How to make a new Clash of Clans account - guide

how to make a new clash of clans account
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It's not a secret that Clash of Clans developed by Finnish studio SuperCell is one of the hottest titles in the mobile gaming world. We'd even risk a statement that it's the hottest by far if we take into account the competitive scene that rose recently. We have regional and world tournaments with prize pools that were unthinkable in esport not so long ago. No wonder that a crowd of players saw their opportunity in the game, and began playing for real.

The first Clash of Clans account

There is not much to it. Basically, every app is designed in a way so that even people with negative IQ manage to download it, install it, sign in, and open the first account. After all, each download means potential customers who may (or may not) make a purchase? The more stupid, short-sighted, and naive the customer is, the better, and the higher the likelihood that he will spend money. It may seem brutal and cruel of us to say such things, but the world is what it is. It's a place full of scammers, frauds, and other scums just waiting for you to lower your guard to get to your wallet.

As soon as the game is downloaded from App Store or Google Play and installed on your device, it will guide you through the whole process of selecting a name, connecting to Facebook, Google+, Game Center, SuperCell ID, and whatever else it needs. It's the easy part. Then it's just the tutorial, and you're good to go.

The harder part begins in the next paragraph.

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The second Clash of Clans account

Let's say, you are a seasoned Clasher. You've spent a couple of hours in the game, and you noticed that many other players have more than one Clash of Clans account. It makes you thinking. Why would they do it? What is it for? How about I fetch myself a second account? 

It's not that easy.

You can try, but the thing is that the app will "recognize" your device, and recover your current account, successfully blocking you from having two or more of them. It's possible to skip it, but it requires a few clicks and a tiny bit of patience. 

First, you need to go to the settings options (the three gears in the right corner of the screen) and locate the "Connected" button. You don't want to connect, if you wish to have two accounts. Tap it out. Then, you need to log out of the game, delete it entirely along with all cookies, cache memory, mobile phone settings, etc. You need to let the app know that it has never visited your cell phone. It means deleting the app data, backup, everything.

The next step is to download the game once again. Since there is no game data, you can start over.

This time you will need to register SuperCell ID with a different email address. Should you find yourself in need of having more than two villages, press the "Play without SuperCell ID" button and repeat previous steps as many times as you like. This way, you can create multiple SuperCell IDs.

If you have enough accounts already, after clicking "Log in with SuperCell ID", you will be displayed the full list of SuperCell ID's that you've created. Select one of them and play. Now, switching between accounts will be smoother than ever, and there will be no ban. It works on your computer as well, but we'd like to advise you to read our CoC Emulator Guide first.

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Multiple Clash of Clans accounts

Back in the day, way before the SuperCell ID implementation, switching between multiple accounts was annoying as can be. We'd like to forget about it already. Now, with the new feature, the Finnish developers made it far easier for players, and we're genuinely grateful. Eventually, they understood that there is no point in fighting multi-accounts. It did no harm to the game, in fact, it did more good. It meant more accounts, more free advertising, more engagement, and possibly more income. It's not like having multiple Clash of Clans accounts gives any sort of advantage. The player can't farm himself. 

Why have multiple CoC accounts?

The reason behind it is simple - if you want to have something done correctly, you've got to do it yourself. How many times as a clan leader you were trying to have a good score on the Clan War? How many times have you been fuming because someone didn't attack in CWL? How long do you wait for a Siege Machine, when your only TH12 in the clan is not responding? There are more than enough reasons to have many Clash of Clans accounts.

The first one is obvious - the control. You have, say, five accounts. You can easily go to war 5 v 5, and you have the whole plan in your head. You know from the get-go which account is taking which target. You don't have insubordination, lack of activity, empty Clan Castles, and all of this regular, chaotic clan BS. If you have enough time and will to do so, you can have more than five accounts. We know of instances of having a full CWL squad, and more.

In the beginning, when building and researching times are counted in hours, or even minutes, it can be hard, so it's not recommended to create multiple accounts at the very same time. You should instead make them in succession. Later on, when building and researching times are in days or weeks, you can easily skip between your villages.

Of course, farming can be a problem, so you may consider ordering a power-leveling service here. With security measures we provide, as well as SuperCell does, you should not have your account stolen. 

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Parallel Space

This one is actually kind of interesting. It's an application that clones other applications and allows you to have multiple accounts of the same app at the same time. It will not hide an unofficial WhatsApp from your wife or husband, but it can duplicate your Clash of Clans, and provide you with two iterations of the same game. To swap between the accounts, you just have to click the other icon. No search bar, no Gmail email address, no Apple ID. You have a second account, that you can load anytime thanks to this tool. It's as simple as that.

Of course, it comes at a price. Parallel Space requires a hell lot of RAM on your mobile device, and if you are using your smartphone for business and everyday matters, it might be a problem. You don't want your iPhone slowing down, when Project Manager is calling you, right? 

Multiple devices

What happens if you are so absurdly wealthy that you can afford a few smartphones, an iPad, and you have a Clash of Clans emulator on your PC as well? First, we'd like to congratulate, and state that we are deeply envious of your wealth.

But how do you manage to play CoC? Do you have to decide on one of these devices? Good question.

Nope. It's another place where SuperCell ID comes in to give you a hand. The feature allows you to switch not only between villages but also between devices! All you need to do is add your SuperCell ID on the device.

It applies to all SuperCell apps, like Clash Royale, Hay Day, or Boom Beach. 

Buying Clash of Clans account

Upgrading all buildings, spells, troops, and heroes in Clash of Clans takes a lot of time, no doubt. What's typical for grindy games, is that many people are willing to skip the forever-lasting parts and jump straight to end game. To meet these demands, many players are willing to do it for them. Back in the day there were grinding companies, especially in World of Warcraft. Reportedly, even prisoners were forced to farm WoW gold! That's how free market works. Every demand is answered with a supply.

Instead of fighting through having multiple accounts on one device and spending countless hours farming up all of them, you can buy another account. You are free to buy more than one. Go ahead, have as many accounts as you need. You are able to work your way up to a whole 50-man clan! We may not be the best CoC players down here, but for sure, buying an account is faster than leveling it by yourself. And it's definitely less annoying.

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There you go. If you see possessing multiple Clash of Clans accounts as something for you, but you don't know how to do that, here you have your know-how. We'd like to remind you one more time - always be careful. We mean both scammers and SuperCell bans here. You never know when Lady Luck will stop smiling at you. 

If you have any questions regarding our web page, head over to the Live Chat support, ask them, and they will answer. It'll be much faster than searching these queries in the browser. They have years of experience in the online trading market. Follow us on social media, as we will make all efforts to keep you in touch. If you want to share your thoughts and views, you can leave a reply in comments section anytime. For more guides and articles, click the "News" in the top of the page.


How to create a new Clash of Clans account?

Download the game from Google Play or Apple App Store, install it, run the app, and the game will guide you through.

How do I start a new account on iOS? 

The only requirement compared to a regular account creating is that you need to have a device with iOS. As simple as that.

How to create the second CoC account?

The easiest way is by creating a SuperCell ID. You can use it to get third account, and more. 

How to have multiple Clash of Clans villages?

Yes, you can, and with SuperCell ID, it became even more accessible.

How to protect my village?

The best way not to lose your base is to have SuperCell ID, or at least use Google+ (Android) or Apple ID and Game Center (iOS). If you lost your old village, you may try to recover it with our CoC account recovery guide.

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