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What is the next final stage Clash of Clans? What is the pinnacle of the dynamic, strategic, and jolly game? How to determine, who is the best player, and who truly deserves to be deemed as a Legend? May there be any available, reliable method? Yes, and today we'll take about the answer.

The new Legend League.

What is the Legend League in Clash of Clans?

coc legend league guide

In Clash of Clans new system, the Legend League is the final new league, highest of all. It's available once your trophy level reaches 5,000 range or more. It is a place, where the rules of attacking change slightly to allow you for a consistent fight for a top spot on the Clash of Clans ladder. 

Unlike other leagues, it has no tiers. There will be no more promotions.

Why did SuperCell add Legend League to Clash of Clans?

Paradoxically, it had nothing to do with the epicness or becoming a subject of mobile reverence. Although, it was somewhat close to a sort of a god or stuff.

The reason was the Clouds.

All new players, who are yet to reach the highest TH12 and TH13 levels, with a trophy count of 5,000 and above, may scratch their head and wonder: “What about the Clouds?” We’d like to answer - it has nothing to with the weather, sky, or smoke. Not so long ago, the highest level of Clash of Clans multiplayer play, the search for an available target became to last longer and longer. Let’s face it, you will not find many dead bases at 5k+ trophies. The reason being is that in the previous system for you to attack another player, there had to be a couple of requirements met:

1. The victim cannot be online.

2. There has to be no shield.

3. The target needs to be of a similar skill level, meaning basically the equivalent village development level.

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At TH12+, where 5,000 trophies threshold is merely the beginning, there are not many inactive players. Sure, everybody has to go to sleep, but the world is broad and there are multiple time zones. On the other side of your mobile device (or PC, if you have an emulator), there is the same Clasher, who wants to get as high as possible. Therefore, it’s natural, that he’ll be live, playing a lot, which involves spending countless hours online. No way for you to sneak in an attack. The first requirement is not met.

5,000 trophies are the elite of Clash of Clans players. It takes some skill and patience to get there, and a few days of inactivity can cost you greatly. Once you join, the players base becomes considerably smaller, than in lower leagues. A smaller player base equals less available targets. What happens if there are a lot of players searching for the target, and a few players that can be attacked? Supply and demand rule kicks in. If the demand is considerably higher than the supply, the commodity becomes scarce, less accessible, and more expensive. In Clash of Clans, it resulted in an insanely long and annoying target searching, that drove many players crazy. It’s a fact, that a lot of them have left the game for good, or else dropped trophies intentionally just to be able to play. It was unbearable. 

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On the search loading screen, there were constant Clouds displayed. Something that usually lasts a couple of seconds and everybody is used to, suddenly started looking like a connection bug or different error. People began to report the strange issue, which appeared to be absolutely normal, at least technically. It was the matchmaking system failing to find a proper target. Everybody was either online or shielded. If there was no opponent available for the attacker to find, the system was searching for a very long time, showing you the loading screen clouds video. What else could players do?

It is what inspired the SuperCell to conduct the "Operation Blue Skies" during June update, and introduce the Legend League to their app.

How does Legend League work?

As you reach, and hopefully climb over, the 5,000 trophies mark it's huge. It is also the point where everything is changed. No more target selection, smashing "NEXT", the casual, regular trophy pushing is over. Now you need to know main features, new rules, and follow them, or you will be dropped from the Legend League on any given League Day.

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The opponents

Each League Day of the season there will be 8 attacks to make daily. Your village will also have to defend 8 raids per day. Within the 24 hours, long League Day window the fashion you conduct your attacks with is entirely up to. Your targets are predefined, matched to your potency. Therefore, you would attack the same 8 bases in the morning and in the evening. You are not forced to perform all 8 attacks. However, if you don’t, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. 

It doesn’t matter if they are online or not. It’s more like the village is assigned to you as your target. You are presented with a layout on a League Day, that you will be able to attack. These 8 attacks are kind of similar to the Builder Base attacks, where you are given the target to attack without a possibility to skip it, swap it, only to surrender from the bout. Unlike the Builder Base, however, you will not necessarily be attacked in response. It’s possible but rather unlikely.

Once you use all the 8 attacks in one League Day, you will not be allowed to attack anymore, until the next League Day begins. 


The number of trophies available is fixed and depends solely on the quality of your League Day attack. It is not counted by the algorithm based on your strength compared to the defender’s strength. Actually, the trophy rewards are pretty straightforward in Legend League. It goes like this:


Trophy gain

No stars

0 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 10% overall damage above 0%.

1 star

5 trophies + 1 trophy for full 9% overall damage above 1%

2 Stars

16 trophies + 1 trophy for full 3% overall damage above 50%.

3 Stars

40 trophies.

It is simple and quite fair to be completely honest. 

The opponent, that you’ve attacked, loses the exact same number of trophies you’ve earned attacking his village. The same goes for your defenses - you lose trophies that opponents scored on you. In theory, if you three-star every enemy, and you get three-starred eight times, you stay in the same place. It is why it’s crucial to be successful both offensively, and defensively. 40 trophies one way or another is not a small number. 

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The moment you signed up for the Legend League is crucial. Your new Legend League defensive village layout in Clash of Clans works similarly to the Clan Wars base. Your enemies will not see the Legend League layout when they pay you a visit. 

Remember, Legend League is the current peak of the skill, the highest level of play in Clash of Clans multiplayer play. You will not face weak opponents here. Most of the players at the very top have their bases maxed out, so don’t expect them to have any progression weaknesses or major layout flaws. Earlier on as a TH12, you could have easily torn apart any TH11 in Clan War. It’s not going to happen here. You can also expect, that if you have a copied layout, they will most likely know the location of traps. During the majority of your Clash of Clans adventure, you may have overlooked the traps, but in the endgame they are game-changing. Giant Bomb without Heal can decimate the Hogs. Black Mine in some circumstances can one-shot the Grand Warden. Tornado Trap can stall the Electro Dragons long-enough for your defenses to pop them. It is why you should place your traps by yourself.

Also, since the enemies have to take what’s given to them during the League Day and play around it, you can specialize in your village to defend a certain type of attack, which is currently the strongest in the Legend League.

Then again, the action causes a reaction. If the most popular strategy in Legend League around 6k trophies is a mass E-Drag attack, there is a chance that many players will try to defend against it. There is your chance to go with a ground attack like P.E.K.K.A. Smash. Once the trend is over or some updates go through, people will start to focus on defending against ground attacks, which will leave them exposed against LavaLoon or DragLoon yet again. Nothing is set in stone. Being clever and anticipating will always give you an edge. 

It is also the reason to always watch your replays. At this point, it is fundamental to see what your village is good against, and what it’s struggling with. If six attacks out of eight were air-based, and you got two-starred or worse, it is time to make some changes. On the other hand, if enemies failed to take your Town Hall, or even score a decent percentage, you’re in the right spot. It’s required, or recommended, to keep an eye on trends and stats. If you notice, that you’re losing more and more, and your trophies net profit is getting smaller, it’s time for adjustments. And you better do it on your own, since no one will do it for you. 

The Clan Castle in Legend League defense is filled from your Clan Castle troops in the Home Village. If you have two Ice Golems and two Giants in the CC, clicking “choose” will move them to your Legend League Clan Castle. Traps and defensive buildings are always armed, and any defenses that are currently being upgraded, are active at the level they are upgraded from. 

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Actually, we should write that there are no shields in the Legends League. Boom, it’s done, end of the paragraph.

Just kidding, but the truth is that there are no shields in the highest Clash of Clans league. Shields, along with the “player, is online” restriction, combined with a small player base causes the Clouds issue to appear. It is why the village protection was lifted entirely, and a fixed number of attacks were given to every Legend League player. You don’t have to protect the loot anymore, and you cannot lose more than 320 trophies on a League Day. 

Obtaining the shield is the only way to withdraw from attacking in Legend League. Although, every shield purchased goes into effect the next League Day. Analogically, as the shield expires, you will be eligible for attacking once the next League Day begins. The defensive shield will not only prevent enemies from attacking you, but it will also disable your ability to attack too. This way, if you buy the shield in the morning, and you manage to drop below 4,900 trophies, instead of going to next League Day, you will be demoted to the Titan League with an active shield, just as usual.


Your farming grind is the next thing, that has come to an end. No loot will be taken away from your Storages upon the League Day attack. You will not be forced into protecting the Dark Elixir with all your powers. Each Legend League raid has a fixed amount of loot to steal based on the overall base’s strength, and it is not deducted from your resources stash. You could compare it to the loot in the Clan Wars. You are receiving a war loot bonus, but on top of that, you gain whatever is in the village. Interestingly enough, the loot in Clan Wars and in Legend League is the measure of the village strength. 

Loot table for max TH12 account is:

- 450,000 Gold,

- 550,000 Elixir,

- 6,500 Dark Elixir. 

You get a little bit more of Elixir due to the fact, that, unlike the Gold, it’s used to cook the army, and an army you will need. Eight times per day during League Season at most, that is. These values show, that you can earn a maximum of 3,6 million Gold, 4,4 million Elixir, and 52k DE per day if you manage to conduct a back to back successful attacks on your League Day.

If you are still progressing, it is crucial to perform each attack. No attacks mean you earn no loot. You will only have eight of them, no more, no less. It is critical to utilize all of them. If you didn’t attack eight times, but you had to defend all of it, it will be hard to get back on track. Popping the training potions and grinding will not do.

Rewards you earn for star bonus and win bonus remain the same. 


As the league season ends, there is a trophy reset. All trophies exceeding 5,000 thresholds are deducted from your account and added to your Legend Trophies count. With the beginning of each season, your struggle begins as well from scratch. 


Do you know now, how to become the Legend? As you can see, in Clash of Clans it’s not that difficult. All you need to do is to develop your village enough and remain relevant, namely use all of your eight attacks in the Legend League. By the time you have reached the highest Town Hall levels with troops and defensive buildings upgraded adequately, you should not have much problem staying in the Legend League to record this sweet viral video of you crushing. 

Did you like this guide? Do you want more? We have plenty of Clash of Clans content, namely guides for you to cover your screen so that you can go into the fray fully prepared. Aside from Clash of Clans, we have tons of guides for other no clan games to view with the most popular MMO titles like World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, or Black Desert Online. You have much to choose from, just have a quick glance at the “Popular” menu, and purchase something for yourself. If you're having trust issues, view our TrustPilot profile.

Also, if you have any opinion you’d like to share with us, feel free to post your view in a comment down below, or on our Facebook and Twitter. We are waiting for our community feedback, as nothing gives us more information about our work, as feedback. Thank you in advance, and good luck!


What are leagues in Clash of Clans?

Leagues in CoC are a sort of bracket, divisions determining your overall strength based on the number of trophies you amassed. The higher you are, the harder it gets, but the rewards are bigger.

What is the Legend League in Clash of Clans?

Legend League in Clash of Clans is the highest League in the app. Only the best of the best players go there.

How to get to the Legend League?

In Clash of Clans reaching the top league requires you to score at least 5,000 trophies.

How do I quit from Legend League?

You don’t, you can't opt-out in the profile like Clan Wars or cancel it. The only way to opt-out of there is to drop trophies.

Why do I have eight attacks in Legend League?

SuperCell decided that eight is an optimal number of attacks per day. Not too much, so that you don’t feel forced into a chores-like grind, and not too few for you to have some fun and decent loot.

Can I scout the villages I am attacking?

No. SuperCell wanted players to have this element of surprise, forcing them to use the adaptive army for every attack and improvising.

Do you lose loot in Legend League?

Nope. The loot comes from the game, similarly to this of Clan Wars. 

What time does each League Day start?

It's 8 am Helsinki time. If you get up at 10:00 am it's still ok as long as you made your 8 attacks day prior.

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