Clash of Clans tips and tricks - Get all the trophies with this guide!

Clash of clans tips and tricks
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clash of clans tips and tricks

Are you a beginner commander looking for a smart guide to lead you through the early game? Or are you an advanced player in search of a fresh piece of advice? It doesn’t matter how high your Town Hall level is and how big of an army you command - this Clash of Clans tips and tricks guide is the right place for you to be if you want to improve.


Table of Contents:


How do I get better at Clash of Clans?


Spells and Dark Spells


Tips and Tricks


If you were searching among enjoyable, addictive smartphone games, you probably couldn’t miss Clash of Clans from the Finnish studio Supercell. Since its release in 2012, it was gaining more and more hype among the apps becoming one of the most popular mobile games ever since. Like most mobile games Clash of Clans is available on Android and iOS iPhone. It’s totally free to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. If PC is your favorite platform, it’s also possible to play Clash of Clans on Windows via Bluestacks emulator.

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It has a single-player mode, but it’s mostly known for its fantastic multiplayer fun. Note that in order to play Clash of Clans you need to be online.

It’s generally free to play with cash enhancement system available. The game in its peak in 2015 was making more than 5 mln$ revenue per day! It speaks for itself. Since the introduction of Clash Royale, a variation of Clash of Clans, we may consider it is another step in gaming.



how do I get better at clash of clans

Clash of Clans as a game has evolved over the course of time. Now it’s something more than just building and sending attacks. The professional community has developed a lot of tactics, strategies, army types and compositions, that it’s nearly impossible to acknowledge all of them. In this guide, we’ll make an attempt to improve your progress. 



"Can you beat my village?" - Correct layout

You start in the center of your village with Builders’ hammer as your only weapon. If you’re lucky enough to be starting right now - there’s a chance, that you will have a perfect village layout.

Why is it so important? Well, you will not always be on the invading end, sometimes you'll be the receiving end of an attack. It's pretty much inevitable. The goal for you is to drag the number of attacks down to a level, that doesn't stop your progress. 


Look at the wolves. They are really smart when picking a potential victim. They search for wounded, old, sick or crippled ones as they are easier to take down. This provides them with nearly guaranteed success, and thanks to good strategy - full tummies.

The same goes for CoC - players searching for the good farming target will take a glance at your village and estimate by its outlook, whether it’s worth attacking or not. If you choose a decent layout, most of them will not waste time and resources on fighting your defenses. They will just smash the NEXT button and go bother someone else.

As the game progresses you will have a couple of layouts close at hand with Village Edit Mode on top of that.

There are few popular, commonly used layouts depending on your target.


Anti-farming layout

These are bases made to counter other players trying to farm your village. Typically you'll try to protect your resources from being stolen and minimizing your potential loss. Usually, you wanna place your Clan Castle in the middle of the base with major storages around it, as this will be your best-guarded place. You want to place your Dark Elixir Storage there for its value in farming. Other storages can be distributed evenly around the center of the base so that you don't lose all your resources at once. Make your enemy decide which goods should he go for. You might want to spend some time on mastering the Triangulation of Defenses, reason being is it ensures maximum coverage of your village. It's particularly important for Mortars and Air Defenses.


Keep your Clan Castle and most valued storages inside the main ring of Walls with some defensive buildings. In the second ring, you wanna have your other storages split into compartments also with defenses.

Have your Town Hall protected by the highest level defensive buildings and make sure they are able to smash Archers and Wizards as well. Archer Tower, Cannon, and Mortar should be also as upgraded as possible. Keep your high-level Gold Mine and Elixir Collector outside the Walls. If you are an active player you will not allow yourself not to collect resources frequently. Full mines and collectors are a sign of inactivity, thus a tempting target for farming. If you're rather inactive, then you're probably wasting your time reading this guide at all.



Trophy protection layout

Its aim is to save you from losing trophies. This said, we’re not focusing on protecting resources, but on preventing loss. This way sometimes you might want to sacrifice your goods and place storages outside of Walls, to make enemies focus on them and leave your core in peace.

In this layout, Town Hall is usually placed in the main compartment with the Air Defenses, Air Sweepers and Clan Castle near it. Whatever level you are, you'll need to have your Town Hall centralized and heavily protected. Put at least a few layers of Walls between the edge of your base and the core. You might leave one tile of space between each layer to force your opponent into Wall breaking duty instead of destroying the base. 

Your ultimate goal is to prevent 50% damage from being dealt with in your village.



Hybrid bases

The most popular type of layout, because of its ability to defend both - resources and trophies. Of course, it will not be as effective as a specialized type of layout but will save you some time and effort.


Air Defenses and Mortar should be correctly spread but also quite centralized. You may also want to place Wizard Towers near storages within each others' range. This way you'll be able to route hordes of Goblins and Barbarians running at your goods with despicable intent. You should consider what you want to protect the most. Try to put your Clan Castle and Hero Altars in the center of the village, so they can cover your whole base.


Players tend to split most of the hybrid bases by walls, so that particular compartments are rather small. This forces your enemy to cross more than one wall in order to get to any important building. Enemies can't rush Town Hall and raid storages at once, which leaves you with either will resources or trophies.



Shield Grabbers

These are used by players that want to receive shield protection. They are destined to be attacked, make the opponents use at least 1/3 of their army and receive around 30% destruction. This gives the defender a shield. The player can use this time for requesting Clan Castle troops for later use or loot collectors to their full potential (Dark Elixir Drills in particular).

They have crappy buildings, like Army Camps or Labs in front of the main "bait resource". Usually using Hidden Tesla will assure the requirements for a shield are met.


War layouts

Also called "Anti-3 starbases. The main purpose of this layout is to deny a three-star win on your base. They are fairly common and similar to Trophy layouts and Hybrid bases. In this setup, Defenses are protected by the walls, while collectors are left outside. Storages may be also left outside, or put inside to help guard defensive buildings. The Clan Castle is typically placed in the middle of the base, making it harder to reach (at wars it is more common to have Clan Castle troops).


This strategy includes pocketing, funneling and other ways of utilizing the walls. Troll-like traps may be useful in stopping "Clan Castle lure", which is vital for many war tactics to succeed.



Troll bases

These are fun. They are made to lead opponents into belief, that you're not really a good player and your base has a major flaw, like a gap in the wall or a hole in the middle of the village enabling your potential enemy an easy deployment. During the attack what seemed to be a noob village suddenly turns out to be their demise. We can see them used in farming settings as well as war settings, for its surprising effect.




Now with the overall development of the game, it's not about the protection aspect of the Walls. By building and upgrading Walls you force the attacker into certain choices and committing more resources. In order to bypass your fortification he needs to:

- use Jump Spell, which leaves him short of other spells (like Rage, Heal or Freeze)

- deploy Wall Breakers instead of other troops

- use Earthquake Spell on Walls instead of for example on Inferno Tower

- go for air units

- send out miners

- choose Hog Riders and expose them to Mortars.


Walls brings Clash of Clans to a sort of mind game. You try to predict and anticipate the attack. If you expect enemies to go airborne and ignore your Walls, you want your air defenses to step up. If they come as ground units, you’d like to have Mortars and traps do their job. In the case of hybrid assault, you’ll need a little bit of both.


Walls can be used as bait when you leave one place open. Attacking units may use the hole it in order to easily break into the base. In that case, you have two options:

- fill the gaps with all sort of traps and eliminate enemy units one by one

- set powerful defenses around the gap, especially those with splash damage like Mortars and Wizard Towers.

Walls are by far the most expensive structure in the game, as the final cost of upgrading it from lvl 11 to lvl 12 is 1,200,000,000 Gold or Elixir! Who would have thought that stones are the sign of luxury?



Economy buildings 

These are the peaceful way of obtaining much-needed resources. Gold Mines, Elixir Pumps and Dark Elixir Drills with its storages are basic and simple. You build them, upgrade them and wait for your storages to fill.

Active players might not notice the hard work that economy buildings are doing. After some time it becomes a routine - log in, collect resources, send a troop to train, maybe an attack, and go back to your usual stuff. In the meantime, good old eco’s are constantly producing valuables, and even though farming is more noticeable, simple mining is no less important.

In Spring 2019 update some major changes were applied. Now upgrading a particular building takes much longer but generally costs less. 

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Upgrade Order

As you probably know, you will not be able to upgrade each building to max level with a single click. It takes time, and some buildings are more important to max than others.


Most players build priority queue is:

1. Heroes - it takes more than 280 days to upgrade King or Queen to level 60, so the sooner you begin, the earlier you'll finish. Level them up whenever possible. Heroes are the most important upgrade in the game, so don't think twice and push them up in the first place. High-level heroes can give you an advantage over enemies, who neglected it.


2. Storages, Laboratory - they are responsible for your base development. Voluminous storages are necessary for two reasons: for 6 mln elixir upgrade you need 6 mln storage capacity, also you need space to keep all the resources when all builders are busy. High-level Labs are also crucial since they are responsible for your army development. Many high-level players are doing their best to keep their Labs busy all the time. Downtime is a waste of time.


3. Clan Castle, Barracks, Army Camps, Spell Factory - you will need room for more troops and unlock them, as well as unlock spells. These buildings are the source of your troops, so it's vital to maintain their high level.


4. Defenses - upgrading them depends on the Town Hall level. Lower level than TH11 - you go for splash defenses (Mortars, Wizard Towers, etc.). After TH10 you prioritize single target defenses. It is recommended to upgrade the new defenses right away (TH10 - Inferno Towers, TH11 - Eagle Artillery, TH12 - Giga Tesla). Also, many players tend to upgrade their Town Hall only when all available defenses are already maxed. This way you keep your upgrading order in shape, while still being a hard target in Clan Wars.


5. Town Hall - as mentioned: max out your defenses before upgrading Town Hall. It's strongly not recommended to rush Town Halls' levels because in case of getting farmed the loot is based on TH lvl. You can rush it to lvl 7 to have 4th Barrack and Army Camp but no further. Don't rush Town Hall without maxing defenses first! Patience is key in this game. And you don't want to be an easy target, don't you? Remember that matchmaking forces you to face enemies with similar Town Hall level by cutting down the loot from lower-level victims. It's not worth it then.

6. Walls - the least important structure. Maxing them will halt the development of more important buildings and on the higher level of play, it doesn't really matter, as better players know exactly how to play around it. You can put some levels into Wall when you have spare Builders and Gold. 


As soon as you establish a well-working economy, it’s time to gather resources and build the greatest army since the Genghis Khan. Clash of Clans isn’t the Simcity type of game and you’ll be fighting more than just high crime rate or garbage in the streets.

The game has been downloaded on over 600 mln smartphones. This means more than enough users destined for whopping.



The core of your army, that are carrying out both your defense and offense. They are immortal so it is enough to summon them just one time. Once they’re upgrading or regenerating you can use them neither offensively nor defensively. When they are injured or taken down in battle they need to sleep in order to regain their strength. The length of their sleep depends on the amount of HP lost.


There are three of them.


- Barbarian King - unlocked once you build the Barbarian King Altar. He’s a larger and buffed version of regular Barbarian. He has two modes when defending - 'Guard' and 'Sleep'. In Guard, he will actively participate in defending, but he'll need to regenerate later on. If he sleeps, he'll not take part in the battle. He's ability Iron Fist partially heals him, summons up to 28 Barbarians and grants him and Barbarians enhanced damage and speed. He's a ground unit not capable of damaging air units, so it's easy to counter him this way. Also, you can send tanks in front to keep him busy and deploy damage dealers in the backline to take him down. Among heroes, he's the tank with a high amount of health and relatively low damage. He can't be lured, as he walks back to his place whenever he goes too far away.


- Archer Queen - unlocked by building Archer Queen Altar. A counterpart of the Barbarian King. She has a low amount of health while dishing out a ton of damage in the long-range. Unlike the King, she’s able to shoot down air troops. Her ability The Royal Cloak makes her untargetable for defenses (although she can take splash damage). This is perfect for reaching 50% damage - as the marker approaches the magic number, simply deploy Archer Queen, turn on her ability and you’re good.


There are three strategies for the Archer Queen:

* Queen Walk - you deploy your Queen along with Healers and do your best to keep her outside the enemy base while destroying their structures. The key to this tactic is to hold Healers far from Air Defenses, as they keep your Queen at high HP

* Queen Charge - in this strat you manage your Queen to charge into the enemy base using Wall Breakers or Jump Spell. The goal is to take out objectives

* Super Queen - a farming strategy based on diving deep into the enemy base to snipe Dark Elixir Storage.


- Grand Warden - unlocked at TH11 after constructing the Grand Warden Altar. He’s rather weak in terms of strength but extremely powerful at supporting. As the only hero has two abilities. He can either boost friendly units HP (Life Aura) and temporarily make them immune to damage (Eternal Tome). He can also be deployed in both air and ground mode.

Use the Grand Warden in Air Mode if you are using an air attack so he does not take damage from ground defenses (as they are not distracted by other troops) and Ground Mode when using the ground army as he will not be targeted by the Air Defenses.

Use the Eternal Tome ability near the core so your troops can get through the core, where the most damage usually is.

The Grand Warden has the longest range of any troop in the game. If the Grand Warden is positioned correctly, he can defeat an enemy Barbarian King without being attacked.

He creates a buff to boost defensive troops, heroes, and skeletons. It is recommended to place his altar near structures that will receive the benefit such as the Clan Castle, or other Heroes.


These are split into two main categories - Elixir and Dark Elixir units depending on the resource used for their training. They can be either ground units or air units. Only the Grand Warden can be set to both modes (one at the time).

Depending on your strategy and purpose of an attack, you want to mix the army or specify it.

Each of them has different attributes and purposes.


Target priority

It’s a topic we can’t skip over. Different units have different priorities when attacking.

  • neutral - they have no preferred target and will attack the closest enemy structure, however when attacked or when they’re near an ally that is attacked, they will switch target. They will also go after Clan Castle troops and Skeleton traps Skeletons, if aware of them.

  • defenses - for example, Giants, Golems, Balloons and Lava Hounds. They will always go for defenses first and when there are no defensive buildings anymore, they will attack the closest target,

  • resources - Goblins will rush Storages, Collectors, Mines, whatever that contains goodies.

  • walls - as their name points out, Wall Breakers will go and suicide crush into the nearest enemy wall (which looks kinda like the Uruk-Hai charge in Helms Deep battle of 'Lord of the Rings'.


It’s important because you’re unable to control your units after you deploy them. It’s crucial that the offensive troops are doing their job, instead of pecking the wall while Giants are tanking all defenses.

This way making a breach in the Walls and deploying offensive troops shortly after will basically lead them to the desired location.



It's a term in gaming used for describing AI units movement. In Clash of Clans, it's pretty much easy to predict, as units will head to the nearest preferred target. You can quite precisely plan Balloons path, as they will go for defenses and after taking down the first one, they will head for the next closest tower.  


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Spells and dark spells

Spells are researched in a Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory for you to add some magic into your gameplay. There are as many as 11 of them.



- Lightning - popularly called Zap. It sets a number of lightning bolts to drop from the sky damaging enemy troops and buildings with an exception of Gold Storages, Elixir Storages, and Dark Elixir Storages. They are used mostly for eliminating enemies' strong defenses, Clan Troops. Finally, if you need one building to reach 50%, a single Lightning Spell should suffice. Also, a good tactic is to take down enemies' Air Defenses with Zap and deploy Dragons or Bats. If you manage to draw out Clan Castle troops near the defenses, you can take them simultaneously as well.

- Healing - when used it forms a stationary ring of healing on the ground. It lasts 12 seconds healing for 40 HP every 0.3 seconds, reduced to 1/2 for Heroes. The best strategy to maximize the utility of the spell is naturally placing it correctly to heal as many troops as possible. You can stack Healing spells for a stronger effect.


- Rage - enrages troops to make them bigger, faster, stronger and most of all - deadlier. It lasts for 18 seconds. The most efficient placement of the spell is to put it a little in front of your troops next target. It goes well with the Healing spell. Rage spells don't stack with each other, as well as Barbarian Kings' Iron Fist ability. A fine strategy is to use it on P.E.K.K.A's, Balloons and Dragons, as they benefit from enraging the most.


- Jump - allows your troops to jump over the wall. It doesn't affect air units, Hog Riders, Miners, Wall Breakers or the Grand Warden. It can be utilized the most on doubled and tripled layers of Walls. Combined with Wall Breakers it can send your troops directly into the core in no time. At TH9 and higher it's usually better to use this spell instead of Earthquake, as it's providing more effectiveness with lower housing space.


- Freeze - stops troops and defensive buildings for a period of time. It cannot freeze hostile Hidden Tesla before it's revealed. A common tactic is to freeze defenses and destroy them while disabled. It can be game-changing to disable splash damage Mortars or Wizard Towers and then send a bunch of goblin warriors or barbarians to fight. Otherwise, they’ll get wiped off.


- Clone - replicates all troops within its radius except Heroes. Copied troops are equal level to the original troop. They last a limited time, so it's a good option to have them tanking before the original units. Cloned are not taken into account for triggering Eagle Artillery, but the spell itself is 15 troop housing space. Cloning a Golem or Lava Hound with low health will result in full HP unit spawn. Cloning your troops in the core of an enemy base might be also useful. The spell spawns clones randomly, so smart placing can have some of your troops spawned behind the enemy wall. 


Dark Spells

- Poison - damages and slows enemy units. It takes only one housing space compared to Lighting two housing spaces, so you can say it's a cheaper version of Zap. It does scaling damage similar to single target mode Inferno Tower. It's extremely useful in dealing with high HP Clan Castle troops like Dragons, Valkyries, and Balloons. You can stack them, but only the scaling effect will increase.

- Earthquake - deals percentage damage to all structures within its radius, with an exception of Gold Storages, Elixir Storages, and Dark Elixir Storages. Subsequent Earthquake spells dropped in the same place will deal less damage to the building, except walls. As percentage damage spell it's the most effective when used on high HP buildings. It is also good against the high density of structures, at some points being more effective than Jump spell.

- Haste - does not have the damaged part like Rage spell, but gives more boost to speed. It can be used to counter Air Sweepers. It's most efficient when used to boost slow but powerful troops going into battle, like Balloons, Dragons, Baby Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.'s.

- Skeleton - spawns few Skeletons on the battlefield. They aren't very powerful, but they make a great distraction for Inferno Towers and a meat shield for traps.

- Bat spell - arguably the most powerful and useful among Dark Spells. It spawns a swarm of bats focused on Defenses. You can use the swarm either to distract Air Defenses and create some space for other troops (Balloons, Dragons) or combine them with Lava Hounds and get rid of defenses while Hounds are tanking. To counter them you should use multiple target Inferno Towers, air mode X-Bows, Archer Towers, Air Bombs as well as Archer Queen.


Before searching for an opponent you need to decide, whether you’re pushing for trophies or farming, cause these are two different animals.

If you just want to farm (we’ll be back at it later on) you’d want to choose different troop setup than for ranks. Especially if you’re in the hunt for Elixir, try not to use Elixir troops and the other way around - don’t use Dark Elixir troops when you wanna farm it.

Also, there are countless battle replays on YouTube which can show it from the attackers point of view.

Be careful, you may have angry Liam Neeson on the other side mashing the “REVENGE” button like crazy.

Pushing trophies

Each Town Hall level has its own adjusted compositions. Different TH lvl means different defenses and requires a different strategy. Moreover, you need one strategy that can enable you to win countless battles, not just once in a week. We’ll try to pick the best tactic and setup:


  • GoWiVa (TH8 - TH9) - based on Golems, Wizards, and Valkyries. You send your Golems to tank and Wizards to clear one side of the enemy village to build a funnel. After that, you open up core area using Earthquake, deploy Valkyries, buff them with Rage spell and watch enemy base perish. Your setup: 2 Golems, 12 Wizards, 1 P.E.K.K.A., filled with Valkyries. 1-2 Rage spell, 1 Heal spell, 4 Earthquake spells.


  • BoValk (TH9 - TH11) - Bowlers and Valkyries are the core here. It's Dark Elixir composition, expensive but rewarding, because of its power against ring bases. In this strat, you should use Queen Walk on one side and Bowlers with King on the other side. As soon as you create a funnel, send Valkyries in. Your setup: 5 Healers, 8 Wall Breakers, 2 Baby Dragons, 6-8 Bowlers, 10 Valkyries. Spells: 4 Rage, 1 Jump, 1 Poison.


  • DragLoon (TH7 - TH11) - one of the most popular strategies because of its efficiency and low Dark Elixir costs. It's based on Dragons and Balloons. You start with a Queen Walk in order to take at least one Air defense down, so your Dragons and Balloons don't die instantly. After destroying Air Defense (and hopefully killing defending Archer Queen) you send in Dragons to tank and Balloons to wreak havoc. Make sure to clone the Balloons in the final part of the raid. Your setup: 4 Healers, 4-6 Dragons, 10 Balloons (with some more in Clan Castle), 5-8 Wall Breakers. Spells: 2-4 Rage, 1 Clone, 1 Poison.


  • BoWitch with Miners (TH10 - TH11) - its cores are Bowlers and Witches. You start with a Queen Walk on one corner, adding Bowlers and Witches later on. Healers will keep your Queen high HP as well as heal Bowlers. When you take down half of the base, you can deploy your miners to finish the job. Your setup: 5 Healers, 5 Wall Breakers, 10-14 Bowlers, 10 Miners, 3 Witches. Spells: 3 Rage, 1 Jump, 1 Heal, 1 Poison.

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Clan Wars

Sometimes the leaders of your clan can make a decision to go to war. Clan Wars last 47 hours - 23 hours of preparation and 24 hour battle day. Whoever collects more stars in attacks - wins. The matchmaking will put your clan against enemies of a similar level. Experience of each member, trophies, number of wars won or clan level will not affect matchmaking. The player can choose whether he wishes to go to war or not. You can do it by simply pressing the Opt-Out button in your player profile. 

War Bases are open for troop donation during the Preparation Day, so if you're asking yourself: 'How do I protect my clan?', this is the answer. Also, you can change your layout. Another important thing is scouting enemy bases. Knowledge is power. The attacks must be pitch-perfect as they aim to bring you stars, not only victory or resources. 

Each participant can attack twice during the Battle Day. Players will have recommended targets based on their strength, although they're not allowed to attack the same base twice.

The goal is to earn more stars than enemies, so achieving a three-star win in each attack is crucial. You get one star for destroying the Town Hall, the second one for 50% damage dealt with the village, and finally the third one for dealing 100% damage.




You will not always go for 100% and three-star win. Sometimes you’ll need to raid some villages to propel your production and upgrades. Over the course of the game, everything gets really expensive. You’ll need another source of income in order to stay relevant.

This is when farming comes in.


First of all, you’ll need to choose the target or farming - Dark Elixir or Pink Elixir. It’s crucial because farming Dark Elixir with Dark Elixir troops is pointless like buying money with money.

For efficient farming, you’ll need to have a huge reservoir of patience because sometimes searching for a worthy target can last hours. Yes, hours! There will be times when you’ll have your Queen fully regenerated after the battle and no sufficient farming target.


If you’re new to the game, you should pick easy targets, mostly dead villages. You can recognize them by full collectors and relatively empty storages. If you’re more advanced, farming becomes a little more difficult but still manageable. Note that farming is a key factor for your progress, as it keeps your Laboratories and Builders constantly busy.

Other clash of clans Tips and Tricks

  • Be careful! You may sometimes be lured by unknown sites into doing a survey or downloading some trash for free Gems, Elixir, etc. Avoid it at all costs, as it's most likely a scam or virus. Supercell is a billion-dollar company. With its revenues and marketing, it doesn't need surveys or cross-selling garbage.


  • Note that Village Edit mode allows you to see the invalid/valid spawn locations of raiding players, previously only seen for a few seconds after you click on Buildings or Walls. They might help in planning your attacks or defense.


  • A genius trick of protecting your resources is to put maximum troops and upgrades into the queue when attacked and cancel the queue after it. Your enemies will not be able to loot gold and elixir 'already used' to train troops 


  • Patience is something you'll need in first place for playing CoC, as the game takes time. You will be boring yourself to death while searching hour after hour for the right target to farm or for an upgrade to be finished. But beware! Impatience can lead you into trouble when you rush the attack or Town Hall upgrade before all defenses. Also being overeager can make you commit a fatal mistake. It's like driving a car - riding fast can get you quickly to your destination, but driving carefully will get you there as well without any risk of getting harm or hurting someone else.


  • Sooner or later you'll have enough gems to start wondering what to do with them. The best option of investing the 'green gold' is to save them and go for max Builders' Hut first and as it's maxed keeping it for buying green potions. You'll need them when farming. Other things your gems can be spent on are not worth it


  • If you want to climb to the very top, it might be necessary to buy a gem or two. Or thousands of them. Unfortunately, at 5000+ trophies every advantage you can get over your opponent is priceless


  • If you gained a shield, attacking will break it. Think twice if it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s better to use shield duration to peacefully rebuilt. Also keep in mind that upgrading defenses disable them, so it’s best to upgrade them during the shield duration. You can scout enemy village - if there is a builder around Mortar it usually means, that Mortar is being upgraded, and it means disabled


  • Don’t gather resources you will not be able to spend. Having 1,000,000 Gold and Elixir doesn’t make you rich - it makes you rather attractive and vulnerable, as some players may want to raid you seeing full storages


  • You need to load the ammunition of Inferno Tower, Eagle Artillery and X-Bow. Logging in will do the trick with ease


  • Join a clan. More experienced players will help you providing troops and know-how. It’s Clash of Clans after all


  • Last but not least - learn from your mistakes. No matter how many guides you’ll read and how many trophies you’ll collect, there is always a possibility of making a mistake. A miscalculation, underestimating opponent, lowering your guard or simple mechanical failure can be a source of defeat, but a valuable lesson as well.




Feeling strong yet? No? Don’t worry. With this Clash of Clans tips and tricks guide you will feel your might in no time. Being smarter than others is a huge part of success, and after all, you did read this guide, didn’t you? This already brings you way ahead of players at your Town Hall level, and this is how you succeed.


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The rest is all on you. Your personal experience is as important as any guide on the Internet. Perhaps you have some comments or your own experience? Maybe you want to share it with other users and with us? Feel free to comment, as we look forward to every suggestion.


How do you become a good CoC player?

Nothing in this world comes without a commitment. You have to play, but also soak up the available knowledge. It's not ancient Rome, where you had to discover everything yourself. The Internet is full of useful information. Read guides, watch streamers and YuoTube content creators.

Is it possible to hack CoC?

Nope. If there is any illicit action taken on the account, the account is restored to the state before this action took place.

What are the best troops to use in Clash of Clans?

There is no rule set in stone to tell us which troops are by far the best. Ones are good for ground attacks, others for air. The rule of thumb here is that whatever fits your playstyle, is the best for you. Your best bet will be practicing every strategy, using every troop, learning their strengths and weaknesses. This way you can adapt and approach almost every base.

How do I get free gems for Clash of Clans?

From time to time there will be a Gem Box in your village, that contains 25 gems. You can also receive gems for removing obstacles. Also, pay attention to events telling you to attack with certain troops. Click the number in the top right corner - it is your profile. You will find achievements, which also grant a ton of gems. Lastly, in your Builder Base, there is a Gem Mine. It provides a small but stable gem income.

How much does it cost to GEM Clash of Clans?

If you wanted to reach and max Town Hall 12 with gemming, it will cost you approximately 12,000 USD.

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