before the implementation of TH13, it was Town Hall level 12 that provided you with the best chance to hit the top ranks in CoC rankings. Making it to the highest league is not a problem, but staying there while climbing consistently is a different animal. We’ll make an attempt to shed some light onto it today so that you’d thrive among the best of the best CoC players.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 guide will be coming soon. It’s too soon to assume anything for sure, so we decided to keep waiting for more accurate and reliable data. 

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Table of contents:

What’s new at Town Hall 12? - buildings and troops overview

Town Hall 12 biggest changes


Giga Tesla

TH12 Upgrade order

Town Hall 12 layouts

TH12 base building guide

TH12 Farming layout

TH12 Trophy layout

TH12 War layout

Best Town Hall 12 attack strategies

TH12 Farming strategy

TH12 Trophy Pushing Strategy

TH12 War Strategy



What’s new at Town Hall 12? - buildings and troops overview

Town Hall 12 max levels

coc th12 buildings

Max research levels for Town Hall 12

coc th12 research

Town Hall 12 biggest changes


It is the Town Hall level, where you don't have to ask your clan for the Siege Machine anymore. Now you can build them on your own. Their cost is relatively low, while they bring a lot of value into the raid. It doesn't matter if it's just casual farming or trophy pushing. Not taking the Siege Machine to the battle is like chopping your leg to play soccer.

Also, Wall Wrecker is perfect for many ground attacks, since you don't need Wall Breakers or Quad-quake, and you can take fewer Jump spells with you.

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Giga Tesla

With Town Hall 12 update, SuperCell added a built-in defense to the Town Hall. As you upgrade it to level 12, the Giga Tesla is already there waiting for the enemies to zap them down. Once you take it all the way up to level 5, it leaves a giant bomb behind. The bomb is so powerful that at the highest level of play, it is often the place where you want to use your Grand Warden ability instead of the Eagle Artillery. 

Adding a defense into the Town Hall shifted the meta. As the building takes damage, it becomes a defensive building, instead of a resource building. It means that it can be targeted by Hogs, Balloons, and so on. Some players tend to take at least one Earthquake spell to activate it, so that the troops are navigated onto the Town Hall, with the Grand Warden right behind them.

TH12 Upgrade order

1. Laboratory - probably the most impactful building at this point. Upgrading it is necessary to proceed with improving your troops' levels.  Levels make a massive difference and give a colossal power spike. Also, if you don't have your units maxed, using a potion will get them to the higher level, as it is based on the Laboratory level. Keep in mind that the researches keep going once you set the building for an upgrade. Thus, your best bet will be to set the research before you upgrade the Laboratory. The research will be finished once the Lab is fully upgraded.

2. Storages - once you take your Lab to another level, most of the researches requirements will exceed your total storage capacity. It is why it's crucial to level them up quickly. The same goes for the Dark Elixir Storage, as all of the Heroes upgrades will cost you more than 200k DE, and it will be over your DE Storage capacity.

3. Heroes - pretty much self-explanatory in our every guide from TH7. First, you want your Heroes to have the most power available. Second, you want to get over the Dark Elixir farming to upgrade them. Fully upgrading Heroes costs more Dark Elixir than everything else. It lasts long and forces you to grind your heart out. What's more, Heroes during upgrades cannot be used in Clan Wars. They will defend, but you can't attack with them. Keep it all in mind.

4. Clan Castle - it gives you a higher defensive and offensive troops capacity, so there is no reason not to upgrade it. It will be your first Gold upgrade at TH12 for a bit of time, as other high priority upgrades are Elixir-heavy. Also, 40 capacity allows you to have two Dragons or five Valkyries inside of it, which is huge. The building itself gives you little to no war weight but adds more offensive strength.

5. Workshop - you want those Siege Machines available soon. Push it straight to the max level to unlock the maximum siege machines' storage capacity, and the possibility to donate the siege machines to your clanmates. Giving troops is never necessary, but it is always welcome.

6. Army Camps - more troops, more power - as simple as that. Upgrading Army Camps only costs you Elixir and your Builder's time. It brings little war weight and does not slow your training down.

7. New defenses - put the additional Tesla and Inferno Tower into the building queue, with other new defenses coming up next. Push them to the Town Hall 11 equivalent, and then skip onto the bigger ones. Most importantly, we're thinking about Giga Tesla here. Maxing it out will force your enemies to change their approach entirely. Now they will have to keep the Giga Bomb in mind. It's vital in the highest level of Clan Wars. Next, you go on to the Eagle Artillery. Once you have the Giga Tesla maxed, which is now the greatest concern for the enemies, it relieves a lot of pressure from the Eagle Artillery. It can't be the priority now. You can't go wrong with giving it more power. Lastly, there are Inferno Towers that are simply stronger and more impactful than the remaining ones. 

As soon as you max them, you can follow with:

- Wizard Towers,

- X-Bows,

- Air Defenses,

- Archer Towers/Hidden Teslas,

- Air Sweepers/Cannons/Bomb Towers,

- Mortars.

In this exact order.

8. Walls and Traps - during the Elixir upgrade stage, you will have a lot of Gold to spare. Feel free to put it all into the Walls. You should use Traps' upgrades as the tool to keep your Builders busy at all times. At TH12, the upgrades timers and costs are so high that it will be tough for you to space out your upgrades properly. It is the time, where you can use Traps as fillers, and level them up in between other significant upgrades.

If you have your Town Hall 12 rushed, and you didn't know it's wrong, or you've decided to buy a Clash of Clans account, focus on bringing all your defenses and researches to the TH11 max levels before going for TH12 upgrades.

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Town Hall 12 layouts

We are going to be totally honest here - this paragraph is for lazy people or those who are short on time. From Town Hall 12 onwards, you should be building your bases by yourself. We know, it's tedious and time-consuming, but it is the only way that guarantees the surprise factor. In theory, every player can look for any downloaded base on the Internet, and adapt to attacking it. 

TH12 base building guide

There are two things to think about when designing the TH12 war base. The first one is the TH10-ish scout, which is supposed to snipe the traps, lure CC troops, and provide as much information about the base defenses as possible. At the highest level of play, there is no such thing as "put E-Drag into every war base, and hope for the best." The element of surprise is oftentimes the factor that wins the defense. If you can deny the vital information, you're improving your chances of denying the stars as well. Also, a TH10 can try to two-star your base. Protecting the Town Hall and denying the easy two-star forces the enemy clan to expend more resources, whereas they could have used them elsewhere. 

It becomes more critical in Clan Wars League, where each player has only one attack, and the choice of potential targets is limited. If the TH10 screws its attempt on a TH12, and scores merely one-star (or even none), having to waste another attack can be painful.

The second aspect is obviously defending. Denying the three-star to your enemies can prove to be a deciding factor in every Clan War and CWL. It applies to a casual trophy pushing as well. Giving fewer stars makes you lose fewer cups, and at the highest level of play, the difference between -6 trophies and -36 is game-changing.

The three essential things on defense at Town Hall 12 are the Archer Queen, the Eagle Artillery, and the Town Hall itself with its Giga Tesla. If you don't have it maxed yet, don't make it into this equation (but you should max it ASAP). You should pay close attention to these three, and avoid putting them close together to enable the enemy to strike two birds with one stone. 

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Usually, you want the CC in the center, unlurable. You can make it lurable, and this way, your enemy may get baited. Every time you expose one of the three vital defensive structures, it has to be at some cost for the enemy. You have to force him to go into unwanted strategy and come up with a multi-layered attack that takes everything under advisement. 

At TH12, you want to prevent spam attacks. Let's face it - people are lazy. If they can drop 6-7 Electro Dragons with a couple of Rages and Freeze spells, and three-star a base, they call it a success. It worked once, twice, now they are used to it. It's simple, and it does not require much thinking or any surgical deployment. It is what you are hoping for. If your enemy is lazy, and he will go for a braindead spam deployment, there is your window of opportunity. Preventing it can score you some successful defenses. In regular Clan Wars, it may be a little harder since every player has two attacks under his belt and you need to kind of hope for them to be inactive and miss the raid. However, in CWL, every attack is crucial, and fumbling with one can cost you a lost round. 

Play around dead spaces. Units in CoC are AI-driven, and sometimes they do crazy stuff. There is a mechanic called "8 tiles handicap". If the troop "sees" a target within eight tiles range with no wall in between, it will go for it. If not, it will attack the wall. This rule doesn't count for wall-bypassing troops, obviously, but not everyone is going all air or Hogs.

The most vital thing about base design is to work on it. You have to create it with a specific idea in mind. Base building is a mind game. If the attacker can read your shenanigans, he'll three-star you. If you bait him successfully, on the other hand, he'll have to walk away with a one-star consolation prize. 

As you are beginning with a new base project, you need to think like the attacker. How would I approach this base? What troops would I take? What is my base weak against? Sun Tzu, in his epic masterpiece "The art of war" gave us a hint: "Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak." Nine out of ten attackers will not suspect a trap, and most likely, they will fall for it. 

If you create a base seemingly suitable for a mass E-Drag attack, leave a trap for these particular units. Electro Dragons are the dominant type of troops perfect for all lazy Clashers. Just pop them, chain the Lightning, and get your three stars. However, what they struggle against is time. If you manage to hold them up for a few seconds, your defenses may mess them up. Here is where you need to think. Where do I go in with the E-Drags from? I need some high HP buildings and chain opportunities. Gotta send in a Coco Loon to fish for Black Mines, then I spam E-Drags and GG. At this point, if you place the Black Mines in a less apparent place

The same base can be attacked by a LavaLoon fan. And again, you have to start thinking. What's the main weakness of the LavaLoon? It's the CC troops and the defending Queen. I have to get rid of these before I send in the Loons. How do I do it? I will Queen Charge the CC, and then Jump to the enemy Queen. Then I Freeze her and take her down. Free three-star. As a defender, you need to find a gap in this thought process. You have to anticipate the enemy movement, prepare yourself for every possible scenario. You've got to force your opponent to use solutions he's not comfortable with, for when they are forced out of the comfort zone, they are more likely to make a mistake. 

If you make your base look like a perfect one for the air attack, set a trap for flying units. For example, if you place your Clan Castle in a spot where it can be pulled just as said Electro Dragons are in the middle of Teslas and Air Defenses, it's the dream. E-Drags will aggro onto the CC, and if it's a Lava Hound, it will take some time, for sure. And just as we said earlier - the time is vital in this type of attack. 

If you make it look otherwise as if it was ideal for the ground attack, prepare something special. At TH12, some people have a couple of attacks and wars under their belt. They know a thing or two about raiding, and bringing those sweet three-stars home. You will not outwit them with a Tesla Farm or a corner hut. You need something more. Something they don't expect. Something that YOU would not expect. 

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TH12 Farming layout

This layout is prepared to counter the most popular farming strategies at Town Hall 12. Let's face it - while farming, no one is treating each village individually. In fact, you can't. It's not a Clan War, where you can see your enemies' domain before attacking, and adjust your setup.

Of course, it will not do in Legend League. First, the loot is not deducted from your resources. Second, if you’re base gets three-starred, which happens, there is no point in protecting Storages for the price of trophies. You can use this layout in lower TH12 tiers if Legend League loot is not enough for you.

coc th12 farm base

TH12 farm base download >>>

TH12 Trophy layout

At this point in Clash of Clans gameplay, you are probably more inclined to push the trophies. Finally, you are reaching the stages, where farming becomes less relevant, and staying in the high league is impactful. It is why the well-designed base is crucial for success. Sure, you will be defeated once or twice, but the key is to make it as hard for a potential attacker as possible. Preferably, you want him to skip your village, and tap the "NEXT" button.

However, above 5,000 trophies your enemies will not click “NEXT” and most likely you will be attacked. It is why you still need at least a decent layout. If you have no time for creating something on your own, you may want to download it. 

coc th12 trophy base

TH12 trophy base download >>>

TH12 War layout

We are rather conservative as for the war layouts since presenting them here somewhat lowers your overall war potential. Everybody can come here, and see for himself where the traps are, and prepare for the attack beforehand. At this point in the game, where you are nearing the Clash of Clans endgame, you should have the general idea of how to build the base.

Although, if the highest level of play is not your goal, and you just casually war, you can use a downloaded base. The likelihood of some random players knowing how to approach it is meager. Good players will prepare individually and possibly crack it. Bad players will do mass Electro Dragon and hope for the three-star.

coc th12 war base

TH12 war base download >>>

Best Town Hall 12 attack strategies

Warden Walk

It is not such an old strategy, which is gaining more and more popularity. The main advantage that the Grand Warden has over the Archer Queen is the +2 tiles attack range. Combined with Healers, whose healing range is five tiles, it gives a total of 12 tiles range, if Healers are positioned correctly. For the comparison, the combined maximum range of the Archer Queen + Healers combo is 10. Why so much fuss about 2 tiles?

"You know nothing, Clasher" we should reply. If you checked the range of Air Defenses and Inferno Towers, you probably know the answer already. 

Single-target Inferno Tower cannot be out healed by any means, so it's the multi-target one you want to Warden-walk. With a range of 9 tiles, this dreadful defense will manage to hit only the Warden himself, unless you mess up the funneling. It will significantly lower the damage output of the Tower, and a single fire beam can be out healed. More importantly, the Healers can stay out of the range of it.

The same goes for the Air Defenses. They have a 10 tiles range. Not only Warden Walk outranges them, but also, if he's set to the air mode, he will take the aggro. Since ADs are single-target structures, they will not shoot the Healers at all! What's more, the Warden will soak up the Air Bombs damage. However, you have to be careful around the Seeking Air Mines. Max level Warden has 2,440 hitpoints. Max level Black Mine deals 2,400 damage. You don't need high maths to count, that 40 HP is a tiny room for error.

Of course, the strategy has its downsides. The most noticeable one is the DPS. Warden has far less punch than the Queen. What it means is that it will take him more time to destroy some buildings, especially high HP Storages, not to mention the Town Hall. Using Warden Walk instead of the Queen Walk, you need to be careful about the time, and very surgical. One mistake, the wrong step can make you time fail. 

TH12 Farming strategy

There will be three scenarios, in which you can find yourself while farming at TH12.

Against active bases with Heroes

It is when you want to triple the target base, and it's worth it. Say, there's a lot of loot, but it's not centralized. You'd prefer to take it all. We all know how long the search at TH12 can be if you're not in the Legends League. When you find the perfect base for looting you' and you have your Heroes available, here is what you should do:

- Begin with the Queen Walk

- Once the Queen does some damage, punch in with Giants and Wizards; create a breach for them with Wall Breakers,

- Drop Baby Dragon in the outskirts of the enemy base to keep your troops inside of it, punching through.

Ideally, you will three-star such a base and grab the whole loot.

Whenever you have your heroes up, especially the Queen, you should go for it. Finishing their upgrades make it more accessible to farm with the Lady.

It is the strongest strategy of all the farming setups at TH12, which means you can, and you should use it often. Obviously, you will not have your Archer Queen and Barbarian King available all the time before you max them, but you ought to go for it whenever they are up. It is also the most expensive one.

Against dead bases

Since farming is mostly all about the net profit, for dead bases, you just want to snipe the collectors and mines and go home. The Zless resources you expend, the more ab3wprofit you get. Say, that you manage to snipe all collectors with just a handful of Giants and Wizards, and get out with 500k loot, and 5k+ Dark Elixir. Why would you put the whole army onto the battlefield? This strategy is also viable when you have your heroes being upgraded, because without them punching into the base, it may be hard sometimes. Although, in dead bases, the Infernos, X-Bows, and Eagle Artillery are likely to empty. It makes it a lot easier. 

Against active base without Heroes

Now there has to be a LOOT inside of such base. And we mean a lot of loot. Most of the time, approaching a living base without heroes at TH12 is asking yourself for trouble. Unless it has full collectors and mines that you can snipe, press "NEXT."

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TH12 Trophy Pushing Strategy

It is quite a peculiar topic for the Town Hall 12 since there are no new troops, spells, heroes, or siege machines. For TH12, the most potent attacks are usually the enhanced versions of strategies from TH10 and TH11, which we invite you to check out in our CoC TH10 guide and CoC TH11 guide. The only thing that changes is the overall troops' capacity.

The next most significant change in the attacking department will be at Town Hall level 13, once you unlock the Siege Barracks and Yeti. Until then, TH11 strats have to suffice.

Also, above 5,000 trophies, there is no more such thing as trophy pushing in the meaning we all know until now. There is a Legend League beginning after you hit 5k trophies, and it works slightly different than a casual attack. However, we have touched this topic in our Legends League guide.

TH12 War Strategy

Wars at Town Hall 12 level require a lot of preparation, thinking, planning, and all of it with the perfect execution in the end. Three stars are all that matters after all. Each village should be approached individually with small adjustments to adapt to the situation and overcome it. Hereby we present you a couple of the most dominant war strategies at Town Hall 12 that are currently meta. 


There you go, Clasher. Now you know, how the Town Hall 12 looks like, what to look for, and what to avoid. We find you prepared for one of the most exciting steps in your clasher career. 

Once your village is fully maxed, and there is nothing left for you to do than go to the newest Town Hall 13, we'd like you to invite to our Clash of Clans TH13 guide. There, you will learn the ins and out of all the new features, traits, strategies, and tricks for the highest level of play.

For now, we'll leave you here, where you can go to our other guides, not only for the Clash of Clans but also other trending games. We're confident that at one point, you'll want to have a brief breather from Wizards, Dragons, P.E.K.K.A.s, and others. Most importantly, we offer you a platform for free items and services listing. Whenever you have tons of World of Warcraft gold, SWToR credits, Albion Online Silver, or EVE Online ISK for sale, you're free to do it. We charge no commissions or fees, which makes us the perfect place to trade in-game items. See for yourself, tell your friends, let our community grow. 


What is CoC Town Hall 12?

It's second to last Town Hall level in Clash of Clans. Its main theme is electricity.

What is Giga Tesla?

It's a defense built into the Town Hall. It is a mixture of multi-target Inferno Tower and Hidden Tesla. At level 5, it leaves a Giga Bomb upon destruction, which is very powerful.

What is the strongest Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 unit?

By many, it is considered that, despite its weaknesses, the Electro Dragons is the strongest troop.

How do you get a Siege Machine in CoC?

You need a Workshop built (for just Wall Wrecker) and upgraded (for Battle Blimp, and Stone Slammer). The Workshop is unlocked at TH12.

How long does it take to upgrade to Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans?

Ten days without buffs or perks.

How long will it take to max the TH12?

It will take you 273 Building (1365 total Builder days), and 393 Lab days.

How much will it cost to max the Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans?

You will need to farm 824,000,000 Gold, 406,000,000 Elixir, 9,318,000 Dark Elixir. Without the Walls.

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