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how to switch between coc accounts
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In peculiar times we live. The rules of the free market apply even to mobile games! The market hates emptiness. It's like a water flowing, filling every hole that it comes by. If there is a need for the mobile games market, there will be more than enough entities to fill it, especially if an income is involved. And trust us, there is money in mobile games. Allegedly the game on the first place in terms earning money - Candy Crush Saga - is a mobile game. There are mobile games tournaments with some darn serious prize pools, oftentimes exceeding those of PC or console games. Some of them have their accounts market well-developed, especially those that require time to progress. Clash of Clans is one of them.

We'll list the methods of managing multiple accounts in Clash of Clans from the easiest to the hardest after you create the first account.

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#1 SuperCell ID

This feature is what Clash of Clans players needed, wanted, desired, and finally received. With a little bit of clicking around, you can join multiple villages on one device and make it work for your second account, third, on, and on. Creating multiple accounts with it is easy and open for everybody.

How does SuperCell ID work?

There is an accessible video about it, but still, we'll tell you. To create it, you need an email address. Your best bet is to have separate IDs for separate villages, each with different mail. If you create multiple SuperCell IDs on one device, the app will recognize them, and you will be able to add them to the game. Then all you'd need to do is to disconnect from one account and connect to another. To do it, follow these steps - go to the settings menu and tap the "Disconnect" button. It doesn't matter if you are using an Android phone or Apple's iOS - it'll work.

We do not see the reason to use a different method, but still, we'll talk about them.

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#2 Multiple devices

Next way may sound stupid, but it's not as idiotic as one may think. Many people have an iPhone, a notebook, a PC, and an iPad, for example. That's potentially four independent Clash of Clans villages and one person playing. The switching process requires as much as going from one device to another. The only reason this method is not at the top spot is the price. After all, you need to have these devices.

Some hardcore Clashers may even want to go as far as to buy additional mobile phones just for easier switching between villages.

However, is it worth it to buy even second-hand smartphones just to play the game? It depends. Some people pay good money just for players to join their clan so that they are the top 1 clan in the world. Such a service can cost even up to $1500! If someone is willing to pay 1,5k USD to multiple players just for the pleasure the be the #1 clan in the world in one particular season (Dr Mutjaba), why wouldn't such a person buy 15 $100 smartphones? 

#3 Cloning apps

There are select applications like Parallel Space (we talk about it in the CoC account creation guide) that will duplicate the game on your phone. After cloning, your device will recognize two identical apps not as one, but as two separate applications. Allegedly, these apps take a hell lot of smartphone calculating power and can ruin your day sometimes, but if you don't own eleven smartphones, and for some reason, you don't want a SuperCell ID, it may be your way to go. All you need to do is click the icon on the screen to load a different account.

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#4 Different Google+  and game center accounts

The last method on our list could be annoying and time-consuming, but it works, so we should include it here.

Google+ account is tied to a Gmail address and Google Play. Different Google accounts require you to sign in with different mail. Each switch forces you to log out of one Google+ account and log onto another one. It's like walking to multiple stores just to buy the same thing, instead of buying more than one product in one store, but hey, people are free to do whatever they want, right?

The same goes with iOS and Game Center. You can continue to log in and log out if you please. 


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How do you switch accounts on Clash of Clans?

It depends on the method you've chosen. The best one is SuperCell ID, where all you need to do is log out, and log in with a different ID.

How do I transfer my CoC accounts?

It's simple. The account is tied to the SuperCell ID, and thanks to it, logging onto one will allow you to download the village that is connected to it.

How do I remove my SuperCell ID?

To do that, you need to clear the smartphone data for this app and hit the "Disconnect" button.

How to get my CoC account back?

It shouldn't be a problem if you have your account secured. However, if you sold it, you shouldn't try to get it back.

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