Clash of Clans TH7 guide - where the game begins

Clash of clans town hall 7 guide
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Town Hall 7 in Clash of Clans is by many referred to, as the real beginning of the game. On this exact level, Dark Elixir is unlocked, Dark Barracks can be built, and first Hero - the Barbarian King - comes online. Also, at Town Hall 7 around 1000 - 1500 trophies is where the most straightforward strategies are not working anymore, and you need to come up with something else to farm or push trophies efficiently. 

Table of contents:

What’s new at TH7? - buildings and troops overview

TH7 building order

Town Hall 7 layout

TH7 farming base

TH7 trophy base

TH7 war base

TH7 attack strategy

TH7 farming strategy

TH7 trophy strategy



So, since you began your actual adventure in Clash of Clans, we have prepared a series of guides for you. This Town Hall 7 guide will teach you what to do after upgrading from TH6, and it will prepare you for TH8.

What’s new at TH7? - buildings and troops review

For some of you having problems specifying what does the Town Hall 7 looks like, we have an image.

New buildings:

- Dark Barracks,

- Barbarian King Altar,

- fourth Army Camp,

- fourth Barracks,

- fourth and fifth Cannon,

- fourth Archer Tower,

- third Mortar,

- third Air Defense,

- two new Hidden Teslas,

- 50 Wall Pieces.

Maximum levels at Town Hall 7:

maximum levels at town hall 7

On top of that, you can have your fresh Barbarian King upgraded up to level 5.

TH7 building order

The most important thing upon leveling the Town Hall is always the upgrading focus. What should you upgrade next? 

First of all, you shouldn’t come to Town Hall 7 from Town Hall 6 without maxing everything out first. Why is it so important? You will not be outmatched by people who already upgraded everything, and it will give you an advantage over players who neglected it and rushed into TH7 first chance they’ve got. There are not many things in CoC as satisfying as max level Mass Dragons wiping unmaxed defenses without much effort. Thanks to not rushing the Town Hall level, you may even stand a chance against enemies with Town Hall at level 8!

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Second of all, maxing everything out before leveling up the Town Hall allows the better transition. If you go up without maxed defenses or Heroes, you will suffer a substantial power loss, and you find yourself in a lose-lose scenario. Either you try to catch up with neglected upgrades and stall everything else, or you keep rushing, further losing power.

1. Spell Factory - at this point, you can have your SF at level 3, meaning that you are unlocking the Rage Spell, with additional levels of remaining spells to upgrade. It is crucial to have the Spell Factory maxed. And not only because it gives you an additional spell. In the case of using the Power Potion, it also provides you with more offensive potency. It also grants you more spell housing space. As for the Rage Spell - it is one of the most exceptional and most used spells in the game. You will feel an enormous difference on offense. What's more, every Clasher should see raged Valkyries tearing through the base - it's just a thing of pure beauty.

2. Army Camps - build the new one, so that you have all four of them, and upgrade it ASAP. In Clash of Clans, numbers matter, and an additional 50 housing space from Army Camp is game-changing. You will feel the power from the get-go.

3. Barracks - upgrading them to level 9 gives you Dragons, which are going to be the core of your army for a long time from that point onwards. Upgrade at least one of them, with others joining successfully so that you shorten the Dragons' training time.

4. Mines - build your Dark Elixir Drill and upgrade Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors to level 11. DE Drill is pretty apparent to build. It will be hard for you to get the Dark Elixir from other sources at this level. Other Mines are also essential, as these are the source of cheap, effortless resources. You will not see the difference, but trust me - it will be there.

5. Barbarian King - we can't stress enough how critical it is to have a hero. 10k DE might seem like way too much, but in time you will have it. Upgrade him whenever you can afford to, as heroes take the longest to max out.

6. Dark Barracks - not having them is pure foolishness. Upgrading them to level 2 unlocks the Hog Riders. They are a tremendous defense-focused troop, extremely useful even at the highest level of play. You will use them in Clan Wars, if you decide to participate, as at TH7 they are insanely expensive.

7. Clan Castle - you should always have it upgraded. More housing space means more power, both offensively and defensively. You can ask your clan for more troops.

As for the defenses, you want to build the new ones first. It means that at TH7, you will start with the Hidden Tesla’s, moving on to Air Defense, Archer Tower, Mortar, and Cannons. You want to have your air-targeting defenses built before the ground-only defenses because from now on, air-heavy attacks begin. Having more air defense will give you a little more power, which is why you leave Mortar and Cannons out for now. Most likely, there is no power that would protect you from a well-executed Mass Dragon attack, but still, an Archer Tower will do more against them than the Cannon. 

Town Hall 7 layout

At Town Hall level 7, you should already start to think about some serious layouts. Not that there will be a lot of subtlety around it, but you will have too many buildings to place them randomly. Depending on what you are aiming for, you will want to protect your Town Hall (for trophies and wars) or Storages (for farming).

In our opinion, there is not much point in going for trophies at this level of play. You will not reach any significant numbers, and you will make it harder for yourself in terms of farming. 

TH7 farming base 

At every TH level when farming, you want to have your base maybe not protecting, but at least discouraging a potential enemy from attacking. It is our proposition for you.

clash of clans town hall 7 farming base

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TH7 trophy base

Honestly, at TH7, you don’t want to push trophies more than to reach a particular league for better star bonus and attack bonus. That’s all. Going too high can leave you exposed to attacks from much stronger players.

clash of clans th7 trophy base

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TH7 war base

As we already stated in our CoC Clan Wars guide, Clan Wars have different rules for base building. Your goal is not to protect the Town Hall or resources, but to deny as many stars as possible. Here is an exemplary layout.

clash of clans th7 war base

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TH7 attack strategy

With level 9 Barracks and Dark Barracks available for an upgrade to level 2, you have a couple of new options for your attacks. Depending on the situation, you might want to go with Hogs, Dragons, or some low-cost setups, like GiBarch or GiWiz.

TH7 farming strategy 

At Town Hall level 7, your farming priorities remain basically the same as for the Town Hall 6. You focus on getting an easy loot at the minimum cost. You don’t want to prioritize Dark Elixir, as there is no point in farming it. Your Dark Elixir Storage capacity is relatively small at the beginning, and maxing out the Barbarian King for this level will be pretty much effortless if you are farming regularly. 

Yes, we know you have Dragons unlocked, and you want to have fun. Don’t get us wrong, Drags are a great troop both offensively and defensively, but unless you’re fighting in a Clan War or you’re hardcore trophy-pushing, pass on them. Their training time is ridiculously long. They’re expensive, resource and housing space-wise, and farming with them will make you little profit in comparison to more efficient ways of farming at that level of play.

Town Hall 7 farming troops

If you have a lot of free time and infinite deposit of patience, you can stick to the BArch or GiBarch farming strategy. The premise remains the same - find a dead base, drop down the Giants, so that they take the focus from ground defenses. Then, follow it up with Barbarians, who will push with Giants into the base. Lastly, deploy the Archers to clear the trash buildings and provide some firepower for the tanking troops. Finding a dead base is the key here, as with this setup, you will not go into the base, but you will instead clear everything that is outside of it.

Most of the time, you will not make it to the core, which means the Town Hall will not go down. However, as we’ve already mentioned in the farming guide, you need neither the Town Hall nor the stars to farm. You only need decent resources to time ratio. 

Dark Elixir farming

Safe to say, that there is no DE farming around TH7 for a dew of reasons:

- you don’t need that much of a Dark Elixir,

- your farming capabilities do not allow you to get to the core consistently, or it is simply not worth it,

- your enemies will have barely any Dark Elixir, same as you.

With that being said, the conclusion is clear - there is not much Dark Elixir at this level, and it’s way too early to farm it. 90% of attacks at this level revolve around Dragons, so you don’t need it to get Hogs, Witches, or Lava Hounds. And for the Barbarian King upgrade, you will most likely get enough DE from casual farming and events.

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TH7 trophy strategy

Actually, for both trophy pushing and Clan Wars, the strategy will be pretty much the same. 

The most powerful, efficient, and unstoppable raid setup is Mass Dragon. At TH7 with Army Camps maxed out, you can recruit troops equal to 200 housing space. With Dragon’s housing space being 20, it gives you a room for 10 Dragons and an additional Dragon in Clan Castle. You can swap one Dragon for 4 Balloons to send in a CocoLoon (a suicide one). At the Town Hall 7, there is one Seeking Air Mine available for players, which can deal a considerable portion of damage even to a relatively tanky Dragon.

The whole premise of the Mass Dragon attack is to funnel them into the core of the base. At TH7, there are no defenses, that can withstand their assault. As for the spells, you have two options here:

- 3 Lightning Spells - you shoot them all at the Air Defense, preferably reaching an Archer Tower or a Wizard Tower if in range. Generally, you want to take down the most problematic AD in the base. Then you create a funnel, and send in your Dragons in a specific direction so that they take out the remaining Air Defenses,

- 3 Rage Spells - slightly different, relying more on raw Dragon damage, empowered with Rage, than on a surgical spell barrage. Most of the time, Dragons will run (fly?) through the base effortlessly.

As we’ve mentioned, funneling is golden here. If you deploy your Drakes randomly, they will initially clump up together to spread out as they progress. To avoid it, you want to drop two Dragons on each side of the base to clear some side trash buildings. Then, when the base gets narrow, you send in remaining Dragons to watch them incinerate the village, like Smaug in Lake Town.

Another critical aspect of this type of attack is the enemy Air Sweeper. At the initial levels, the Sweeper does not provide much utility, but if you neglect it entirely, it can ruin your raid. It is true, especially in the 3 x Rage Spell variation. During the attack, you want to deploy your Dragons in the blind spot of the Air Sweeper. The dream scenario is when the enemy has the Air Sweeper close enough to at least one Air Defense. You can Zap them without much trouble.


Clash of Clans seems like an easy-going, joyful mobile game with a lot of humor and fun, at least at first sight. However, as for most of the games that include multiplayer rivalry, there is a breaking point where things get quite serious. And for most players, this moment comes with the Town Hall 7. 

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We hope that with our guide, you will go through this level like a storm, heading towards the Legends League and top spot of Clash of Clans rankings. Building a stable foundation for TH8 and TH9, later on, is crucial. Mistakes made at TH 7 will set you back significantly. Do not allow it to happen.

Also, make sure you check out the rest of the series, as there will be a guide posted for each Town Hall level from TH7 onwards, up to Town Hall 12, and maybe even Town Hall 13.


What troops and units are in Town Hall 7?

With Barracks level 9, you unlock Dragons. Dark Barracks can be upgraded to level 2, giving you Minions and Hog Riders. You can recruit the Barbarian King on top of that.

What is the best attack strategy for Town Hall 7?

At this point, it’s Mass Dragon. Hands down.

What is the most efficient TH7 farming army?

Probably GiBArch - Giants with Barbarians and Archers, or GiWiz - Giants with Wizards.

What is the best war layout?

Whatever that can protect the Town Hall from Dragons.

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