Crush your enemies and be the best Clan

If you have been in your smartphone’s top chart of apps then you have probably seen the Clash of Clans app. This is a free to play strategy game where you create your very own clan of barbarians from scratch, creating and upgrading buildings, improving your units and farming resources to build even more structures and make your clan the best that it can be.

As you level up throughout the game you will be able to unlock even more options for you to use and exploit to help your clan win the next fight and defeat the boss. As you go on you will get the chance to challenge other clans in order to pillage their resources and make it to the top of the charts, unlocking even more awesome loot.

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Your Clan will win the Clash

When it comes to free to play games we all know how it goes, there comes a level where you either start to grind out the in game cash to raise your Clan’s level as much as possible or you cave in and actually spend your hard earned cash to get more resources or better units, defeating the purpose of a free game.

However, if you already are considering spending real cash why not help other gamers out and spend it at, where you can support other people trying to acomplish their dreams of livin off of video games. 

And with even more free time in your hands you can focus on the enjoyment you get out of your game. Life is too short to spend hours upon hours on grinding more and more resources just so when you finish your match you have to go back and do it yourself.