Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 guide - Warden, Eagle, E-Drags, and more!

coc town hall 11 guide
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Clash of Clans TH11 Guide

Are you tired of the lava-based Town Hall 10? Is everything maxed, and you have the most tedious grind behind you? Are your troops ready to face a new adventure and eager to grab a sword, bow, ax going to the fray? If Town Hall 11 is what’s left for you to build, Gold and Elixir Storages are brimming with resources, and your upgrade priority is empty, you may want to read this guide first.

Table of contents:

What’s new at Town Hall level 11? - troops and buildings overview

What are the max levels for TH11

The biggest changes at TH11

The Grand Warden

Eagle Artillery

New troops

TH11 upgrade guide

Why you shouldn’t rush the Town Hall?

TH11 upgrade order

Town Hall 11 layouts

The best Town Hall 11 attack strategies


P.E.K.K.A. BoBat

P.E.K.K.A. Smash

Electrone LaLoon




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What’s new at Town Hall level 11? - troops and buildings overview

New additions:

- +1 Grand Warden Altar,

- +1 Eagle Artillery,

- +1 Tornado Trap,

- +1 Cannon,

- +1 Wizard Tower,

- +1 X-Bow,

- +25 Wall pieces.

What are the max levels for TH11

coc th11 buildings

Max research levels for Town Hall 11

coc th11 research

The biggest changes at TH11

Here we discuss the upgrades, additions, and changes that will be the most impactful when going from TH10 to TH11 in Clash of Clans.

The Grand Warden

Arguably the most significant change at this level of the Town Hall in Clash of Clans. Grand Warden is a curious hero with lots of unique features. He can be set to ground and air mode, which was never seen before. He has the longest range among all units. Players use Elixir to build his altar and upgrade him. He has two abilities - one passively increasing the units HP, and the second one giving total immunity to incoming damage. It is important here to shield you from Eagle Artillery volley damage, and later on from the Giga Bomb in the Town Hall.

Eagle Artillery

Arguably one of the essential features of the TH11. Eagle Artillery is such a dominant defense that it makes the attackers focus it in every attack. You cannot approach a TH 11 with Eagle ready to fire, and ignore it. The structure fires slowly but hits hard.

The key thing in dealing with the EA are three things:

- it has to be reloaded; if it’s not, you’ve got yourself a freebie,

- it requires a specific number of troops to be deployed for it to fire,

- it has a blind spot.

If you manage to, for instance, Queen-walk it, you’re golden. Also, a well-timed Freeze spell can cancel or delay the barrage.

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New troops

At Town Hall level 11 in Clash of Clans, you can upgrade your Barracks and Dark Barracks to another level, which gives you Electro Dragons and Ice Golems. These are two potent units, which are used even at the highest level of Clash of Clans play. The Electro Dragon has a fantastic trait - his electric breath takes a form of a chain, hitting subsequent buildings. Ice Golem’s attacks can slow the attack rate of units and defenses. Upon death, it breaks into a Freeze spell. It is a popular strategy to put it into the Siege Machine and send deep into the enemy base to freeze the core.

TH11 upgrade guide

During the upgrade stages, you always have to be aware of your war weight. We discuss the topic in our Clash of Clans Clan Wars guide. Be sure to check it out before you decide which upgrade priority path you will go.

Technically, the upgrade stage is everything you do between particular Town Hall levels. It means, that if you upgraded from TH8 to TH9, you would be in the upgrade stage until you decide to upgrade to TH10. If you want to be smart about it, subsequent phases can take weeks, even months. If you don’t care about it, you can rush your Town Hall.

Also, we have to point out that engineered bases are no longer worth it. A couple of updates ago, delaying Eagle Artillery or new Inferno Tower may have had sense. It’s no longer the case since SuperCell decided to do something about the 10.5 bases, etc. New defensives, namely the Eagle Artillery, still add a ton of war weight, but not enough to call the engineering worth implying in your upgrade priority. 

Why shouldn’t you rush the Town Hall?

We have talked about it in pretty much every article from the very first CoC farming guide to the recent Buildings guide

clash of clans th11 rush base

Look above. In the picture, we can see an example of a rushed TH11 with Barbarian King being level 9 and def below the TH9 level. Technically, it’s not a TH11. It’s just an unfinished TH9 with Eagle Artillery and a couple of Infernos available for placing. 

First and foremost, you don’t want to be “rushed” because of the inadequate difficulty level compared to your real village strength. Town Hall by itself does not give you any power unless it’s maxed TH12 with Giga Tesla or TH13 with Giga Inferno. Each level merely allows you to place additional buildings, upgrade them, and conduct the research. Outside of that, Town Hall provides nothing more than just sheer HP during the attack and some storage capacity.

It’s your buildings, troops, and spells levels that determine your strength.

Defensive and offensive handicap

For upgrading Town Hall, you only need to have certain buildings, not have them maxed. It means that you can have low-level defenses in high-level Town Hall. How do you want to defend against non-rushed TH11s with, for instance, TH7 equivalent def? It’s like going to work as a front-end developer with knowledge from the first year in college.

The same goes for your troops. How will you attack a TH10 with TH7-level troops? You won’t be able to push trophies or farm effectively.

Loot punishment

Going up in Town Hall levels results in lower loot gains from attacking Town Hall with a lower level than yours. Imagine that you are a rushed TH10, but with weak troops and def you can’t climb higher than Silver I. Your trophies match you against TH8s and TH9s. You will receive a reduced loot for each attack. 

Clan rejection

You will have a hard time joining a decent, not braindead clan. Every clan leader who sees an application from a rushed Town Hall will reject it. Rushed Town Hall is a war liability, and nobody wants it.

TH11 upgrade priority list

1. The Grand Warden & heroes

Don’t think twice. Heroes add close to no war weight while bringing in a lot of offensive potentials. The same goes for the Grand Warden. You don’t need housing space to deploy additional, strong units on the battlefield. What are we even talking about! There is no reason to skip the Grand Warden. Period. 

Also, whenever you have a Builder free, and your Dark Elixir Storage is filled enough, push King and Queen to higher levels. Heroes upgrades are one of the heaviest grind fests in the game, so the sooner you have them maxed, the sooner you can relax.

2. Laboratory

Again, no questions asked. Time is not your friend in this game. Everything lasts hundreds of years at this point in the game, and since you had your upgrades done at TH10, you need to get that time to start working for you. Plus, if you need a boost, and you have a couple of Power Potions to spare, it’s better to boost your troops to a level 8 Lab than a level 7, right?

Of course, the Laboratory has to be running all the time and never stop. Any downtimes are slowing you down on your upgrading way. 

There is a never-ending discussion about what to upgrade in the Lab first. The answer remains the same in all of our guides - upgrade whatever you are using the most, and you are the most comfortable with. As a piece of advice, if you don’t know what you would need or you have a hard time deciding, you can’t go wrong with upgrading Archers and Barbarians. Higher levels of these units influence the strength of your heroes' abilities.

3. Army Buildings

Whenever you can go up with Army Camps, Barracks and Dark Barracks, Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory, and the Clan Castle - do it. It always brings a lot of offensive potential with little to no war weight. We keep repeating it - don’t put more than one Barracks or Dark Barracks into the upgrade queue. It will dramatically slow down your troops' training speed, and thus farming or trophy pushing.

4. Resources buildings

You can’t go wrong with those. Any upgrade done to either Storages or Mines, Collectors and Drills will benefit sooner or later. Only be careful not to occupy all 5 Builders with upgrading Collectors, while delaying other crucial upgrades.

5. New buildings

We put a high emphasis on structures that take little time to place. There is no reason not to build a new Cannon, which takes 10 seconds to finish. The same goes for a new Archer Tower, where the building time is one minute. It’s more power added to your village than 5+ days of upgrading time for a similar DPS. 

6. Existing defenses

Each new level of the defensive buildings adds a damage per second stat as well as a bunch of HP to it. However, there is a discrepancy between each level of these buildings. Some of them will bring in more utility, while others will be less effective. The upgrade order for TH11 defensive structures goes like this:

- Eagle Artillery,

- Inferno Towers,

- Wizard Towers,

- Archer Towers,

- Bomb Towers,

- Mortars,

- Cannons,

- Hidden Teslas.

7. Traps

Many players argue about the effectiveness of traps. Some of them say that traps, in theory, bring more utility to the village defensive system than some of the defensive structures. It is mostly due to shorter upgrade time and lower upgrade costs. 

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Town Hall 11 layouts

TH11 for a long time was a second to last with advanced attacking and defending strategies. It is the first level, where we suggest building your village and war base by yourself. First of all, it will give you an incomparable experience if you aim for more ambitious play. You will see your mistakes, flaws, and room for improvement. Also, your own mistakes can show you the same flaws in the enemies’ bases. Second of all, bases available for download are, most of the time, widespread and well-known. Using them will not give you any significant advantage. Moreover, it can put you at a disadvantage.

We post layouts with links for those of you who are too lazy to build a base from scratch. On a device with CoC installed, click the copy link, and you're good to go.

TH11 farming layout

clash of clans th11 farming base

CoC TH11 farming base download >>>

TH11 trophy layout

clash of clans th11 trophy base

Clash of Clans TH11 trophy base download >>>

TH11 war base

coc th11 war base

Clash of Clans TH11 war base download >>>

The best Town Hall 11 attack strategies


coc th11 strategy dragbat

Usually, Bats-involving strategies are divided into three phases.

1. Send in Sui Heroes to create a funnel.

2. Deploy the first batch of troops to take out some splash defenses.

3. Drop Bats.

Bat strategies became more and more popular due to the heavy usage of LavaLoon in Wars. To counter it, players began to spread their Air Defenses and splash targeting structures, placing multi-Infernos and Wizard Towers on one side of the base, and moving ADs to the other side. This way, the attacker is not able to use Lava Hounds tanking potential effectively, as Balloons will most likely split up and get taken down, while Hounds are busy elsewhere.

However, what’s strong against something, usually suffers against something else. It is where Bats are coming to play. What brings Bats over the Balloons is their movement speed. Those little Dracula-associated creatures will move around the base and destroy defensives in no time. You need to keep in mind that every swarm-like troops will always be weak against splash damage structures. It means that you will not have a possibility to take every base with Bats. Still, you want to have a couple of Freeze spells under your belt to correct the troops' movement, and protect them from an unexpected threat. What’s more, Freeze spells are necessary to defend your Bats, when they’re approaching splash defenses. 

Also, Bats are outstanding against single-target Infernos. As we mentioned already, single-target def is losing against swarms of enemies. 

The best second phase troops for this strategy are naturally the Dragons. They are relatively tanky, air units with decent damage, and sufficient movement speed. They don’t have preferred targets like Lava Hounds, negative movement and attacking speed like Electro Dragons and Balloons, and tiny HP bars like Minions. 

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When to go for DragBat?

1. Lopsided defenses - splash air-targeting structures are on one side of the base, while Air Defenses are on the other side.

2. Defense pockets - multiple splash air-targeting structures placed close to one another, which makes them an easy target for a Freeze. If you can Freeze the Air Sweeper as well, it’s the dream.

3. You can do the Sui Heroes funneling without pulling the CC troops.

For bases with defensive structures distributed equally, you may want to choose a different type of attack.

BatBomb or Bat Wave?

Sometimes you will need to make a choice, which way of deploying the Bats will you go for. BatWave is dropping the spells on the outside so that the Bats gather up together to one-shot defenses later on. BatBomb, on the other hand, is when you drop the spells inside the base, so shoot them directly into the critical structure while it’s frozen. 

You should go for BatWave whenever you have easy access to splash air defenses with Dragons. If you have a one or two Wizard Towers or multi-Infernos in an unfavorable spot, you may opt for the BatBomb, to neutralize them quickly. 

P.E.K.K.A. BoBat

coc th11 strategy pekka bobat

It is the hybrid half-ground, half-air type of attack that is also gaining a lot of credit among the TH11-ish community.

The first principle is sending in the Wall Wrecker in a way that it opens up a clear path to the Eagle Artillery and the Infernos. These are the defenses that need to be neutralized first. 

Make sure to create the funnel on both sides, so that your leading group - the Queen, the Bowlers, and especially the P.E.K.K.A.s - go inside the base, instead of circling around it. The Barbarian King serves the purpose well because you don’t want him going inside to possibly make the Healers retarget onto him. 

Be careful with your Heroes deployment. You want your Healers to follow the P.E.K.K.A.s, not the King or Queen. This way, you receive twice as much value from the kind, little angels. There is nothing worse for the enemy base than a high damage-dealing, a full-metal monster that refuses to die.

The dream will be if you manage to put a P.E.K.K.A. in front of the Wall Wrecker to do the tanking, while the ram is pushing in. If you somehow conduct it without exposing your Healers to damage, you can have a lot of value from it. Feel free to send in some CoCo Loons to fish for the air traps. 

If for some reason, P.E.K.K.A.s live longer than expected, you can delay the Bats deployment. The reason being is that P.E.K.K.A.s can eventually end up getting focused by the remaining splash defenses, which will leave your Bats untouched. The premise of deploying the Bats is to swoop over the base when the splash defenses are long gone. If they’re not, you have to freeze them. In particular cases, you can go in with an Ice Golem to tank a Wizard Tower, and hopefully freeze it, so that you can save some spells. 

Don’t count on Bats and remaining ground troops to do the cleanup. Always hold on to a couple of Wizards, Miners, or Minions. The two latter will be the best, since they are fast, and they don’t have to go around or past the Walls.

P.E.K.K.A. Smash

coc th11 pekka smash

Kind of similar to its predecessor, but the beauty if this one is that it’s more versatile and not tied up by the Town Hall placement. 

You want to start with a Queen Charge. In the case of symmetrical bases, it doesn’t matter on which side of the symmetry line you want to start. You can deploy the Archer Queen wherever, and funnel her accordingly.

You have three ways of letting her into the base:

1. Wall Breakers - the cheapest one, as you don’t sacrifice four Spells housing space at the cost of troops housing space. The downside is that Wall Breakers are suicidal in general, and sometimes they will die before taking the Walls down. If you are not confident enough, or you don’t trust the bombing Skeletons, you have two more options.

2. Quad-quake - if you see a place that would allow you to open up the base completely after using four Earthquakes, you can go for it. Quad-quake is one of the most reliable ways to crack the base open. Definitely, you can trust it more than a pile of bones with a bomb. What’s more, the Earthquakes deal damage to buildings regardless, speeding up your attack.

3. Jump Spell - if there is no opening for the Quad-quake, and you still don’t have faith in the Wall Breakers, then you should choose two Jump spells for this one. It should be enough to let your Archer Queen into the base. You may, however, opt for a flying cleanup or a Miner, as Walls can be a problem for ground cleanup troops.

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As you determine the key aspect of the approach, send in the King with perhaps a Baby Dragon to close the funnel. Then you drop the P.E.K.K.A.s and Bowlers, aid them with Rage and Heal, and watch the enemy base fall apart.

Send in the Stone Slammer with Balloons in it to finish the job.

Electrone LaLoon

clash of clans th11 electrone laloon

The core of this strategy is putting an Electro Dragon with a Balloon into the CC and sending them straight for the enemy core in a Siege Machine. Once the Siege Machine reaches the Archer Queen and the CC, you pop the Machine, to drop the Rage, Poison, and Clone spells right after. This way, you have two Electro Dragons and two Balloons, one-shotting the enemy Clan Castle troops and the Queen. Taking down the CC troops and enemy Queen is key for every Balloon-reliant attack. There are a couple of variations to this strategy, depending on a base design, which we will break down right away. 

You want to utilize your heroes to their fullest potential. Depending on the enemy base outlook and key defenses placement, you want to send them before or after the Siege Machine. You can use the Battle Blimp or the Stone Slammer. The former is a better option when you see a good path based on the hostile Town Hall location, namely where Air Sweepers allow a clear path to the Queen and Clan Castle. The latter is optimal whenever you can’t use the Battle Blimp. When going with Battle Blimp, send in heroes before the Siege Machine if you see an opportunity or necessity to clear some Air Defenses. As for the Stone Slammer, you may want to destroy the defenses placed outside of the base. Otherwise, the giant Balloon will not go into the core. Also, you want to get rid of the trash buildings from outside the base, that could distract the E-Drags. 

After you’ve taken care of the enemy CC troops and the Queen, you are free to proceed with the standard LaLoon. Send in Hounds to tank the remaining Air Defenses. Drop the Balloons surgically, aid them with movement speed spells (preferably the Haste since it takes only 1 housing space), and watch the enemy base crumble. Finish it off with some cleanup Minions. After the Electrone is done, your primary focus should be the splash defenses - multi-Infernos and Wizard Towers - as these can take out Balloons with few shots. Single-Infernos and Air Defenses are not that big of a threat, especially since you bring in the Lava Hounds.


clash of clans th11 batslap

It is a variation of the Witch Slap we know from earlier levels of the Town Hall. It’s similar to the P.E.K.K.A. BoBat, but the difference is that instead of full-metal tanks, we bring in the Witches. The premise of the strategy is to overwhelm the base with swarms of troops - both air and ground. It is exceptionally effective against targets, where you can effortlessly get rid of the splash defenses, namely Wizard Towers. Also, with your troops and spawns swarming all over the place, you give no chance to the dreadful single-target Inferno Towers. 

You can do it versus the multi-target Infernos as well, but naturally, it is a little bit harder. It requires few adjustments, most of the time, the Ice Golems and more Freeze spells than in a regular BatSlap.

Your greatest concern is the Eagle Artillery. If it’s up and loaded, it can wipe your Witches or Bats in a single volley. Preferably you don’t want to go in with the Bats until the Eagle is not taken down. 

The Siege Machine for this is Wall Wrecker - it tears down the Walls, allowing your spawned Skeletons and main squad to pour into the base at will. Most of the time, there will be at least two Ice Golems inside of it to do some tanking later on and freeze the defenses. If they manage to freeze the splash defenses, you’re golden. One way or another, bring a few Freezes along with yourself should something go wrong. These spells will be absolutely crucial if you are going against multi-target Infernos.

In the beginning, you need a funnel. There is not much more to say about that. At TH11, you should know a thing or two about the funneling. Next, before you deploy the Wall Wrecker, put an Ice Golem in front of it. It will do some tanking, and freeze the defenses once it dies. The longer you can keep your Wall Wrecker alive, the more damage it will do. Put your Archer Queen and Warden with Healers, Bowlers, and Witches right behind the Wall Wrecker, and punch into the base. Use spells and Warden’s abilities accordingly.

Once the core is down, finish off the base with Bats. Preferably the Witches go outside of the base. 

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Before the release of TH13, TH11 was the last step before the Clash of Clans endgame - Town Hall 12. Now, it’s another step on the way where you can discover new things and learn more advanced tactics. Don’t worry if there is still a lot of content ahead of you. Do everything to have as much fun from the game as humanly possible. The transition to TH11 can prove to be difficult but worry not. There is more than one decent YouTube channel, which will help you improve. We are fully aware of text liabilities compared to a video. Try finding top one with a lot of views, subscribe to it, press autoplay, and focus. It will really change your thinking of the game, including troop traits, war party composition, village approach, etc. and your league will automatically skyrocket with all the three star wins.

This guide is a part of a comprehensive TH7 to TH12 guide series. If you have friends and clan mates on Discord that need to get some information about the game and season purchases, pass it to them. They will find a lot of useful tips, tricks, and strategies regarding the proper upgrade order, farming tactics, and defensive layouts on each of the Town Hall levels on their way. Getting reliable knowledge before going up with the TH level can save them a lot of time, resources, and most of everything - nerves. Stay signed in, and see what we have.

Clash of Clans is not the only game we are guiding players through. Check out other titles, MMORPGs, survivals, battle royales, and MOBAs. We gather the best knowledge from the whole gaming world, community opinions, forum threads, thousands of different points of view, YouTube videos, and many others.

We do it all for you to come here and have the best possible gaming experience with many trade offers and guidelines. You don’t pay a single dime for using our website unless you are willing to. Also, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, share an opinion. Add a review on TrustPilot, if you like us, or a shady email address to the Scam Killer base if you found someone responsible for fraud. You will not leave disappointed. Come back anytime, as we will not stop creating quality content. Sign up - join the happy MMOAuctions community.


What are the biggest changes going to TH11?

You will have a third hero - the Grand Warden - and the most reliable defensive building, which is Eagle Artillery.

What is the highest Town Hall in Clash of Clans?

After the December 2019 Clash of Clans update, it’s TH13.

How long does it take to max TH11?

It takes over 1000 “Builders’ day” for the max Town Hall 11 to be made. Then you have to divide this number by the number of builders available. 

Should I max TH10 before TH11?

Definitely. Going to TH11 without heroes, spells, troops, and defensive buildings maxed will put you at a disadvantage.

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